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Global Health Security Equals Less Freedom

Amidst the rapidly evolving outbreak of COVID-19 we are learning a lot on the fly.

We have the media perpetuating fear. We have the government trying to quell panic while managing to do the opposite. We have conflicted information coming from every channel. We have finger pointing. Blame shifting.

Incidences of increased violence. There are people looting hospitals for supplies. Masks and toilet paper impossible to find. With people trying to sell one roll of toilet paper for $16. The whole world is tense. And it’s palpable.

We have state and international government passing varying laws claiming to be in the best interest of the people. However, a lot of people are in disagreement with some of the legislation, arguing that the legislation is only increasing panic.

“The New York Times” wrote Governor Cuomo was making an unprecedented and dangerous play for too much power.

“He also made waves by merging the state insurance and banking departments to create what skeptics have viewed as his own attorney general’s office — the State Department of Financial Services”

A Democrat from Cuomo’s own party said “I think many of us, including myself, feel that there is overreaching proceeding down the path by our new governor, and that it is ultimately not healthy for there to be excessive power in the executive branch, even though he’s popular,” said Assemblyman James F. Brennan, a Democrat of Brooklyn.

Shortly after, Cuomo deployed the National Guard to New Rochelle and established containment centers.

I myself am not a fan of Cuomo. I went to college in New York State and lived and worked there following college. I recently responded to a survey that Senator James Tedisco sent out. The survey aimed to find out why New York is hemorrhaging citizens to other states. I responded that it doesn’t help that he kicked 26,000 healthy children out of school, bringing back segregation and forcing families to quit jobs and leave. I told him at this rate they will need to mandate people to stay.

Senator Tedisco replied saying he would include it in his report and they know that “over-taxation, too many mandates” are among the concerns. And that they don’t want the “Empire State to become the Empty State.”

Cross the bridge to New Jersey and you have the New Jersey major implementing a mandatory curfew for bars and nightclubs. Soft martial law, basically.

Head west to Illinois and you have the mayor there signing executive orders to ban the sale of guns and alcohol while addressing coronavirus.

It made me think, is this 2020 or 1920?

Segregation in NY, prohibition in New Jersey and medical tyranny spreading everywhere.

Head to the west coast and they are banning public assembling of 250 people or more. First Amendment right to assemble in protest goes out the window.

You have colleges canceled, concerts, events, people forced to work from home. Even in communities with out a single diagnosed case.

Cross the Atlantic and head to Denmark and you have “Denmark's parliament on Thursday night unanimously passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police.”

Bye-bye Nuremburg Code and your God-given right to bodily sovereignty and voluntary consent.

You have the “Washington Times” saying Patients will carry health records on smartphones by 2021.

“Excuse me sir; can I see your papers? You aren’t up to date on your shots, you are coming with me.”

You have our government saying there won’t be a vaccine ready for a year. Trump allocating $2.5 billion to one. When $2 billion was allocated towards one for Zika yet it never made it through trials. Then Zika died out and the $2 billion just poof. Guess we didn’t really need that anyway.

Now we have China saying they’ll have one ready by April.

You have articles saying that due to the pandemic they can bypass standard protocols and rush one to market without clinical trials or animal testing. Oh great, a rushed to market shot. What’s the worst that can happen? See Dengue Fever in the Philippines.

You have articles running in "The Badger Herald" saying in light of coronavirus epidemic, vaccines should be mandatory. Nothing like using this to drive home an already in place agenda. We were already losing rights state to state about this. Now they are using this fear to really drive the agenda home.

And "Yahoo" ran an article called "Airplanes spread diseases quickly – so maybe unvaccinated people shouldn't fly." I’m sorry who is unvaccinated? The entire adult population hasn’t had a quarter our kids are being mandated. Bringing everyone up to date will be pretty lucrative.

The global Vaccine Market was valued at USD 32.1 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 59.01 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 7% from 2017 to 2025.

Well I guess we know how they plan to reach their growth projections.

You have MIT biologists saying the fear mongering on coronavirus will go down as the biggest fraud to manipulate economies.

You have Bill Gates and John Hopkins hosting an event in October with China’s CDC, the US CDC, World Banks, WHO, Global Health Security Group and the Gates Foundation. Where they role-played a fake scenario. A Pandemic called the Coronavirus. Where they handed out plush toys of the virus. And it’s all on YouTube for anyone to watch. I watched it. The similarities between their mock pandemic and the actual pandemic which kicked off two months later are uncanny.

Then Gates announced earlier this week he has Corona test kits, yesterday he announced he is leaving Microsoft and then right after that he and Zuckerberg got together to say they are going to tackle the Coronavirus together.

Meanwhile, headlines out of China are reading “Daughter’s Story: family saved from COVID 19 virus with Vitamins C.”

“Coronavirus is sparing children”

“100 Year Old Chinese man recovers from coronavirus”

“More than 70% of COVID-19 patients in China have recovered”

“China now has more recovered coronavirus patients than people still infected”

What can we make out of all this?

Why is there so much panic for so few confirmed cases and things closing before there are even cases in the responding area?

Why are there calls for mandatory vaccines before there even is one?

And why on earth is the Governor in Illinois banning gun and alcohol sales?

Will banning alcohol and guns quell panic or fan the flames of panic?

South Korea had 7,513 cases and only 54 deaths. Why is their death rate so much lower than the rest of the world?

Firstly, South Korea has been better about testing. Which likely is a reason that the death rate is lower. Meaning our death rate would be lower if we had tested as many as they have been.

Has South Korea taken an authoritarian shut down everything response like China and Italy? No, they have been able to achieve declining numbers and the lowest mortality without widespread lockdowns.

Is vaccinating the entire world population the best way to tackle epidemics?

Chloroquine, a widely used anti-malarial and autoimmune disease drug, has recently been reported as a potential broad-spectrum antiviral drug, findings revealed that remdesivir and chloroquine are highly effective in the control of 2019-nCoV infections.

Why are we hearing nothing about this in the United States? Why is it being called Fake Information if we post articles out of China posting success with Vitamin C?

There are more questions than answers. And I’m not going to attempt to answer them.

I am just going to leave you with this.

What was happening in the world right before all of this kicked off?

Well besides the Gates Event 201 at John Hopkins.

Hong Kong was protesting for freedom.

Wuhan was protesting against an incinerator.

The United States and around the world were protesting against increases in their mandated medicine.

New York was protesting against their healthy children getting kicked out of school. 26,000 children over night in an unprecedented 24-hour hearing without public trial. With coerced votes where Assemblyman Sayegh. And it’s on camera.

The United States was protesting gun legislation in Virginia.

New Jersey had so many protesters show up to their capitol their cries shook the building and they helped change the trajectory of rights removing legislation.

Protests in Italy, Germany, all around the world.

A lot of truths coming out.

Epstein. Pedophile princes. Pedophile elitists. Pizzagate may not have been entirely true. But a lot of it was pretty close.

The abortion industry was in court for selling baby parts and the journalists that cracked the case were looking at jail time rather than the abortionists talking about buying luxury cars with their baby part money.

Bayer/Monsanto was under fire for their cancer causing pesticides yet the US government still defending it.

Johnson and Johnson paying out $572 million for the Opioid Crisis. The government had nothing to do with that. They looked the other way and allowed it to happen.

Lawyers have emails showing they knew what they were doing. They laid blame on the addict yet took no responsibility for placing a highly addictive pill in his hand and flooding the market with it.

They have emails similar about our children’s shots and they say they read like “Sunday School” compared to the opioid crisis.

Because the Pharmaceutical industry is liability free for our children’s shots due to the NVIA of 1986. The Medical Freedom movement had to be clever with how to make headway on this issue.

ICAN, the Informed Consent Action Network has been winning lawsuits that you aren’t hearing about in the news.

The CDC had to concede in court that they actually don’t have proof ALL vaccines don’t cause autism. That they actually only ever looked at the MMR, antigens and thimersol.

Crossfit through and FOIA found the CDC to be funded by the industries they govern.

New York received $40 million from a Merck subsidiary prior to passing the law-kicking children out for not complying with the ever-growing schedule.

The HHS was found not to be doing the safety tests they were tasked with.

And even our small crew in Tennessee was making headway in legislation. Bringing transparency to the fact the MMR, Hep A, Chickenpox and Rabies shots are made with aborted fetal DNA. The TN Dept. of Health tried to deny it. We showed testimony. The bill passed through two committees. Now it hangs in the balance with us not being allowed in the Capitol during these restrictions but the lying, deceiving Health Department will be allowed.

With people not being able to assemble in protest who is going to be able to fight for their gun rights, their medical rights?

All of the freedoms that were under attack, and in China the freedom that was being fought for are being lost under a different threat now. It’s not measles. It’s coronavirus.

And as the freedom fights have been tabled, the freedom restrictions around this virus are surmounting.

Alcohol bans

Gun bans

Mandatory testing

Mandatory quarantines

Mandatory vaccination

No assembling in protest

No questioning the tactics being employed

One thing is for sure, global health security perpetuated the already in motion agenda. A hemorrhaging of freedoms.

With so many people in a fear state, the climate is very much like it was 100 years ago.

When people are afraid they don’t think rationally. They will give up freedom for a false sense of security. They will blindly trust the untrustworthy. They don’t question or think critically.

Some people will think this is conspiracy theory. But look around. What do you make of all this?

Conspiracy theory is just like antivaxxers. Terms used to dismiss things you should be paying attention to. These are issues that if the masses dismiss, the profiteers, the pedophiles, the sex traffickers, the baby part profiteers, the pharma cartel, the corrupt politicians don’t have to address them, they get to go on business as usual.

They get to keep you as a captive audience, as a faceless commodity a little longer.

Antivaxx is just a crude term for someone questioning the ever-growing mandated medicine schedule, recommended by a confirmed corrupt and compromised agency, manufactured by a liability free, corrupt industry. What’s not to question?

Considering the virus is most likely lab created as found by genome sequencing. We need to get to the bottom of what happened.

We need to hold the politicians passing questionable legislation accountable.

Once we get through this, we need to get back to fighting for our freedom. And not let these new health security measures become the new normal.

I also think any legislation passed outside typical protocols like what is being done in New York, needs to go on trial. No coercion. No accepting payment from the industry your legislation benefits.

There is a lot of shade in this outbreak. We can’t let fear blind us to truth. We need to bring it into the light.

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