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Segregation Today; Perhaps we haven’t come as far as we thought

WKBW news in Buffalo just ran a story entitled “East Aurora Schools ending transportation for unvaccinated students.”

Segregation; noun; the action or state of setting someone or something apart from the other people or things or being set apart.

‘the segregation of students from schools due to differing beliefs’

How is it in this day and age we are allowing segregation again? Is it that we haven’t come as far as we thought in our moral evolution? What other answer could there be?

Just like during slavery, just like during WWII the government is using fear to divide us. To make it an “us vs. them.” It is the antivaxxers that are the problem. Their unvaccinated children are spreading disease. We must segregate them. Ban them. Fear. The only motivator a government ever needs for control.

A meme was circulating recently that read, “What you are doing now, is what you would have done in Germany leading up to WWII.”

Martin Niemoller a prominent Lutheran pastor in Germany wrote

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out –

Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out-

Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Have we not evolved in our morality, as we would like to think? We are allowing the same tactics to pit us against a “them” that have been used as long as humankind has existed.

Immigrants are the problem. They are stealing your jobs. Stealing your paychecks. They are a danger to our society. Antivaxxers are the problem. They spread disease. Orthodox Jews are the problem; their religious beliefs do not matter because public health is above faith. Russians are the problem, they are hacking our elections. One article even purported Russians are promoting antivaxx propaganda. Wow, a double whammy.


Do not look behind the curtain to see what the real problem is. Do not look behind the curtain to see who is really in control. Do not look behind the curtain to see that you are being manipulated. Do not look behind the curtain to see that the us vs. them should not be the people vs. the people. But really should be the people vs. those at the top, pulling the strings.

Currently we have;

The EPA telling us cancer and neurologically damaging pesticides other countries are banning are still safe.

We have the US stepping down as the lead world sponsor on breastfeeding promotion, with the rest of the world in disbelief, while Russia steps in as lead sponsor.

We have the DEA looking the other way, as millions are addicted to opioids. Big Pharma knew this was happening.

According to the Highwire “Court discovery emails from 2001 were prompted by an acquaintance of Sackler’s who first sent him a note that read, “Abusers die, well that is the choice they made, I doubt a single one didn’t know of the risks. Abusers aren’t victims, they are the victimizers.’

What a statement. What a statement devoid of empathy. Devoid of any sense of responsibility for the epidemic people like him caused as they continued to up sales goals and sell millions of opioids to small clinics. And when red flags were raised internally they did nothing. And when the DEA acknowledged this, they fined them. Which also, did nothing. They went about business as usual. Selling their addicting pain pills, not admitting how addicting they were. Looking the other way. Causing an epidemic.

Fortunately, this epidemic is being realized and addressed now. Not by our government. But by the same man who took on Big Tobacco, the same truth advocator that went after Big Oil for spills in the Gulf. Why is it we need brave people outside of our government to do our governments job for them? What are we paying them for if not to protect the people?

And now we have that very same industry. The industry also in court for efficacy fraud, the industry that according to CBS created a Doctor hit-list, the industry that is paying to legislate our rights away, that is using government officials like Senator Pan to take our children’s medical exemptions away, the industry that is behind the push for the removal of religious rights, the industry that is sending scientists to jail for falsifying data instead of taking the blame themselves, in charge of our children’s vaccinations.

And for some reason we don’t see how they could ever do any wrong when it comes to this one thing. Vaccines. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. It is probably a duck. This industry has been convicted of nefarious things. Yet we still believe that this ONE thing is above it. That it is a gift from God. If it ever were, he has been written out of it entirely through corruption and greed.

EPA still saying cancer-causing pesticides are safe despite other countries banning them.

FDA still saying food is safe that other countries have banned.

DEA looking the other way on the opioid crisis.

CDC still saying vaccines are “safe and effective” despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

It is like a math equation. (A) corrupt industy + (B)ought government = (C)orruption rules the day and is not in the best interest of the people.

They have been using that same tagline every since their inception.

They said the same thing about thalidomide, “safe and effective’ despite serious concerns being raised and it being pointed out that perhaps it was causing birth defects in European children that resulted in flipper like arms. The only reason that this was stopped in the United States was because we had a brave woman in the FDA, Frances Oldham Kelsey, who looked into it further despite the name-calling she received from her cohorts. Fortunately, she had the support of then president JFK. Back when President’s were respected for doing what was right and for the people. Unlike now where they are crucified if they don’t do what is right for corporate interests.

And now we have people like RFK Jr. following in his uncle’s footsteps leading the Children’s Health Defense against Monsanto and against the Pharmaceutical Industry. But he isn’t hailed as a hero as his uncle. But as a dissenter. By whom? By the powers that be, who are more interested in corporate interests than the general public.

They are using that same misplaced victim and abuser sentiment with the antivaxxer. First they labeled them antivaxxer, a dismissive title, fueled by hate. These parents are parents that did what they were told. They vaccinated. And their children paid the price. Are they not punished enough? Now they are labeled as an anti-conformist. Someone who is out to harm other children, when it is their children, and other children they are fiercely trying to protect.

Just like Sackler calling the opioid addict the problem and took no responsibility for putting a highly addictive pill in his hand, our government, Big Pharma and the media are taking no responsibility for being the reason why parents have vaccine injured children in the first place.

If they had been doing their jobs. Doing the safety studies the HHS was found in court not to have been doing. The double-blind placebos against a saline placebo. Testing the schedule in its entirety. Returning liability to the pharmaceutical industry to keep them incentivized to create a better, safer product. Doing their job to regulate them appropriately instead of looking the other way as they did in the opioid epidemic and allowing unsafe and ineffective vaccines on the market that are in court for falsifying data and fraud. There wouldn’t be so many injured children. And there wouldn’t be so many antivaxxers.

And just like they tried to do with the opioid epidemic, look the other way, shift the blame, they are doing in this epidemic. Denying it exists. Shifting blame to the parents of the injured.

Japan stopped the whole cell pertussis vaccine a decade before we did after finding it caused irreparable brain damage. How many people suffered from brain damage in the decade it took us to stop it? Why did it take us a decade longer to stop it?

Japan stopped using the MMR back in 1993 after finding it caused aseptic meningitis. How many cases of aseptic meningitis have gone unconnected in the 26 years we have continued to use this very vaccine? The vaccine we are using in this measles outbreak. A vaccine for 2 other viruses, that is in court for efficacy fraud. Why is our government looking the other way on these matters that gravely affect our health?

And what are we going to do about it?

It is not just this. There are hundreds of reasons for us to be questioning vaccines right now. But just as Google is censoring information on glyphosate being unsafe, this information is being censored. Speaking of glyphosate. It is also in our vaccines.

Why would there be a need for censorship in a free country? Are we China? Are we a communist society?

Why can anyone access hundreds of porn videos online including a child when all they have to do is click “yes, I’m 18” and someone can look up how to build a bomb, and you can go to a library and read about anything under the sun, but only this topic is censored. Who would benefit from this?

Are you unintelligent? Are you inept? Are you unable to make a sound decision for your family? Are you unable to decipher truth? Is it the government’s right to make decisions for you? If it is, it has meant you have lost it. The right to make decisions for yourself. Should we trust them with such decisions? Especially when they aren’t very good at making decisions for themselves.

Japan also stopped mandating vaccination prior to age 2 and they went from middle of the pack for infant mortality to best in the world. We are worst out of all industrialized nations. There are 30 plus above us. 6/1000 children die in the United States and that gap widens as they approach one. Healthy baby born, something goes fatally wrong in the first year of life.

Japan and Sweden nearly eradicated SIDS after stopping the pertussis vaccine. Research has shown respiratory distress in infants at 2 months, 4 months and 6 months following their vaccination that could account for SIDS. There is a lot of research out there on this very topic. I have a 1500 page document that the smart and dedicated, Ashley Everly, toxicologist and mom put together containing all the peer-reviewed studies, court documents, articles you could ever need to determine that vaccinations are neither “safe nor as effective’ as they are claimed.

Speaking of eradicated. What does it mean? If you could put a number value to eradicate. What would it be? By definition eradicate means “to do away with entirely.’ I would say that number value would be zero.

Well, why then, is our government saying that measles was eradicated in the year 2000 when there were 86 cases here in the typical places of CA and NY with over 830,000 world-wide? Why would they be putting their own misinformation out there? I received a letter back from Senator Lamar Alexander saying this very thing. Measles was eradicated in the year 2000. Lies? Misinformation? Or a dire need for a dictionary?

Vaccines have been found to cause autism. They use semantics to deflect this fact. The court ruled it “resulted in” so they can still claim it doesn’t cause. That is the same thing. If you wouldn’t have had autism without vaccination as a contributing factor, it is the same thing.

Dr. Teresa Deisher a Stanford Molecular Scientist, found not only that genetic susceptibilities paired with vaccination could cause autism as Dr. Andrew Zimmerman found, but also that the DNA fragments contained in vaccines can merge with and alter our DNA. Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet found this same thing.

She found that this could account for gender confusion. Boy DNA injected into girls. Girl DNA injected into boys. And in the brains of autistic children she found antibodies to fetal DNA. Why would a child have antibodies to fetal DNA in their brain?

Because vaccines are biologics intended to produce antibody production that don’t know only to produce antibodies to viruses. They are grown in cell lines. Sometimes those cell lines are animal and sometimes they are human. The human cell lines are derived from fetal tissue from aborted fetuses. Sounds like science fiction but a simple search can confirm this. Plus Trump is passing legislation to do away with Federal fetal testing which may or may not affect vaccines plus Dr. Stanley Plotkin the ‘godfather of vaccines’ testified under oath that this is true. This ingredient is perhaps the most controversial, as it is one of the top reasons for declining vaccines for religious reasons.

The Catholic Church issued a statement on this fact. Saying that it is ok that they used aborted fetal cells in vaccines, and only the ones that created the vaccines would go to hell for it. Dr. Stanley Plotkin acknowledged this in his deposition. And you know what he said after? That he is an atheist. Well what about all of us God-fearing people that don’t believe God would want us to inject aborted fetal cells into our children?

Before I knew, what I know now, I too injected my children with aborted fetal cells and animal DNA. And I regret it. It didn’t do them any favors. My oldest two were constantly sick. And our doctor at the time told us that was normal. My son developed asthma; my daughter developed an immune disorder. Both are listed side effects of vaccines. Asthma is listed on the insert of the Dtap. The CDC listed on their website that children with family members with immune disorders could be at higher risk for vaccine injury. But no one tells you this.

I have read thousands of testimonies from parents over the years. Where they vaccinated their older children, they had adverse effects, immune issues, were constantly sick, were autistic. And then they researched the issue and decided not to vaccinate their younger children, and their younger children were much healthier.

Why is it expected that we would research a safe car seat? A safe family car? But if we research anything to do with our health, we are belittled by name-calling, Google Doctors? I guess I should now be a Duck Duck Go Doctor because all the censorship Google is doing has made me switch browsers.

I’m not a car manufacturer or a mechanic, however I trust myself to make these decisions. I don’t want the government choosing my car for me, or my child’s car seat. Nor do I want them making health decisions for me. Why is it only in our health that we are unqualified to make decisions?

By design. You can’t question a system that doesn’t readily deliver the very thing they promise. Health. That would be ludicrous.

An industry that is above consumer regulation. According to consumer reports this medicine gave 75% of respondents eczema. No thanks. Come up with a better product, no one is buying it. But medicine isn’t like that. Doctor tells you it’s likely not a side effect, no one reports it anywhere, it gets swept under the rug.

You don’t have to believe my testimony, or the thousands of parents’ testimonies. Perhaps you will believe the study of unvaccinated vs. vaccinated children that found, just as we found from personal experience. Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute found that vaccinated children had 2.4x more chronic illness, 2.9x more eczema, 3.7x more neurodevelopment disorders, 4.2x more autism, 4.2x more adhd, 5.2x more learning disabilities.

In 2025, 6 years time, ½ of the 4 million children born annually in our country are projected to have autism. A degenerative neurological disorder that often leaves its victims unable to care for themselves. How will a generation, and then a country with half of its population unable to care for themselves survive let a lone thrive?

In 1983, chronic illness affected 12.8% of our children and as our vaccine schedule quadrupled, so did our chronic illness. It is now 54% and increasing. How will an army of 54% chronically ill protect our country?

We will have to continually decrease our standards.

It’s already happening. Now seizures are a normal response to vaccination.

Sarah NP on Facebook, a nurse practitioner, medical freedom advocate and mom, stated “If you have a doctor that wants to continue to vaccinate your child after a seizure reaction, you have them come talk to me.” She acknowledges how our standards have dropped in accordance to the severe reactions we are seeing from vaccinations.

What else are we giving up besides our health? Where else are our standards dropping?

Currently 1 in 5 children have learning disabilities. How can we expect teachers to continue to use the same teaching strategies when the growing majority of their classrooms have learning disabilities and in 6 years time, half will be autistic? California that currently has the strictest vaccination policies in the US, ranked one of the worst in the country for K-12 education.

I reposted and commented on a young teacher’s post saying she is leaving teaching, not because children have changed, but because parenting has. That it is lazy parenting that has put us here. Lazy parenting did not put us in an autism crisis. A learning disability crisis. But I understand why she is leaving.

In California, there is a bill that just passed, that will take away medical exemptions from children that need them and force them to revaccinate or they will be kicked out of the school system.

These children had serious adverse effects to vaccination. Their doctors protected them from further harm by granting them medical exemptions, and now they are being taken away, the doctor patient relationship is being taken away, a doctor’s ability to grant medical exemptions is being taken away and given to a faceless bureaucrat that never met your child, parental consent is being taken away, medical freedom is being taken away and the Nuremburg Code is being dismissed.

The majority of parents confronted with this choice are choosing to leave the state or homeschool their children. There is an exodus from California and they think it is only about taxes. What will an exodus from the school system look like? How will it impact school funding when they receive state funding per child?

Someone might say, well that is because of herd immunity. Good, let them leave. Our kids will be healthier for it. They won’t be at risk. False. They will still have these outbreaks. This very expensive initiative will not stop measles outbreaks. Or pertussis outbreaks as California had this year.

California and Australia are living proof that herd immunity does not apply to vaccine immunity which wanes and isn’t lifelong. Herd immunity is a theory that applied to natural immunity. That when the majority of the population has natural life-long immunity it suspends outbreaks. And California and Australia with their very strict vaccination policies are well over the 75-95% they use to quote as herd immunity thresholds and still having outbreaks.

Australia is currently wondering why they have measles in their vaccinated populations. See waning immunity. See not everyone develops antibodies. See the Oregon Law Review article on herd immunity being an unobtainable goal with our current flawed and outdated vaccine technology. That isn’t being improved because there is no incentive to improve it. By removing liability from this industry we removed all incentives for a better product. And why would they need to improve it if they can have the government remove our rights to decline them just the way they are?

In New York, they did away with religious exemptions in one day without public trials. Typically laws like this take time. The passage of legislation is intended to be slow and arduous so that unlawful laws, like this one, do not pass. A removal of religious rights, religious freedom in a country that was built on religious freedom?

For something that is unobtainable?

What is the goal from all this? The removal of religious rights from people. The removal of medical freedom from people. Is it that we ultimately want zero cases of measles in our schools? If that has been found to be an unrealistic goal. Then isn’t this an illogical strategy? And if it is illogical, why are we doing it?

Because, according to The Highwire, it is a top revenue stream for each pharmaceutical company. And the pharmaceutical industry is a top revenue stream for the media and government. For Merck it is the second highest revenue stream at $6.8 billion per year. Sanofi it is third at $5.69 billion. Pfizer $6.3 billion. GSK $7.2 billion. This revenue stream has increased 1,100% in the last 20 years. With over 200 vaccines in the pipeline. How is it that an industry that profits most when we are sick, would be about health? What happens when they continue to mandate vaccines and add in 200 more? How much more DNA altering, immune disorders, autism, toxin injections, immune provocations can our children stand?

This year’s outbreak was identified as being imported. If most years the outbreaks are imported because the rest of the world has laxer vaccine policies, herd immunity is unobtainable through vaccination, then what if we continue this irrational train of thought? War with the rest of the world for full vaccine compliance? In the name of Big Pharma? Why? We will still have disease.

Just as we are finding antibiotic resistance we are finding that we haven’t kept up with evolving strains for vaccines. Why then are we sacrificing our freedom in the name of this issue, allowing segregation?

In 1983, there were 1400 cases of the measles in the United States. And by 1990 it had spiraled up to 27,000. 27,000! 27 times what this current outbreak is. Were they removing religious rights? On a witch hunt for doctors that write medical exemptions? Removing medical exemptions from children that need them? No.

They added a booster to the schedule. Because they found that vaccine immunity was not lifelong like natural immunity. It lasted anywhere from 2-10 years with some people never gaining immunity from this process. 5-10% of the population never develop antibodies and therefore are never immune.

They give vaccines all the credit in the decline of disease in our country. How then did Scarlet Fever, TB and Typhoid decline in the same way and same time frame without widespread vaccination? The credit for the decline of these was an infrastructure for clean water, sanitation and nutrition.

I would argue the reason why we are seeing an uptick in measles and mumps and now a “polio-like virus” is because vaccination is actually keeping these around. Whereas we aren’t spreading Scarlet Fever, TB and Typhoid through live virus vaccines that allow them to mutate.

They have outlived their benefit. It is time for what’s next. They want to tell us that what’s next is a vaccine that has the ability to alter our DNA for protection. How did they stumble across a vaccine’s ability to do this? Because as Dr. Deisher found, they are already doing it.

What is altering DNA? I would call it genetic modification. What have we found from genetically modified food? It isn’t better for us. Neither is genetically modifying ourselves.

This is what we have found. They have been using and teaching the same medical philosophy for 100 years. Diagnostics and engineered medicine. The pharmaceutical industry has run the medical industry for 100 years. And their time is up. I feel bad for the Doctor’s today. That get out in the field practicing and find that beyond emergency use, their skills aren’t doing what they thought they could, healing people. The doctor’s that aren’t satisfied are supplementing their own knowledge with alternative methods. Methods that heal. Not just prescribe. The doctors that aren’t are becoming increasingly frustrated.

We don’t want polypharmacy. We don’t want opioid addiction. We don’t want to be bound to an industry that profits off of us being sick.

We want organic food and organic healing. Minus the toxins. Minus the surgeries that lead to more surgeries. Minus the system that profits off of us being sick and does best when we are stuck in it.

We have found that natural isn’t synonomous with ineffective as they’ve been telling us for years and that it can actually heal. That diet can heal.

Am I saying do away with them entirely? No.

But should we give them our freedom? Our ability to decline their products? A resounding NO.

Return their liability. It has done us no good. They aren’t keeping up with evolving strains. Making them safer. Or doing anything that liability incentivizes.

Our country is in a precarious place, and most don’t even see it.

In March of this year, Congressman Adam Schiff wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerburg, Jeff Bezos and Google telling them that they were promoting misinformation by allowing vaccination and autism documentaries, books, and groups on their platforms. Shortly after, they all announced they would be removing these documentaries, removing these books, and enforcing “misinformation policies” to combat such information.

Censorship was the start to a “Freedom Death Spiral” as my article entitled just that describes. Which has led to a fast removal of rights. And now to segregation on school buses.

Look around at our country. Look at history.

What has happened in the recent past when we have segregated schools? School buses?

What has happened in the recent past when we have been removed of our medical freedom and religious rights?

What has happened to countries that use censorship to control?

Are they free?

Is that what you want for your country? For a promise of a disease free country, which they can’t deliver.

My heart breaks that in our country we have people being displaced. People leaving California to escape a removal of freedom. People leaving New York to escape a removal of freedom. People like me looking for an escape plan from this country if it continues in this direction. How have we gotten here? America was the place people ran to, not from.

Now we have segregation. Displacement. Rights removal. Freedom removal.

Is it that we always need a victim? A victimizer. A scapegoat. A whipping boy. A slave. A Jew. An immigrant. An antivaxx. Someone to look down on to elevate our own opinion of ourselves? Someone the government can convince you to hate in order to deflect your hate from the institution that holds your freedom just out of reach?

In the HBO series “Years and Years” the character Stephen Lyons is in a world much like ours, and he is reminiscing on his childhood. And theorizing that perhaps he was just fortunate to grow up in a lull from the cycle of world tyranny.

I’m fortunate to have grown up in the lull he references. Simpler times. Where the US wasn’t removing rights of its citizens. Where we were gaining rights. Not losing them. Where kids could play freely. Where the US was the world hero and not the world bully. I want my children to have that US.

Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Ironic that he was the one that reluctantly removed liability from the industry trying to claim ours. Freedom.

Who will you be in this? If what you are doing now is what you would’ve done in pre-war Germany, what are you doing? Are you meeting with legislators? Writing letters? Going to rallies? Writing the truth? Spreading the truth? Or are you sitting idly by in silence hoping your number isn’t called next?

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