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Healing Isn't Linear

Healing is Not Linear

There is a saying, whatever our purpose will be our problem.

It is really a “chicken before the egg” scenario.

Did the problem create the purpose? It is pretty likely.

The reason I am in school to become a homeopath, which led me to the medical freedom fight, was because my children were always sick.

I know people look at my poor coughing oldest and they think, “well obviously what she is doing doesn’t work.”

But there is a lot more to that conversation.

In homeopathy we view health holistically. As a whole body. A whole person. Mental, Emotional and Physical health are all interconnected.

The way we treat with conventional medicine is suppressive.

What do we do with fever? We use an antipyretic. We use a fever reducer. Does it work in almost all cases? Does it reduce the fever? Yes.

But fever is not the sickness. It is the cure.

It is the fever that is doing the job baking out the illness. For viral illness it needs to get high. For bacterial illness it needs to get higher.

Suppressing the fever is suppressing your body’s ability to do its job. Sure you feel better. It “masks” the symptoms.

But there is a trade-off.

My daughter had an immune issue when she was little, that thanks to homeopathy we haven’t had to deal with for four years and I would say it is healed. The immune issue she had led to children not being able to amount a fever any more.

The body has been suppressed from doing its job so many times. It no longer does its job.

Dr. Thomas Cowan, a brilliant man, gives the example of the splinter.

When you get a splinter and you leave it in, is the pus that forms the disease or the cure? It’s the cure. What happens if we keep treating the pus, yet leave the splinter in?

Your body eventually gives up and it calcifies and turns to a tumor.

Rather than removing what was causing the problem in the first place. We drive the disease deeper.

There is a meme circulating which expresses this as well.

The Doctor tells the patient. “You have a dietary disease.” The patient says, “should I change my diet?” The Doctor says, “Nah just take this pill.”

So back to the example of the fever.

What does repeatedly suppressing a fever do? Well, using Tylenol over and over has been known to deplete glutathione. An antioxidant important in the healing process that a lot of people are deficient in today. My daughter was.

So in the process of making yourself feel better synthetically, you depleted your body of a much needed antioxidant needed for future healing.

A bad trade.

Because we wanted to cheat ourselves out of sickness. We made a bad trade.

Our society has trained us to need to heal quick. Need to go to school. Need to work. Must get better quickly.

I am guilty of this too.

Of trying to rush the healing process with homeopathy. It also has its downfalls.

Before I knew what I know now, about how the healthcare system isn’t set up to heal. It is set up to deliver profitable prescription subscriptions. I did everything the Doctor told me.

It led to a bunch of prescriptions. It led to a bunch of injected immune altering modifiers, it led to perpetually sick children.

When I was pregnant with my oldest I had all the shots they told me to not realizing that there was a correlation between having them and having a child with asthma. There is also a correlation with having a c-section and having a child with asthma. As they aren’t going through the birth canal. They aren’t exposed to natural flora in this way. And they aren’t getting all the mucus in their lungs squeezed out in the process.

Additionally there is a correlation between childhood vaccines and asthma.

People can’t understand it but in its simplest it is common sense. Using medicine which intends to alter the immune system, can alter the immune system. And asthma is an immune disease.

And for a more complex understanding read the work of Stanford Molecular Biologist Dr. Teresa Deisher. Graduated her class with distinction and has made advancements in her speciality. Yet since she dared to question the safety of a liability free mega profit producer which pays into the government-media-Pharma-tech complex. She must be swiftly dealt with. There is no weapon mightier than the pen.

As since we have seen with COVID any doctor that tries to offer early preventative like all doctors used in the case of respiratory illness, is now dealt with.

She gets in to how these immune system modifiers, can modify the immune system in ways we didn’t earlier have the technology to perceive, but we do now. And we can see, just like with the long-term trade off of suppressing fever. There is a long time trade off of modifying the immune system.

Well would you look at that. Modifying the immune system can modify the immune system. And we wonder why as the schedule grew from a few to 60. So did our immune disease.

It is suppressive medicine.

Much like what we are seeing with COVID.

Although I don’t agree with the gene therapy at all. I can see the argument for people who have multiple risk factors.

I think they should address the risk factors head on. But if they choose not to. I can see. You can’t address old age. So there is an argument there.

But for someone who is healthy and young. There are bad trades being made. Avoidance of self-limiting illness. Which I had and wasn’t fun. But it was self-limiting. Traded for chronic, deeper, lasting, illness.

Making you a lot more profitable as you are now given prescription subscriptions.

But back to my family and how yes, when my kids have coughs you could say, well she must suck as a homeopath.

The levels of health are:

Level 1: Congratulations you are extremely healthy. Not a lot of people are in this level any more thanks to suppressive medicine. You rarely get sick. But when you do. Your body does its job. You amount a high fever. You don’t have any chronic illness. No asthma. Allergies. Diabetes. Your body isn’t dealing with a deeper illness. You might get rashes and warts and things on your periphery. Be careful not to suppress them or you could fall to level 2.

Level 2. You get acutes frequently. You are still able to raise a high fever. You have frequent ear infections. Tonsillitis. Colds. Strep. etc. This is where a lot of our children are today. They get infections frequently. But if we use too much suppressive medicine we drop them down to Level 3.

Level 3. Your body is dealing with a chronic illness. It might be physical. Or it could be mental/emotional. You don’t raise high fevers like you used to. You don’t get acutes like you used to. Some people make the mistake at this level and they believe since they haven’t had a fever in a long time that they are healthy. They aren’t. Their body is dealing with a deeper illness. This is where we see a lot of children who used to have a lot of tonsillitis or otitis and we suppressed it too much. Removed the tonsils. Put tubes in the ears. And now the child has mental/emotional issues. The disease has been driven from the periphery. Or the physical. To a deeper level of effect. When you lift them from this level they will start to get acutes frequently again. This might seem like you are not as healthy. That is not the case.

Society likes to pretend that level 2 is the worst level and that we would all be healthier if we never got acutes any more. Which isn’t true. Except what society does is they drive you to a deeper level instead of raising you to a higher one.

Level 4. It is very difficult to get a person from Level 4 back to Level 3. People in Level 4 are typically end of life stage. Say a person with dementia. Who right before they die they get a fever and have clarity so they can pass away with a clear mind.

Conventional doctors have recognized this but they don’t understand the mechanism or significance entirely. They call “fever a friend to the elderly” for this reason. But often times will wrongly suppress the fever so the person doesn’t get to die with clarity. They get to exist longer in their confused state.

Lake had his first asthma attack at 22 months. He was on suppressive medication for years. He had some sensory issues. Would throw terrible tantrums. Not normal tantrums. Although I think a lot of children now adays aren’t throwing normal tantrums.

He expressed suicidal thoughts at a very young age. This is something I am hesitant to write about because I want to protect him. But I also want to be very honest and let you see my heart. His issues had been driven deep. He was in the third level of health.

Amongst the levels there are levels. And he was lower in the third level.

Thanks to homeopathy we have raised his level of health. But yes. He gets acutes now.

And it is so hard as a mom who understands these things. Would the quick fixes be easier? Have I used them from time to time when I have gotten over my head.

Yes. As you get out of mental emotional issues the physical issues can be quite severe.

In homeopathy when you give a remedy that is the similum or a match. It can cause an aggravation. Once he had an aggravation so severe I panicked and gave him coffee and a nebulizer treatment to antidote it.

People who say homeopathy doesn’t work either haven’t been using it correctly or haven’t used it. Because there is no denying that it acts. And no, it isn’t dangerous. But in the wrong hands it can be suppressive too.

In my journey with homeopathy I have had a lot of successes. I’ve a lot of failures too.

People I don’t know well reach out on social media and ask for help and sometimes they’ll be like thank you so much. My daughter had a sore throat I gave her what you told me to and she fell asleep and woke up fine. No kidding. When it works it works.

And sometimes I don’t find the match.

Coughs are very hard. I’ve found some things easy. Ear ache after swimming. No need for antibiotics. Chamomilla 30c. Boom.

But for “barking coughs” there are 35 remedies it could be. For cough, there are 109. And you can’t throw all 35 at it at once, and you shouldn’t throw too many at it or you could change the picture of the person.

Any illness, trauma, medicine can change the picture of the person. Can add a layer to the person.

A person who has a grief or a loss and was once an extrovert who now becomes an introvert, withdrawn, can no longer cry, Constitutionally might be Natrum Muriaticum and you give them the remedy and that layer lifts and they return to the layer they were before.

Homeopathy is a science. You need to get all the details of the person just right.

And I’ve had the worst time with coughs. I actually think Constitutional remedies are easier to match than acutes in some cases.

Coughs unless it is a conventional croup. Where they wake up just after midnight and they are afraid because they have the stridor and feel they can’t breath. It is Aconite. If Aconite fails and its later, sounds like a saw through a pine board, Spongia.

But it’s hard.

Lake has an awful cough. The same cough he had in November. November I made a lot of mistakes. Cough got really bad. I let him take a puff off of his inhaler. Big mistake. It made it worse. And I risked dropping a rung into a lower level of health.

It is a delicate balance. And I’m just a student. So I do not have it all down.

But I am trying. With everything I have. While fighting for medical freedom on the side because if Pharma had their way we wouldn’t have this medicine anymore. They constantly try to lobby it out of existence. We would just be given suppressive medicine ad nauseam with great harms. Driving deeper illness and more dollars.

Well I’d say medical freedom has been replaced with freedom as I realized the fight is much bigger than that and the end goal isn’t just a loss of health freedom, it is a loss of America as we know it. But anyways…

The West and our Pharma bound health philosophies have created a mentally sick society. Places like India have happier people because they haven’t used as many suppressive medicine. Yes they might have more diseases of the periphery. But that isn’t as deep an affliction as child who wants to end their life. The teens nowadays with so many suicidal inclinations.

We have a story like that in my family. Use of antidepressants leading to suicide attempts as they don’t tell you that you are supposed to monitor young people on certain drugs as it can increase suicidal ideation.

There is a better way to health. Philosophies that actually heal. But they do take work. Your insurance won’t cover it. As insurance is part of the scheme to keep you in the system. Insurance is their assurance you can be perpetually profitable.

So you don’t have to be a critic. I’m my biggest one already. Constantly trying and sometimes not trying enough. Moving forward and sometimes taking two steps back.

But I know in the depths of my soul that what I’m attempting is a better way.

And sometimes I just say Jesus take the wheel and I lean on the Almighty Physician. Because I know I can’t do it alone. And I need all the help I can get.

My prayer for all of us is to create a society where we can thrive. And health is freedom. But we need freedom to pursue real health.

I hope you can see my heart. And I hope you can see the truth. And you help fight back in any way you can. Even if it is just by making your family healthier.

God bless

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