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The Poison They Push

Listening to the radio this morning discussing the terms it would take to start concerts again sparked this post.

Temperature scans, walk through disinfectant sprays, masks, social distancing.

I’ve talked about how temperature scans and masks are a gateway. A stair step. To having businesses outside of healthcare, enforce healthcare policy. Which is just getting the public comfortable with it, so when they roll out more infringing policies, the public won’t question it. Temperature scans today, immunity scans tomorrow.

But I have not spoken about the disinfectant sprays. I laugh and want to cry in disbelief that I even have to type this. How have we come so far from what health is, and where it comes from?

We are made of a virome and a microbiome. We are made of trillions of germs. We are a living, walking, talking, breathing, germ. This war on germs is completely insane as we are one. A war on germs is a war on humanity. Is a war on living things.

We look to those creating public health policy and their answer is a disinfectant spray? What will that do to our lungs? Our eyes? Our cells? As we are a germ, what will it do to us?

DDT spray was used a pesticide in the 1940s. Sprayed on crops, apple orchards, in homes, on gardens. It worked by paralyzing the insects. By the 1960s it was realized that this toxin was also having toxic effects on humans.

Many believe that it was involved with the incidences of Polio as the first outbreak of Polio, which had been around for a long time but never with ill effects, was in VT where DDT was first used. And many children fell ill after playing in apple orchards. Including President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Additionally the incidences of Polio decreased sharply alongside the spraying. But that isn’t something you will hear ever confirmed by the profitable narrative.

How long will it take for us to realize the spray is harmful? We are at a place in our knowledge where we should know before we even attempt it. We are realizing chemicals and toxins in our food, environment and beauty products, aluminum in our deodorant are harmful to our health. They will be aerosoled just as they are injected.

On Facebook there have been memes circulating of different Health Department Heads like the Health Director of Los Angeles. As she advises everyone to stay inside and masked. Many point to the fact she herself does not look very healthy. Pale, withered, sickly. And many other Health Directors were pointed to as looking similarly. Obese, diabetic, plethoric. These are the people making our health policies?

Health policies to stay inside away from the Sun, which we know, provides vitamin D, which is integral to health. Many studies have pointed to Vitamin D deficiency leading to an increase of infections, particularly respiratory. Vitamin A deficiency leads to an increase in susceptibility to measles. But this is denied by the public narrative.

How we got to a place in our health where staying inside away from the Sun, spraying ourselves with disinfectants, using too many on our hands, too many chemicals in our environment, distancing ourselves from those we love, from doing what we love, living in stress as our financial security withers, as our unemployment grows, as we inject toxins, and those that are in control of health policies say Vitamins don’t do anything and don’t talk about boosting immune health through actual healthy living like eating well, exercising, minimizing stress - blows my mind.

What we are being led into is the antithesis of health.

These environments they are concepting for our children are the antithesis of health.

My sister called me crying the other day because she hasn’t been able to work for months as her daycare stopped. Her daycare may not open because they don’t see how they will enforce mask wearing on toddlers and separating them at least 6 feet.

This new normal is going to come with more health implications. Mental, emotional and physical. As we need to interact with each other and with germs to be healthy.

Stress caused from financial insecurity, from isolation, from job loss will lead to detriments of health.

If those making health policies are looking to spray us with chemicals. Mask us. Separate us. Stress us. “For our own good.” At what time do we step up and get these health officials out of office, as they are not for our own good. They are making terrible health policies.

Stop complying. Say we know what you are recommending isn’t healthy. Enough!

It has happened already yet it is vilified in the media. Health Directors getting bullied into quitting. I’m not saying name-calling or threats. That is never the answer. But peaceful protesting, showing up, calling your Reps. Getting loud that this is not ok. These people should be out of office.

Why do our health policies not lead to health? Have you ever considered why?

Our sickness is profitable. Very profitable. More medicine. More prescription subscriptions leading to polypharmacy and surgery, means more profit.

Our healthcare system changed drastically in 1911 following the Flexner report. Which pointed to diagnostics and engineered medicine as the new philosophy. Funded by Carnegie and Rockefeller, introduced by the Hopkins Circle. The very same circle that sponsored and attended Event 201, the Pandemic exercise two months before the actual pandemic that mimics it in everyway. Watch the videos. My husband couldn’t believe it. To a T. Sponsored by the same individual that predicted back in 2017 that we would have a pandemic in Trump's presidency.

It has been that same group that grew diagnostics and engineered medicine into the Pharmaceutical industry.

As they did they drove out other philosophies. Funded schools that agreed only to teach their philosophy. They own and run every aspect of it. And now they own every aspect of our society. They fund the media. They fund the politicians. They fund the agencies that are supposed to regulate them. It’s why we have..

The EPA still saying glyphosate is ok even though it causes cancer and has been banned in other countries.

It’s why we had the DEA look the other way as our country became addicted to opioids. And they knowingly blamed the victim while taking no responsibility for putting a highly addictive pill in his hand and flooding the market with it.

It’s why the FDA allows foods and drugs banned in other countries.

It’s why the CDC allows shots that are discontinued in other countries. Like the MMR which was stopped in favor of the MR after finding it caused aseptic meningitis.

It’s why we have health directors that look like crypt keepers. It’s why we have lying coroners that say that’s not why they died.

Their products were hailed as increasing life expectancies. Which is somewhat true but we crossed a threshold.

Nutrition, clean water, sanitation, infrastructure are to be credited. It’s why all diseases in the early 1900s started to decline in a similar timeline and downward trajectory. Why do you never hear about Scarlet Fever, Typhoid, TB anymore even though we never had widespread campaigns for them?

Because of the infrastructure. Most of the things we do shots for were already on the same downward trajectory and the shot came into play on the tail end. Well why do we hear about Polio, measles still when we have shots for those? Go look up “shot now causing more polio than natural strain.” Go look up the MMR whistleblower lawsuit.

At first when antibiotics were used sparingly it helped increase lifespans. But through overuse, and abuse, it eventually led to mutant strains, resistant strains. Antibiotics are indiscriminate killers. They kill good bacteria and bad bacteria. Creating gut imbalances that lead to yeast overgrowth and the overgrowth of other bacteria. Our shots are the same. And as we overused, and added too many to the schedule, the scales started to tip. And our health started to decline again. 3 our parents had, 11 we had, 54 and growing our kids are supposed to have. And now as we have been saying adult mandates on their way.

Why stop at only children when there is a huge growth market in adults. How do you get adults on board with adult mandates. Look around. This today, whatever they decide tomorrow. For your own good of course. Although it’s not.

Antibiotic use, leads to an increase in depression. So does any suppressive medicine.

By trying to answer the question, why are my kids always sick, I answered many more questions. The doctor told me it was normal. But I knew from growing up in a family of 6 that it wasn’t. We had the occasional cold, the occasional flu, the chicken pox once, and pneumonia once. But not like my kids who were on antibiotics constantly and hospitalized and then developed asthma and pediatric autoimmune disease. I knew there had to be a better way than the dead ends I was running into in mainstream medicine.

My quest for the “why” led me to the history of healthcare in our country. Understanding our medicine rife with chemicals and how it can act suppressively. How it can demote the growth of one bacteria and lead to the overgrowth of another. How it can provoke your immune system into immune disease. And it brought me to learning actual routes to health.

Six years of research. I used to do market research. What better way to invest my time than to researching how to get my kids healthy?

I found homeopathy. A philosophy that had been suppressed intentionally by those that funded allopathic, or diagnostics and engineered medicine. And they still try and suppress it today. Through their bought pet politicians in the same way they get their new products mandated. Lobbying and political backing. While adding their products they try and get competing ones removed.

Through learning homeopathy I have learned about how intimately our mental, emotional and physical health are.

Our children’s mental illness is now at 1/5 school aged children have a mental illness. Lazy parenting is blamed but it is much more than that. The causes are the same reason 54% now have immune disease, 1/16 (new study out of Ireland) boys now have autism, our infant mortality is worst out of all industrialized nations. Suppressive, chemical, toxin and human DNA laced medicine.

I’m still trying to get my kids health back after it’s been ruined by their recommendations. Genetic predispositions strengthened from the allergies my husband had to the asthma my son has. Immune issues worsened from too many immune provocations.

Because our healthcare system became about profit. And as the greed grew their sickness grew. And as their sickness grew. Our sickness grew. And now they are so health adverse they are suggesting isolating children, spraying us with toxins, injecting us with rushed to market shots, masking us while we breathe in our carbon dioxide and our oxygen saturation drops, they fake the science, pay for the science just like Marcia Angell the former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and Fiona Godlee from the BMJ have warned.

Godlee and Angell. Thank God for them. And for all the truth tellers blowing the whistle on the crimes against humanity.

I see how temperature scans are softening the public and businesses, to businesses outside of healthcare policing profitable public policy.

And I see how maybe they will let us “pick our poison” Do you want to get sprayed with it or injected with it? You can’t come in unless you pick one.

I want none of it. I want a normal childhood for my children.

Free of toxins and chemicals.

All of this is nonsense. For a virus that 99% recover from and isn’t affecting children.

Please see this.

Teachers, parents, healthcare workers, it is time that we band together against this nonsense. It is time that we say “no new normal” . No spraying me down with poison, no injecting me with poison.

I will grow my own food, I will eat healthy, I will make sure I am not vitamin deficient, I will use homeopathy to establish homeostasis, I will go to my chiropractor, I will detox, I will fast, I will read my bible.

But I will not subscribe to this nonsense.

Let us rise up this fall. My kid will not be going to school wearing a mask. I will homeschool. I will not be going to a concert where they are going to spray me with something that they will likely find 20 years later causes cancer just like the Zantac I was told to give my kids as babies, just like the injections with fetal DNA that is found to mutate our DNA.

Let us stand in defiance of this new normal.

Do not comply! One imperceptible removal of freedom leads to another. Do not give them an inch or they will take it and then some.

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