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The Healing Network - What if there was a place where consumers rate and share healing methods

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

What if there was a social media application that consumer rated the top cures for diseases, ailments and pains.

Currently, the medical system is above the regulation of consumers. There is no one capturing side-effects. Doctors deny their existence. Even when they are listed in the fine print.

Facebook is serving as this in some capacity. People who have children with autism and autoimmune diseases and adults with chronic pain disorders etc. have joined support groups and these groups are sharing the techniques that they have learned that are healing instead of treating.

What if there was a network designated to this exclusively?

It rated medicines in a similar way to any consumer product. A five star system. Allowed for consumers to write their experiences and rate the product. Write side effects and captured the percent that experience them.

This is a critical piece of keeping an industry honest that is missing entirely from the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

The reason we have a #believemothers campaign about side effects of medicine and not side effects of consumer rated products is because this information isn’t being captured in a way that the public has ready, rated, comparative and unbiased access to it.

What if you could search all different types of illnesses, ailments, rashes, and the top rated cures were listed at the top. Voted by you. The consumer.

If a product is a five star product rated by a considerable amount of consumers we take this into our buying consideration.

Right now we are trusting doctors to do this. However, they are being taught by a 100 year old philosophy built around diagnostics and engineered medicine.

Engineered medicine is the pharmaceutical industry.

This is leaving a lot of other healing options out of their repertoire. The doctors that are seeing these limitations and seeking this information themselves are labeled as outliers. Against the mainstream. When really their intent is to really help heal.

Surgeons sick of cutting out disease only to see it grow back. Doctors acknowledging that some practices like delayed chord clamping which allows healing stem cells to pump from mother to baby bringing these abandoned century old practices back. Nurses leaving nursing because they don’t want to be glorified pill pushers. Doctors opening up individual integrative practices set on healing instead of prescribing.

The doctors that subscribe to the mainstream only allopathic philosophy adhere strictly to diagnostics and engineered medicine. And are quick to whip out their prescription pads and write you up a treatment plan instead of a healing plan. This is narrowly focused and doesn’t allow individualized healing plans.

What we have found is often times the expensive surgeries and treatments just keep us coming back for more. And that insurance caters to this outdated philosophy of treatments instead of healing. It is a flawed, limited system that we are pushing for change.

This consumer push is for healing. Not treatments.

We don’t want opioid addictions. We don’t want to be on one drug that has an extreme side effect and then be on another one to treat that side effect. We don’t want polypharmacy. Or harsh side effects. Or antibiotic resistance.

There is a Chinese proverb a “Doctor should only be paid when you are well, and not when you are sick.”

Well our country is sick.

Chronic illness was 12.8% in the 80s now it is 54%.

Our infant mortality is worst out of all industrialized nations. There are thirty plus above us. Our birthing mother mortality is also on the rise and one of the worst.

My generation is the first not expected to outlive our parents.

Japan has laxer vax policies, more measles but half the cancer and infant mortality that is 3x better than our and is best in the world.

Half of our children are projected to be autistic by 2025. How will a generation of neurologically challenged children survive let alone thrive?

Have we traded treatments of self limiting infections for long term chronic illness?

These are not answers that the current system is looking into. Treatments is where the money is at. Lifelong customers. Polypharmacy. Bound to a philosophy that profits off of us being sick.

In fact, our consumer push for the philosophy to change is a threat to the lucrative diagnostic and engineered medicine philosophy and is being met with force.

This is not just a vaccine issue.

This is a removal of rights to decline their products. This is in response to consumers waking up to maybe this philosophy is in need of a facelift.

Maybe if we see that genetic modifications to our food isn’t good for us neither is genetically modifying ourselves with medicine that contains DNA fragments that can merge with and alter our DNA. Maybe there are better ways than diagnostics, surgery and overpriced engineered medicine.

We need to get creative.

Let’s create a Healing Network. The Healing Network. The Facebook for healing.

Where we can share ideas towards healing. And rate the options on the table.

We have no consumer voice in medicine. And now we have no consumer choice.

Medical Freedom is about to a be a thing of the past.

Our relationship with medicine is the only buying decision where we are made to feel guilty for asking questions.

Look up any philosophy for control. Go read “Atlas Shrugged” make them feel guilty and they will submit to anything. We feel guilty to ask questions because that is the culture that has been created to protect the pharmaceutical and medical industry at all costs.

I am not a mechanic or a car manufacturer yet questions are welcome in the process of buying a car. Because the relationship is understood. We are the consumer. They are trying to sell us a product. If they can show you the safety studies, consumer reports, prove their product is the safest and best on the block and can show they are trustworthy. They will gain a customer.

In the case of doctors, we are made to feel inferior for inquiring about our own health. We are made to feel guilty about asking about safety studies and ingredients. We are not allowed to be active participants. These are choices we are making. They are selling us products. They are selling us products from an industry that has no liability. That profits off of us being sick. Isn’t being regulated by our government since they are collecting financial benefits. And is not regulated by a consumer voice. Or consumer ratings.

The only thing that this type of relationship protects is the Pharmaceutical industry.

They have products that get rushed through to approval like the Dengue vaccine killing children in the Philippines, and the Pentavax which killed 130 children, and contaminated vaccine scandals, and vaccinators being shot for giving children HIV in Pakistan, and the Gate’s Foundation getting kicked out of India for causing irreparable harm and Japan with a history of stopping harming vaccines a decade before the US. And we are made to feel guilty about asking questions.

The good doctors that understand what is going on and are being honest to themselves and their patients and are trying to protect them are being vilified and having their medical license taken away for opposing the broken system.

Pretty soon we won’t have any options left in our health. We will be slaves to big pharma.

I can tell you of so many different stories just with me and my kids of ways that Pharma has done more harm than good.

When I was in my late twenties I was on bladder medicine. I started having vocal spasms and had to go to Vanderbilt for injections in my vocal chords to stop the spasms so I could talk without it being painful. Then I became pregnant and could no longer do either intervention. My vocal spasms went away. I am curious and noticed the connection and inquired with my doctor. They denied it could be connected. I read the label of my bladder medicine and it listed spasms as a side effect.

My daughter had the pneumococcal vaccine and developed a bacterial lung infection. It was found that the pneumococcal vaccine can cause super bugs is what the media is saying now, and in Lyla’s case there has been research done showing it can cause overgrowth of Moraxella catarrhallis and that is exactly what she had.

Later she developed an autoimmune disease, which presented with constant bacterial infections, migraine headaches, neuroglia and motor tics similar to Tourette’s. Our doctor at the time suggested a behavioral therapist. I knew it wasn’t behavioral. I sought out a specialist. She has the MTHFR gene mutation and is more susceptible to vaccine injury. Her autoimmune disease is believed to be caused by vaccines. How? Because vaccines bypass the cell mediated response and go straight into the humoral antibody response. Autoimmune disease is identified by testing for too many antibodies. How did she get too many antibodies? She was given a medicine to produce them.

I had an epidural with labor. I could tell that the epidural was not center and the anesthetist must have been a newbie because he kept readjusting it. I’ve had back pain that feels like I still have a catheter still stuck in my back that radiates numbness down my leg so I have constant pins and needles in my feet. The doctors prescribed me muscle relaxers, paid killers and steroids.

I believe that I should’ve never chosen that epidural. That is was God’s intent for us to feel pain during child birth. And by me avoiding it I set myself up for an ongoing issue. Trading temporary for life long.

There are so many stories like this. So many people have been sharing them with me lately. Not just vaccines. But surgeries, opioid addictions, and pain interventions that caused more pain, preventative medicine that traded benign childhood disease for lifelong chronic disease.

What is your story?

Wouldn’t you love a social media site that we could all see the truth. You are not reliant on one opinion but a sea of them. Just like Amazon and Consumer reports.

The medical industry is not doing anything with post market, which is how vaccines are supposedly monitored. When you tell them your child had a reaction that is listed as a side effect they say it is so rare that it was not likely that. Since they are not doing their job to capture it. We need to.

We need consumer regulated medicine.

We need liability returned to the industry too but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen just yet.

If we can show that these pharmaceuticals are rated a 1 by 10,000 consumers how can they deny?

Right now they are denying this one on one. But how can they deny a mountain of consumer ratings.

They’ll either continue to force. Or face the music. We want better from our medical system. We want options. We want a voice. We want a choice. We want open dialogue. We want reported side effects. We want to be treated like human beings. We want our rights left intact.

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