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The Battle Within, Is the Battle Without

While in my Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology class today we were discussing the immune system.

B-cells are part of the humoral anti-body response. When a pathogen invades, the B-cells identify whether or not the cell is self, or non-self. Is this pathogen, an enemy, or not?

It occurred to me that the battle that is always going on inside of us. Is the same battle that is going on outside of us.

The Battle Within, Is the Battle Without

And right now it is more apparent than ever.

On the outside right now there are two philosophies of how to handle health.

Germ theory is the theory that if you can identify a germ and kill it, you will be healthy.

Germ theory was made the main medical philosophy in the US in 1911 following a report that came out sponsored by the tycoons of the day. As well as the dean of John Hopkins and other investors known today as “The Hopkins Circle.” I suggest reading about them.

Diagnostics and engineered medicine was the philosophy they grew into the profitable Pharmaceutical-bound medical philosophy we subscribe to today.

And as it grew in the United States other competing philosophies were intentionally suppressed by the tycoons to ensure top profitably with little competition.

The other philosophy is terrain theory. Make your body healthy, through a balanced diet, exercise, tackling genetic predisposition through other health strategies that get to the root of the problem. And when you encounter a pathogen. Your body encounters it with little effect.

Public health subscribes to germ theory. Because it is the profitable health philosophy. One-sized fits all medicine. Treat everyone like they are the same. Give everyone the same medicine. The same health plan. Your target market is everyone. Your profit is everyone.

Terrain theory is not as profitable. As it is individual. But it is superior. As everyone is unique. And it is a health plan that gets to the root of the problem. Looks to make a more healthy organism by tackling the unique weaknesses of the organism.

Why if germ theory is the theory public health subscribes to are genetic predispositions strengthening generation to generation instead of weakening? Why is a grandfather prone to respiratory infections, having a son with allergies, having a grandson with asthma? Like in my household.

Why are people developing immune disease, neurodegenerative disease and Cancer to name a few, younger and younger?

Why is our medicine weakening the species generation to generation instead of strengthening it?

The short answer? Because man meddled too much with God’s creation. The long answer, this medicine uses suppression. Just as its owners suppressed other philosophies. Their philosophy suppresses disease. But doesn’t heal it.

Much like fever is the body’s natural response to an invading pathogen. The fever is a purification process. Ridding the body of infection. In this process it cleans out diseased cells.

Epidemics had purpose. They were a way to create a stronger species. They were like the fever. Which made the individual stronger by eliminating long term disease. The Battle Within, is the Battle Without.

By eliminating and reducing the body’s natural defense and replacing them with chemical and suppressive therapies these purifications have not been allowed to do their intended job. We in turn have created a weaker species. With genetic predispositions worsening. For going on four generations.

We are editing our selves into extinction. Genetically modifying ourselves weaker.

Over-vaccinating is a main contributor to the weakening of our genetics.

And now as our schedule went from the few our grandparents had, to the few more our parents had, to the double we had, to our children having five times the amount we had, we traded childhood self limiting infection for a new kind of epidemic.

In 1980 at 11 shots there was 12% immune disease and chronic illness. Now at 54 shots there is 54% immune disease. It isn’t coincidence it is basic biology.

We are talking about a medicine intended to make antibodies. And a disease that is an overproduction of antibodies.

One that we understand on a deeper level now since advancements in molecular and cellular biology. One that public health, politicians and the other profiteers refuse to admit. The shots that are live virus use human DNA. And in a process similar to stem cell therapy, the DNA is merging with and altering our DNA.

Genetic modification.

We pay for the medicine, the medicine creates disease, we pay for more medicine. Repeat. Prescription subscriptions. And profitable chronic disease.

Now with this new shot. It is going to turn your body into an antibody manufacturer. Which is a process that exists in nature. But there are checks and balances. This new shot and experimental technology is a synthetic process.

For instance the body has 10 billion B-cells that are all unique. As unique as you and I. From slight genetic variations. That way when they encounter billions of viruses and bacteria there is likely a B-cell that will identify it.

Just like early on in this epidemic they said that blood drawn prior to COVID already had COVID antibodies. Or an antibody similar enough. A coronavirus. Which they hypothesized likely made for a less severe infection.

10 billion of these B-cells do not persist. Because your body eliminates the ones that look too much like self.

Immune disease is when self starts attacking self.

What happens when we use a synthetic process to turn your body into an antibody manufacturer but don’t have a counter to recognize self vs non self?

I think we are about to see an explosion of immune disease even more harrowing than the 5x growth in four decades we’ve already seen.

We are already seeing Bels Palsy, GBS, seizures, anaphylaxis as immediate reactions. And even death as I’ll detail below.

Interestingly people would call me anti science as I learned to question this science. That is actually science. Questioning. Saying the science is settled is the anti science. Denying the new findings is the anti science.

The people that are getting the shot. Are not following science. They are following a belief system. As they are unquestioningly rolling up their sleeve unknowing of the result. It is faith in an industry that history shows doesn’t deserve faith.

While there are reports all around them of people having adverse events. As they have the history of this failed technology and its prior application. As they ignore other history of dangerous rushed to market shots like Ford’s h1n1 and the Dengue Fever disaster killing children in the Philippines a few years ago. They ignore the fact that it is free from liability. They ignore all the fraud the industry has committed.

Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

All it took was an untrue mantra repeated for years. Safe and Effective. Safe and Effective.

Advertising. As they were actually ruled unavoidably unsafe.

Reactions are 1 in a million. Reactions are 1 in million.

Advertising. As they were actually found by Harvard to only be reported 1% of

the time.

And anyone that actually thought critically could’ve just compared any other product and its side effects.

For instance. My mother in law was on a medication and one of the side effects was dry eyes. She had a spontaneous retina tear. Asked her doctor if it was related. He said nah that is a rare side effect.

After my epidural I had nerve pain in my back and legs. Something that is inserted into your spine. When I asked my doctor if that is what it was. Nah its rare. Likely not.

It isn’t rare! Side effects are not being captured and reported. Not just for shots. For ANYTHING!

And that is exactly what the Harvard report found. Only 1% are reported. The 610 adverse events from injections reported in Tennessee in 2019 is more like 60,000.

This system is built to protect itself. Not the patient. And we are seeing that with COVID. What happened to medical errors the third leading cause of death? Gone. COVID cured them.

And all these reactions. “The New York Post” recently wrote that a person in a nursing home in Switzerland died after the shot. But they say allegedly. Nowadays they deny it. Even when it is obvious. They use semantics and word play. Lawyer jargon and marketing.

An article ran in NPR recently about the denial of care to the disabled at the beginning of the pandemic.

In Nazi Germany one of the first moves they made was to say they were bringing the disabled to special schools. They never returned. They were euthanized. Prioritizing populations for the good of the herd is exactly what the Nuremberg Code was established to protect against that COVID is using to do away with. And in its wake it is establishing the mind set that allowed for Germany.

For the good of the herd at the cost of any in the way.

With the army checking your health forms upon landing in New York I’d say we are closer than anyone likes to admit.

After Ford’s rushed to market shot caused Guillain Barre and a few heart attacks they had to pull it.

This current shot has already caused a plethora of side effects and there is no talk of pulling it. They just deny association.

The folks getting this shot are the anti science. As they’ve fallen for a belief system. A system built on trust. Not science.

And what happens next is a reflection of their chosen belief system.

Germ theory. Mask, isolate, inject, medicate. Does that theory lead to health? Does killing a germ lead to health?

No because by inhibiting your body you are making it weaker and more prone to the next pathogen that comes along.

Anytime your body encounters a pathogen. Particularly one it has already encountered the antibody response is stimulated and more are created. Naturally. So it is actually a good thing to be regularly exposed to pathogens. As it enhances your immunity.

You know, like we’ve been told our whole lives until now. That is ok little billy. Sucking on that lollipop that fell on the ground will build your immune system.

Now it’s put little Billy in a bubble and never let him breathe fresh air or dirty his hands again. That leads to health? No that leads to a future of germaphobes with impaired immune systems and social skills.

This sterile, lonely, depressed, environment is causing other harms. But it isn’t leading to health. It’s leading to deaths of despair.

Don’t you wonder why no one is saying reduce your risk factors? Heart disease, obesity, diabetes? Because they don’t want you healthy. You are lucrative when you are on their prescription subscriptions.

This whole system being created under the guise of COVID is another example of no crisis going to waste.

You don’t have to even buy into whether or not it was man made and intentionally released to do this.

All you have to do is acknowledge that what is happening in its name is not necessary. And isn’t working.

9/11 they came for your privacy and introduced more surveillance.

Facebook and Amazon filled in as more surveillance and privacy loss.

Then COVID. Now your neighbor, a store clerk, everyone thinks they have a right to your health information. And everyone thinks they can be your doctor. Have we not learned what happens when the government practices medicine?

Why aren’t you wearing a mask? No more none of your business, my health is my business.

The Na zi maskers will turn into the Na zi vaccers. And they, along with other businesses outside of healthcare which should have no right to your health privacy information, will help to enforce this system being created.


Excuse me ma’am can I see your health passport? I mean your compliance passport. As it won’t check to see if you quit smoking. All it cares about is whether or not you paid for a product.

COVID today whatever they decide to add to it tomorrow.

But as Catherine Austin Fitts Investment Banker and former US Assistant Security of Housing and Urban development points out there is much more to it. I recommend every one watch her interview on destruction capitalism.

This isn’t just about implementing a profitable system of medical tyranny. This is about implementing a profitable system with no way out.

This is about restructuring our entire economy. Our entire way of life. Remember that “new normal” they’ve been socially conditioning us to accept. Well, turns out it isn’t such a good thing.

Destruction capitalism will pave the way for a cashless society. Yay! More tracking and surveillance. Now you can’t buy anything under the radar or without it being added to your health, purchasing, every detail about your life profile.

The other aspect of this. Crushing the old way. To pave the way for the new way. More IT. Less human.

Did you see the “New York Post” article about the robot dogs patrolling in different parts of the world?

How many humans will be needed when we have automated robots doing our job?

Or what about Elon Musks brain to tech implant ready for implantation this year.

Not the near future. Possible, now.

We’ve been shown this future for as long as I can remember. A future of robots and human half breeds. We’ve been shown it for so long we have been convinced it’s inevitable. But we haven’t stopped to consider if we want it. Or what it means for humanity. And if we don’t want it, what then?

What will that future look like? This future of health passports and robot dogs? With as the World Economic Forum explains in their vision of the future, people will own nothing and be happy. Really? I like owning property. As its American. And free.

The vision is new age communism. Is a new age slave system. The old made new. Sold to you as if it is for your own good. Just like it always has been. But repackaged and repurposed. So this communism doesn’t look familiar enough for everyone to recognize. Even though it should. Where we look like China. But not as many of us are needed.

China’s social credit system is already hard at work here with fearful people making others conform to government dictates.

Wear your face fabric it works, everyone is wearing it, that is why the flu is down!

Wear your face fabric it works, but no one is wearing it, that is why COVID is up.

Sit down and unmask, but don’t stand! That is selfish.

Get your shot it will eradicate it even though it can’t stop transmission?

With illogic like that, fearful anti science, institute faithful, people can be convinced of anything. Including a shot that is experimental and rushed to market for emergency use meaning outside of emergency approval it likely wouldn’t have been approved like the times they tried int he past and failed.

They found the loophole. And they are using it. And people are falling for it. Just like they are the narrative.

On the way to your complete captivity. They will need an enemy.

Just like in the USSRs anti religious campaigns, just like in Germany, just like the Christian Armenians. All at the same time. The turn of the century. All with the same goal. Totalitarian government takeovers.

They pointed to a group of people and said they were the problem to deflect the problem being the government and the takeover.

They used war then as the fear driver. Now it’s the pandemic.

But the tool is the same. As is the goal. Less freedom. More government control.

The other day a teacher and myself tried to go into a coffee shop I have frequented for years. And we were denied service because we refused to wear a mask. We then walked outside through the drive though.

Second class citizens. Segregation. I bet you thought you’d never see it again.

It’s because of their religion. It’s because they are diseased. It’s because the color of their skin. It’s because they are Christians.

It’s because we are people who see where this is going just like it always is when there is a totalitarian takeover. I was called white priveleged. Trying to make myself a victim.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. As they too are the victim, they just don’t see it yet. And as we aren’t one color. A whole tribe of Native Americans recently joined our freedom cause. Would you like to tell them they are white privileged?

What we are, are people that understand the warning signs of history. People who believe in something other than government.

My atheist friend told me that he believed government was “an overwhelming force for good.”

It occurred to me that it is man’s nature to believe in something bigger than himself. And in the absence of God, it is government or science or medicine.

I thought to myself government could never be an overwhelming force for good as it is made of man and man is flawed. And we have seen the good of governments throughout history. Overwhelming forces alright, but not for good.

Which has always been my problem with people wanting socialism. A slippery slide into communism. Especially with government as corrupt as ours. Rules for thee not for me! We wouldn’t be Switzerland. We would be Venezuela. And that is where we are headed.

In the USSR anti religious campaign they allowed people to denounce God and hail communism just as Hitler allowed them to denounce God and hail him.

In the USSR they also made the same anti science statements about the religious. Which simply is not true.

Christians are believers in God. But that doesn’t mean we are anti science. There are plenty of scientists that also believe in God.

But their belief in something other than government makes them an obstacle in totalitarian take overs. So they point to them as the enemy. Just like they always have.

Just as they are doing now. Masks are the sign of who your faith is in.

Are you faithful in God’s creation? Believe in your body’s natural ability to do its job? Do you take care of yourself and subscribe to terrain theory?

Or are you faithful to your government? To germ theory? To the blocking and annihilation of germs at all costs to the organism?

Where is your allegiance?

People will say but wearing a mask and having a shot is a choice. That some Christians choose.

Yes but the ones that know science, know it is an illusion. The ones that know terrain theory. Know it’s an illusion.

The ones who have found real health. Know the path to it is not genetic engineering. Know what happens when man meddles too much.

Genetic modification didn’t make our food healthier. Nor has it us.

Injecting ourselves with chemicals and disease is weakening the genome not strengthening it.

Prescriptions subscriptions are weakening not strengthening.

People want aluminum out of their deodorant and toxins out of their make up but are ok with injecting all the same ingredients past their body’s natural lines of defense. More illogic.

Health isn’t the indiscriminate killing of a virus or a bacteria. As we are made of trillions of both in a microbiome and a virome. This war on viruses is a war on the living. Is a war on us.

And it’s paving the future for less living. And more machine.

See Star Wars. Are you a Jedi or a Stormtrooper?

Other philosophies like homeopathy look not to kill indiscriminately. They don’t use biocides. They use minerals, and plants and herbs similar to how Pharma does but without engineering. Without adding toxic chemicals.

And it looks to restore balance to the organism. Not suppress it.

We have been told topics are taboo so we don’t talk about them.

God. Religion. Politics. Shots. COVID. HCQ.

Censorship that grew and grew.

Homeopathy was censored in the US a long time ago. As Pharma grew they blocked it from being taught by funding colleges. They drove it out paying politicians to write laws. Naturopathy is illegal in Tennessee. You can’t heal yourself through natural means. Who does that benefit? It’s for your own good they cry! Pharma is your savior. Only they can heal you. Umm yeah. NO thanks.

Add to that you can’t collect rain water. Go fishing. Build a home. Hunt. Own a weapon. Protest. Sell food. Get married. Without running it by your government first.

Our forefathers founded this country on God-given, fundamental rights, and they have been slowly eroded.

So now you don’t even have a choice in the medicine you use.

A health tax. Tax if you have it. Tax if you don’t. Tax. Tax.

I want to hand down a country that is free to my children. Just as Reagan said. It isn’t passed down in the bloodstream it must be fought for and protected for our children to do the same. That is the hour we are in.

But that is going to take a lot of people waking up to what is coming. To what has already happened. To what is happening.

By seeing the enemy is not each other, but the one laying the trap.

The enemy is not who the enemy points to and cries it’s them!

The enemy points to all of us.

And we are nothing more than competing for resources they think are theirs.

Falling in line may buy you time. But ultimately they aren’t for you either. And won’t need you in this future either.

This isn’t like past totalitarian attempts. This one works. There are no Patriots coming. We are it. We either see clearly for the first time through the propaganda. Or we fall to it like every other time in history?

I guess that will depend on you. Is the government your savior?

The only way out of this is quelling the battle within as well as the battle without.,+FKA+WYETH,+INC.,+ET+AL.&hl=en&as_sdt=6,43

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