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Morality and Mortality, Are Interconnected

Recently, I read an article published by one of the thought leaders of the holistic practitioner program I am currently enrolled. He explores the terms and functions of consciousness and conscience. He looks at how they are similar in structure, not just in combinations of their letters, but also in how we use them to process information and ultimately our world.

He points out how they both play critical roles in dictating our understanding of right and wrong.

He explains how ‘“Consciousness" is the function of the human mind that receives and processes information, crystallizes it and then stores it or rejects it with the help of the following:

1. The five senses

2. The reasoning ability of the mind

3. Imagination and emotion

4. Memory

The five senses enable the mind to receive information, then imagination and emotion process it, reason judges it, and memory stores or rejects it.’

He goes on to explain how this differs from the simplicity of conscience, which is our moral compass. The identifier of right and wrong.

And he explains how these two interconnect, not only to help guide our path, but also how they influence our health.

Our physical, emotional and mental health.

He explains how the more that we pursue truth, and live in approval of our conscience, that we will gain more consciousness, we will strengthen our ability towards being insightful and knowledgable and wise.

That to live morally can improve our minds.

And it can also improve our overall health.

He explains that to go against your conscience leaves your body in a state of stress.

I think of it like this, to continually reject your morality, can ultimately result in your mortality.

That continually going against the approval of your conscience will eventually produce disease. And that if you live in approval of your conscience, it can promote healing.

What a concept. So simple, yet profound.. And when they are pointed out to us, when we are on a path of truth, they are easily identifiable as self-evident.

When I apply this against some of the things in which I advocate, it brings clarity.

I know that God does not want us aborting babies and then using them for their tissue in order to selfishly save ourselves. My morality tells me this truth clear as day. That this act is not moral. That any way you try and explain it, to make it sound like good, falls short undeniably.

He uses politicians in his paper, to explain those that continually conceded against their morality. And they are the ones trying to force us to see this as moral.

This is only one issue. I don’t pretend to be the most moral person in the world. I am full of flaws. But I do know this. That when I made promises to God and kept them, that he began to show me more truth, and as I pursued this truth, more and more became self-evident. That when I chose to listen to my conscience, it improved my consciousness and resultantly, my health.

I look around at the current state our country is in and I see it as a crisis of conscience. That as we wrote God out of country, our morality began to suffer and so consequently did our health.

I look at the headlines today which read more like the National Inquirer than MSM.



Abortion of full term infants.

And more.

I look at the overall health of our country and how it has continued to deplete in lockstep with our decreased ability to recognize what was moral. In fact, morality does effect mortality.

If we are going to continue to decline in our morality, so too will our mortality.

At the very root of this problem, is that.

It is not until we address this issue at its root, it is not until we address the reasons behind the real growing epidemic, a country in moral decline, that we will be able to find a solution.

The solution is as suggested above. That if we are going to heal physically, emotionally and mentally we are going to have to get back to a place where we are in pursuit of a morality our conscience can agree with.

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