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Hear It From Me; Homeopathy

I'm a momma of three going to school to be a homeopath. Because I learned the hard way that sometimes traditional medicine isn't the best way. 

My children were constantly on medicines. I was on a lot of prescriptions myself. And we weren't healthy. One infection led to another. But never healing. I started asking questions and received insufficient answers. 

So I set out to find health on my own. And along my journey I asked parents whose children had long-term success, what was it they did differently. 

And time and time again they said homeopathy. It wasn't even on my radar. 

I joined a Facebook Group called Mary's Homeopathic Study Group. And I watched moms that were homeopaths help each other treat ear infections, bladder infections, flu, colds, croup, strep, bee stings, and more without pharmaceuticals. I was intrigued. I purchased my own homeopathic kit and after some successes with my family I was ready to work with a homeopath. 

We got my daughter out of a bad cycle of antibiotics, and I was sold. I decided to go back to school so that I could help other families get away from their prescription subscriptions like homeopathy had helped mine. 

I became a fierce medical freedom advocate along the way. As I realized the value of medical choice. And how it was on its way to becoming extinct, in the hands of lobbyist incentivized politicians. 

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