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"It's About Respect" The latest in a slew of parroted mantras

“It’s about respect.”

“Stay home.”

“We are all in this together.”

Those are easy to parrot tag-lines where the masses are used to spread propaganda.

Stay home, have a heart attack.

Stay home, commit suicide.

Stay home, close your business forever.

Stay home, beat your wife.

That is what is happening.

We are all in this together. Except I’m essential and you aren’t, nor is your business.

Truth we turn a blind eye to, because we don’t like inconvenient truth. We like comfortable lies.

Oh yeah and it’s about respect.

So you wear your mask out of respect yet you don’t respect my choice not to do the same? That’s not respect. That’s forced conformity for an illusion of safety.

Your mask is to judge others that don’t conform. So when they roll out next steps that are more freedom infringements you’ll already have been stair stepped in. You’ll already think you are doing your civic duty. To what end?

Immunity passport. Respect.

Rushed to market shot. Respect.

Quantum dot tattoo. Respect.

Tracking App. Respect.

Rat on your neighbor. Respect?

Hauled off by contact tracers. Respect.

Well that was easy.

Conditioning through mantras. Compliance through conformity.

Contrary to original assumptions, various studies have shown that there is no evidence of the virus spreading through aerosols (i.e. particles floating in the air) or through smear infections (e.g. on door handles, smartphones or at the hairdresser).

There is also no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of face masks in healthy or asymptomatic individuals. On the contrary, experts warn that such masks interfere with normal breathing and may become "germ carriers". Leading doctors called them a "media hype" and "ridiculous".

People driving around in cars by themselves wearing masks. People fainting from exercising in them.

How is it respect to conform to an illusion?

Especially those in rural areas saying they wear a mask out of respect. For healthcare workers. Do you know what the reproduction rate is in your area? At the height? Currently? What your chance of becoming infected is? It’s comparable to saying you are going to start wearing a bulletproof vest out of respect for police officers in Detroit when you live in Kansas. Uh, ok... man that tagline can have a lot of legs.

Will you also wear a pool noodle on your head at a restaurant to ensure you are safely distancing? Live in a bubble? Ok with your kids living in a sterile, devoid of social interaction future? Desks 6 feet apart. It’s just guidelines you say. Well so was the CDC schedule until it held your children’s education hostage for compliance. And used conformity and judgement to peer pressure. No hugging like they tried doing a few years ago when that made national news as schools tried to start that policy. That’s where your respect. I mean your conformity. Your compliance. Leads. To a prison for our kids and ourselves. To ever expanding freedom infringements.

“The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”

-Pat Miller, Willfully Ignorant

Meanwhile they changed the narrative.

From “manageable for hospitals and temporary” to “stopping death (an impossibility) and more permanent.”

Just as, if you’ve been paying attention, they always do. Change the narrative.

Last year for the first time in history they quarantined the healthy, signs up around Rockland County telling select groups of people to stay off playgrounds.

Then they kicked 26,000 children out of school. Education held hostage for compliance.

Fast forward a year later. Now we are all quarantined. All unvaccinated. And there’s policy makers discussing everyone’s work will be held hostage. Your benefits. Your travel. Your life. Liberty and pursuit of happiness. Hostage.

And no my immunity doesn’t affect yours. That’s not about respect either. That’s about understanding synthetic vs natural immunity. Natural immunity can provide herd immunity, synthetic waning immunity that is imperfect and varies individual to individual can not) And if you did understand this, you would realize that’s an illusion too. My immunity doesn’t affect yours, yours doesn’t affect mine. You are either immune or you aren’t. A lie you’ve been sold to help force compliance and conformity. Just like your mask. Using a tagline instead of truth. “Safe and effective” even though courts officially found them “unavoidably unsafe.” Which is easy to confirm.

So that sacrifice of a small group of children you are ok with, while you aren’t ok with the deaths of a select group from a virus. You’d rather children harmed from a chemical injection than at risk die harmed from natural selection. It’s better to die at the hand of man than at the hand of a virus. This war against germs and nature will be our end if we let it. An unwinnable war that ends with what is living destroyed. What is human null and void. As people like Elon Musk come out with plans for transhumanism. Also not conspiracy. Check out Neuralink. If we can’t beat germs as humans let’s beat them as robots? Let’s just exterminate humans and we will exterminate germs? But that’s not really the reason. It is and will always be control. We have history and human nature to show us that. Yet we deny both.

Protecting your precious herd immunity. Allows you to deny this is real. Even though you know people are allergic to antibiotics and they contain them. Even though you know everyone is different. You allow yourself this lie. Harvard found vaccine injuries only to be reported 1% of the time. Seizures from the MMR alone are 1/640. Before taking into account they are underreported. 54% of our children have immune disease and they now get 54 immune provoking shots. 1/5 have mental illness. At this rate we’ll have to be robots to survive the sub par genetic modification being done. It’s unrelated! No it’s not. Stop denying the truth to save your own skin. When the reality is that their sacrifice does nothing for you. And should it matter if it did? After all you are all about protecting the at risk, right? Just not if they are children?

They said it’s about the at risk but when there were still outbreaks in CA they kicked them out too. You can’t get the shot you are out. At risk or not. Well they still have outbreaks. Because of under responders and waning immunity.

You the adult with immune disease that shouldn’t get the shot. Will it matter. Or will it be like CA. You get it or you can’t work. You know how impossible it is to get a medical exemption?

Respect. How about you respect the parents that told you that’s what killed and harmed their children yet you call them liars. Do you trust strangers to make your purchasing decisions? Yes you do. Do you trust consumer reports? Yes you do. Only in this you are told not to trust. So you don’t. If all industries wrote off negative experiences as lies would you believe the consumer or the industry? your peer or the profiteer? Shouldn’t that same logic be applied here? They’ve sold you a false sense of security for so long you allowed yourself to believe it. You trust that industry? Especially since that industry was liability free and devoid of accountability. Has been found guilty of fraud. And a number of whistleblowers over and over step forward. Is guilty of the opioid crisis. You want to know their nature read all you can on that issue alone. Character is character. Except it’s called culture in business. And their culture is profit over patient. Every time. Despite the consequences or the inconvenient truths. You trust those politicians passing this legislation as they are lobbied to, contributed to? You trust the CDC funded by the industries they govern? Profiteers. Over your peers.

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

Yeah. You are right. Be comfortable in those lies. Let’s do away with all industry liability and consumer ratings. I’m sure businesses would stay honest and ensure you are getting a safe product. I’m sure it wouldn’t promote a culture of greed and deceit.

But I had them and I’m fine! Did you have 54? No - if you are a boomer you had a handful, if you are Gen X you had a few more, millennial twice that. Now it’s 54. 54 antibody producing immune provocations. So you aren’t sick yet? Do you have allergies? Asthma? Diabetes? ADHD? Anxiety? Depression? Seizures? Cystitis? Otitis? Chronic infections? Sleep disorders? RA? Cancer? Most are listed side effects. These effected our grandparents in their 70s, our parents in their 50s, us in our thirties. Our kids now, or when? And we wonder why our kid’s overproduce antibodies. The marker of immune disease. Which hospitalizes and kills more children than COVID a million times over - every year.

Profitable on the front end, profitable on the back end. Medicine leading to more medicine. Surgeries leading to more surgeries.

I was there, compliant once, sold and believed the profitable lies. But I found dead ends. No answers. Definitely not health. And my friends son regressed into autism and I believed her enough to look into the issue. Science is not settled. Talk about a tagline that’s been repeated into it being believed. Is science ever settled? Nor is it on this issue.

Does it matter where the science is? When mantras can be used instead?

Boomers accept polypharmacy. Pills leading to more pills. But don’t see how an injected medicine could lead to more medicine.

You’ve been conditioned out of common sense and critical thinking. Now that you are stuck at home. Look into it. Not snopes, not Facebook fact-check. Not your friend that’s a doctor and was taught the Pharma playbook. Studies. Risk assessments. Court cases. Form your own opinion, from your own research. I have yet to meet someone that has spent time on this that doesn’t see some big concerns. And right now with us heading into a dystopian “new normal” at warp speed, is the time to pump the brakes and ask the questions.

Before you are about to have them again. And you decide it’s about respect. Those immune provocations. Just as we’ve been saying long before COVID. Not a conspiracy any more. Invest time. Go back and read my posts from before COVID. Adult mandates on the way. Now here there are.

Never let a good disaster go to waste. And they haven’t. Capitalize off of fear. Mandated profit coming up. All these patents the elites have been sitting on are making their way into public conversation. Check out the Covipass.

Now they discuss immunity papers and contract tracing bills HR 6666. I don’t even like typing the number let alone writing its implications. Immunity passports, contact tracers, apps to track your whereabouts. And yes it’s true. Don’t read Snopes, or media accounts, read the bill. Watch the interviews.

Everyone denying that is where this is headed. Where it already was headed. Right wing conspiracy they cry! It’s not conspiracy anything. It’s mainstream news now.

Get your immunity papers! Get your quantum dot tattoo. Your health passports. It’s because of respect. Or whatever tagline they come up with to let you live in comfortable denial. So you continue to feel comfortable that you aren’t free. You are nothing more than a captive commodity held hostage to profitable and ever expanding expectations and mandates.

I hope you can see this. I hope you stop denying that what is going on is for your own good. I’m not trying to be harsh. I know a softer approach is often better. I’m trying to be direct. And I’m tired of reading it’s about respect. Another tagline. Being parroted.

You know what I respect? Your right to choose. And I ask you to respect mine.

I will never choose the freedom infringements we are being led into. The Godless future we are being led into. With your mask of respect which scientists say is an illusion of safety as it won’t stop this type of virus leading into the next. With your rushed to market shot which you may or may not respond to, and if you do it wanes at varying intervals. Leaving a perfect segue to a quantum dot tattoo or a microchip that can signal your current immunity status. Annual checks? Bi-annual? Weekly? Instantly reported to a server like Microsoft patent 060606 technology can do? Patient 451 immunity status is up. Better deploy health security to provide at home boosters.

I respect your decision to practice an illusion. Just as I ask you to respect mine to decline. No new normal. No immunity passports. No forced anything. No more profitable mandates. Freedom of choice.

Those that are saying we need all of this surveillance and mandates are those that look to profit from it.

I respect your decision to line their pockets when these mandates drop, respect mine not to.


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