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The problem is lazy parenting. Or is it?

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

I read this post written by a young teacher who was leaving her profession and said it was NOT because children have changed. But that parents have become lazy. That we are all tied to technology. With our faces stuck in our phones. And we use technology to babysit our kids.

I will admit that there is some truth in this. I do think technology can be a problem. But it is not THE problem.

She is missing the bigger picture.

Children HAVE changed.

54% of our children have chronic illness up from 12.8% in the 80s.

In 1983 autism was 1/10,000.

By 2008 it was 1/150.

Now it is 1/59.

That means we are adding nearly 68,000 autistic children to the US population annually.

And it is estimated by 2025 it will be 1/2. Half. In six years 2 million out of 4 million born in the US will develop autism.

One in five children in the U.S. have learning and attention issues such as dyslexia and ADHD, but as noted in the new State of Learning Disabilities: Understanding the 1 in 5 (, 48 percent of parents believe incorrectly that children will outgrow these brain-based difficulties.

Back to parenting. I grew up in the 80s and 90s. I was outside playing from sunrise until the lights came on. I was riding my bike to the corner store. Playing with friends.

My parents are wonderful parents. And they would kick the 4 of us outside to play.

I do the same thing with my kids.

My mom could’ve been doing laundry, watching soaps, cooking dinner. I don’t know. Or playing on her iPhone. It didn’t matter what she was doing. It wasn’t called lazy parenting.

Parenting is changing because our kids are afflicted with chronic illness and learning disabilities. With some so severe they can’t take care of themselves. These kids have aggression issues. Sensory issues. Have neurological reactions to food dyes.

We can’t just spank the neurological disorders out of them.

We can limit technology. Limit the foods that they react to. And those things help.

But we need to get to the root of the problem if we are to have a future of children that can function properly.

Teachers are expected to teach a group of neurologically challenged children using the same criteria we had prior to these afflictions. It’s no wonder they are leaving. But this cannot be blamed on lazy parenting. That is not the root cause.

We are normalizing what was once not normal. Now seizures are an acceptable reaction. Now autism should be accepted. Now kids are sick all the time because their immune systems have been hacked.

That is not normal.

To normalize these things is to lower our standards for the future. To accept these things is to accept a generation that can’t care for themselves. To accept our infant mortality to continue to rise. To accept our country to be the bottom of the industrialized nations for health and education.

We will have to continue to change and lower our standards. How will we have an army when none of the children nowadays could adhere to the health standards since they all have chronic illness? Or mental deficits?

If we don’t address these now we will not just have a generation that can’t care for itself. Fight for itself.

We will have a country.

We are weakening ourselves to a point that has never been seen before.

My generations age is peaking at 27.

When will our children’s?

I’ve written how we have identified a cause of autism. A cause of chronic illness. A cause of increased infant mortality. A cause of neurological deficits. A cause of cancer. One thing that can cause all of these. Are there others? Yes. But this has been proven to cause all of these things that are making us lower our standards and genetically modify ourselves out of existence.

And our government is now stripping us of our rights to decline it.

What now?

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