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Justice for George; A World Worth Living In

Black vs white.

Cops vs civilians.

Left vs right.

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated

Us vs them.

It’s a way to control the masses. By dividing them. By keeping them constantly fighting so they aren’t fighting who they should be. Those that are keeping them as freedomless captive commodities.

I want justice for George.

On my social media, I am friends with people that fall into each of the above categories, and they all want justice for George.

But the narrative quickly changed in the media.

We should all know by now, that the media stokes the flames of division. Stokes the flames of controversy. As the media is owned by those that keep us as captive commodities. By those that benefit most when we are focused on an enemy that is not them.

Let’s look at what is happening right now.

At first everyone was on the same side. Justice for George.

Then across the country peaceful protests were quickly turning violent and people were destroying businesses.

There were suspicious circumstances involved.

Pallets of bricks were being mysteriously left in places of protest.

People being arrested for violence were all from out of state.

Agitators caught on camera, throwing the first brick, breaking the first window, then sneaking off.

People reporting busses of agitators being dropped off.

We are seeing some of this reported on the news. But often times it’s only partial truths.

The news was making it seem like it was now the people that were trying to open their states as COVID curves had flattened, were now against those that wanted justice for George.

Now it was that if you want to save your small business from those destroying small businesses. You were racist.

Why was it you showed up to save your business, but didn’t show up to protest for George. Or if you did, it was to stop the looting and destruction.

First off, why would you rather believe that the people that were looting and destroying were there for George, then believe, that these agitators were sent in to do exactly what they were doing. Agitating. Provoking.

You had caught on video, people that were there for George catching these agitators in the act. And following them with cameras.

Then you had stand offs. Where it looked like it was people there for George against business owners. But what it was, was bussed in agitators against people there protecting their community.

Whats the narrative you get from the provoking media? That those people are “selfish” for protecting their businesses. “Selfish” for protecting their community. That it was those that were for opening when the curve was flat against those for justice for George.

What was happening to those who were trying to open their businesses before? Who were protesting the draconian Governor over reaches before? They were called “selfish” For wanting to infect people.

What are people that don’t want to vaccinate called? “Selfish”

What are people that don’t want to wear masks called? “Selfish”

What will people that don’t want immunity passports and the rushed to market shot be called? “Selfish”

It’s straight out of an Ayn Rand novel.

One news story in the "NY Post" titled "Armed Rednecks defend stores from looters amid George Floyd protests' only showed half a photo. It was a photo of two white men standing next to two black men. Armed and protecting their community against agitators. Together. The news story only showed the white men. And labeled them rednecks. Further fanning the flames. And instantly people turned it into people would show up for a hairdresser but not George.

COVID was destroying peoples small businesses. Keeping them locked down. I am friends with a lot of hairdressers and many are the sole providers for their families. How is it selfish to want to provide for your family? How is it selfish to fight for your family business that you sunk your life savings into? How is it selfish to want to protect your family? And your livelihood?

Well the fear of COVID was dying off. As it should. The virus had spread earlier and faster than we thought. Antibody studies out of Stanford were showing many people already had it. So they tried to change the narrative to the asymptomatic.

We are made up of trillions of viruses and bacteria. You are constantly an asymptomatic carrier as you are a living, walking, talking germ. The war on germs is absolutely illogical. But it’s profitable. Before it was the unvaccinated everyone feared. Now everyone fears everyone. So they lock you in your homes telling you that’s how to stay healthy. It’s a lie. Eating healthy, living healthy, strengthening your immune system, being with ones you love doing what you love is how you stay healthy.

Their you are “selfish” narrative if you don’t sacrifice those things is leading us to a future we don’t want.

Then they killed George Floyd. Or used his death and exploited it. Changed it into doing what they were already doing. Destroying businesses. Bussing agitators in. Leaving pallets of bricks in places of protests. It was a setup. An exploitation of a real “we are all in this together.”

Do you know why they are destroying small businesses? What is the end goal here?

During the housing market collapse, the Federal Reserve, a private bank, not a national one, bailed everyone out, and subsequently owned their homes. In this they bail the businesses out and they own your businesses. The families that own the media, and big corporations, now own your home and your business.

What will they hold hostage. If these businesses ever want to reopen they will be the ones used to enforce the “new normal.”

Even this negative term which comes with surveillance, mandates they tried to make about equality. They tried exploiting George’s death to rebrand their agenda.

These businesses will not be able to reopen unless they comply to making everyone wear masks as Governor Northam in Virginia is doing.

Our Mayor in Nashville, Tennessee seems to have forgotten overnight that he still hadn’t lifted his ban on gatherings of people, or that he still hadn’t allowed businesses to open as he called for a rally in his city. Despite seeing that agitators were being bussed in. And these protests were turning violent. And just like clockwork it turned violent. And now everyone is on lockdown, not from COVID but from a different kind of state of emergency.

Will we ever get our freedoms back? Be able to open businesses? We should immediately as COVID is obviously not a threat if the Mayor himself is calling for mass assembly in his city.

Fauci and the WHO initially said masks are of no use. Why? Because of the type of virus. My dad a cardiac nurse who’s floor was turned into a COVID floor overnight had to suit up before each shift. He had to shave his beard so his mask could tightly fit. And wear a shield over that. And those that couldn’t show that they could fasten their masks correctly had to suit up in suits that looked like hazmat. So you think your cloth mask is going to do much? Read the studies, not the news. What do the studies say?

What the law of masks is. Is a step. A step into the new normal. A step into using you as a tool for conformity.

Look to Mastercard that partnered with Gates to see the next step.

No one can work there unless they get his shot. He’s invested in every part of this.

These businesses that are being destroyed will be forced to conform or close.

Walmart and other chains were allowed to stay open all through out. While mom and pops took a beating. Because obviously social distancing only works at Walmart. Parks closed, beaches closed. Because only social distancing works at Walmart. Essential businesses. Basically big corporate businesses were allowed to stay open. Why?

Because it is easy to get a corporation to conform to new standards. It’s more difficult to get a small business. So you have to put them in a vice grip. Hold their ability to operate hostage. Hold their funding hostage.

And then next everyones ability to work, to travel, to go to school hostage to the profitable new normal.

George deserves justice. But his justice is not destroying peoples livelihoods. Destroying local businesses.

It is not the “new normal” they have added equality on to the end, like they add an unrelated agenda into a bill.

Rather than allowing the media to turn us on each other, we should come together and seek justice together. Turn off what the media is spewing. And I think that is what is really happening at these protests. Both sides standing together against agitators. Good cops kneeling together with protesters.

He deserves a world where we are no longer divided by those that profit from our division. Control us through our division. The justice George deserves is a world of peace. A world of freedom. Where we aren’t at war with each other. Where we are not a profitable commodity held hostage to ever growing mandates and expectations. A world where we don’t fear our neighbor. Or going outside. Where we do what we love. With who we love. Where it isn’t selfish to provide and protect your family. Where it isn’t selfish to fight for rights our country was built on. Where it isn’t selfish to go to Church. Where we “are all in this together” and “equality” aren’t a bastardized tagline, but a truth. Where the people that are trying to control us are the only enemy. As no man should be controlled by another.

That is the justice I hope for George.

That is the future I hope for this world.

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