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A Loss of American Values

I am in mourning this morning.

I am mourning the loss of American values.

NJ passed the bill to remove religious exemptions yesterday with an amendment.

Despite 6000 people surrounding the building again, to show their vehement opposition of this authoritarian bill.

The amendment allowed for private and religious schools to keep them.

What message does that send?

Only if you have money to go to private school are you able to have religious beliefs honored?

What I am really mourning is it passed on the vote of a Republican.

And here’s where I get real.

I haven’t always identified as a Republican.

Growing up in Massachusetts I considered myself socially liberal. Love is love. Women’s rights. My body my choice. Even if I didn’t choose abortion for myself who am I to say what another does with their body? Who am I to choose who someone else loves?

But somewhere along the line, the lines blurred.

Love is love? To what extent? Now there’s an agenda to normalize pedophilia. People don’t see it yet. But the seeds are there. Articles running about how it’s not criminal. Instagram campaigns “Love has No Age.”

Epstein and Prince Andrew wouldn’t have been demonized if it were decriminalized. If the perception was normalized.

Ricky Gervais openly discussing Hollywood as ground zero for pedophiles. Epstein suicided. These are today’s punch lines! Murder and pedophilia. These are serious issues. Yet we create memes and have a laugh. These aren’t laughable matters. I’ve been guilty of laughing too. Like we are all in on this joke together. But the jokes on us. This is the world we are leaving our kids.

Drag queen story hour. It’s a real thing. I’m not going to bring my children to a Drag Show. Why would I bring a Drag Show to them? Yes, they are human. But their job is selling sexuality. Drag show story hour is ok, but stripper story hour would be frowned upon? We have lost our way. Tolerance has become blind and open acceptance of anything. That is dangerous.

And what happened to women’s rights? That only applies to abortion? You can choose that but when it comes to your medicine that’s the decision of the government?

I look to what’s happened in women’s sports. A biological man competing as a woman? That’s the undoing of women’s sports. As a biological woman will no longer stand a chance.

Progressive is no longer progressive. It’s regressive.

I look to the truth that is coming out about abortion. It is horrifying. The way these doctors talk about human babies as if they are nothing more than trash picked off the streets. They openly discuss harvesting organs while they are still alive to sell to the highest bidder. California scientists illegally trafficking aborted baby body parts for profit paying a $7.8 million dollar settlement? Abortion has been turned into a lucrative business. Abort the baby, profit off of the baby. I don’t even think there is a word in our dictionary that is reprehensible enough to account for this.

Having children brought me full circle back to God. And the closer I got, the more I saw these things as satanic. What else could trafficking children for sex and trafficking baby body parts be?

And when I found out they were being used in my children’s medicine, I was again, horrified.

The parties used to stand for something. And that allowed for people to stand behind which party their beliefs aligned. Now it seems the only thing they stand for is a growing hatred for the other group. Are there good people on both sides?

Yes, it was actually a Democrat who held the line on the medical freedom issue in New Jersey last month. Joe Lagana. A rookie Democrat bravely stood his ground and rejected the force, and bribery his party and the benefitting industry offered. And he wasn’t alone. He was thought to be the lynch pin and if he fell so would a few other Dems. But he didn’t, and they didn’t. They stood their ground and listened to the 6000 chanting constituents shaking the walls of the building. Yelling “Our Child, Our Choice.” “Stay strong, Lagana.” Praying for him. He listened. He did the right thing. He did his job and represented the interests of the people.

I wrote and called and thanked the Democrats. It did occur to me that the Republicans should be thanked too. As it was expected of them, it wasn’t celebrated as heroic. And it also occurred to me that it shouldn’t be heroic to preserve our freedom, it should be inherent. Are we even America if we are no longer free?

Where does one flee to these days for religious freedom? To be free of persecution? Even the Amish are under attack. They go to separate schools and are not free from this persecution. 2020 is the year all religious rights are being dissolved.

Home of the free, land of the brave? What does that even mean now? Home of the bought, land of corporate interests?

Our forefathers warned this day would come. The day where government grew too large, became oppressive, started revoking freedoms, dismantling the constitution. And I’m sorry to say friends, but it’s here. And it is our job as Americans to do something about it.

The medical freedom issue used to be a bipartisan one. It was mostly Democrats handing their constituents rights to choose over to the pharmaceutical industry, in exchange for contributions. When Yahoo Finance published an article called “Congress is owned by Big Pharma” it was mostly Democrats. But there were a few Republicans. Unfortunately even one from my state.

What this tells us is corruption is not bipartisan.

At the root of the problem is we have lost our values. As we wrote God out of the country, out of our schools, out of our conversations, we lost sight of what it meant to be a moral human being. To know what is moral and what is not. To know where the line needed to be drawn.

That was one of Hitler’s first moves. He was placed before God.

Republicans have held the line more on this issue as some still answer to God. They still believe that it is their job to protect religious freedom, the constitution, they believe in less intrusive, smaller government. And a government making your medical decisions for you is definitely intrusive.

Yet, yesterday it was a Republican who sold his constituents rights to Big Pharma.

And this is why I am in mourning this morning.

Where do we run to if we can’t count on a side to defend our rights and beliefs? If we are represented by no one? If the corruption is on both sides? If both sides are bought by Pharma?

In CA, they handed medical decisions to the state. It is now the state making family medical decisions. Have we learned nothing from history? Nuremburg Code. The state should never be making medical decisions.

In NY, they kicked 26,000 children out of school over night. On a videoed coerced vote. And then Albany received a $40 million dollar check from a Merck subsidiary. Apparently that’s the cost of 26,000 children’s fundamental rights to an education.

The corruption is so thick it is spilling out in the open and they are so corrupt they don’t care that we saw it. Coerced votes on camera yet the bill still passes?

People are being forced to move because of this. This is forcing people to relocate. You don’t think this is a serious issue? Go look to the stages of genocide and identify where being forced to relocate comes in.

You know what’s next? Trials and murders. And we’ve already had a trial.

People are living like refugees. This is where the immigrant conversation may surface. We are no longer a country in our infancy. This issue does need to be addressed, as we can’t let everyone in. Do I think there is a better way to address it? Yeah.

But it is definitely not what Democrats are doing by letting everyone in and giving them more rights than natural born citizens. That is a dirty way to secure votes.

Yet here we have our own living like refugees. Being forced to flee states because they disagree with the growing mandates. Mandates for a shot for a sexually transmitted diseases to attend school? They have grown too greedy.

Why did 6000 New Jersey residents show up to protest yesterday?

Because they saw what happened in CA and NY and they didn’t want it to happen in their state. Do you still think this is just about shots? Do you understand the issue? Yet it did even with thousands outside protesting. We are starting to look like a communist country. Where even our protests are disregarded.

It’s not just shots being mandated. It’s psych evaluations to enter middle school, it’s eye exams, And its not just choice of this product as they are removing holistic options to healing. it’s not just your child’s education being held hostage. It’s soon going to be your license, your benefits, your ability to travel. I’m not prophesizing this next step. It’s already online in their game plan. And has already happened in some countries and has been entered as bills in some states. We are a commodity. Slaves essentially. Being forced to pay for whatever they decide to mandate. Who do all these mandates benefit? The industries lobbying for them.

It definitely isn’t about the medically fragile as they were kicked out of school too. And it isn’t about disease, as they haven’t addressed fraud, mutating strains, and primary and secondary failure. That’s what liability and consumer voice regulates and they are above it. No need to innovate. Just mandate.

We are asking for logical things. First of all freedom to choose. Especially since this is a criminal industry. In court for fraud on these products we are being forced to have. Products we can’t sue if they harm our children in the same way we can on other products. Products that aren’t being regulated by us the consumer as they call all negative experiences lies. They aren’t being regulated by the CDC as the CDC is funded by the industry they are supposed to govern. There are conflicts of interest at every level.

“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” -Orwell

That is where we are right now.

There is a great awakening happening that is exposing the fraud. And all they have left is force.

Look at the headlines from 2019. It was the year the conspiracies came true. The year the fraud was exposed. The year we learned America was being run by tyrants.

And the climate issue is no different. It is similar to the medical freedom issue. It is for your good they say. Less freedom, more taxes, a stronghold over resources. But what they are proposing won’t benefit the people. It will similarly to medical mandates, environmental mandates will only benefit the politicians. As similarly to not addressing mutating strains and fraud, the policies don’t address the 3Ms polluting the Tennessee River, or China and India dumping all of their trash into the ocean. People will blindly sell their rights on this issue too, thinking the government has their best interests at heart.

And then they’ll hand over their guns, thinking they are doing the right thing. Guns are dangerous. What is dangerous, as pointed out by history, is a government that seeks ultimate control and wants your guns.

I knew there was corruption on both sides. But I thought Red states would hold the line on the medical freedom issue, and it would be at a Federal level this might pass. I thought we had more time.

But what kind of time is that if we are forced to move state to state until there is no place left to run?

Now it looks like no party is safe.

Let’s turn this into good news.

The disease that is sickening our country is not measles.

The disease sickening our country is a loss of values. Is full-scale corruption. Is a system answering to corporations instead of the people. Is a fascist tyrannical government.

Ok, obviously that isn’t the good news. This is.

If we can’t rely on our politicians to get the job done. Then it’s time to take our country back. It’s time for us to relieve them of their positions, as they no longer represent us.

Right now we are trying to find good people to put in office to represent us. To really vet them. To meet them face to face and get a good feel for them. But I’m not sure that is going to be enough at this point.

What I do know for sure. Is this is the time for “we the people” to unite.

Divided we fall. Divided equals times up on America.

We must unite against the immoral, value-less, pedophiles, sex-traffickers, fascists, corporate hags, corrupt money-grubbing-bought officials that are saying they are public servants. When the only interest they are serving is their own.

Corruption is the disease. And it is ruining our country. Our world. As this is happening everywhere.

Unless we want 2020 to be the year America dies, we need to rise.


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