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The Eternal Price

They were able to convince people that bloodletting could reduce a fever. They pointed to how the face was no longer red as an indicator the fever had been relieved. A lot of people died from the wrong assumption, but the medical intervention persisted for two hundred years despite scientists disproving it’s effectiveness years earlier.

They convinced people it was moral to sterilize mentally and physically handicapped. This persisted until after WW2 when the Nuremberg Code established the necessity for informed consent and bodily sovereignty. Something we are overlooking again.

Then they convinced people removing parts of the brain could cure mental illness. But it also stole the person in their entirety. Lobotomies persisted until the 70s.

They convinced the masses smoking was ok. Backed by doctors. Even for pregnant women. Tobacco science they called it. And then slowly the truth came out.

They created biocides. Indiscriminate killers. Antibiotics. That killed the good bacteria along with the bad. And offset the balance. And when resistance happened they removed the part infected not taking into consideration that all parts have a special job. That they operate in perfect unison, together. That removing a part only stresses another. It’s like taking the warning light out of the car.

Then they sprayed their food with poisons to kill the pests. Poisons that worked by paralyzing the pests. And they never connected the paralysis that started happening in small animals and then children and adults. And stopped after they stopped using DDT.

Then they came up with food to withstand the poison. It’s just small amounts of poison and the food can withstand it. But the food wasn’t better. Nor were those eating it. As the poison bioaccumulate at different rates in different people, just as all toxins.

They convinced people that injecting disease could lead to health. They added toxins, and human and animal cells, formaldehyde, aluminum, polysorbate 80 and a number of other ingredients that if ingested you’d have to call poison control, that if ingested you couldn’t call yourself a vegan but you could call yourself a cannibal, and told them it would make them healthy. Then they did it 54 times. And as they did immune disease grew to 54%. They had traded benign childhood diseases their grandparents survived for lifelong chronic illness, asthma, allergies, immune disease, neurodegenerative diseases and depression. It was an immune provocation after all.

But they had been told the lie with too much frequency they could no longer decipher the truth. That the motive became profit not health.

But people started to see behind the curtain. They read the history of modern medicine. About the Flexner report. The Hopkins Circle. The suppression of other philosophies. The teaching of other philosophies. The takeover of this philosophy from every facet of education, research by the pharmaceutical companies. They started to put together pieces of the puzzle. They realized toxin filled food, medicine, beauty products, aluminum deodorant didn’t lead to health. They became dangerous to the profitable narrative of lies.

They came up with a campaign against the questioners. The truth seekers.

Anti. Murderers. Selfish. Crunchy. Google moms. Despite the truth being seen all over the world by different cultures and religions. As it wasn’t Google but a bad experience that was the primary eye opener.

When they pointed to the fact the government agencies that were supposed to be regulating the industries were funded by them. Working for them.

Even when it was in plain sight. Most still didn’t believe it. The lie was more comfortable. It’s the way of life they knew.

The DEA looking the other way in the opioid crisis. Allowing a corrupt, murderous industry, to downplay the addictive ness while flooding the market. Then concocting a plan found in emails and proven in court, to blame the victim while taking no responsibility. They repeated the same play in the children’s shots but most don’t believe it.

Even when the EPA allowed a cancer causing pesticide while proven to cause cancer and other countries banned it.

Even when the CDC over and over failed to remove dangerous shots and drugs decades after other countries had.

Even when the FDA allowed cancer causing additives well after other countries stopped it.

They believed it was for their own good.

They believed those pointing to an industry that was liability free since 1986 as they grew the schedule and their profits - were the bad guys, not those holding them as modern day slaves, mandating an ever growing list of profitable medicine, holding them as captive commodities. Causing disease and profiting again from the treatments.

The prescription subscriptions.

Most were so convinced by the scheme, even doctors were told with frequency, “safe and effective” they didn’t question. Why do we need 54? Are there too many? Why?

They used the term herd immunity, a naturally occurring phenomenon when the majority of a population incur immunity it protects the rest. But it doesn’t translate to man made, synthetic immunity. People believed their neighbors status affected theirs. An untruth as these are subject to primary failure (it never takes in up to 10%) and secondary failure (when it wanes) making herd immunity impossible with synthetic immunity.

A great marketing strategy. Go make others peer pressure their neighbors into conformity off of the belief their health is reliant on the compliant. A strategy that could be used over and over for a multitude of narratives, and it would.

They told them the lie so many times they believed it.

Why should I take care of myself when I can rely on another to do it for me?

The shots caused immune diseases like diabetes, asthma, RA, epilepsy and the culture made it worse. Fast food, soda, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer.

Why work for health when you can take magic pills? Quick solutions. Medicine that leads to more medicine but never health. Surgery that leads to more surgery.

Polypharmacy. Quick answers. That don’t lead to health, but profit for the industry and the politicians and the media, the narrative tellers, the rule makers, the profiteers.

As more questioned the narrative a big play had to be made to suck them back in. This time without a way out.

In 2017 they lifted a moratorium on creating lethal lab made viruses. Faucis and Gates predicted a Pandemic. Fauci funded recombinant Coronavirus research at a Wuhan lab. In October 2019 the Chinese CDC, US CDC, WHO, John Hopkins, Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation (The Hopkins Circle at it again) rehearses a Coronavirus pandemic. And two months later a Coronavirus pandemic kicks off down the street from the funded lab working on recombinant Coronaviruses. But most believe it’s from bat soup despite cases unrelated to the market simultaneously cropping up.

The world was told to shut down. That 2 million Americans would die if we didn’t. We were told to stay home. That we could shut out the virus even though we were still allowed to go to Walmart and the grocery store. They closed parks. Beaches. But left big box stores open. Told us masks don’t work the virus nm is too small. People would wear them incorrectly. It would give us a false security. They did a 180, the virus size didn’t change, but now they said, well it’s better than nothing, and we were told we should wear masks. A bargaining chip to be used for later. We were told asymptomatic carriers could spread it. No they don’t. Yes they do. It’s better if they do for the profiteers as then everyone is afraid of everyone. Told lockdowns work.

Even when places that locked down still spread, and places like Sweden that didn’t close were some of the first out. That children couldn’t go to school even though they were rarely affected.

They told us health comes from staying inside, wearing masks, staying away from people we love, isolating, sterilizing, not doing what we love, don’t go to church, don’t sing. That will make you healthy.

They never spoke about how we are made of trillions of bacteria and viruses. And this war on germs, this sterile, isolated environment would never lead to health as we must interact with germs to build immunity, as we are one. They never spoke about eating healthy. Living healthy. Getting off medication with interactions. They only spoke about the most profitable solutions. They compared the rush to market shot harming even the healthiest test subjects, skipping animal studies and placebo studies was like a moon shot because it had never been done before. A feat!

Marketing. They were convinced their freedom was worth the trade for an illusion of safety. They had forgotten history.

The solutions that were the new normal they were stepping into was China. A country that looks like China. That was the new normal we were heading towards. Where the few elite that profited billions in the months the rest became unemployed. Profited billions while the rest lost their businesses, jobs, homes, retirements. Profited billions as they ushered our tax money into their inventions. Yet most believed it wasn’t a plandemic.

They distracted us away from them, and towards each other. Black vs white. Civilians vs. cops. Anything but where we should really be focusing. On those steering us into their profitable, freedom less, new normal.

What we need to save us from this illness that affects 99% mildly is a shot! Even though no shot has 99% efficacy nor effects 99% mildly. 54% children with immune disease. The solution will be worse than the problem. The shots were given a liability pass just like the children’s. It harms you. Thank you for your sacrifice. Did you have our rushed to market shot? How will we know you are compliant? Immunity passports, COVIPASS, Wellness Passes they call them.

MasterCard partnered with Gates Gavi to create a Wellness Pass initiative that is linked to a cashless payment system as cash was pointed to as a point of contagion and a need for tracking immunity status is needed they cried! Not saying they had been working on this technology for well before the virus. And the dangers this future holds. The technology evolved from a phone (a separate device) to a watch, a wearable one, to an integrated one that is embedded. Not saying now if you don’t comply your assets could be frozen. That they can now not only track you, they own you.

Using all the same propaganda they always have. It’s for your own good. Safe and effective. It’s selfish not to. The new normal. It’s about respect. They ushered most into a future they thought they wanted because they were told they did.

The biggest deception they had been sold was that the evil in the world had lessened. That they weren’t slaves because their captivity looked different. They never questioned the mark they were given. The embedded pass. Which they could not buy or sell or trade without. Was the mark of slavery. Permanently. As the patent of the technology was Microsoft 060606. And it was the mark of the beast.

Revelation 13:16-18

COVI-PASS | Health Authenticated

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