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What if We Don’t Want the Future We’ve Been Promised: Globalist or Patriot?

If you’ve read any of my posts you’ve probably seen me mention that 2019 is the year the conspiracies came true.

There are memes joking, “can we retire ‘conspiracy theory’, everyone knows the media is lying.’

Lots of Epstein memes, Clinton memes.

And even mainstream media outlets reading more like the ‘National Enquirer’.

-The Pentagon Releasing Lyme Weaponized Ticks

-Elitist Child Trafficking Rings

-Royalty involved in pedophilia rings

-Epstein killed in a High Security Prison While the Guards Slept and Cameras stopped working

-Epstein wanting to fertilize the world with his DNA

-Aborted Fetuses used in food and medicine

-CDC looking the other way while Pharma knowingly caused the opioid epidemic

It all reads like a bad nightmare.

The headlines are things that ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been saying, and everyone laughed it off.

Now it is mainstream news.

Trump in his speech last week announced ‘the future belongs to patriots, not globalists.’ And later that same day they announced pursuing his impeachment.

What is the globalist vision for the future? Why would he think it would be better to be a patriot than a globalist?

Have you ever heard anyone mention the NWO and laughed that off?

To get there I need to go to where we are in technology at the moment and where we are with freedom, and how this is leading to the vision the globalists want.

Elon Musk recently announced he was developing a brain implant that would merge your brain with tech. Facebook announced they are developing a wearable device that can read your mind. In 2017, ‘USA Today’ ran an article saying we’d all be chipped eventually. And it is happening.

Australia has a microchip implant called “Opal” that allows you to start your car and login with a wave of your hand. They market it as gaining superhuman abilities.

“Seattle Times” ran an article about a Wisconsin tech company that was embracing microchipping for their employees. Who needs a key card when your card is embedded in your hand? Hailing it as security innovation.

China currently has a social credit system that rewards you or gives you demerits off of your public rating. How brilliant. How do you control the masses? Get them to control themselves. Give them a set of expectations. And let them hold each other accountable through social ratings, if they fail to comply, they’ll be punished. They won’t be eligible for certain rewards.

Do you think this type of tech and philosophy comes with more freedom or less?

Right now there is a crusade to remove our right to decline medical procedures. In the name of public health they cry. But what about individual rights? Bodily sovereignty? Medical freedom? Informed consent? Codes for human conduct written after the dehumanization that took place during WWII. Protections to guard against inhumane treatment.

This post is not just about this issue but it is necessary to show how it is laying the groundwork.

They have taken it so far that not only are they removing religious exemptions and dismissing your religious rights. They have now effectively removed a doctor of their ability to protect their patients. In California, they passed a bill that hands this decision to the state. They claim it was in response to doctors writing fake medical exemptions.

However, their investigations proved fruitless. They found no evidence of this. Yet they passed the bill anyways. Republicans voted against it. Democrats, even those that had unaddressed concerns voted down party lines.

The bill not only removes doctors of their ability to write exemptions. It investigates those that write more than five in a year. And that isn’t the worst part. There’s more.

It also revokes exemptions from 4000 children. Children whose doctors told them that it could cost their lives to have another vaccination. They’ve suffered seizures, GBS, encephalitis, neurological damage, immune system damage, and more.

For some it already cost the life of a sibling and because it is known there are genetic predispositions they were given exemptions to protect them from the same fate.

They are not made with fairy dust. They contain antibiotics and 10% of the population is allergic to antibiotics. They contain 30 other ingredients including known neurotoxins, formaldehyde, known carcinogens. 1/13 school children have a food allergy. It stands to reason they may react to this medicine, which contains known allergens.

Now these parents must make the hardest decision of their lives. Uproot their family and flee medical tyranny in order to provide their child with what should be a God given right, an education. Or put their child in harms way again, play Russian roulette with their lives and their health, and submit to the use of force.

But how long can you outrun this epidemic and spreading state-by-state rights revocation? Right now it is only blue states in the US. But it is happening globally.

The investigation of doctors has caused a climate of fear and now these doctors are denying these patients care. No one wants them.

When was the last time in history this happened? When in history did the state intervene in doctor patient relationships? When were doctors removed of their rights to practice and the good doctors moved? What were left were the subservient, weak doctors, willing to do monstrous things. How did that end? See Nuremburg Code.

Across the country in New York similar rights revoking legislation is under way. 26,000 children were kicked out of school overnight. In an unprecedented 24-hour session without public hearings the decision was made to cast these healthy children out of the school system. They do not have infections. They do not have diseases.

Children that actually have diseases and infections are protected by privacy laws and allowed in school. Children that for no other reason beyond being guilty of the same thing anyone is, having the ability to become sick, are kicked out of school.

There are outbreaks in California schools with 100% up to date children.

Senator Grove in California asked Senator Pan, the co-author of the bill that places the state in between doctor and patient, “Why is it in the Harvard Westlake outbreak it was all the vaccinated kids that caught it and not one of the 18 unvaccinated kids?”

His response was “That doesn’t mean the vaccine doesn’t work, that means the vaccine works the way it works.”

I hate to point out the obvious. But the vaccine didn’t work. And there is a growing number of peer-reviewed studies showing the more Dtap’s given the likelihood for lifelong respiratory infections, including what it purports to protect against, increases.

Science is showing us this. Yet the politicians are refusing to see it. And they claim to have science on their side. Yet they never point to studies. Only appeal to authority. Because the CDC says so.

Our understanding of the immune system in 1960 was incomplete. Antibodies do not equal immunity. You can have antibodies and not be immune. What science has also shown us is that a medicine intended to produce antibodies can over produce antibodies. The indicator of immune disease.

The latest science has taken it a step further. Stanford Molecular Biologists found that the cell lines they use to grow the virus contain fetal DNA fragments. Much like stem cell therapy. The DNA fragments can merge with and alter our DNA. Explaining cancer, autism, immune disease and more.

These human cell lines taken from aborted fetuses is the religious reason most cite. It stands to reason if someone is antiabortion then they should have the right to deny cells harvested from aborted fetuses. The media likes to downplay this and deny it is true. However it is out now. Look at the legislation surrounding it entered this year.

What we have done, is what I call sub par genetic modification. We have altered our DNA and traded fleeting immunity for chronic disease. Which they profit off of handsomely on the back end. Here is your diabetes medicine, asthma medicine, and Rheumatoid Arthritis medicine. All listed side effects.

We have downplayed the role infrastructures for clean water and sanitation played in the elimination of disease. It is what is accredited for the decline in diseases we don’t have widespread v programs for. And it is really what should be giving the credit for what we do.

Now we are having resurgences of the things we do, but not the ones we don’t. Because we got rid of lifelong immunity gained naturally. Traded it for sub par waning immunity. We changed the susceptible too. Infants that no longer receive passive natural immunity from their mothers and mothers when their immunity has waned are now the vulnerable.

And as our population with lifelong immunity dies off, what is left is sub par waning immunity that is unable to eliminate it fully. Mutates strains. We now have more v strain polio than natural polio. If we wanted to rid the world of disease we would build infrastructures in third world countries for sanitation and clean water. Not give them shots of chemical cocktails that will do nothing in the absence of the aforementioned. But health isn’t profitable.

They don’t want to hear it. Of course they don’t. It is a brilliant business model. That the industry and the politicians profit from. Create illness, offer a treatment you have and pay for the rest of your life. Unless you can heal yourself through alternative methods and get out of the system.

A friend of mine private messaged me the other day, I won’t say who you are, and this isn’t to chastise you, it is to show the logic that is being used that will allow this to perpetuate for longer than it should.

She said that she couldn’t speak openly about this subject because her husband is a doctor and it pays the bills.

Therein lies the rub. How many Democrats in California voted the exemption removing, doctor patient privilege removing bill in because it was their party’s politics and it pays the bills?

How many scientists, unlike the ones that sued Merck over fraud, go along with it because it pays the bills?

How many CDC employees, unlike Dr. William Thompson, that says his data showed v acc ines do cause autism, but they destroyed the evidence, stay quiet because it pays the bills?

How many testifying witnesses, unlike Dr. Zimmerman who looked into it further and changed his stance, continue to say it doesn’t cause autism, because it pays the bills?

They have been written from multiple science based organizations. UNICEF has been sent data from Peter Aaby’s foundation proving that the Dtap is killing children. That it results in 10x higher mortality. The Cochrane Organization investigated his findings and found them to be true. Dr. Christine Stabell Ben found the same thing. Except she thought it was good information. Because it was actionable. By changing the schedule they could save 3,000 children a day. 1.1 million a year. But they haven’t.

Our legislators have been written suggesting they go back to animal cell lines instead. Yet they do nothing.

Actually they did do something. They accepted money from a criminal industry that has been guilty of causing the opioid crisis, putting drugs on the market they knew were deadly, allowing fraud and falsification, faking results, blaming the addict and taking no responsibility for putting a highly addictive pill in his hand and flooding the market with it. They run their operation like white-collar criminals. Like the mafia. Like the cartel. Throwing money at their problems and using bought criminal lobbyists to lobby our rights away rather than develop a safer product. Saying their loyalty is to their stakeholders not to their patients.

The industry was removed of liability back in 1986 because they were shelling out so many lawsuits they were about to go bankrupt and our government swooped in and rescued them. Removing them of the incentives other industries have to make a better product. Liability. Consumer ratings. We have no consumer voice in this product and we are rapidly losing our choice.

But this isn’t just about this one industry.

It is about the climate. The future. And how this is paving the way for it.

I don’t fully identify as a Republican or a Democrat.

However right now the missteps of the Democratic Party are unmatched by the current President.

I would love for an independent ticket to run and win because the duopoly has become a seesaw. Back and forth but not forward. Trading your neighbors right in turn for yours. In your bedroom, out of your wallet. In your wallet, out of your bedroom.

However, the trades the Democrats have made are the most reprehensible I have seen in my lifetime.

Trading a child’s right to a healthy childhood, to a public education for sponsorship of a trillion dollar industry.

Handing medical freedom and religious freedom over to a liability free and corrupt industry that benefits richly.

If we want our country to look like Calipharma/Calizuela with half the country’s homeless population contributing to plague like conditions on the streets while they kick out 4000 medically fragile children and call that a health policy.

If we think kicking 26,000 healthy, disease free children out of school in New York is in our countries best interest.

What I see is a not so long ago history being repeated under the legislation of one party for one industry.

Throughout history when the government has given the people permission to hate, and segregate a group of people has it ever been off of truth?

Were Blacks unintelligent and undeserving of freedom?

Were Jews dangerous and deserved to be exterminated?

Well the children they are segregating and forcing to have the very medicine that hurt them or is against their beliefs because of unethical ingredients is no different.

It is undeserved and untrue. And being forced by one party. Do I think there are bought red politicians too? Yes. But they aren’t voting for these overreaching rights removals right now.

Do I believe Trump is a misogynist with questionable character? Yeah. And I also don’t believe families belong in camps.

But do I believe what the Dems are doing right now is more dangerous.

When Trump vowed to act for Patriots in the face of globalists. I applaud that. And right after he made that speech they called for his impeachment.

This agenda is not the Democratic Party’s alone. It is a much bigger game of chess being played out on a world stage.

Canada is doing the same thing. Removing religious rights and medical freedom. Germany is doing the same thing. Italy has done the same thing. Venezuela did the same thing. Australia has done the same thing.

This is a trajectory that has been in motion for a while.

A Globalist agenda.

The globalist vision for our future is one of less freedom, more mandates. It is starting with vaccine mandates. But it won’t end there. It is modeled after China. Globalists praise China for their ability to control the masses and look to them to lead us into a globalist future.

They will use climate change as their unifier. China, US, the EU under the UN.

This is a hard concept for some to grasp. So let me explain.

We must all unite together under one common threat will be the call to action.

How do you get your people to stand behind you as you steal natural resources from a country? Start a war.

You will cheer for your football team, your soccer team, and your baseball team.

You will look the other way when they do something morally reprehensible. Grab a facemask; throw an elbow, trip, and fight. You will still be loyal to your team no matter what.

You will be loyal to your country. They are your safe haven. They provide. Keep you safe and protected.

How do you get the masses on board with one government, one currency, one army, one set of rules? Unite them under a common threat.

What better common threat than a global threat. If you do not surrender to this global unification, you will die.

Do I think as a human race we can do better? Should not be polluting our oceans, rivers, and crops.


But what this is being used for will result in something we don’t want.

Where do you run to when the control and power they seek becomes stifling?

Separate states, separate countries. Provide choices. Options. Checks and balances.

One global government. Allows complete control with zero options, zero checks and balances. It is precisely what our forefathers warned us of and have been quoted thousands of times saying we must fight against. That is what is meant by the future is for Patriots, not globalists.

Mandatory vaccines today. The way this is going we will need Elon Musk’s brain implants. Considering 1 in 2 children are projected to become autistic by 2026.

Some have amazing abilities. But to not be able to control emotions. Or being a savant at math while lacking empathy. Will not result in a sustainable future. Will we become a future of controlled hosts?

Mandatory microchipping tomorrow.

Mandatory brain implants.

Mandatory sterilization.

Mandatory migration.

Mandatory tax upon tax.

Because those at the top have become increasingly greedy. And their ticket to unlimited power is through globalization.

They want more. What price will you pay? How much will you allow them to take? Perhaps fighting for real freedom would be cheaper?

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” – Thomas Jefferson

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion... Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”-

John Adams

“We hold it for a fundamental and inalienable truth that religion and the manner of discharging it can be directed only by reason and conviction not by force and violence. The religion, then, of every man must be left to the conviction and conscience of every man; and it is the right of every man to exercise it as these may dictate.”

James Monroe,

The Nuremberg Code

1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

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