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Typhoid Mary and Horizontal Gene Transfer - Who are the Superspreaders?

Someone locally tried to friend me and one glance at her profile was apparent I should not.

She posted “science.” And then tried to explain that the reason why there are variants is because those who refuse a liability-free product are mutating the virus.

This is dangerous and untrue.

And it’s how things like the Salem Witch Hunt happened. Finger Pointing. Saying it is them that is making us sick! It is them that is making our medicine not work.

Dehumanization comes after Symbolization. Symbolization is when we make people wear symbols to identify into a classification. Classification being the first step. Dividing people into two groups. And we have symbolization and classification in our communities now. And apparently we have fearful people using dehumanization. Equating people to vermin or disease. Which is the third step in what? Look it up. It is actually a crime. And has been used with harrowing consequences many times throughout recent history.

Yet those unknowingly using these dangerous tactics, are the ones with an inadequate understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology, immunology, and genetics including horizontal gene transfer.

Let’s talk real science.

There is a rumor going around saying people aren’t ‘’immune to covid’’ once you’ve had it naturally, and that immunity only lasts for 3-6 months. This is incorrect. You can thank your T-cells.....Did you know that ‘’antibodies’’ are NOT the only indicative way of measuring immunity?

The immune system has TH1 cell mediated responses and TH2 antibody responses. The difference between natural immunity and synthetic induced immunity is how these arms of the immune system are triggered.

The liability-free product only triggers a TH2 response, or an IgG 2 & 4 responses, and when this happens, it decreases cellular immunity and blocks and inhibits the macrophages to eliminate unwanted pathogens from the bloodstream.

When a person has a natural infection in the presence of fever, both arms of the immune system are triggered creating natural immunity. When the TH1 arm is triggered via natural infection, IgG 1 & 3 are triggered where long term memory occurs. This just doesn’t happen with this liability-free product, IT NEVER WILL, and it explains why we see disease outbreaks happen among fully compliant populations.

5-10% of people will never develop immunity to the synthetic process. It is known as primary failure. And of those it does take in, synthetic immunity will wane at varying intervals.

With people falling out of immunity at different times. As we are all genetically unique.

Meaning herd immunity is not possible with synthetic immunity. That is why herd effect has been recommended. Which you can read about in the link at the bottom. And it is why you can have fully up to date populations with outbreaks. Such as Mumps on Navy ships. And pertussis in CA schools. Devoid of un to blame. Herd immunity only exists in nature. With perfect, natural immunity. Which doesn’t bypass any of the steps in incurring immunity naturally.

We are inaccurately accused of being a factory for new SARS-CoV-2 variants, when in fact, your natural immune system generates immunity to multiple components of the virus. This will promote your protection against a vast range of viral variants and abrogates further spread to anyone else.

When you have natural infection your body produces millions of antibody variants to that pathogen. It is producing millions of antibody variants of a variety of pathogens all the time. So when you encounter a mutation your body will already have an antibody for it. That doesn’t mutate it further. That mitigates spread. As you will not develop symptoms. Therefore, your viral loads will be low and you will not be contagious or spreading.

On the other hand, of the 882 people were tied to the Provincetown outbreak. Among those living in Massachusetts, 74% of them were fully immunized, yet officials said the vast majority were also reporting symptoms. Seven people were reported hospitalized. link in comments

The initial findings of the investigation led by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seemed to have huge implications.

Before Provincetown, health officials had been operating under the assumption that it was extraordinarily rare for a person who had the liability-free product, to become infected with the virus. And if they did, they probably wouldn't end up passing it on to others, such as children too young to qualify for the liability-free product or people who were medically vulnerable.

But that assumption had been based on studies of earlier versions of the virus. Delta was known for its "hyper-transmissibility," or as one former White House adviser put it "COVID on steroids."

When a person with synthetic immunity gets infected with delta -- called a "breakthrough infection" -- "the level of virus in their nasopharynx is about 1,000 times higher than with the alpha variant," Fauci said in an interview with MSNBC.

This is leading to those thinking the poke was God and better than their own natural defenses, even though it was said form the beginning they weren’t sure if it stopped spread, to become fearful again.

And instead of acknowledging the science, they want someone to blame.

And they don’t want to look inwards.

How could they have been duped into having a liability-free product with EUA only, that doesn’t play by the rules of a free and fair market, and writes off all negative consumer opinion as ANTI by an industry that has repeatedly lost public trust ie. opioid crisis?

They want to blame someone else rather than acknowledge that maybe Big Pharma and government really isn’t their Savior.

Would they buy any other product that doesn’t play by the rules of a free and fair market, writes off consumer experience, and is devoid of the way consumers hold industries accountable; LIABILITY?

I would hope not.

Yet they conveniently dismiss this part of the conversation rather than helping to say. No. I won’t have your product until you address consumer concerns and re-instate liability. They defer to a system of trust. Yet half of Doctors no longer trust this system. So they defer to the Doctors that still do trust it.

It is illogical and flawed reasoning.

They also don’t understand how suppressive medicine works. Or the benefits of terrain theory vs. germ theory.

You are made of a virome and a microbiome. Millions of bacteria and viruses. You are actually only 10% human as you are 90% other organisms. Or another way to say that is, pathogens ARE human. As they are apart of you. It was actually found that retroviruses contribute to more than half of our DNA. And account for genetic progress and adaptability.

The war on organisms, is a war on the living.

The better philosophy is terrain theory. Making yourself healthy so when you encounter a pathogen you do so with little ill effect.

Why do some become seriously infected with a pathogen when others don’t? Their organism was weak and susceptible.

They had risk factors.

But Americans love quick fixes. Give me the pill. The poke. The mask. I don’t want to do actual work to mitigate my own risk. I want someone else to do it for me.

Sorry, there are no quick fixes in health. You want to be healthy? It is up to you. And parents to help their children. And it takes work.

Seems to be a universal associated issue. Wanting other people to do the work for them.

And man are quick fixes profitable and easy to sell to the masses. And who profits from them? A system. Bigs. Elites. Media. Politicians. The same people saying what we are saying is misinformation. And getting the scared Karens to point fingers at those of us who know the truth.

In our local news the CEO of our healthcare monopoly is ramping up fear that children are going to succumb to this virus, pointing to two local children on a vent. When we know that the vast majority of children are not getting serious infections.

Those who do, have risk factors.

And if their parents addressed their risk factors and put them on protocols they wouldn’t be in the hospital or on a vent.

If the medical industry acknowledged there are protocols that work, after the NIH switched their stance from opposed to neutral, begging the question how many lives could’ve been saved, we would be in a better position right now. Our local paper ran this story. And we have local doctors who are doing the work the healthcare monopolies should be. Saving lives. Link in comments.

There is a vast under-understanding of viruses and bacteria and genetics.

It was once thought that a woman was merely a vessel and a child was 100% their fathers DNA. Then it was recognized DNA was inherited from both parents. Now it is acknowledged that bacteria and viruses can alter DNA. That DNA can be transferred horizontally. And the NIH has known this since they started the Human Genome Project years ago.

Every bacteria has DNA. They contain bacterial DNA and plasmids.

Bacterial DNA is organized differently. It is in a big twisted loop. Depicted as a large circle. This is true of mitochondrial DNA too. As it used to be bacteria that became part of our own cells.

There is no cell nucleus in bacteria. The DNA is loose floating around in the cytoplasm. In the bacteria are little fragments of DNA called plasmids. They are associated with a few proteins. They are capable of horizontal gene transfer. That is right. You can not only inherit DNA vertically. But transfer it to others horizontally. The bacteria can join with another bacteria and the plasmids can cross from one bacterium to another. Science.

Most bacterial resistance is coded on plasmids.

Say for instance you have been on ten days of penicillin and one of your normal gut bacteria that lives in our gut and is apart of normal gut flora. Say e-coli. Becomes resistant to penicillin. This resistance will be coded on the plasmid. The DNA fragments contained in the cytoplasm of the bacteria. Then say you get exposed to salmonella. That antibiotic resistance can transfer via the plasmids from the e-coli to the salmonella. And now you have resistant salmonella as well.

We have meddled in things we minutely understood. We thought antibiotics were benign and we over used them. Just as we overuse other products in this philosophy.

And now we are just beginning to understand horizontal gene transfer. And we are just beginning to understand that our gut is our second brain. And imbalance in one can lead to imbalance in another. That just one round of antibiotics can lead to depression and obesity.

That making your organism resistant to pathogens through terrain theory is superior to making your bacteria resistant through pharma medicine and germ theory.

If you’ve ever heard of the story of Typhoid Mary. Typhoid fever isn’t typhus. Typhoid fever is the systemic disease when salmonella is more than a bacteria infection in the gut, when it becomes systemic.

There was an epidemic of typhoid fever in the Navajo Nation because of transferred antibiotic resistance. When they looked up the epidemiology of it. They linked it back to a woman named Mary who worked for a school in the Navajo nation. She had recurrent chronic bladder infections. She was on daily amoxicillin as a prophylactic.

It selected in her gut for the ecoli that could survive amoxycillin. It conveyed resistance to amoxycillin. So then when she was infected with salmonella the plasmids transferred their resistance to the salmonella and it created an epidemic of antibiotic resistance to salmonella in the nation. As the genetic coding was horizontally transferred to others. And then when they tried to treat the children with antibiotics they were resistant. The whole story often is outlined. Yet understanding horizontal gene transfer has made it possible to now understand this scenario.

This is a concern with antibiotic use. It is has the ability for our normal gut bacteria to convey their resistance to other gut bacteria.

We are told we’ve gotten rid of that germ. That virus. That bacteria. Yet we haven’t. Picture a pie-chart. As we demote one strain. Another fills the void. We promote another. Sometimes a resistant one.

Life will find a way.

This is a concern of this entire medical philosophy. It is not those of us who encounter viruses or bacteria naturally. It is those who suppressively treat who are altering these pathogens dangerously.

Our children’s mandated schedule. Particularly the products which use human DNA as a biologic growth medium. Have been found by Stanford Molecular Biologists to be altering our DNA with dangerous implications. Our legislators received an open-letter urging the industry to go back to animal DNA. Yet no action was taken. And now we have boys being injected with girl DNA. And girls being injected with boy DNA. What do you think the repercussion of that could be? And the DNA is merging with and altering our DNA. Altered DNA. Genetic modification. DNA is passed down for generations. Link in comments.

And this RNA product has similar repercussions. RNA is less stable than DNA, and therefore not as long lasting, but it is similar in its makeup and function. And interacts with DNA. We are meddling in things we minutely understand. And the lasting impacts will be profound. Man is not God. And when he plays it. It comes with significant harms.

The fearful are too reliant on a philosophy that doesn’t work. Poke. Mask. Hide. Pill. From organisms. When you are 90% other organisms.

And this is so scary to them. That this belief system may be flawed. Therefore, they are in deep and dangerous denial and pointing fingers, blaming others, but not the system that duped them. I pray they don't take this finger pointing to pitchforks. Where often times this type of fear and denial leads.

Balance. Terrain theory. Make yourself healthy so your system is not in a perpetual state of dis-ease. They don’t want that responsibility. Self reliance is the key to freedom. Dependency is dangerous and hinders freedom. So they happily give up their freedom the freedom of others for a little bit of security from an untrustworthy source. What is said of those who trade liberty for a little bit of safety?

They falsely believe they can't do it.

Only 20% of colonists wanted freedom from the Queen. And only 2% fought for it. Human nature seeks security. It is why our experiment of freedom is so unique in this country.

There are those of us who understand and can help. Do not give up your liberty for false security. Look to history. A government that promises safety wants your freedom in return with devastating long-lasting repercussions.

Any trauma, grief, poke, toxin can create dis-ease in your system. But there are superior healing philosophies that can bring you back into balance. That can actually heal and not just treat.

And those who profit off the pokes and pills don’t want you to know that.

Because you are easier to control. You are profitable to the system. If you continue to believe they are your Savior.

But truth can be found in the actual Savior. As can freedom. Even freedom from fear.

Genetically modified food isn’t better. Neither are genetically modified humans. We have meddled too much in things we didn’t understand. And what we have found is the ways we have been treating for 100-years has been genetically modifying us into a weaker species. From 12% profitable immune and chronic illness to 54%. And my generation is said to be the first not to outlive our parents. With our infant mortality in our country one of the worst out of thirty plus industrialized nations.

Do you want to pass down healed genes? Link in comments. It is possible. But not through germ theory.

In order for you to utilize these other philosophies we need medical freedom and choice. Those who profit off of pokes and pills are constantly trying to lobby out of existence other choices. Get in the fight. And help us preserve freedom for generations to come.

Oregon Law Review. Herd Effect vs. Herd Immunity.

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