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Millennials are Considered the Most Health Conscious Generation, Then Why Aren't We Healthy?

What is missing from BCBSs report on the declining health of millennials?

They talk about how it will affect the economy, the spending on healthcare, but what are they missing? The most important question that should be asked by a system responsible for health.

Why? Why are millennials life expectancies lower than their parents? Why are they not as healthy? Why is our health peaking earlier. Why are we more depressed and riddled with chronic and mental illness?

I didn’t need this study to point this out as I’ve observed it in those around me.

My brother having Cancer in his thirties, classmates having Cancer in their thirties. Multiple classmates and friends committing suicide. Diabetes, thyroid, heart, lung, lupus, RA, Celiacs, asthma, Crohns, MS, Neurodegenerative diseases.


Is it our food? We ate Little Debbies as kids. Kraft Mac and cheese. But our parents drank Tang and ate junk food too. We’ve converted to kale and gluten free yet that hasn’t helped.

According to data collected by The Halo Group, 65 percent of people born after 1975 regularly consult either a nutritionist, dietician (58%), or a personal trainer (54%) about their food choices. Another study showed that 9 out of 10 millennials consider healthy eating to be one of the pillars of wellness, so much so that 77 percent exclude from their diet whatever they believe could be harmful to their health. This is compared to a mere 12 percent of baby boomers.

So that’s not it.

Are we smoking more?

According to the CDC 65% of adults smoked in 1965 compared to 14% today. A historical low. So that’s not it.

Are we drinking more?

According to “The Washington Post” Millennials have sparked a sober revolution, and alcohol brands are starting to notice.

And according to Insider Millennials are leading the charge, with 56% considering themselves to be mindful drinkers compared to 37% of baby boomers, according to a September 2019 report.

So that’s not it.

Are we exercising less?

A study by the Physical Activity Council (PAC) claims that my generation is more physically active than our predecessors.

So that’s not it.

In fact Millennials have been coined the most health-conscious generation, according to the Halo report. “Millennials are turning to the Internet to educate themselves on functional ingredients and how to use them,” the report said.

So if we are so health conscious. The most health conscious generation. As we have unlimited access to health information.

Why are we not healthy?

Let’s look at our healthcare. With so many advancements in medical technology and science, plus us being health conscious surely there’s an answer.

Healthcare is defined as the maintenance or improvement of health.

When I say healthcare I am not talking about the nurses or Doctor’s that go into the industry to help people, I am talking about the philosophy and the system.

Let’s look at how our healthcare system has been doing and whether or not our healthcare even holds up to its definition of improving health.

The United States has a higher infant mortality rate than any of the other 27 wealthy countries, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control. A baby born in the U.S. is nearly three times as likely to die during her first year of life as one born in Finland or Japan. Infant mortality is said to be the indicator of whether or not a society is healthy.

What about mother mortality? Since the Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance System was implemented, the number of reported pregnancy-related deaths in the United States steadily increased from 7.2 deaths per 100,000 live births in 1987 to 16.9 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2016.

What about the health of our children?

An estimated 43% of US children (32 million) currently have at least 1 of 20 chronic health conditions assessed, increasing to 54.1% when overweight, obesity, or being at risk for developmental delays are included; 19.2% (14.2 million) have conditions resulting in a special health care need.

Chronic diseases are ongoing, generally incurable illnesses or conditions, such as heart disease, asthma, cancer, and diabetes.

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. 133 million Americans – 45% of the population – have at least one chronic disease.1

In the United States, about 3 million adults and 470,000 children and teens younger than 18 have active epilepsy—meaning that they have been diagnosed by a doctor, had a recent seizure, or both. Adults with epilepsy report worse mental health, more cognitive impairment, and barriers in social participation compared to adults without epilepsy. Average direct health care costs for a person with epilepsy range from $10,200 to $47,900 per year (in 2013 dollars). 1 in 640 children develop seizures following the MMR.

People with chronic conditions are the most frequent users of health care in the U.S.

Chronic diseases also account for the vast majority of health spending. In the U.S., total spending on public and private health care amounted to approximately $2 trillion during 2005. Of that amount, more than 75% went toward treatment of chronic disease.

Each year in the United States, more than 1.6 million people are diagnosed with cancer, and almost 600,000 die from it, making it the second leading cause of death. The cost of cancer care continues to rise and is expected to reach almost $174 billion by 2020.

So physically we aren’t better. What about mentally and emotionally?

20% of youth ages 13-18 live with a mental health condition

11% of youth have a mood disorder

10% of youth have a behavior or conduct disorder

8% of youth have an anxiety disorder

1 in 5 children ages 13-18 have, or will have a serious mental illness.

50% of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14 and 75% by age 24.

The average delay between onset of symptoms and intervention is 8-10 years.

37% of students with a mental health condition age 14 and older drop out of school

70% of youth in state and local juvenile justice systems have a mental illness.

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in youths.

90% of those who died by suicide had an underlying mental illness.

So we aren’t mentally, emotionally or physically healthier under the current healthcare system.


What if I told you we know something that can cause these issues?

What if I told you the healthcare system isn’t designed to provide health, but is instead designed to make profit?

And that is exactly why this BCBS report didn't ask the most important question, why?

What if the choices we are given in terms of health, controlled by insurance, don’t deliver health? They deliver dependency on products.

What if as our health declines, their profits increase, making sickness the objective, making money the goal, putting shareholders first and patients second?

The current philosophy we subscribe to came out of a 1911 report called the Flexner report and it was funded by a group known as The Hopkins Circle

The group consisted of William Welch, the founding dean of Hopkins, which became John Hopkins, William Osler, Frederick Gates, a trusted adviser to John D. Rockefeller, and Abraham Flexner. Flexner was able to attend John Hopkins and later became head of the Rockefeller Institute. The work came to the attention of Henry Pritchett the head of the Carnegie Foundation.

Take pause and consider who attended the mock pandemic Event 201 right before the actual pandemic kicked off.

The report they funded,The Flexner report changed the course of medicine in our country. It pointed to diagnostics and engineered medicine which grew into the pharmaceutical industry. They funded medical schools drove out competing philosophies and have dominated healthcare for 100 years.

Under their reign our lives became inundated with chemicals and toxins. Our food supply. Our medicine. Injected. Ingested.

Injecting disease, toxins and DNA in order to prevent self-limiting, week-long benign illnesses our grandparents survived.

Why do so many people have immune disease now? Because that is how these work. They bypass the cell mediated response going straight into the humeral antibody response with the intent to make antibodies.

Immune disease is diagnosed by testing for an over production of antibodies. Why did immune disease go from affecting 12% at 11 shots in the 80s to 54% at 54 shots, 69 doses today? Because we are given a chemical cocktail intended to provoke the immune system into producing antibodies. 54x.

The latest science takes this beyond basic biology and can view the damage on a cellular level. Molecular and cellular biology have shown that the DNA fragments contained can merge with and alter our DNA irreparably. And this process can explain autism, chronic illness, cancer and more.

But Pharma doesn’t like this new science. So they call it pseudo science and they vilify the Stanford Molecular biologist that first pointed to the findings. But cellular and molecular science are not pseudo science. It is who we have to thank for stem cell therapy. And that is how this is working. In a process similar to stem cell therapy but not intended or monitored for rejection.

We have traded self-limiting week-long illnesses our grandparents survived for life-long chronic illness that is wreaking havoc on our children as they are given 5x as many as we had.

They say they eradicated disease. Well all of the answers to what is happening now go back to history and can be confirmed by current statistics.

Scarlet Fever and Typhoid declined in the same timeline and at the same rate without a widespread anything. Sanitation, nutrition are pointed to as reasons.

Polio and Measles have not been eradicated and that can’t be blamed on un anything. They said they would be by 1978 at 65% penetration. Yet couldn’t, and upped the needed number every year after that. Now we have outbreaks in 100% populations. There is also a resurgence in third world countries of Polio and it is due to the shot itself.

These aren’t perfect. They don’t respond in 10% of the individuals known as “non responders” and they wane at varying intervals in the rest of us. Making herd immunity through a synthetic process impossible. Natural immune response which doesn’t bypass the first arm of the immune system is the only way to incur herd immunity. The best synthetic can hope for is herd effect.

We are keeping these around. Allowing them to mutate into more virulent and resistant strains.

Antibiotics were useful at first. But then through over use, and liberally prescribing them, we now have resistant strains, mutant strains and no one is trying to make new ones because there is no money in it.

Antibiotic use is associated with an increased risk for depression and suicide? Why? Because modern medicine doesn’t fully assess the associated risks.

Medicines are suppressive. Driving peripheral disease inward. So far inward it effects you on the deepest level of your health. Mentally. They thought the immune system was a two part system but it’s actually a four part system which includes your gut microbiome and your brain. These systems are interconnected. And the health of one system is interdependent on the health of the rest.

Our compartmentalized, outdated philosophy is damaging our health. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

There isn’t a lot of money in antibiotics.

But you know where there is a lot of money? In a growing schedule of shots.

The global v market is expected to reach total revenues of 59.2 billion USD by 2020. This is nearly double the size of the market in 2014 ($32.2 billion), according to a survey from Zion Market Research. By 2020, the total market size for v in the United States will generate $18 billion.

An increase in infectious diseases worldwide, including influenza, swine flu, hepatitis, tuberculosis, diphtheria, Ebola and meningococcal and pneumococcal diseases, is one of the main drivers of market growth.

Why would we be seeing a resurgence a growth in things we v for? CA has kicked out the un and they still have outbreaks in 100% populations. See herd effect. See non responders. See we shouldn’t be kicking kids out of school for an imperfect product that can’t guarantee it won’t harm you and that’s why it is liability free. Because the industry almost went under shelling out claims in the 80s and asked for immunity. Amazing they have immunity when they can’t even guarantee it.

Both the pediatric and adult v market in the United States is expected to grow during the 2014-2024 time period. The adult v market is projected to reach $11.7 billion by 2024, up from $4.4 billion in 2014. Likewise, the pediatric v market will show similar growth, rising to $13.8 billion in 2024 from $6.1 billion in 2014.

So we have a billion dollar market creating a trillion dollar market. Billion dollars in purported prevention which causes chronic illness and cancer and then a trillion dollar market in cancer and chronic illness treatments.

A billion dollar market that is liability free. They do not pay harm caused. An excise tax pays that. So they’ve had no incentive to improve these or even ensure safety. And they haven’t invested in that. They’ve invested in growth markets, lobbying, and advertising.

So this risk free for them, billion dollar market on the front end, creating a trillion dollar market on the back end, is hugely profitable, and is funding our country. Our politicians and the media. Funding even the CDC that recommends the schedule. The conflicts abound. But the health delivered does not.

And wow that’s a substantial increase in the adult market? I wonder how they were looking to triple that in ten years? (See industry booming and reviving government funding)

When was the last time you had a booster? These wane, hence the addition of boosters but most adults have been doing just fine without having any in decades. How are you going to get them on board?

You are currently amidst the action plan.

Go check out Healthy People Agenda 2030. No one left behind. Everyone v.

How do you get everyone on board with doing an adult schedule?

Fear. It’s the only sales tool they need.

Release virus. Sell solution.

Routine antibody testing for COVID. Immunity papers. Then once the shot comes along forced compliance holding work hostage. And then repeat with whatever they decide to hold your freedom and livelihood hostage for after COVID. Profit profit profit.

in 2017 Gates and Fauci both said we were going to have a Pandemic during this presidency, that same year a ban on lethal lab made viruses was lifted, and Fauci granted money to the Wuhan lab to work on recombinant viruses.

In 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation wrote a series of scenarios for the future. We are living in one of them. “Lock step.”

The Hopkins Circle has been making money off of us for 100 years. In their scheme to keep us sick for profit. Keep us as captive commodities.

And a lot of us were waking up to the scheme. As we found dead ends in health care.

I started this journey asking one question. Why are my kids sick 5x more often than I was as a kid? And then why do they have immune disease now, when I didn’t develop one until my late twenties?

And it led me to the history of health. And it led me to seeing a system that was set up for profit under the guise of healthcare.

What we are doing right now is weakening the human race. Sub par genetic modification. Each generation we hand down predispositions that are strengthening due to chemicals in our environment, chemicals injected, chemicals ingested.

Driving illnesses from peripheral to internal then mental.

And all the sources of these poisons are the same people.

The people that own GMOs, the people that own Pharma, the people making our health care policies, the people still saying glyphosate is safe, allowing things like Zantac to be approved and then I give it to my kids as babies only to find out it causes cancer, things like shots that are now being found to alter our DNA irreparably.

This is not a system for health. This is a system for profit.

That is why we are more health conscious than ever yet less healthy. And if we had 4x as many as our parents, and our kids have had 4x as many as us. What does their life expectancy and long term health look like? If our health is peaking at 27 then when will theirs. If our generation is developing cancer, neurodegenerative disease, immune disease, cancer in our thirties, two decades before our parents, when will they?

In our quest for health knowledge with a sea of unlimited resources at our finger tips we found the answers. But unfortunately for us healthier eating, healthier living is not enough as we have damaged immune systems and toxin overloads. So before we can be healthy we must detox. And come back to homeostasis through homeopathy and alternative health methods. And ensure we don't damage them further.

We know the answer now is the time to do something.

It is this system that caused this virus. It is this system that has upped their revenue projections and put a plan in place to get there. It is this system that prefers us dumbed down, fat, lazy and watching Netflix so we aren’t asking the right questions.

This “New Normal” being recommended. Is not one that is good for us. It is one that loves dependents. Dependents willing to give up freedom for a false sense of security, all while eating poison, injecting poison and accepting poison.

All while thinking being tested, poked, prodded, tagged, tracked, is the answer they’ve been waiting for.

The answer I’m waiting for and I pray we get is justice. I’ll write legislators and call them, and show up when I can, because the answer I’m waiting for, is how can we break this system, and charge these tyrants with crimes against humanity?

I don’t want the “New Normal” they are recommending as our solution. I want them as far from the solution as possible. In a jail cell full of all the players that are praising China for how they handled this, where if you’ve seen videos, that is not worthy of praise. While recommending policies that lead to us looking like China. That is the new normal they want for us.

A normal where the Constitution is suspended indefinitely, our rights are put on hold, our right to assemble is revoked, our freedom to choose, freedom of religion is removed, where we have more surveillance, immunity papers, mandates, and can’t go back to work until we comply with their profitable new normal. A caste system of haves and have nots. Essentials and non essentials. With the 1% getting to do whatever they want. While keeping us captive in their profitable system. Their profitable ‘new normal.’

If you don’t want that ‘new normal’ write your elected and let them know. Perhaps the more they see will protest it, the less they will push for it as policy.

And then if that doesn’t work...

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.”

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