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You Are How You Treat: What your Medical Philosophy Says About You

Pyschoneuroimmunology is a field which studies how the mind can effect disease.

If you are stressed and depressed does it contribute to a suppressed immune system and can it result in a higher probability of infection?

Janice Kielcolt Glazer has looked into this. She first looked at students before final exams. Drawing blood and examining its susceptibility for infection to mononucleosis prior to exams, and then again when exams were over.

She acknowledged that the cells when in a state of stress had a higher likelihood for infection.

To up the stakes she also looked at what she considered to be one of the greatest stressors an adult can undergo. Caring for a parent with late staged dementia.

And again she found an increased likelihood for multiple deficiencies in immune function.

In early medicine, Descartes was one of the leading philosophers believing there was a separation of mind and body.

He was one of the earliest to treat humans as if we are machines. Known as iatramechanist philosophy. It is the philosophy modern medicine, which I think needs a new name because it is failing to keep up, acknowledge and integrate new findings that go against the profitable model, which compartmentalizes the body.

Go to a neurologist for your brain and a therapist for your thoughts. Go to a cardiologist for your heart and a pulmonologist for your lungs. It is a great over simplification of the human body.

We are not a simple complex system defined as having a lot of parts with few interactions between parts, like a machine.

We are a complex dynamic one, with lots of parts and interactions between parts.

The lungs effect the heart, the physical brain effects the thoughts.

Pyschoneuroimmonolgy is modern medicines attempt to understand something that holistic medicine and homeopathy already does which takes the whole person into account in its treatment plans.

Walter Cannon was one of the first to explore this with his investigation and coining of the “fight or flight” response. And he expanded on Claude Bernard’s concept of homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the state of steady, internal, physical and chemical conditions maintained by living systems. It is the condition of optimal functioning for the organism.

It is balance. Regulated by environment, diet, level of activity.

At the cellular level, receptors bring about changes in gene expression through up-regulation and down-regulation and act in negative feedback mechanisms.

Let’s talk about all of this just looking at COVID.

In COVID, the perpetual fear state perpetuated by the media, the isolation of individuals from loved ones, loss of job, classified as nonessential, closing businesses, the blocking of smiles and normal mirroring behaviors which teach children appropriate emotional response and improve happiness, added to the down-regulation of the immune system seen from the changes of respiration caused by masks, has created a perfect storm for a more severe reaction to a pathogen.

Yes, your mental state can not only contribute to a worse infection it can also trigger disease.

Germ theory’s inability to address that there are negative emotional implications, that lead to more serious physical responses is one fraction of my concern with the abuses caused by an un-evolved philosophy which claims “science is settled” when most readily admit that immunology is a very under understood field. That human biology on a cellular level is a very under understood field.

Anyone saying “science is settled” is not a scientist. They are a salesman. As science at its root is an endless quest for understanding that evolves as our understanding and technology evolves but never has the ability to evolve greater than the Creator who made it.

Our meddling in things we minutely understand has come with great harms that many deny. That are becoming undeniable.

More and more are seeing this now.

A former pediatrician of mine came up to me the other day and apologized. He now understands the truth about the CDC and the products they are paid to push. Liability free products that line the pockets of politicians and the media and the system that advertises for them. He said he trusted them. He didn’t have time to research or question.

The system is one built of trust. Not to be confused with one built on science.

The healthy skepticism and actual science, as asking questions is science, they have told us is anti, is no longer working on everyone.

And instead of addressing it at its root. By addressing the failings of the product, returning liability, they have chosen to attack those who question it.

And that has been taken a step further. To now you can’t only not question Pharma. You can’t question any of it. Any of the freedom infringements that have happened in the name of a virus with a 99.97% survival rate.

But it isn’t surprising that they don’t address the problem at the root, because neither does their medical philosophy. It is a philosophy of suppression. Of prescription subscriptions, and harmful injections now found to alter our DNA. I call this genetic modification and it’s not better for us just like it wasn’t for our food.

This is a philosophy that “masks’ the problem rather than solves it. It is a philosophy that doesn’t get to the root. The cause. Therefore it doesn’t solve the problem.

I now call this “you are how you treat.” Fits nicely with you are what you eat.

If you look for quick fixes in your health. You will be more apt to believe this philosophy rather than put in the hard work and lifestyle changes it takes to get to the root of the problem.

If you think the government should provide for you rather than provide for yourself then you are also not willing to put in the hard work it takes to be self reliant.

We are quickly becoming a country of dependents. Thinking you need someone else in charge of your health. 30 different experts to cover all the “ists’ it will take to never heal you or provide you with long term health.

Who benefits from us not being self reliant? From being dependent? The same people trying to eradicate our right to choose which healthcare philosophy we subscribe to. The same people increasing surveillance and decimating health privacy so now even business owners can help extend the clutches of Pharma control. Do you have your health passport? No service.

Every time I see one of my friends get this experimental injection I want to scream at the top of my lungs. This is a rushed to market product, an experimental technology never successfully used on humans. That only has emergency authority. The result is everyone taking it is a human guinea pig.

It is not science you are following. It is a system built on trust, implemented by an industry and governing agency that has routinely proved they are not trustworthy. They don’t even try and build your trust by standing behind their products with liability. The way every other industry does.

And the harms being done to us as a species due to this blind trust in man instead of our Creator are just now starting to be understood thanks to advances in molecular biology.

The human DNA used in live virus are merging with and altering our DNA. And as the schedule grew from 11 to 54. Our immune disease grew from 12% to 54%.

An Italian research company found mutations in the cells used that looked like cancer mutations.

And we wonder why our grandparents had Cancer in their 80s turned into our aunts and uncles developing Cancer plus a plethora of immune issues like lupus, colitis, Crohns, RA in their 50s to my age group in their 30s to our children now.

Because we are giving 54 injections intended to alter our immune systems using a synthetic process. Well I’m fine. Really? See above. Do you have any of the issues listed as adverse events. Do you know what they are?

Dr. Paul Thomas sought to understand this by looking at his patients. Breaking them into un, spread out and strict CDC. He obviously isn’t anti as they claim, since he has patients in all categories. But they did pull his medical license for his findings. What do you think those findings were? Who has substantially more otitis, more allergies, more asthma etc. Who requires less hospitalization?

Why are genetic predispositions increasing generation to generation with such great medicine? A grandfather’s susceptibility to bronchitis, turning into his sons allergies and his grandsons asthma.

Why can even short use antibiotic use lead to depression?

Why is preteen suicide skyrocketing?

How does antidepressant medicine lead to an increased likelihood of suicidal thoughts?

Because we are complex dynamic systems and our gut effects our brain, effects every other part. Every medicine and infection has the ability to effect us mentally, emotionally and physically. As they are not compartmentalized but wholly interconnected.

And what if there is a way to get to the root of the problem instead of masking it?

What if you could achieve homeostasis? Strengthen your genome instead of weakening? What if you could hand down stronger genetics instead of weaker ones? There is.

Even if it took work. Why would you not choose it? What happens when you no longer can?

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