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Life Finds a Way and So Should We

Let’s talk about antibiotic resistance, micro biomes, and strain susceptibilities from our injections.

Let's talk about what this means for human evolution as well as the current COVID dilemma we find ourselves.

These are topics that are evaded by MSM and mainstream medicine, but have serious implications and need to be openly discussed.

[1]In Euro surveillance, Volume 13, Issue 46 scientists look at the proportion of penicillin, non-susceptive S. pneumoniae among all strains. Looking at 1986 through 2006 they gauged the effectiveness of penicillin on this type of bacteria. In 1986 S. pneumoniae which leads to community acquired pneumonia that was non-susceptible to penicillin was .5%. Fast forward to 2006 and we have 48% of strains are non-susceptible. Meaning through overuse year to year resistance has increased substantially.

[2]Similarly if we look to other interventions we use like the pneumococcal conjugate shot we find that “More recently, the widespread use of pneumococcal conjugate vs has altered nasopharyngeal colonization patterns and caused an increased prevalence of colonization and infection by M. catarrhalis.”

What does this mean? It means that rather than eliminating viruses or bacteria we are trading them. Through the shot we demoted the growth of the typical cause of otitis media or infections and shifted it to another bacteria. My daughter was found to have an overgrowth of M. Catarrhalis in her lungs when she was three years old. And my incessant need to answer the “why” led me to the path I’m on now, seeking the truth about health and where it comes from.

You see, we are made up of a micro biome and a virome. Trillions of bacteria and viruses. We are a living breathing walking germ. And having a medicinal philosophy that practices the indiscriminate killing of the living organisms our systems are made of, doesn’t eliminate them. It alters them. Changes them. As we need viruses and bacteria to survive. And when we kill off one in our microbiome or virome it is replaced with another.

Let’s look at another example from our hometown state.

[3]“Nearly complete elimination of the 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate v serotypes in Tennessee”

The study reads as if it is an achievement. The shot has nearly eliminated 7 serotypes or strains. However, if we really looked at what happened we see a shift. Imagine a pie chart of all of the serotypes. Well as the chunk of the pie containing the 7 diminished, it became redistributed in the rest of the pie amongst the remaining serotypes. That is exactly what happened. We didn’t eradicate anything. We shifted the causes of community infection to other strains.

Pertussis is the same way. These shots only address certain strains. And as we diminish their existence, infections become redistributed amongst other, often more aggressive strains. That is why we have California with annual pertussis outbreaks even amongst their minimal exemption state, in schools with 100% uptake rates.

This is a failing strategy. It doesn’t take into account nonresponders to this synthetic method which account for 10% of the population, or resistant, mutating and evolving serotypes.

If it were actually about immunity as opposed to profit we would be testing to see who is still immune as immunity wanes in those it incurs in, hence the addition of boosters, and at varying intervals. With people falling out of immunity all the time.

Life will find a way. And it does. It evolves.

So if killing isn’t an effective way to combat viruses and bacteria what options do we have? And what other harm comes from this medical philosophy. Let’s discuss.

Modern medicine is based off of iatromechanist philosophy. Where the body is treated as a simple complex system. As if it is a car with a lot of parts but not a lot of interaction between the parts. But it is not a simple complex system. It is a complex adaptive system.

Just like our planet and ecosystem. The elimination of just the honeybee can set off a cascade of harmful environmental consequences.

Modern medicine sends you to the cardiologist for your heart, the neurologist for your brain, and a psychologist for your thoughts. Not taking into account that they are intimately connected and the dysfunction of one can lead to the dysfunction of another. Therefore to compartmentalize isn’t the best philosophy.

Florence Nightingale is attributed to the compartmentalizing philosophy, as her aim was to patch up the part of the soldier that needed the most attention to get him back out on the field. And that is where modern medicine succeeds. But it didn’t take into account long-term repercussions. It wasn’t a philosophy that led to lasting health. Nor is it still today.

And as we look around at our declining health statistics from following this philosophy for over 100 years, we see the results. There was a tipping point. Where we intervened too much, too often, overprescribed.

Focusing on the killing of part of our own bodies ecosystem is not a philosophy that leads to health, it leads to imbalance. We take antibiotics and try and counter it with probiotics. But that does not guarantee balance. As you may have just replaced the lost bacteria with bacteria your body didn’t need, as not all probiotics are created equal.

What does all of this mean for human evolution?

What happens when we suppress a condition? We take a pharmaceutical drug that doesn’t heal the problem. It suppresses it. Or exchanges it for another problem. A side effect. Which really isn’t a side anything. It is the effect the drug has on your individual genetic make up.

Let’s take brilliant Dr. Thomas Cowan and his splinter example. If you leave a splinter in too long and it becomes infected, is the pus the treatment or the disease? It is your body’s way of trying to remove the splinter, therefore it is the treatment. What happens when we just treat the pus and leave the splinter in? After awhile your body will give up and it will form disease.

This is how we treat everything in modern medicine. Fever is the cure. Not the disease. It is your body’s response to an infection. And serves a purpose. When we lower it we hinder our body's ability to do its job.

When we don’t get to the root of the problem, we don’t find health.

When we constantly suppress an issue, we drive it deeper.

Take the baby with eczema for example. The doctor prescribes a steroidal cream. The rash clears up but the underlying issue remains. Instead it was driven deeper. Later the child develops allergies. The doctor prescribes allergy shots. Again it didn’t get to the root, it suppressed the issue. Then a year later the child develops asthma. The actual issue is an overactive immune system that is prone to inflammatory responses. Why does this child have an overacting immune system? Could it be the synthetic immune provocations? Of course!

And it’s been proven by brilliant, renowned doctors like Stanford Molecular Biologist accredited to achievements in stem cell therapy. But much like the front line doctors. Anyone that goes against the profitable narrative gets written off. “There is no sword mightier than the pen.” And the media abuses this weapon.

We are all born to varying levels of health based off of genetics and the health of our parents at the time of conception.

And there are many factors that have the ability to turn on genetic predisposition. Stress, illness, immune provocations, chemical medicine, unhealthy habits.

Look around, look within your family, your relatives. Have our genetic predispositions lessened or strengthened?

If I look at my family I can see they have strengthened. Jake’s dads respiratory vulnerabilities, led to Jake’s allergies, led to Lake’s asthma.

Why under modern medicine have our genetic dispositions strengthened?

If I look at Cancer in my family. Generation to generation we are getting it younger. Why?

Why did my grandparents, 2 of which are still living, not get cancer until they were in their 70s or 80s?

While I have uncles and aunts that got it in their 40s and 50s. And a brother that got it in his 30s?

Why with all this modern medicine are we becoming sicker younger?

Let’s talk about human evolution. Does it sound like we are evolving into a healthier, stronger species? There is a misconception we are living longer. Actually my generation is the first anticipated not to outlive our parents.

Through too many immune provocations that can cause immune disease. Through unhealthy lifestyles, through chemical medicine, through suppressive compartmentalizing theory, we are devolving. I call it sub-par genetic modification. Go read about the COVID candidates and how they work on your DNA and genome. Does that sound like devolving or evolving?

Whenever man meddles, he makes a mess.

“Man said to God, I can make a man. God said, Oh really? Let’s see it. Man picked up God’s clay. God said, you didn’t make that.”

Through antibiotics that have ruined our gut health and even negatively affects our mental health. Read about antibiotic use and depression. Look at our increased mental illness and suicide rates in younger and younger children. These chemical interventions suppress superficial issues into deeper diseases. Read about having measles as a child being correlated with fewer instances of Cancer.

Why? Because fevers and childhood diseases can have a purifying effect. They eliminate diseased cells.

Too many interventions as the industry grew too greedy have contributed to the declines in health we see today. As they were removed of liability in 1986 and grew the schedule from 11 to 54 while immune disease went from 12% to 54%.

We have made a bad trade. And there is another answer. There are other ways to heal. There are ways to weaken your genetic predisposition so they are not strengthening generation to generation. So that we are creating a healthier generation. Not the infertile, 1/5 mental illness, 1/26 autistic, 54% immune disease, skyrocketing cancer, we currently have.

There is a better way. And as people were finding it. The industry that profits off of our sickness doubled down on us. Started taking away our rights to decline their products while mandating more and more. Feeding their increasingly greedy Pharma-Political-Media cycle. And as they did we grew loud. Prior to the lockdowns there were protests like we are seeing again now.

Look around at where we are now. A pregnant mother arrested in Australia for trying to organize a protest and posting on Facebook. Doctors that see the truth being censored. The ever ineffective and always headline making Flu shot now has mandates passing. HPV a highly controversial shot for STDs a noncommunicable disease being mandated to attend school. This isn’t a US issue. This is a world one. And some places the agenda is further down the road.

Last year 26,000 students were kicked out of New York schools, healthy people quarantined, banned from playgrounds, and society for not having all their shots, shots most people haven’t had as the kids nowadays have to have 5x as many. Fast forward here we all are, all healthy people that haven’t had a COVID shot treated like we are sick, while being quarantined and masked.

Now there’s talk that everyone will be mandated the COVID shot. And that we will have to prove our immunity to work, to travel, to live. This was their answer to us learning their dirty secret. That their Pharma bound philosophy doesn’t work. Doesn’t provide health.

Only profitable prescription subscriptions and surgeries that cut out disease only to have it grow back. That their Pharma funded philosophy founded after The Flexner Report sponsored by the Hopkins Circle, read about that, it’s not conspiracy, it’s history, and then watch Event 201, are the same families and organizations involved from beginning to end.

[4]Read the 2010 Rockefeller document, which envisioned future scenarios

LOCK STEP – A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback

CLEVER TOGETHER – A world in which highly coordinated and successful strategies emerge for addressing both urgent and entrenched worldwide issues

HACK ATTACK – An economically unstable and shock-prone world in which governments weaken, criminals thrive, and dangerous innovations emerge

SMART SCRAMBLE – An economically depressed world in which individuals and communities develop localized, makeshift solutions to a growing set of problems

We are living in their scenario one right now.

None of this is for our good. None of this is for our health. If they cared about health they wouldn’t be treating healthy people like they were sick. They would be helping make sick people healthy. Through teaching diet, exercise, love, God, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga and meditation.

Instead they mask, isolate, inject, medicate, censor, arrest, and turn us on each other.

It’s time for a revolution. One where we free ourselves from the enslavement they’ve envisioned for us. One where we evolve into a stronger, healthier next generation, instead of this continually sicker, weaker, disease riddled one. Where we stop fighting each other. And see the real enemy isn’t a race, isn’t a country, isn’t a virus.

It is those who got richer as our unemployment hit Great Depression heights. It is those who profit off our sickness and therefore like us that way. It is those censoring the truth and parroting narratives using their propaganda peddlers the media in which they own.

It is a world issue. With a common enemy. It’s time we turn the spot light on them, instead of them always shining one on us.

Perhaps the life resisting destruction shouldn't just be bacteria and viruses. Perhaps much like the viruses that are apart of us. We too should find a way to become stronger and evolve. But not in the way transhumanists imagine as that will lead to a death of a different kind. But in a way that is pro-human, pro-life, pro-balance, and pro-health.

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