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If I were President, "I'd Make America, America Again."

If I were President I’d “Make America, America Again.”

To see how to get back, or better yet move forward, we must see all the ways we diverged from her path.

America is hailed the world over as the beacon of freedom, land of the free, home of the brave. It’s not looking that way these days.

We used to fight through epidemics for freedom. We now cower in our homes, hemorrhaging it for a virus that undershot its projections by a mile.

Social distancing. Stay away from ones you love.

Banning. You can’t do what you love.

Education. So much for a fundamental right. But hey, at least you can play football. Our Governor signed an executive order allowing that but leaves us to our own devices when it comes to school closure. ‘Merica.

Essential. Non essential. An overnight caste system that turned us into the haves and the have nots. You can work you are essential. You can’t, so therefore you can’t provide for your family, you and your family aren’t essential. Holy Communist America overnight. It sounds more like The Hunger Games than real life. And while unemployment skyrocketed multiple articles surface showing America’s billionaires grow richer.

Closing our mom and pops, all our small businesses, the life blood of America while allowing China owned Wal-mart to stay open. While allowing fast food chains to remain open.

Allowing violent protests but not church.

Banning seeds, but not Home-Depot. Allowing Wal-mart but closing national parks.

And some Governor’s were worse in these overreaches than others.

Taking away everything that is America. Taking away everything that makes life worth living. To avoid dying. From a virus 99% survive.

Not exactly the America pilgrims risked everything for, to board a boat that few survived with little belongings, to start somewhere new where they could practice their religion freely and live outside the dictates of an authoritative ruler.

And yes I believe Native Americans were pushed unfairly out of their homes. So not exactly a stain free story. But the point is, it involved a lot of risk, a great leap of faith, and bravery. Something we have lost.

Now even religion isn’t allowed to be freely practiced anymore. Everything taken away under the guise of health. As our healthcare is transforming into something they call health security. As our public servants transform into public officials. Does that sound like we are moving towards freedom or away from it?

Oh and back to religious freedom, you are Amish and don’t believe in injecting toxic substances and known neurotoxins into your children? Sorry, even your Amish only schools must close. Prior to COVID. On the heels of the last health scare. Measles. When another 26,000 New York children were stripped of their religious freedom and forced out of school. Health scares more than health care, sure are good at getting Pharma agendas rolled through.

26,000 healthy children quarantined. Kicked out of school. Not allowed on playgrounds. Or in stores. Not because they were sick. Because they had the potential to become sick.

Now here we all are. Lepers. Asymptomatic. Oh you are healthy and not exhibiting symptoms? Surely you will spontaneously erupt into them at any moment. Fear!

Since we have the potential to become sick with COVID. We are all kicked out of society. New York last year was a testing ground for how much they could get away with. Can we quarantine healthy people with out repercussion? You betcha!

You are more likely to become sick if you haven’t taken care of yourself. If you eat a bad diet, smoke, don’t exercise. But that doesn’t matter. Besides your health isn’t your responsibility, it’s your neighbors responsibility to make you healthy.

Through years of propaganda, and being asleep at the wheel. America has become anything but home to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As those that rule say, we aren’t like the oppressive rulers your forefathers escaped. We care about you. That’s why we make rules you have to follow but we don’t. It’s for your own good. Now take this pill, watch the news, and go back to sleep.

But really the only difference is they don’t wear white wigs anymore.

What would I do? To make America, America again. I would first say, stop listening to the news. Stop giving them your eyeballs that equate to ratings that equate to more ad spend. They are propaganda peddlers for those that are steering us into a Country that looks like China where they are at the top and the rest of us live dog eat dog.

Then I would call to attention the fact that we are no longer a Republic.

The United States, and the world over, are an oligarchy. Where an elitist few, rule the rest.

The same families that own the media, that own D.C., that own Big Tech, that own Pharma, that own the regulating agencies, that own the WHO, that own the U.N. that own the Federal Reserve, that own the World Banks, own me, own you, through these forums.

The world is owned by greed. By a few families that own corporate interests, thought conflicts of interests and backroom deals that trade our freedom for their profit.

We are a Pharmocracy that is being led into a Technocracy.

If I were President I would remove these corporate interests, these conflicts of interests and backroom deals.

I would cap lobbyist spending, or I would get rid of them altogether as they are essentially bribers, paying for decisions to be made in D.C.

Pharma is the biggest spender on the block, and therefore has the most influence. They out lobby gas and oil 2:1. And there are twice as many lobbyists as there are politicians in D.C. So who is making decisions that effect your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? Pharma.

The observational study below, which analyzed publicly available data on campaign contributions and lobbying in the US from 1999 to 2018, found that the pharmaceutical and health product industry spent $4.7 billion, an average of $233 million per year, on lobbying the US federal government; $414 million on contributions to presidential and congressional electoral candidates, national party committees, and outside spending groups; and $877 million on contributions to state candidates and committees. Contributions were targeted at senior legislators in Congress involved in drafting health care laws and state committees that opposed or supported key referenda on drug pricing and regulation.

Kinda hard to see truth when they are being blinded by bribery. People can convince themselves of anything if it serves their purpose.

I would ban pharmaceutical ads as well. The US is one of the few countries that allows pharmaceutical companies to advertise prescription medicines directly to consumers through television, print and radio media.

According to a study published by researchers at Dartmouth College, total spending on marketing for condition awareness, health services, lab testing, and drugs ballooned from $17.7 billion annually in 1997 to almost $30 billion in 2016. The vast majority was spent by pharmaceutical companies on marketing prescription drugs—and the investment worked.

In 1997, drug companies spent roughly $17.1 billion on marketing for prescription drugs and any health conditions that may be associated with them. (A relatively paltry $600 million was spent to market condition awareness, health services, and lab testing.) By 2016, that figure was $26.9 billion. Simultaneously, total US spending on prescription drugs skyrocketed from $116.4 billion to $329 billion.

Outside of election years Pharma accounts for 80% of media ad budgets.

So who owns the media? Pharma. Not just owned by ad money, the owners themselves are the same.

Additionally, I would cut out conflicts of interest in our regulatory agencies.

A FOIA request by CrossFit showed the CDC and FDA to be half funded by the agencies they are supposed to govern. We had the DEA looking the other way in the Opioid crisis. We have the EPA still saying glyphosate is safe despite other countries banning it. We have a problem in America where our government has become more an extension of corporations than representative of the interests of the people.

I would overhaul these agencies and build them from the ground up with transparency and devoid of dangerous conflicts of interest. With no ability for the agencies to be funded by the industries they are supposed to govern.

I would remove the ability for politicians to negotiate in issues to bills that are far removed from the intent of the bill. Now we even have teachers unions following this dangerous lead and demanding that the police be defunded or they won’t go back to school.

I would foster patriotism again. Japan makes more decisions for their people than for corporations. They are the first to discontinue products and policies that are harmful. I believe this to be because they have national pride. They want to be the best. The strongest. The brightest. We have lost that in America.

And we do not protect the real most vulnerable. Those that have just started living. Those that have a full life ahead of them. We in America, protect corporate interests instead. I think a lot of the above would help eliminate the culture of corporate interests so we could go back to what matters most. Building a strong country with a sense of pride in who we are. Striving to be the best people, the best country, one country under God, indivisible.

I would promote patriotism against globalism. As having separate countries is like the checks and balances within our own country. It provides options. Escape if necessary. Because we have history to show us how possible tyranny is. Heck, we have COVID to show us that.

I would create laws against monopolies. Where a select few could not outright own everything. Like our local healthcare system which merged and is now one. Leaving us no options or choices.

Options and choices are what help to perpetuate a free market.

I would make a system for medicine to have consumer ratings just like all other products. This way consumer voice isn’t silenced like it is in only this industry. But it is used to guide buying decisions in conjunction with your doctor recommendation. So you can take these reviews and ratings to your doctor and have an open discussion rather than the authoritarian here is my recommendation, I am the ultimate authority on your health.

You are smart and you know your body best, you are intelligent enough to buy every other product on the market using consumer experience as your guide. You can be an equal part in the discussion of your health. Transparency.

I would put other types of medical philosophy experts in health policy appointed positions. Not just modern medicine which is heavily bound to Pharma.

I would create a transparent regulatory industry to guide Big Tech. Social media has become a domineering communist enterprise. Censoring topics that effect their owners investments. How is it that they can censor doctors discussing medicine and they censor hashtag #savethechildren, but they don’t censor pedophiles. They are the wild west. Censoring whatever their owners agenda dictates.

Censorship is the end of democracy and is guaranteed to end in tyranny. -RFK

I would create laws against monopolies. Where a select few could not outright own everything. Like our local healthcare system which merged and is now one. Leaving us no options or choices.

Options and choices are what help to perpetuate a free market.

I would encourage more checks and balances when it comes to state emergencies. As we have seen Governor’s continue to extend their emergency authority is dangerous. We should establish more checks and balances. Like the people can call an emergency legislative session. Or the representatives. When we make it so only the Governor can, will he really call one on himself? Not likely.

I would make laws against shuttering small businesses while chains remain open. Right to work state, right to operate state, right to make money and provide state.

I would protect the second amendment, as the second protects all others. I would make it treason to dismantle the Constitution. As the principles within are what protect our freedom. And they are being overlooked.

I would make it so the Health Department and unelected bodies cannot act as if they are elected bodies. It should be illegal for them to be issuing mandates. They are advisors, not lawmakers.

I would protect the dollar and physical American currency. As I believe another aspect of this transition is to lead us into a cashless society. A dangerous premise, as what happens if you do not comply. It's not just work, education, travel that is held hostage but could be access to your bank account.

I would return liability to the Pharmaceutical industry for our childrens CDC recommended (mandated) schedule.  In 1986, after a four-year campaign by the pharmaceutical industry, Congress passed the National Childhood V Injury Act. It gave liability protection to v makers, medical professionals, and government agencies – anyone involved in v – for any death or injury that resulted from a shot.

It is now paid with an excise tax, meaning liability is not felt in the way it was intended. To ensure a safe product is not the market. At that time, the CDC schedule had recommended 24 doses for children, starting at 2 months of age to 18 years of age. From 1963-1988, the schedule remained at either 24 or 25 doses; and industry revenues at the time were about $750 million per year.


Suddenly, though, Big Pharma saw that it had a product line for which they could not be sued, and that governments marketed for them via school mandates and by insurance incentives to pediatricians. They began pouring research and development dollars into new, less-necessary, and riskier v.

Almost thirty years later, after adding just a few v doses to the schedule every year, the CDC's childhood schedule has grown from 24 doses to 70 doses (at a minimum). If you had a baby today, and v him according to the current schedule, that baby would receive more doses of v by the time he was six months old than most Baby Boomers received by the time they went to college.

The global v market is expected to reach total revenues of 59.2 billion USD by 2020. This is nearly double the size of the market in 2014 ($32.2 billion), according to a survey from Zion Market Research. By 2020, the total market size for v in the United States will generate $18 billion.

An increase in infectious diseases worldwide, including influenza, swine flu, hepatitis, tuberculosis, diphtheria, Ebola and meningococcal and pneumococcal diseases, is one of the main drivers of market growth. And now COVID which didn’t exist at the time of this report.

Why would we be seeing a resurgence a growth in things we v for?

CA has kicked out the unv and they still have outbreaks in 100% populations. See herd effect. See non responders. See what happens when you remove an industry of liability. Then have no incentive to innovate or make safe. See we shouldn’t be kicking kids out of school for an imperfect product that can’t guarantee it won’t harm you and that’s why it is liability free. That was ruled “unavoidably unsafe” not the safe and effective tagline they tout. Amazing they have immunity when they can’t even guarantee it.

Both the pediatric and adult v market in the United States is expected to grow during the 2014-2024 time period. The adult v market is projected to reach $11.7 billion by 2024, up from $4.4 billion in 2014. Likewise, the pediatric v market will show similar growth, rising to $13.8 billion in 2024 from $6.1 billion in 2014.

How do they grow an adult market when most adults haven’t wanted or had any in decades? In the same way they get everyone to the doctor’s office in mass.

Fear, pandemic, you are looking at it. You are in it. Create problem offer the solution. Set up an infrastructure for adult mandates. Mandate one. Then mandate many.

Then mandate your other investments that ensure people are complying. Like an immunity passport. Then make it so no one can shop, eat, work, live, learn, travel unless they have paid for your investments.

I would demand that this industry reclassify this product so they aren’t classified as biologics which allows them to shortcut testing other pharmaceutical products go through. Zantac for instance doesn’t go through the shortcut process and was on the market for decades and was just found it to cause cancer.

These don’t even go through the gold standard of safety testing. Double blind placebo testing against an insert saline placebo. Due to the classification, they can be tested against other shots. Proving not that they are safe, only that they are equally unavoidable unsafe to other unsafe products on the market that went through similar short cuts.

I would conduct a massive study to test unv children vs. v children and see who is healthier. Preliminary studies have shown that the unv children are. They have less asthma, less allergies, less chronic illness, less adhd.

No more handling an industry that has been accused of fraud and felony charges multiple times with kid gloves. Time for them to operate like the rest of the free market.

I would make it so science cannot be sponsored by those invested in the outcomes.

Initially after 1911, those that founded the industry blocked funding to schools that wouldn’t exclusively teach their philosophy. Now they write the text books. Own the education, own the science, own the people.

They grew and they grew. Their medicines led to more medicines but never health. The overuse of antibiotics leading to resistance. The overuse of immune provoking injections leading to immune disease, that people turn around and pay the same companies for their medicine. Diabetes, asthma, lupus, RA, allergies, Cancer, autism, adhd etc.

Billions on the front end, billions on the back end. Captive commodities.

The same few that own social media. The same few that own the media. Censor topics that go against their profit streams.

The Pharma-political-media profitable cycle.

They take our tax money, usher it into their investments, turn around and pay the politicians to mandate them, pay the media to silence objections and voila. We are slaves to their system.

It wasn’t enough. Their greed is endless. With some of us walking away they needed a way to suck us back in for good.

Here we are.

Now we are looking at masks forever, distancing forever, making our lives so uncomfortable we submit to this new system.

It was our kids at first. Couldn’t go to school unless they got more and more.

Now it’s everyone. Can’t work, can’t travel, can’t go to a baseball game until we can prove our immunity or that we’ve had their product. It’s a slave system. It just looks different.

If we want America to be great. First we need to make America, America again.

Land of the free, home of the brave. Not land of the lobbyists, home to corporate interests. For the people, by the people. Not for the corporations, by the corrupt politicians.

As I’m not President. Nor do I really foresee there being one that will do everything I mentioned above. We may have no choice but 1776.

The answer to 1984, is 1776. Look around. It doesn’t get anymore 1984 than it is now. Well I suppose that’s not true. As they usher in the COVIPASS and GAVI’s Trust Stamp. It is about to get a lot more 1984, unless we 1776.

But it isn’t red vs blue like they want it to be. The civil war they are steering us towards against each other is just a distraction that keeps us looking at each

other and away from the oppressors. As this is a world issue. A world coup. The real resistance must be against the 1% ushering us into their profitable but freedom less future.

I’m not sure the America that gives away freedom so easily is an America that will fight for it.

Are we, are you?

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Ronald Reagan

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