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When Sickness is a Crime

As the fearless and brilliant Dr. Palevsky said yesterday, “we are at war.”

This war doesn’t look like past wars. But make no mistake. That is what it is.

Right now I have friends whose children have been sent home from school for two weeks. Not because they are sick. But because they have the potential to become sick.

It is a mental illness to treat healthy people as if they are sick. It is called Munchausen by Proxy. It is prosecutable. And our government, health departments and school boards currently have it.

As they send healthy kids home, mask healthy people, isolate, quarantine, test healthy people.

One of my friend’s sons went to school for 3 days only to be sent home for 2 weeks. Healthy. Never had anything. My other friend’s daughter along with 4 of her classmates were sent to the office. Not told what they were being sent down for. She wanted to cry. She is a good kid that thought she was in trouble. She doesn’t have a runny nose or a fever. She is healthy. Why is she being sent home? For a virus that isn’t effecting children or the vast majority?

Since when do we send healthy children home from school? Healthy children guilty of nothing except not having a COVID shot yet, as one doesn’t exist.

Actually, believe it or not, it happened last year during the measles outbreak in New York.

Last year for the first time in history healthy children were treated as if they were sick. They didn’t have measles. Just as the children being sent home now don’t have COVID. Yet they were not allowed on buses. I wrote this post about segregation then.

They were kicked out of school, and sent home, not because they were sick. But because they had the potential to become sick. Because they hadn’t had a shot for measles. Sound familiar? In marketing we would call that a test market. Launch in one market, see how the campaign does, then launch it nationwide if it was successful. Well New York was successful with their measles test market. They were able to remove the religious exemption afterward gaining them another market while they collected $40 million from a Merck subsidiary. Apparently, that was the price of 26,000 students religious rights in New York.

I have a friend that lives in Rockland County where this happened. She said you couldn’t find a case of measles in her town. A recorded call into the health department there showed that it was a deception. The woman who answered said that there were actually few current cases and that they were just trying to get the children up to date. I heard it with my own ears. Before Facebook removed it.

Does that sound familiar? What about all the empty hospitals during COVID. All the false positives. All the cases of counting things as COVID that wouldn’t normally be. The pressure Dr. and Senator Jensen spoke about to code deaths as COVID that in his 40 years he never experienced. They tried to crucify him. Discredit him. Like they do to all whistleblowers now adays. But they weren’t able to. Because he was a top Doctor and a Senator. But as he said. If they can do that to him. They can do it to anyone. And they have. As they censored lots of doctors. And as people listen to a YouTube Doctor named ZDogg instead of a Stanford doctor and advisor to the President, Dr. Atlas.

At this point, we must question every thing.

Last year they censored vaccines and autism. This year they censor COVID, doctors, and a variety of information labeled partly false, which isn’t that also mostly true? Why? What agenda does this all serve?

While the all American, built family business from the ground up drowned the 1% profited. As the mom and pops closed forever, Big Box stores boomed, while they ushered our tax dollars into their investments, we lost everything.

If there is one good thing that has come from COVID it is that this industry is currently under immense scrutiny from the public eye. And these issues are becoming common knowledge instead of what they were written off as before.

Why should this industry be liability free for a rushed to market shot we don’t know if it will work or harm?

Guess what, the entire childhood schedule is because they were paying out too many lawsuits in the 80s and they told Reagan they would stop manufacturing them if he didn’t. He begrudgingly set up a no fault court system where liability is paid with an excise tax they don’t feel in the way liability is supposed to be felt. To ensure a safe product is on the market or they close their doors. Insulated from this important tool a consumer has to keep an industry honest, they grew the schedule from the 11 I had to the 54 our kids need to have to attend school.

It is a highly profitable cycle. Pharma-Political-Media. And it is who is waging the war on America right now. It is who is waging war on the world. In our country is mostly owned by one party. But this is not only an American issue. It is a global one. Patriot or Globalist? As these methods are being simultaneously enforced nearly everywhere.

Except Sweden. Who is out of this because they chose freedom, no lockdowns, no masks, they chose to trust their people, not impose over reaching tyrannical restrictions on them.

Tyranny under the guise of health and safety.

They had the system in place for our children. You can’t go to school until you comply to this ever growing list.

Now they are looking to implement the same highly profitable, under regulated, liability free infrastructure for everyone.

You can’t work.

You can’t travel.

You can’t go to a game.

Play sports.

Go to a concert.

Live your life freely.

Until you comply to the ever growing demands this infrastructure will establish.

And this is just scratching the surface on the dangers of this issue.

Read about transhumanism. Luciferase. Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implant projected to be ready for human implantation this year. Read about COVIPASS, and Gavi’s Trust Stamp, immunity passports, getting COVID tested to travel. Read about Gate’s and his investments. None of these things are theory. They already exist. They are already being discussed. They are already in the headlines.

For anyone to think this is theory at this point they have been gaslighted by the media. Tricked into thinking something that is real is not. Psychological warfare. So that they can usher us into this new infrastructure that looks to hold us as captive commodities with no way out.

And to this I say NO.

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