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You'll Need the Blue Pill for the Metaverse

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

After watching the latest Matrix, which was awful, and I’ll say why in a moment.

And after watching some videos on the Metaverse. I felt I must write an article on the implications of the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is going to be proposed as a solution to a multitude of problems we as a society are facing.

Some of the problems are real. Some are fabricated.

But the solutions they are going to offer, are going to be worse than the problem. A lot worse.

In a world going through a Pandemic. An endemic really. With the real pandemic being fear.

The Metaverse will be poised as a solution to us germ-infested, disease-spreading humans, to give us a way to “come together” without the worry of disease.

The Metaverse is completely sterile. As you will not have physical touch, or physical gatherings. Everything will be virtual.

Don’t worry about killing grandma anymore. Hug her virtually for the rest of her days, so that she can still be alive, but devoid of any real human connection. Sounds lovely! I’m sure seeing an Avatar of her grandchildren will fully replace the ability to hug them in person. To feed them a meal she cooked with love. To watch them play sports. And graduate. To have children of their own. Just do it all from Meta.

Well that is one way to help control population. It will be a little hard to procreate virtually.

Human connection is fostered by real touch. A virtual hug will never truly compare to the real thing. It will not foster connection in the same way.

And shutting yourself off from the real world will expound on what we saw from forced quarantine. It comes with harms. Depression, drug abuse, and then once you do emerge occasionally to say, get food, then your immune system which has been lying dormant, will be suddenly bombarded and overwhelmed. Like a person who didn’t go to the gym for a year who all of a sudden on New Years day decides to hit the gym. It’s going to hurt.

The Metaverse will become a drug. A way for the purposeless to fill their emptiness.

When you can be anything in the Metaverse. A mask for your real self. A mask for your real life failures. People will seek this feeling. They will get lost in it. Like a drug.

And don’t worry about being a polluter, leaving your dirty carbon footprint wherever you go.

The cars will be virtual. You can travel anywhere virtually. Beam me up Scotty! You won’t need that whole Constitutional right to move about freely anymore. Because you can just go there virtually. We will beat global warming together, by being a shell of a human, connected through devices. Yay!!!

The Metaverse is going to solve so many problems! The elites who want you as a serf in their tech universe cry! The ultimate servitude. Where they are the Creator of the universe.

Step 7 of walking a country into a dictatorship. Remove the belief in God.

They have been doing it for a long time now.

Remove Bibles from schools. Even though Congress used to have it as a law.

Remove God from Government. Stating separation of church and state. Even though it isn’t found in the Constitution. It was in a letter from Jefferson. And it meant the opposite. To not allow the state to use the church to control the people. Like King James had.

The Supreme Courts ruling was incorrect and unconstitutional. We are supposed to be one nation under God. And our collective Constitutions mention God or the divine over 200 times. Not exactly a strong supporting argument for God’s removal.

But it was an intentional one. By the elites who, just like all power-hungry people all through out history have done.

But these elites have taken it further. They have tried to replace God in all capacities.

Don’t eat that God-made food.

Eat our lab-made, genetically engineered, man-made food.

Don’t have natural God-given immunity.

Have our synthetic, man-made, failing, boosted and bought immunity.

Don’t have your God-given genes.

Have our gene therapy and be coded with our synthetic DNA.

Don’t live in God’s world.

Live in our Metaverse.

Where we are the Creator and everything you see, we own. Digital you? You are just renting.

If we don’t like what you say. Gone.

If we don’t like what you do. Gone.

The ultimate cancel culture.

Just like the show “Upload” where they show a world with no need of God or heaven as you can be digitally uploaded to the cloud. But if you run out of funds, yikes, downgrading that premiere heaven to a basic heaven. A baron, cell that looks more like a prison while your clock counts down when your funds run out. Then poof. Canceled forever.


Full. Unadulterated. Tyrannical. Control.

That is the Metaverse.

While people hook in to this virtual reality. Neglecting their actual reality. Neglecting their real loved ones. Neglecting their responsibilities. Neglecting their real Creator.

Lord Tytler shows the stages of a Democracy. From bondage to great faith. From great faith to great courage. Then eventually progressing into apathy, which leads back to bondage.

The Metaverse is going to create an apathy like we have never seen.

And it will lead to a bondage that only Satan could’ve imagined.

This is not the future I want to leave to my children.

Watching the new Matrix was sad. And watching Keanu and Carrie’s interview about it was even sadder. As his is a mind which is not free. He hasn’t taken the red pill in real life. Or in the beginning of this movie. As the elitist owned Hollywood propaganda back pedal away from the Red Pill of truth. And try and tell you the Matrix wasn’t real. It was just a delusion. We aren’t walking you into this in real life. Bringing the truth of the original Matrix. Where people awaken to the fact that they are being controlled. And in this new movie, turning it woke. The opposite of truth.

Where awake means freedom. Woke means enslavement.

Where God’s kingdom equals freedom.

The Metaverse equals enslavement.

And so my prayer in place of this Godless future. Is for a great awakening. Like what General MacArthur remarks is necessary for a country in moral decline set for destruction, to right itself. And like Lord Tytler remarks is needed to get out of bondage.

My prayer for this country is a great faith which leads to great courage. And allows for us to take every step necessary away from this Godless future. And towards a God-filled one.

Also a good read on this topic found here <iframe src="" width="500" height="566" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" allow="autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; picture-in-picture; web-share"></iframe>

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