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The Common Cold Vaccine – Trading A Runny Nose for Chronic Illness

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

A story recently ran on Boston 25 News “9-year-old dies from common cold; ‘grieving parents warn it could happen to any kid’

Back in 2016 an article ran titled “A Vaccine for the Common Cold May Be Possible.’

Well, it’s here. There is a common cold vaccine that just made it through trial phases and passed FDA approval.

So now what?

The CDC and Pharmaceutical Industry’s build of propaganda will begin to increase.

We will see more and more stories like the Boston 25 News one. Not because there are any more instances than usual. Just now, it will be advertising for a product they have to sell you.

What an industry. They have the most effective sales tool known to man. Fear. Well second best. Inspiration takes the cake. But fear is a close second and as effective a sales and marketing tool as they come.

You should have this cold vaccine or your child will die! Sound familiar? It’s the only tagline they ever need. Just substitute in said illness they are selling said vaccine for.

In the future the common cold will be just like how chicken pox is becoming regarded and how measles is regarded. Dangerous.

“People just don’t remember how dangerous it was. People died from colds prior to this vaccine. My cousin’s, friends’, brother’s, aunt died from a cold once.”

People will watch old movies when children had colds and read books about when children had colds and they’ll find it curious that the narratives seemed to imply colds were benign and a part of childhood. How could that be? Our media and CDC claim we have just forgotten how dangerous colds were. They probably won’t call it a cold though. They will call it by its other name “The Rhinovirus” because that sounds so much more sinister. And perhaps overtime people won’t even remember how silly all of this sounds.

When we look back on “The Brady’s” and “Flintstone’s” episodes surrounding the measles and the outcome was everyone was fine, Bobby didn’t die, Pebbles didn’t die, the tone was silly and lighthearted, and it was regarded as if it were apart of childhood. Carol Brady checked measles off on her board of illnesses, which included mumps and scarlet fever. But we are told by the media that it is just that we “forgot” how serious measles was. Is that the case? Statistically speaking it wasn’t that scary prior to vaccination either. The death rate, which they have used in the media, is false. They say it was 1/1,000 when the real figure is 1/10,000.

It’s just like how they said measles was eradicated in the year 2000 when in fact there were 830,000 cases world-wide that year with 86 here in the states. To say it was “eradicated” or “eliminated” is misinformation.

If we continue to allow them to charade us in this way, for profit, then what I suggest will be exactly what happens. Colds were not a routine part of childhood. They were a dangerous disease. The dangerous rhinovirus. Why? Because they have a purported preventative for it. A solution to sell you. And you will buy it. Because you are afraid.

What are we giving up by not allowing ourselves to go through these health rights of passage? Every cold we have is a building block to a healthier immune system. It is like going to the gym for your immune system. Would you expect to have never gone to the gym a day in your life and then by age 40 go there and try and lift 200 lbs.? That is like never letting your immune system experience an annual cold and then waking up one day and thinking it has the ability to fight off disease.

They have found a correlation between people having measles naturally and fewer incidences of cancer. Why? Because experiencing the process of having your body have a fever, clears out infected cells. Natural fever is a cleansing process that reduces the opportunity of disease to spread.

Nowadays parents use fever reducers, which there are studies suggesting that inhibits your body’s ability to fight infection. Dr. Thomas Cowan speaks on this subject at length.

Fear is the industry’s playbook. They use it every year. Flu season. Sell, sell, sell. You can get vaccinated at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, your doctor, and it is proposed even your dentist in the near future.

Not only do they have a very effective sales message, fear. Now, they are using the government to remove your rights to deny them.

Can you imagine any other industry in the world operating like this one?

The mafia? The cartel? They use a similar use of force to obtain their profits.

Every other industry is regulated by the consumer. Except medicine. We are made to feel guilty for asking questions. You are not qualified. You are not a doctor. Therefore, you have no right to ask questions about something so complex as your own health.

I’m not a mechanic or a car manufacturer, but I trust myself to be able to identify a safe car for my family. I will review consumer ratings and read reviews and find a sales person I trust. Why is this so different? Are we so inept? So unintelligent that we can’t judge for ourselves when something is good for us or not?

Shouldn’t medicine be consumer regulated just like every other industry on the planet? 99% of users found this vaccine, this medicine to cause this side-effect and rated it poorly.

Our consumer push for organic food has resulted in organic food.

Our consumer push for aluminum free deodorant has resulted in aluminum free deodorant.

Our consumer push for toxin free make-up has resulted in toxin free make-up.

Our consumer push for safer vaccines has resulted in a removal of rights to deny them.

Why if they are so safe and effective as is, are so many people pushing for them to be safer? Why are they in court for fraudulently overstating their efficacy? Why did our government remove their liability and hand it to us the taxpayer? Why have we the taxpayer paid 4 billion in reparations? Why are other countries taking vaccines off the schedule instead of adding more? Why would they need to remove our rights to decline them? Why do we have no consumer voice and soon to be consumer choice when it comes to our medicine?

By design. This system does not protect the patients. Or the people. It only protects the industry.

What do we know of the immune system? What do we know of how a vaccine works with your immune system?

A vaccination bypasses your cell-mediated response. The cell-mediated response is the first part of the process. You catch a virus. It replicates in your cells then you have a cell-mediated response and your body sends white blood cells to digest and excrete the infected cells. The fever and process purifies the cells. This process takes 5-7 days.

But you don’t want to keep getting sick with the same infection so you have a second immune response called the humoral antibody response. This sends antibodies to code for the infection so next exposure your coded antibodies protect you.

Vaccination bypasses the cell-mediated response and goes straight into the humoral antibody response. And it activates your body to produce antibodies to the ingredients in the vaccine.

Does your body only know to make antibodies to the virus contained in the vaccine? No. It can make antibodies to any of the 20+ ingredients and additionally it can produce antibodies to any inflammation you already have going on in your body.

What are some of the ingredients in vaccines?

According to the CDC’s excipient list they include but aren’t limited to:

-MRC-5 human diploid cells and WI-38 (these are the controversial aborted fetus cell lines)

-DNA protein



-Calf bovine serum

-Chicken protein

-Human albumin


-Castor oil

-Aluminum phosphate

-Aluminum hydroxide

-Yeast protein



-Yellow #6

-Thimerosal (mercury adjuvant)

-Egg proteins

-Polysorbate 80



And more.

How many people do you know have casein allergies? How many people do you know have children that react to food dyes? How many children do you know have allergies to eggs? How many people do you know have allergies to antibiotics?

How many children do you know have autoimmune issues? Asthma, allergies, celiac? Or even autism?

My son has asthma and reacts to dyes; my daughter has an autoimmune disease and reacts to gluten.

How could vaccines cause these issues?

Dr. Theresa Deisher a Stanford Molecular Scientist found that the fetal DNA contained in vaccines has the ability to merge with and mutate our DNA.

She found it could account for gender confusion. We are injecting male DNA into girls and girl DNA into boys.

She found it could account for immune issues. Again. Your body doesn’t know only to make antibodies to the virus. It can make antibodies to any of the other ingredients in vaccines. What is the marker for autoimmune disease? Too many antibodies. Why do you have too many antibodies? You were injected with a medicine that bypasses your cell-mediated response and goes straight into your humoral antibody response with the intent to produce antibodies.

She found it could account for autism. She found antibodies to fetal DNA in the brains of autistic children.

It has even been found to cause cancer. See SV-40 court cases.

If vaccines can cause cancer. If they can cause chronic illness which effects 54% of our children today up from 12% in the 80s. If it can account for autism which is projected to effect half of our children in 6 years time, by 2025. If it can account for gender confusion.

And if we look to Japan and Sweden, which suggests it can also account for SIDS and increasing infant mortality.

Japan and Sweden stopped the pertussis vaccine and nearly eradicated SIDS.

Japan stopped mandating vaccines prior to age two and went from middle of the pack for infant mortality to best in the world. The US is worst out of all industrialized nations. Japan is 3x better than us. In the US 6/1000 babies die in their first year of life and that gap widens as they approach 1. Healthy baby born. Something goes drastically wrong in the first year.

If vaccines can account for all of these things? At what point have they outlived their usefulness?

It wasn’t just Dr. Deisher that found this. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet found that DNA in vaccines could do just as she suggested. And then he was murdered.

Dr. Andrew Zimmerman former Pharmaceutical defense witness that used to testify that vaccines don’t cause autism, but when his colleague’s daughter regressed into autism following vaccination set out to find what happened. And they found the same thing. That they can ‘result in” autism.

CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson also found this. Why are these people only the top in their field when they agree with the narrative but when they discover it’s not true they are discredited?

Autism is a neurodegenerative disorder that often leaves its victim unable to care for oneself. What will a generation of individuals unable to care for themselves look like?

And we have the HPV vaccine, which is causing PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome, which often leaves its victims infertile.

We are setting ourselves up for a future of infertile, chronically ill and neurologically challenged individuals. What kind of a future does that sound like? It’s not a future I want for my children and it is why I am fiercely trying to bring awareness to it.

But some still want to believe vaccines were a gift from God. I say this a lot. But it’s true. If they ever were, he has been written out of it entirely. By corruption and greed. An industry that when it’s liability was removed grew into a power-hungry, trillion-dollar, greed-monster that went from 5 doses of vaccines for our grandparents, 24 for us parents and 72 for our children. Without ever testing them against a saline placebo or together. And they rely on post-market as their long-term studies.

What is post market? It is when a vaccine is already on the market being given to our children.

Japan removed the whole cell pertussis vaccine a decade before the US after finding it caused irreparable brain damage. How many people suffered irreparable brain damage in the decade it took for us to do the same?

Japan also stopped mandating the MMR back in 1993 after finding it caused aseptic meningitis. That is the shot we are forcing today. A shot that is in court for fraudulently overstating its efficacy. A shot that is for mumps and rubella in addition to measles. Why are we using a combo shot for two other things in a measles outbreak? Combo shots have been found to be less effective. And Australia and CA are wondering why their highly vaccinated populations are still getting measles? A shot that Japan stopped 26 years ago after finding it caused aseptic meningitis. How many people have had aseptic meningitis that hasn’t been linked to the MMR in the US in the past 26 years?

Then we have the Dengue Fever vaccine, which killed 130 children in the Philippines. And an estimated 10,000 deaths from the Pentavax.

That is what an industry with no liability looks like.

And now our government is taking away our rights to decline their products.

They are saying it is for our health. It is to protect those most vulnerable. Just as they said measles was eradicated in 2000. How can something be eradicated if eradicated means zero and there were 830,000 cases world-wide with 86 here in the typical imported, highly internationally traveled states of CA and NY.

If it were to protect the immunocompromised they would be doing titer testing to see who is still immune. Vaccine immunity wanes as they found in the 90s. It is not life-long like natural immunity. In 1983 there were 1400 cases of measles and by 1990 it had shot up to 27,000. No one was removing rights then. Forcing children out of school. Forcing medically fragile children to have the very thing that hurt them in the first place. Forcing Jewish people and others to go against their religion. Dismissing religious rights. Censorship.

They added a booster in 1990. Because they realized vaccine immunity waned.

Well why are they being so authoritarian and illogical now, over 1000 cases in a country of 330 million? A speck of sand amidst a beach?

They will say it’s because of the antivax. Which is just a crude name for someone who used to vaccinate and then had a child injured and now they are doing everything they can to protect their child. If the government was doing its job and investing in making these safer and more effective instead of accepting lobbying money to remove our rights and payment for legislation, there wouldn’t be so many antivaxers.

If it were to crack down on those who are not immune. We would titer test everyone at school to see who is still immune. Everyone is different. Vaccine immunity lasts anywhere between 2-10 years with some people never developing immunity. 5-10% of the population doesn’t respond to synthetic immunity. They never develop antibodies to vaccines.

The majority of the adult population that didn’t have measles naturally is no longer immune.

The majority of the adult population didn’t have 1/10 of the vaccines our kids our having now so them claiming the outcome worked for them is irrelevant. They drank tang for breakfast. We are eating kale and still have more health issues. The environmental issues don’t help. But they aren’t what is setting our immune systems on overdrive using injected toxins and heavy metals from the first day of life and continually provoking them every couple months through out childhood.

And when every year measles have been found to be imported. How would going after the .7% of children with medical exemptions as California is doing, do anything?

It won’t.

Then why are we doing all this?

Because it has nothing to do with our health, or with disease. And everything to do with forced compliance, and a generation pushing for the medical philosophy to evolve.

We don’t want polypharmacy, opioid addictions, surgeries that lead to more surgeries; we don’t want to be bound to an industry that profits off us being sick.

We see the industry for what they are. Because they have been so bold as to show us. So bold as to tell us. They must either think we are blind, stupid or they just don’t care if we know the truth.

We have CEOs saying their loyalty is to their shareholders, not their patients. We have have CEOs raising the price of medicine 400% cashing in then leaving. We have Merck creating doctors hit lists. We have them all in court for fraud. We have whistleblowers. We have the scientists suing Merck saying they falsified data. We have scientists going to jail for spiking test results. We have lists of Congress accepting money. We have the state removing medical exemptions from the medically fragile and coming in between doctor and patient and parent and child. We have NY state sending letters home to parents that refuse these Pharma products and are threatening them with CPS. Threatening to remove their children. We have bills passing that will allow them to take our belongings, take us and take our children. I wish I were making this up.

Why do people still trust these criminals with our children, trust this industry with our health, trust our government to regulate them?

My generation wants long-term solutions to healing. Not treatments.

We don’t want to put a band-aid on an issue only to have it come back.

We want to get to the root of the problem. We don’t want to be on antibiotics all the time because they are causing resistance and gut issues.

We don’t want to be addicted to painkillers.

We are ruining the most powerful industry on the planet. And now they are forcing their henchmen, our government, to come after our freedom.

We want to heal ourselves with more natural routes to health. So they are going after those too and using the FDA to do it.

We want acupuncture, chiropractic, holistic, homeopathic, herbal, nutrition, meditation. Healing methodologies minus the toxins. Minus the addictions. Minus the broken system.

And the system is pushing back so hard we are losing our rights.

They want us to still believe that vaccines are a gift from God. That they were the only things that did away with disease in the 1950s. But the truth is many of these diseases were already on their way out because of nutrition, sanitation and clean water.

Typhoid, TB, Scarlet Fever never had widespread vaccination pushes. Yet we rarely hear about them any more.

I would argue that our live virus vaccines are not only keeping these infections circulating but they are forcing the strains to evolve and are becoming more resistant just like antibiotics.

My daughter had an overgrowth of bacteria in her lungs called Moraxella catarrharlis that is known to be caused by the pneumonoccocal vaccine. It is recognized that by demoting one bacteria another one can be promoted.

Just like how antibiotics can lead to resistant strains.

Polio is even making a come back. But you won’t hear them call it polio. They’ll call it a polio-like-illness, Guillain-Barre, myelitis.

I think we have allowed this 100 year-old philosophy too much credit. And it’s time for a facelift

The New York Times ran an article called “Protection without a Vaccine” funny title considering the medical intervention they suggested was actually a vaccine. But anyways, they suggested that vaccination had a way to alter your DNA in a way that it could prevent disease.

How did they stumble upon this? Because as Dr. Deisher found. Vaccines are already doing it. They are altering our DNA. What would you call DNA altering?

I would call it genetic modification. What have we found of genetic modification when it comes to our food? That it isn’t as healthy for us as organic and natural options.

And that is exactly what we are finding of genetically modifying ourselves. It isn’t as good for us as we originally thought.

That is why Google is censoring glyphosate and round-up causing cancer.

That is why Google is censoring vaccination being harmful.

Because if they really wanted to cure the world of disease they would create infrastructures for sanitation, clean water and nutrition in third world countries instead of vaccination programs.

But why cure the world of disease if you can profit off of supposedly preventing it and treating it?

What better business model than a system that keeps you in it. Coming back for more. But never really healing.

So what do you think about this cold vaccine? Do you think it is worth injecting all the aforementioned ingredients? Do you think it is worth the risk of autoimmunity? Gender confusion? Autism? Life-long chronic illness? Cancer?

Do you think there could be as I suggest, a benefit to experiencing the immune response in the way God intended it? That perhaps it may even have long-term benefits. That if you continually inhibit it, you aren’t doing yourself any favors?

Do you want to be apart of a future where the Rhinovirus has become synonymous with death? Just as measles has. Just as chickenpox is on the way to becoming?

Do you want to be apart of a future that is a population of mostly autistic, infertile and chronically ill as is projected if we do not stop it?

Do you want that cold vaccine?

Well if we don’t do something big now. It doesn’t matter whether you want it or not. It will become apart of the recommended CDC schedule just as the controversial HPV vaccine has. Another revenue stream and steady income line for the industry and its guard dog politicians. And it will be mandated just as CA has done, followed by NY and now there is a federal bill HB 2527 looking to mandate them all across the board.

No spreading them out. No skipping the flu shot. No saying no to giving your baby the Hep B vaccine, a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease on their first day of life that most other countries don’t do. No saying no to the pertussis vaccine that Japan and Sweden stopped and nearly eradicated SIDS. No delaying them until your child’s blood brain barrier has closed by age 2 or 3 like Japan did and improved their infant mortality by 86% to move them to best in the world.

So if you ever want to decline any of the 54 vaccines, 72 doses on the schedule or the 200+ vaccines in the pipeline. Now is the time to join in the fight to keep your parental rights and medical freedom.

It’s time for us all to show these politicians who they work for.

To show the healthcare industry who they work for.

To show Pharma who they work for.

That we won’t be brainless cattle, lining up to poison ourselves, while simultaneously lining their pockets.

That they need our approval and consent or they won’t be getting our money or our votes.

That they need to leave our freedom and rights intact or we will do what we need to, to protect them.

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