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Meet Your New Doctor; The U.S. Government

Around the country and worldwide, medical freedom is under attack. It isn’t just one issue or one product; it is our options, our choices and our rights.

Our right to choose one product, or decline another, our right to informed consent, our right to bodily sovereignty.

The FDA recently announced changing regulatory protocols for alternative healing options. Those that practice these methods are concerned these stricter regulations may limit them into obsoletion. Leaving Big Pharma the only medicine option on the table in this country.

There was a bill entered in NJ, which aims at chiropractors, masseuses, homeopaths and acupuncturists. The bill will limit their ability to discuss alternative options outside of pharmaceutical products.

A little known fact, naturopathy is illegal in Tennessee. The law prevents the use of natural methods to treat, cure or prevent ailments.

The loudest medical freedom argument right now is the pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine argument.

With states passing bills to mandate the HPV vaccine, a controversial and scandal-filled vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease, some are asking what does it mean to be anti-vaccine?

And is mandating a sexually transmitted disease vaccine in exchange for a fundamental right to education, the right of the government?

There are a number of Tennessee parents that consider themselves pro-vaccine, however they decline the HPV vaccine for their children. They don’t believe a 9-year-old should be forced to have a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease in order to attend school.

There are a number of Tennesseans that consider themselves pro-vaccine yet they decline the flu vaccine annually due to its ineffectiveness. An article ran last year claiming it has averaged between 9% and 40% effective year-to-year, as the predicted strain selection is often incorrect.

There are Tennessee parents that opt to spread out the schedule, rather than giving several at once.

There are parents that decline the Hep B vaccine on the first day of life. A vaccine that many countries don’t mandate. A vaccine that many doctors are ok with you skipping as it is for a sexually transmitted disease, the infant shouldn’t encounter until much later in life.

This begs the question, what is anti-vaccine? Anyone who doesn’t strictly adhere to the ever-growing CDC schedule exactly as is?

Should the CDC be the ultimate authority on our health and have the right to make these decisions for families? Should the government be making medical decisions for us?

According to Crossfit and a recent lawsuit, the CDC shouldn’t be trusted with our family’s health decisions as they are heavily compromised with conflicts of interest.

Through the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Crossfit uncovered the CDC Foundation is being funded by Coca Cola, Pepsi, and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Therefore, the CDC is being funded by the very industries they are tasked with governing.

How can we accept their recommendations as unbiased and for the people when they are receiving contributions from the industries these decisions profit?

The next step in the mandate process is just as heavily compromised with lawmakers accepting contributions from lobbyists. A “Yahoo Finance” article ran in March of this year titled and claiming, Congress is owned by Pharma.

How are other industries regulated?

Two ways are liability and consumer ratings.

What about this industry?

In 1986, the Pharmaceutical Industry was shelling out injury claims; President Reagan swooped in and created a no-fault court system, which placed the responsibility of liability with the United States government. The Pharmaceutical industry pay liability with an excise tax, which means they aren’t feeling liability in the way it is intended.

If a product harms a consumer, they sue. If enough consumers sue, the company is forced to improve the safety of the product or they go out of business.

With liability removed, so was the incentive to improve the product.

The other tool a consumer has is consumer ratings. If a number of consumers have a bad experience with a product, it will carry a low consumer rating, and the company will be forced to improve the product or they will go out of business.

This consumer tool for regulation is also missing. As anyone who reports a negative experience with a vaccine is called anti-vaccine. Their experience is written off as a lie, and not heeded in the consumer purchasing decision, therefore not helping to regulate the industry.

With the CDC being funded by the industry, liability and the consumer voice missing, this product is essentially unregulated.

And now people are losing even the option to decline it.

Unfortunately, it gets worse.

The MMR, which is forced in measles outbreaks, despite being for mumps and rubella as well, has been hung up in court for a decade in a whistleblower lawsuit.

The whistleblowers claimed that Merck defrauded the U.S. government by selling them an ineffective vaccine.

The same vaccine we have been using in outbreaks in the decade since this lawsuit was entered.

On June 27, 2012 “Forbes” published an article called Merck Whistleblower Suit A Boon to Vaccine Foes Even As It Stresses Importance of Vaccines, which the author writes;

“"As the single largest purchaser of childhood vaccines (accounting for more than 50 percent of all vaccine purchasers), the United States is by far the largest financial victim of Merck's fraud. But the ultimate victims here are the millions of children who every year are being injected with a mumps vaccine that is not providing them with an adequate level of protection against mumps. And while this is a disease the CDC targeted to eradicate by now, the failure in Merck's vaccine has allowed this disease to linger with significant outbreaks continuing to occur," the suit alleges.

Not only are the products that we are losing our rights to decline unregulated by a compromised industry, unregulated by the consumer voice and liability, but also they are fraudulent, ineffective and the issue has been unaddressed as anti-vaxxers are blamed for outbreaks.

When we removed the industry of liability and silenced the consumer voice, we removed them of the incentive to improve the product and now there are a number of issues that have remain unaddressed.

As the article points out the fraud has allowed for the disease to linger and not be eradicated. This is the case with measles and polio. Which continually have missed their eradication goals.

Articles like the one below state why this is an industry fault, not an antivaxxer one.

In 2007, an article ran in “The New York Times” titled Mutating vaccine causes polio outbreak in Nigeria. The article stated that the Polio vaccine was causing strains to mutate and was causing cases of paralytic polio.

On November 25 of this year, “The New York Times” picked up an Associated Press article stating there are now more cases of polio caused by the vaccine than by the natural strain.

This is an issue that was acknowledged a decade ago. Yet it was never addressed and has spiraled out of control to now account for more cases of paralysis than the natural strain.

If pro-vaccine is only a person who complies with the compromised CDC schedule, then what is an anti-vaccine, everyone else?

Most will tell you it isn’t a title they chose for themselves. They prefer pro-vaccine choice.

The media has written an anti-vaxxer as a number of things over the years. White privileged. Uneducated minority. Google Doctors. Tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. But who are they actually?

They are parents of children that were paralyzed by the Polio vaccine, which was left unaddressed for a decade as cases multiplied.

They are parents of the 900 children that contracted HIV from dirty needles in Pakistan resulting in vaccinators being shot.

They are mothers in the Congo denying the Ebola vaccine because they are more afraid of the Pharmaceutical industry than they are of Ebola.

They are the parents of children that died in the Philippines after receiving the Dengue Fever vaccine which was rushed to market and caused a horrible side-effect which turned their blood yellow and killed them.

They are parents in the U.S. that had a bad experience with a vaccine and are called liars and shamed for sharing their consumer experience.

They are people that have lost faith in the health care industry as it is too bound to the Pharmaceutical industry and health isn’t an outcome they deliver.

They are people that through a negative experience were forced to look deeper into this issue and found an unregulated industry not being held accountable by anyone.

They are people that acknowledge a vast room for improvement in this industry.

They are scientists like M.I.T’s Dr. Shiva saying the 100-year-old science hasn’t been risk assessed properly and is using an outdated model of the immune system.

They are doctors like Dr. Thomas Cowan saying they are causing our immune disease, which is an overproduction of antibodies. Why are we all overproducing antibodies? Because that is what vaccines do, they stimulate the antibody response arm of the immune system. They produce antibodies and as our CDC schedule grew 4x so did our immune disease.

They are Stanford Molecular Biologists like Dr. Teresa Deisher saying that the human cell lines they use, contain DNA fragments, which are merging with and altering our DNA.

They aren’t anti-vaccine at all.

They are people from all over the world bound by one thing. A distrust of the current regulation, administration and removal of choice surrounding this product.

And they are asking for things we all should be.

Rigorous scientific approval processes, removal of conflicts of interest, improved reporting, genetic testing for susceptibility, transparency, and ultimately and most importantly the preservation of freedom of choice.

Freedom to make our own medical decisions because we are the ones most vested in our own health, and if history has proven anything, it is that a government should not practice medicine.

With state and federal bills entered this legislative session, ask your representative to preserve your freedom of choice. The Pharmaceutical Industry has vested interest in your medical freedom, and they are lobbying your rights away to decline their products and they are using the federal government to eliminate the competition.

Ask your representative to preserve your medical freedom. Freedom is freedom and if one is removed, so can they all.





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