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The Light at the End of the Tunnel


There is one group that thrives when the rest of us are divided. It is a tactic of the enemy to divide.

In Book VI “The Art of War” division is achieved by making the people in whom he trusted suspicious of each other, causing the forces to separate, and become weaker.

We are being played. Against each other. Meanwhile those that are looking to drive agendas home, agendas that have been in place for a long-time are getting them passed.

I grew up in Massachusetts and have lived in Tennessee for 15 years. Very different states. But people are people. United by many things. Our commonalities outweigh our divisions. Most want peace, and what is best for our family and friends. We want health and happiness.

But this issue is creating a chasm between a lot of us. And that is useful to the enemy.

I have several friends’ that are nurses at hospitals in Boston. My dad is too. And their lives changed over night.

My friend, a nurse at Tufts, explained to me that she is living in a nightmare. That her floor was changed into a COVID floor over night. My dad’s was too. But he hasn’t gone into the detail she did. Probably trying to protect me from it. She says she is terrified that she is accidentally going to infect herself and then her family. My other nurse friend echoes her sentiments. And said she feels like she is going to have PTSD. That she wakes up in cold sweats. That their anxiety is through the roof. That they’ve never been afraid to go to work, yet now they are. That they’ve never been more afraid of disease.

So I can see now, how while I’m sitting from home in Tennessee posting that this virus statistically is not what was projected, could upset them. Because what they are dealing in, are lives, not statistics.

Me asking questions like, how long will you accept lock down for, and how do you feel about the terms nonessential and essential, or what do you think about the immunity papers Fauci is suggesting. Seemed insensitive to them. How can they think about the future when they are barely getting through the day?

I get it. I needed to hear it. Because it is part of the problem.

If I am speaking in a way that polarizes, then I am not bridging the gap.

We are living in two very different scenarios.

For them. This issue happened over night. They were thrust into this nightmare.

For me. I’ve been watching this nightmare build. I’ve been watching it coming for a long time. And I’ve been trying to blow the horn. To warn people. That there is an agenda that is coming for us, one that will do nefarious things to make it happen.

Politicians around our country and around the world, were making the same moves made 100 years ago in Germany.

No one listened when this same thing was happening in New York this time last year. When unv families were in lock down in their homes in Rockland County New York. With signs on parks saying they weren’t allowed. Play dates halted. Banned from busses. And later in the year. Banned from school. A dangerous place for liberty in this country, all under the guise of a good.

26,000 healthy children kicked out of school. Overnight. Not for being sick, but for having the potential to become sick. In an unprecedented 24-hour bill passing, without public trials and with a coerced changed vote caught on camera.

Meanwhile Albany accepted a $40 million dollar check from a Merck subsidiary. New York politicians sold the religious rights of their constituents and were paid handsomely for it. In a country that was built on religious freedom. Freedom was sold, and removed. The first amendment was under attack as well with censorship on this issue. Digital book burnings, with documentaries and books being removed. Then fact checkers. Our world was starting to look like Orwellian fiction.

I have a friend that lives in Rockland. And at this time she said you couldn’t find a case of measles. And a call into the Rockland health department confirmed this. Very few active cases.

And as the months passed the play for our rights, not just in this country but allover the world was ramping up. Thousands showing up to protest the rights revocations. That haven’t been seen since WWII.

Then overnight all the protests came to a screeching halt. As we were all locked down in our homes. Everyone. Everywhere.

So for me, who saw the agenda. Saw what lengths they would go to, to get it done. And knew that adults were next, because it’s written in black and white on their websites, and in their revenue projections. We knew this was coming. We knew they wouldn’t get adults to comply to a growing schedule easily. It would take a drastic move. This wasn’t over night for us. So when my friends tell me now is not the time to discuss this. I get angry. As I’ve been discussing it for a year.

I understand they are feeling anger towards me. Because they think I’m being irresponsible. Showing up at rallies to open my state. While they are fighting for their lives in theirs.

Although we live in the United States. There are stark differences state to state.

Where I am in Tennessee there are 40 active cases in my corner of the state. And 1300 healthcare workers being furloughed. The idea behind the shut down was to make it so the surge didn’t overwhelm our healthcare workers. Well we never really even saw a surge. And we have a ton of beds. So here it is reasonable that we reopen. We flattened the curve. Our healthcare system can handle it. And it was never about people not dying. It was making it manageable for the healthcare system.

So for us down here seeing that projections were way off, seeing news stories that used fake footage, seeing empty hospitals, furloughed healthcare employees, family businesses that have been open for 100 years needing to close, hairdressers that have children but can’t get unemployment because they are self employed not having any income coming in, headlines with increased suicide, murder, domestic abuse, when we weigh the threats we are up against they are very different.

And as other cities across the country come out on the other end of the surge they are encountering the same scenario. The threat is no longer only the virus.

So here’s the deal. We are both right. We are both right to be angry in the situations we find ourselves. But we can’t displace that anger on each other. As we are not the enemy.

The enemy is those that set this whole agenda in motion and are getting exactly what they want.

This was not overnight. This has been planned for a long time. And each chess move has been strategic.

For people in the medical freedom movement we’ve been on the board for longer. We’ve been watching each move. And we’ve been trying to counter it.

We were successful at the beginning of this year. Making big moves. And instead of being on the defense like usual, we were making offensive plays. Entering our own bills. Using our first amendment right to assemble and showing up in the thousands.

Then second amendment rights were on the table. And that brought in more people to the freedom fight.

But the enemy of medical freedom is not medical employee.

That is the division they are trying to capitalize on. And they are doing it successfully.

The agenda promoting media is even staging nurses standing in protest. Caught on camera. They are fanning the flames of hate.

The enemy of the people is the media playing both sides against each other to benefit their shareholders that are vying to be shareholders of our lives.

The enemy of the people, are the people that are abusing their authority, and saying that the future we are going to wake up in is one of mandates, papers, surveillance, tracking.

The enemy of the people, are the people on the news praising China for the way they handled this. When the way they handled it was welding people in their homes. And dragging others out.

The enemy of the people are those from the Gate’s owned WHO, delaying the world response and then now saying they are going to come in our homes and remove people that are infected.

The enemy of the people are those like Deborah Birx who craftily gets around answering questions like, “why if we are finding antibody studies showing that this spread faster and has covered more ground than initially thought are we not opening areas not in the trenches”, and instead she turns it into being about asymptomatic carriers.

For those in the back that don’t see what Deborah Birx is doing let me spell it out.

She is making it so healthy people that do not have symptoms, that have healthy immune systems so when they encounter the virus you would never know it, are now also suspect and can be tagged and tracked.

Guess what. Having healthy people circulate this virus is a good thing. It means that it will peter out faster and with fewer deaths.

Last year at this time it was unv kids that could spontaneously erupt into disease and were carriers, this year it’s all of us. Now we are all disease carriers. And everyone is afraid of each other.

Why do we never talk about asymptomatic carriers with the flu? Why when they try and sell you a flu shot do they say, well even in the 90% that still get the flu, it’s mild, and no it doesn’t stop you from spreading it, that’s not the point, it’s mild.

You know what is most mild? Not getting it at all. Having no symptoms.

The enemy uses semantics and word play. They will now tell you that we all need this COVID shot because of the asymptomatic carriers.

That is about profit. That isn’t science. Or even common sense. They get caught in their own lies and word play out of them.

Because you know what else doesn’t add up with their narrative. That they don’t know if you can get reinfected. That even if you have antibodies they don’t know how long those antibodies will last for. So how often will we be getting immunity papers and shots? Weekly? Monthly?

Guess what ya’ll, that is the same issue with shots. You don’t know if it ever took. 10% of the population are nonresponders. With the rest falling in and out of immunity at varying intervals.

So shots aren’t 100% either. But that is going to be the argument they try and lead this too.

The enemy is not the person talking about the policies the 1% are recommending.

The enemy is the 1% making the policies then breaking them, while they set up “rat lines” for neighbor to rat on neighbor, even though they are breaking the rules themselves.

The enemy is the 1% that will profit off of getting these policies mandated on everyone.

The enemy is the one saying taxes will increase 20% on us that can’t even work right now, while businesses like Amazon and Microsoft don’t even pay them. While Gates and Bezos don’t even pay them.

Go listen to Bill Gate’s and his plan. I don’t know who elected this guy. But all of a sudden he thinks he is king and we all need to listen to his plan for us.

Well his plan is for us to look like China. Don’t take my word for it. Go listen to his interviews. He want’s us to have immunity papers, microchips, mandates, shots, surveillance, tracking. And it all spells out less freedom for us and more control for those that want us as captive commodities.

My nurse friends trying to get through this don’t want the negativity; they are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t want that light at the end of the tunnel to be the dystopian future Gates, Fauci and Birx are suggesting.

People that are all on the same boards, all invested, all mouthpieces to the same agenda.

None of what they are suggesting is going to stop the spread of viruses, as they are the ones responsible for spreading the virus.

Gates has been saying for a long time a pandemic is coming. Then he holds a mock trial of a coronavirus pandemic two months before it kicks off, with the WHO, China CDC, US CDC at John Hopkins and we are supposed to believe that’s coincidence?

Those organizations and families have a long history. They started our current medical philosophy in 1911 following the Flexner report which pointed to diagnostics and engineering medicine as the only acceptable philosophy. That grew into the pharma bound philosophy we subscribe to today. They funded colleges, drove out alternative methods, and have profited off of our sickness for over 100 years, and now we are to believe they should be making our health policy? Look at our health statistics under their rule. Deplorable.

If we want to get healthy we need to ditch these policy makers all invested in keeping us sick.

Gates and Fauci predicted in 2017 that this presidency would see a pandemic. When was the last pandemic? How could they possibly have predicted this? Well that same year a federal ban on lab made lethal viruses was lifted. NIH run by Fauci, funds Coronavirus testing in China. And more and more evidence that this was lab made as it is a recombinant virus. Listen to Dr Judy Mitkovits that used to work for Fauci and the NIH break down the genome strains and the synthetic binders. Go watch the Epoch Times documentary that fills in the missing pieces as to how this was a lab made virus and released from the lab in Wuhan.

The only way to really stop this from happening isn’t adhering to the dystopian future they are offering as a solution, while corrupt Governors overstep their authority and classify people into nonessential and essential.

It’s not temperature taking drones like in Connecticut. Or immune papers. Or Bill Gates shots. Or his microchips. Or his surveillance system. Or any of his other investments.

It is not being divided.

It is is realizing that we are not the enemy. That we have a common enemy. And then it is demanding the common enemy is investigated for crimes against humanity. It is reestablishing the ban on lethal lab made viruses. It is draining the swamp that won’t drain itself.

I pray that we can see the enemy is not our neighbor, or we will be headed for another Civil War.

I pray for my friends on the front lines of this. And my dad. And the families with no income. And the children that are being abused. And the victims of domestic abuse. And the people that are suffering a resurgence of mental health issues. And the 20 million unemployed. While I pray for our country. And the world. For us all. I pray we all come together in this. And see that the enemy is not who they tell us it is, it is not each other.

I hope we can stand United. And I hope the light at the end of the tunnel everyone is looking for, is a world worth living in.

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