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Updated: Sep 11, 2019

I recently read "The Handmaids Tale" on vacation. I've been watching the show. But I wanted to read the book. In the Introduction author Margaret Atwood explains that she wrote this book while she was living in West Berlin in 1984. Before the wall came down. Where she acknowledged that life as we know it has the ability to change inexplicably overnight, that societies can change directions on a dime.

When interviewed about her ability to predict social issues that would later arise, Atwood responded that it was not her intent to predict. But that she hoped that if she wrote of a future that was so undesirable and of the compromised decisions and inaccurate assumptions that led to it, that it would not happen in real life. Her intent was to paint a future so foul that we would do everything in our nature to avoid it. However, people are acknowledging some eery similarities to her dystopian fiction and the present.

It is not lost on me that Orwell's "1984" seems to hand the baton off to Atwood's book written in 1984. It is like she continued his predictions where he left off. And both are running stark parallels to the present and the projected.

I was listening to NPR the other day and there was a woman on there, I wish I could recall her name, that was creating experienceable futures with a similar intent to Atwood. She was building these alternative futures based off of current projections. One was of the air quality of the future. And she had pods where people could step in and try and breathe in the tainted and toxic future air. She was able to change legislation from these experiences.

My intent from this post is to show you where we are headed. Using projections that have been established for awhile now. Yet somehow there is a disconnect between statistics and real life. We see these numbers on paper and it does not scare us in the way it should. There is nothing tangible to these statistics. Sure they sound scary. But what will the world really look like amidst these statistical forecasts.

The year is 2030, 70% of the children being born today are autistic. They once predicted it would be 2 million out of 4 million. Which according to records that is how many children used to be born in the United States. But due to increasing infant mortality and increasing infertility issues it dropped to 1 million children a year. Infertility increases were attributed to a vaccine that was given to prepubescent girls. They later found the complication of the vaccine contributed to lasting fertility issues.

The autism rate rose as exemptions were stripped from children whose mothers said they had genetic susceptibilities, from parents whose children were already vaccine injured, but society failed to listen and took away their parental rights to make medical decisions for their children and handed them over to the state. The genetic susceptibilities originally thought to afflict only 40% of the public turned out to afflict a growing portion of the population.

School enrollment dropped. Parents were forced to home school their children. Teachers left because they couldn't handle the classrooms full of mentally handicapped, aggressive children. Schools began closing all across the nation. The schools that were left continued to see outbreaks even amidst 100% vaccine rates, as evolving strains, and efficacy fraud was never addressed.

Additionally, under the mandatory vaccination laws children that had medical exemptions were stripped of them and revaccinated. When the program first began there were 74,000,000 children living in the United States. When they revaccinated the children with vaccine adverse reactions the first year .03 % of them died. Totaling 22,200 children dead the first year of the campaigns.

As the death rates rose. So did the protests. The first year there were marches. Thousands of parents objected to the draconian laws and removal of rights. But they were unheard. Legislators were being paid by Big Pharma the largest corporation in the world and their pleas fell on deaf, corrupt ears. By the time the rest of the country saw the truth, it was too late.

The protests grew to violence. The President at the time wasn't handling the situation to the liking of the industry so they over threw him. With the corruption being recognized and the public now acknowledging the governments blatant disregard for their health the industry no longer saw the use of political puppets and took over direct control of the government, cutting out the middle man and allowing full command.

When the Pharma reign began, camps were set up to corral the dissenters. The government experimented on them. They used chemical lobotomies to try and turn dissenters to believers. It worked on some. But not with out genetic and behavioral consequences. Some of the reformed would commit suicide. Others were left intellectually disabled.

The United States of Pharma could not stop with just the United States and looked to enforce their policies globally. They went after the smaller countries first which easily fell.

However, as the United States had grown weaker through sub par genetic modification with nearly every American suffering from asthma, diabetes, intellectual handicaps, decline in birthrates, the countries that had rejected the United States and Big Pharma's global health policies grew healthier and saw fertility gains, grew to achieve greater technological achievements, had little to no intellectually disabled and physically challenged. By the time United States of Pharma's Armies tried to enforce their will on these countries they had no ability to do so. Their army was weak. Their technology had not kept up. They were easy to defeat.

Big Pharma was finally forced to face the music. They lost full control over the United States, as there was no United States left to control.

It sounds extreme. But where do you think this is headed?

54% of our children have chronic illness up from 12.8% in the 80s

6/1000 babies in the US dies in their first year of life and it increases as they near 1.

Healthy baby born. Something goes dramatically wrong in the first year of life.

In 1983 autism was 1/10,000

By 2008 it was 1/150

Now it is 1/45

When we look at the vaccine friendly plan where parents can break these up and decline some. Autism is 1/440.

No vaccines. 1/715.

The CDC schedule they are mandating is 1/45.

By 2025, in 6 years it is predicted to afflict half of the 4 million children born.

1/5 children have learning disabilities.

1.7 million are diagnosed with cancer.

How vaccines cause these illnesses is they bypass the cell mediated response and go straight into the humoral antibody response. They create antibodies. But the body doesn't know only to make antibodies to the virus it can make antibodies to any of the ingredients in vaccines. Human diploid cells, monkey cells, pig cells, DNA fragments, casein, formaldehyde, glyphosate, food dyes, aluminum and more. Look at the CDC ingredient list.

We are wondering why our body is producing too many antibodies which is the identifier for immune disease yet we are giving ourselves a medicine intended to produce antibodies.

We are wondering why we have aluminum stores in our brain which the CDC claims is ok, yet we are injecting aluminum into our children before their blood brain barrier has closed by the age of 2 or 3.

We are wondering why we have autism and gender identity problems yet we are injecting our children with DNA from aborted fetuses and it has been found by Stanford molecular scientist Dr. Deischer that the DNA has the ability to merge with and mutate our DNA. Boy DNA injected into girls. Girl DNA injected into boys. And those that are autistic they are finding antibodies to fetal DNA in their brain.

Cancer is a mutation of our DNA. We are wondering why we have cancer yet we are injecting ourselves with toxins and a medicine that has the ability to alter our DNA.

We have acknowledged we want aluminum out of our deodorant and our consumer demand has created a market for this and therefore products.

We have acknowledged we want toxins and mold out of our makeup lines and opt for cleaner make up choices and point to the studies that show applying toxins topically to our face has internal implications to our health. And this is on our skin. The number one shield and filter from toxins.

We no longer want food rife with pesticides and antibiotics and food dyes and preservatives and have created demand for a whole new line of organic foods. Foods go through a filtration process too. Our digestive system.

Yet we think injecting these same additives, pesticides, antibiotics and heavy metals is ok?

How does that make sense? There is a growing body of people that are demanding cleaner safer non toxic vaccines. Yet the industry doesn't need to bow down to changing wants of consumers because we are being forced to have them just the way they are. Without double blind testing against a saline placebo. Without testing for mutagenic and cancer causing potential. With no acknowledgement of our consumer pushes. We have no voice in this issue. We are not being heard. There is no one developing safer vaccines. We must demand better by this industry too. Return liability and remove the governments conflicts of interests.

Make-up with toxins, food with toxins aren't just toxic to a select group of people. They are toxic to everyone. The toxins we are injecting are toxic to everyone.

The difference is our threshold. Some have a higher tolerance. But make no mistake. Toxins are toxic. And when they accumulate in your body. They will cause irreparable harm. It is only a matter of time. A matter of when, not if.

We have the ability to stop these things if we do it now. But we have to stop fighting each other and fight this system that is legislating our rights away. You don't think this will effect you? Where else can this issue go if it isn't stopped? Perhaps exactly where I predicted...

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