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The REAL Epidemic

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

There are nearly 4 million babies born in our country every year.

6.1/1000 die in their first year of life. That means nearly 25,000 infants die a year in the US. We are worst out of all developed nations for infant mortality.

2,500 babies die annually from SIDS. How is it that we can identify how a 2,000 year old mummy died but we can’t identify why 2,500 babies are dying every year in our country?

Why are we not outraged about this? Because it isn’t being shouted at us in the media.

SIDS has been nearly eradicated in Japan and Sweden when they stopped the pertussis vaccine. And when Japan stopped mandating vaccines before age 2 their infant mortality improved from middle of the pack to best in the world.

54% of our children have chronic illness up from 12.8% in the 80s. Our vaccine schedule tripled and so did our chronic illness.

In 1983 autism was 1/10,000.

With 10 vaccines.

By 2008 it was 1/150.

With 36 vaccines given.

Now it is 1/59.

And we give 46 vaccines.

That means we are adding nearly 68,000 autistic children to the US population on a yearly basis. Our autism statistics are also among the worst in the world.

But you know what’s best? Our vaccination rates.

If autism keeps increasing at this rate by 2025 half of all children born in the US will have autism.

To quantify that a bit more specifically, considering approximately four million babies are born in the United States each year. That means, that two million of those would be autistic. And if current percentages hold, 40% (800,000) would also be intellectually disabled, 20% (400,000) would be completely non-verbal, and more than 50% (1,000,000) would exhibit aggressive behaviors. Each year.

A recent study in CA I posted showed school enrollment was down and out of those that were enrolled 1/8 require special education up from 1/50 in 2000.

CA has the best vaccination rates but are one of the worst for education. They have the strictest vaccination compliance with over 95% vaccinated. Which is above the so called herd immunity threshold yet they are now stripping children that had vaccine reactions of their exemptions and requiring they have them again to enroll in school.

This will look like genocide. It will look like Rome. With medically fragile being thrown off a cliff. It will look like the eugenics laws in the US that allowed for 60,000 chronically and mentally ill to be sterilized before it became politically incorrect in 1940 to sterilize people against their will.

How has it come back in favor to not require willing and voluntary consent again? How long will it take for us to realize again this is inhumane? Why as humans wasn’t the first lesson enough?

We know that vaccines can result in autism. Which was the ruling in the case of Hannah Poling. Dr. Andrew Zimmerman used to testify in vaccine cases saying they don’t cause autism. Then when his colleagues daughter regressed into autism they set out to find what happened. And found that when a person with an underlying mitochondrial order was vaccinated they can regress into autism. How many people have genetic susceptibilities? I posted the CBS story. Yet it is still denied.

This plus Dr. William Thompson admitting the CDC lied about their autism findings.

Why are we not outraged? We are being lied to. They are saying it doesn’t cause it. Yet it results in it. That is the same thing. And the CDC whistleblower is saying he did find it caused it.

We have identified an equation where we know that a genetic abnormality combined with vaccines can cause autism. And there are other genetic susceptibilities being realized. Yet few in the medical community are acknowledging this. They could be doing testing prior. And they are not.

What will our children’s future look like with 40% intellectually disabled, 20% completely non-verbal, and more than 50% that exhibit aggressive behaviors?

What kind of a world will that be? What will the economy be like? Who will care for these people? Who will pay for their care? That kind of epidemic would crush any governments budget.

Do I want to live in the moment? Enjoy every day? Yeah. But I also what a country where my children can be happy and healthy and the future we are projected to leave them with is not this. Do I pray that this changes? Every day.

But I also write legislators and make phone calls and try to inform people as much as I can.

CA needs not be an example of what to do. But a red flag as to what can happen if we continue. School enrollment down. Special needs up to 1/8.

Our school systems are not equipped to handle this. They are up against a wall trying to handle a situation that goes beyond education.

People are still clinging to a promise that vaccines are a gift from God.

They are made my a corrupt industry, and regulated by a corrupt government.

What an industry. To have no liability. To be able to use fear to sell. To be able to use government to force everyone to have it. To be able to pay for legislation that benefits you. To be the most powerful lobbyist and corporation in the world. To be above the law and have to answer to no one.

They had already forecasted a substantial growth in adult vaccines by 2020. And they are fighting hard to reach those projections. How do you get adults on board to revaccinate? You either use fear to sell them or you mandate them.

I’m sick of pussy footing around this issue.

There are Jewish people being banned from public, religious rights dismissed, books being banned, censorship, medical exemptions being stripped and doctors being stripped of their ability to care for their patients.

And nobody wants to talk about it. Crickets. The only thing you are hearing about is measles mania.

The doctors that have come out vocally are being threatened.

This issue needs to be out in the open and addressed now. Or our kids and their kids won’t have a future, period.

Back to vaccines being a gift from God. I am pretty sure God wouldn’t be overly fond of us injecting our children with MRC-5 and WI-38.

I did it too. Before I knew what I know now.

I thought all the same things. “Safe and effective.”

Then I acknowledged a mountain of evidence contrary to everything we are being told.

And another mountain of evidence of all the corruption leading to the why. I’ve posted these. All credible sources. It’s not conspiracy. It’s not misinformation.

Jake likes to say “where there is smoke, there is fire.” At this point it’s an explosion with scientists going to jail for falsifying data, Merck in court for falsifying data, list of Congress accepting money, legislation being paid for, other governments banning, autism and chronic illness skyrocketing, Medical Journal editors saying science is bought and corrupt. There’s so much more even than this. It’s beyond denial at this point.

We need action.

All of the childhood diseases were on their way out prior to vaccination. Due to sanitation, nutrition and clean water. If we wanted to help the rest of the world we’d be doing that instead of vaccine campaigns.

Scarlet fever, TB and Typhoid declined in the same way and rate all the other child hood illnesses did, despite no widespread vaccination. Vaccines are given all the credit.

Why do we accept that the flu vaccine is a choice because it can be dangerous and ineffective but don’t for the others? We need to. Because that’s the truth. Look at the CNN article I posted. Efficacy fraud. These vaccines are failing. Primary vaccine failure. Secondary vaccine failure.

I’ve seen people post I’d rather my child have autism than measles. That is absurd. I would rather my children have a self-limiting infection, 99.9% of people survive, treated with vitamin A, than autism. A life long neurological disorder with no known cure that leave many unable to take care of themselves. It’s like they think measles equals death. Sure if that was the equation it would make sense. But that isn’t the equation. No one is dying of measles. 440 children have died from the MMR and there’s a Harvard study claiming that’s 1-10% of the actual since they are under reported and under associated. If the Harvard Pilgrim study is correct, that means 40,000 have died from the MMR compared to 400 that used to die from the measles prevaccine.

How will our future care for themselves? How can there be a society that can support half of its population requiring special needs? And when it continues to increase. The entire population. We are genetically modifying ourselves into extinction.

People are trying to normalize it. I understand the thought. Wanting acceptance. But accepting neurological deficits that disable a person from caring for oneself is accepting extinction.

I’m calling politicians and writing them.

What will you do?

This needs to be out in the open. This needs to be addressed. Now.

Enough is enough.

We need...

Americans for medical freedom.

Americans for returned liability to Pharma.

Americans for informed consent.

Americans for genetic testing.

Americans for religious rights.

Americans for separation of Pharma and State.

Americans for anti-corruption laws.

Americans for a country for the people not for corporations.

Not just antivaxxers. A derogatory term used to vilify a group of people with injured children asking for things that will benefit everyone.

If this remains Americans for Pharma against Americans for freedom, we are screwed.

That equation is helping no one, bettering nothing, creating fear and anger in the wrong places. Keeping us paralyzed and ineffective.

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