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When Enemies become Heroes – Guide to the Pandemic

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I have suggested in the past to understand what is happening now, you must understand history.

Parts of this history are considered conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theory is often a term, which convinces people to look away from what they should be looking into.

I call 2019 the year the conspiracies came true.

Because if we look at MSM headlines coming out of 2019 they look more like National Inquirer headlines than mainstream media.

More and more people were waking up to the fact that we weren’t getting the truth from mainstream media.

There was a meme circulating saying, “Can’t we just retire the phrase conspiracy theory, as everyone knows mainstream media is lying.”

There was a sense that we were all in on this joke together.

And then we entered 2020, a Pandemic struck, governments started placing us in lockdown, methods that have never been used before were taking place, and we were losing our freedom quicker than any other time I have witnessed in my lifetime.

And all of these reactions are said to be in our best interest.

Every dictator says the policies they use are in the best interest of the people. We have history to show us how this has worked out in the past.

So shouldn’t we also consider the blunders we have made in history? Shouldn’t we look to history as a guide?

I know there is a virus. I know it can be deadly.

But there are some parts of this conversation we are not discussing.

Like who seeks to benefit from this pandemic? Who is driving their agendas home under this pandemic? And is it possible that this could all be intentional?

How many coincidences are we willing to accept?

How many infringements on our freedom are we willing to accept?

How long will we allow this to go on?

And what policies are we willing to accept when this is over?

We have Bill Gates pointing to microchipping as a solution. He has been a primary investor in ID2020. A microchipping identification system. This was an agenda he’s had in his back pocket that he is using this crisis, as an opportunity to get his investments mandated in the households of everyone across the planet.

This isn’t the only investment he has that he will try and get mandated using this crisis.

He is also a primary investor in the companies that are racing to develop a shot.

The SARS shot was never mandated because it caused a cytokine response and could increase mortality. Developers warn the same outcome is likely from this.

Gates has been called a depopulationist. He said in a Ted Talk that in order to combat climate change we must “innovate to zero” One of the numbers in his equation that he suggested needed to be lower to positively affect the climate, was of course, people. Then he goes on to say how we can innovate to zero using methods in which he funds. The interpretations of this talk are varied. Some claim its just conspiracy theory. There’s that word again.

In other mainstream headlines we have Gates recommending we use a chemical cloud to block out the sun to curb global warming.

I don’t think you have to be a genius to determine the many ways using chemicals to block out the sun would not be good for humanity. We have vitamin d being essential. Winter months sicknesses increase, as vitamin d intakes decrease, we have the chemicals being sprayed falling down on our crops and us.

Most people have caught on to the fact that we should limit our chemical intake. Mom’s advocating for healthier make up lines with fewer toxins.

People choosing aluminum free deodorant.

Protesting glyphosate.

And most can admit that even GMOS, another industry backed by this man, are not our healthiest options.

Organic food. Organic make up.

Yet a lot are still having a hard time getting on board with the same being true of their children’s CDC mandated medicine. CDC, another one of the ABC agencies, owned by the industries they govern, rife with conflicts of interest, not saving us from anything.

Most understand food being sprayed with toxins, applying toxins to our face is not in our best interest, yet still think injecting these toxins is.

Gates is involved in a number of things we are learning are not in the best interest of our health. Yet some still don’t see that perhaps his motives are ill intended because he has spent so much money on philanthropy.

Look no further than two other disgustingly wealthy families that have been accused of nefarious plots and crimes against humanity.

I’ll start with the Rockefeller’s. Rockefeller hired Ivy Lee in 1914 as their public relations manager to clean up his image, as he was generally disliked by the public for a number of policies that negatively affected the people. The plan recommended was increased philanthropy.

So it is a playbook of the wealthy elite to increase philanthropy to counteract negative public image. One obviously Gate’s latched onto, so he could talk about using his mandates for depopulation while still convincing the masses he is a good guy.

Let’s talk about Gates and the Rockefeller’s. Gate’s is said to be of Rockefeller lineage on his mother’s side. Probably a better explanation on how the computer prodigy accused of stealing intellectual property was able to shoot to the top wealthy elite. He already came from wealth.

His father ran Planned Parenthood. Which has recently been under fire for selling aborted babies for lab research and organ donation. Hardly the archetype of morality.

Where else do we see Gates and the Rockefeller’s?

In the recent Event 201 hosted in October 2019. Two months before the pandemic outbreak took off. You don’t have to believe my account of it. Go watch the videos online.

It is said to be a mock trial of a pandemic, called the Coronavirus, which will be mild in 80% of the population. The similarities outweigh the differences.

Who else was in attendance? China’s CDC, US CDC, Gates Foundation, Global Health Security, The World Health Organization, John Hopkins University and was sponsored by the Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation.

Why only the US and China CDC?

What are Gates’ ties to the WHO? In a 2017 "Politico" article that ran “Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill Gates” it states, “Some billionaires are satisfied with buying themselves an island. Bill Gates got a United Nations health agency in Geneva.” And the article states the concern of having one man have so much influence over the World Health Organization.

Back to the Rockefeller’s. If you have read into their history you will learn why David Rockefeller has been accused of being the most evil man alive at one time. He was said to have used organ transplants on the black market to keep his failing body operating, has been reported to have said he never met a dictator he didn’t like, and is linked to the other powerful and influential international families like JP Morgan and the Rothschild’s.

He has been accused of being one of the primary figures pushing for a new world order.

If you’ve read my posts lately I’ve said read about the Federal Reserve. Rockefeller’s are some of the original founders and owners of the Federal Reserve. The institution loans money to the government to be given to the people at an interest rate to be paid back to the Rockefeller’s. It is a private bank not a nationalist one. Banking collapse, they own our homes. This collapse. They own our businesses.

JP Morgan and the Rothschild’s are also linked to the Federal Reserve. So are other large families like the Lazards of France, the Warburgs of Hamburg, Goldman Sachs of New York, Lehmans and more. Some speculate that up to 90% of the wealth of the Fortune 500 companies is owned by these 8 families.

Goldman Sachs came up in one of my recent posts. I ran across a Facebook ad for them, which was chastising chloroquine and touting the shot as the only answer. This struck me as odd. Obviously they are invested in it. So I dug deeper. The doctor they quoted in the ad was Dr. Leonard Schleifler of Regeneron. Well guess what Regeneron is looking to produce? The shot.

The conflicts of interest and coincidences are staggering in this. I don’t think they are coincidences. Strategic plays make more sense for the people we are discussing.

Back to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve was recently hailed to be an unsung hero of the coronavirus in USA Today. The article stated, “The federal reserve is doing everything it can to give our economy the relief it needs. It should be applauded for its efforts.”

But should the Federal Reserve be applauded? In addition to the Rockefellers the Rothschild’s are said to own the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is the private bank that lends money to the US government at an interest rate. The end result of this is the average citizen gets poorer by the day under the guise of saving the economy when in fact it just makes things worse for everybody. The US government then invents complex reasons as to why this is an intelligent decision when it is more like robbery. It is a testimony to the power of advertising and appearances that people believe we can print money that doesn’t exist and somehow find ourselves out of debt. The result is that the owners of the Federal Reserve ultimately own the debt of the US. So really more than 500 million people are in debt to less than 10 key players.

This is a system that keeps us indebted to them.

Hardly a hero.

What other systems are not for our benefits that are being made to look like heroes in this pandemic?

How about the healthcare industry?

The healthcare industry was failing miserably. Our statistics are horrible. Infant mortality worst out of all industrialized nations, medical errors third leading cause of death, (now it’s corona) mother mortality up, life expectancy down, with my generation being the first not anticipated to outlive our parents, mental disabilities effecting 1/5 school children, 54% of children now have chronic illness. These trajectories are not sustainable. And aren’t statistics we can leave our children to deal with.

I’ve explained in other posts how our mandated medicine can cause these issues, so we pay the same people for the cause, and then we pay them for the solution.

The healthcare system was failing. For the sake of keeping this post on one topic let's just say it is because of the philosophy. It was a failing philosophy one we have been using since 1911. Why since 1911? Let’s go back to the wealthy elitists that run the country for a minute, shall we.

In trying to answer the question, why are my kids not healthy? I deep dove on the history of healthcare in our country. And what I found was the same families that owned the Federal Reserve are also the founders and owners of the current medical philosophy.

A group of men known today as the Hopkins circle joined in a project that altered the course of medical education in America. The group consisted of William Welch, the founding dean of Hopkins, which became John Hopkins, William Osler, Frederick Gates, a trusted adviser to John D. Rockefeller, and Abraham Flexner. Flexner was able to attend John Hopkins and later became head of the Rockefeller Institute. The work came to the attention of Henry Pritchett the head of the Carnegie Foundation.

Let’s take pause and consider who attended Event 201.

Ok back to the Flexner Report. It pointed to diagnostics and engineered medicine, as the direction medicine should take. Diagnostics and engineered medicine was the seed in which grew the Pharmaceutical industry. The invested billionaires that hatched and latched onto this system funded medical schools. And drove other philosophies out. They used what they knew best, marketing, to call other philosophies quackery, to cripple their credibility in this nation, to limit the public’s choices to only what they were offering. And I’ll later argue I think this is the same thing that is happening again.

Natural, homeopathy, herbal, healing methods that had been around for centuries were quickly stifled by this new philosophy. Intentionally. And for 100 years they effectively were off the table of consideration in American homes.

Well as our sickness increased, the successes of modern medicine decreased, as people saw that the current system didn’t result in health, it resulted in medicine, Medicine leading to more medicine. Surgery leading to more surgery. But the outcome was rarely health. As their profit grew and our health declined. As we found few answers in their systems. We started to look for answers outside of their systems. And it brought us back to the other philosophies, which had been stifled. And as we sought them out, they began to grow. As they began to grow so did our questions of the current system and their methods. It became abundantly clear that one sized fits all medicine does not work. That’s bad for business as that is what they offer. One size fits all medicine.

And now these same methods are under attack by the same vested interests, this time using lobbyists and politicians to restrict them into obsoletion.

So this failing system that people were walking away from needed to get us sucked back in. As we were no longer freely choosing what they offered.

Therefore healthcare is another system that was failing that becomes a hero in this Pandemic.

That’s two systems owned by the same people that become heroes in this Pandemic. Federal Reserve and Healthcare.

Let’s look at The Bilderberg Group. It consists of around 150 members that meet annually to discuss global concerns. The first conference took place in the Netherlands in 1954. The agenda of the first meeting was to promote Atlanticism, which is a better understanding of Europe and North America. One of the members of the group, former British politician Denis Healey admitted to The Guardian that the intention was to form a one-world government. The actual agendas of the group are kept secret. Former participants include David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller. Topics they list as up for discussion: China, cyber security, technological innovation, middle class. David Rockefeller also started the Trilateral Commission, which is made up of experts from different fields working for the best interest of the world.

But I think we need to take the history and character of those involved in question.

Accused of nefarious things, that use philanthropy for public relations, whose families profited by funding both sides of the war dating back to Napoleonic, then pulling funding from one side and funding the side in which they had most to gain. They would play the market selling bonds, then once others followed suit, they would buy them all while low giving them ownership of countries. It’s a similar play to what Gate’s is doing right now with his stocks.

We must question, if the systems they put in place were not good for us, but instead profit from us when we are at our most fragile, should we trust in these systems at all?

The majority of the media is also owned by these elites. And are used to promote their propaganda more than the truth. We know the media cannot be trusted. In this Pandemic they have been fanning the flames of fear.

Everything that is being proposed as solutions, like microchipping, mandates, increased surveillance. Aid in keeping us secured to these systems that are not in our best interest. Under these systems we are captive commodities. More medicine. More mandates. Less freedom. All backing us into the corner where we are most profitable to the people that own these systems.

What do I think?

I think we were all protesting the removal of freedom around the world. And it was bad for business. They needed a play that got us back into the corner they wanted us.

In 2017 Gates owns the WHO, in 2017 they lift a ban on making lethal viruses, in 2018 Gates announces his microchipping ID2020, in 2019 he hosts a mock run of a pandemic, two months later the pandemic hits, Gates leaves Microsoft to jump full in on this, he funds all the companies rushing to make a shot, he already had a patent on several, a company he funded to make test kits turns up contaminated, he uses this entire crisis as a platform to announce what he wants out of this, and all of them lead to the dystopian future we don’t want. But its not just Gates, It’s all the players at Event 201. And they all go back a long ways.

There’s more to this than the brief synopsis I just wrote.

But most importantly, I think they released this virus to regain control. And that is exactly what is happening. I think they should go on trial for crimes against humanity. I think they should ban the creation of lethal viruses so this never happens again. And I think all of the systems involved in trying to make us captive commodities are dissolved.

The next step is up to us. Do we give it to them or not.

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