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Healthy People Lead to a Healthy Society; Why don't leaders adopt the best philosophies

My most recent Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology class was on genetics, viruses and DNA.

Regarding hereditary material passed down and the historical evolution of this science.

It was once believed that a woman was merely the vessel and all inherited genes came from the father.

Then it was acknowledged that genetics were inherited from both parents.

And now there is a study of how viruses can alter genetics.

How genetics may not be just alterable vertically and inherited. But can be horizontal and passed from person-to-person.

We know that there are certain genetic predispositions that predispose people to certain conditions. And that an environmental trigger can activate these predispositions.

Anything that can alter the state of an individual can turn on a genetic predisposition. Anything that can put the individual in a state of dis-ease. Can turn on disease.

Trauma, grief, illness, drugs, medicine, injections.

One of the biggest illusions that has been sold to people is that Pharmaceutical drugs are benign. That a side effect is less harmful because it isn’t the intended effect. A side effect isn’t on the side. It is THE effect a drug has on your body. It just isn’t the marketed effect.

But it can turn on dis-ease.

And as each person is genetically unique. The effects vary just as much as people do.

And any of these triggers can turn on a gene.

Say for instance a father who is predisposed to chronic bronchitis. May have a son with this inherited trait. A lung weakness. And something in our environment has not only been turning on these traits. But enhancing them. Strengthening these genetic weaknesses generation to generation. So the son develops a deeper ailment of the lungs. Asthma. As is the case in our family. (Which we have addressed through a healing philosophy that can heal genetic predispositions. Homeopathy. Ask me about this)

And what we are seeing in most people in industrialized nations is genetic predispositions strengthening.

Immune issues went from 12% in the 80s in the US. To effecting 54% of Americans now. Are we getting healthier? No. We have traded benign childhood illnesses for chronic disease.

Why with such great modern medicine are chronic ailments strengthening generation to generation instead of weakening?

My argument is that we have meddled too much in a science we do not fully understand. We overestimate our ability to treat, while underestimating our body to do its job.

Humans are complex dynamic systems. With millions of parts and interactions between parts. Yet we treat them as simple complex systems. Lots of parts but few interactions between parts. We treat the lungs separate from the heart. The brain separate from the gut. Yet they are interconnected.

It was discovered that by blocking histamine production in the gut through histamine blockers like Zantac it can also block histamine production in the brain. And that elderly exhibiting signs of dementia should be checked to ensure they aren’t on a histamine blocker. As it might not be dementia at all. But a result of blocking histamine production in the brain which they don't fully understand the link. And could be as simple as getting off of a prescription.

Complex systems. That modern medicine is only scratching the surface of understanding.

Fever actually has a beneficial result. It is your body’s natural response to infection. And that to bake out a bacterial infection the fever has to get quite high to do its job. Yet modern medicine wrongly tells us to use suppressive fever reducers. And after years of blocking a body from doing its job, we have found that it no longer knows how. Fevers are one of the first things we homeopaths look at as an indicator of health. People wrongly think that they haven’t had a fever in years means they are healthy. It may mean they are suffering from a more chronic condition. There is an immune disease where children no longer amount fever. And they suffer greatly for it.

Fever has a purifying effect. It purifies your cells of diseased cells. It has been found that children who had measles naturally were less likely to develop cancer and that the measles virus can actually destroy cancer cells.

Some viruses are actually good for us. They are a work out for our immune system. They are purifying. Imagine being 90-years-old and never going to the gym then all of a sudden thinking you can lift 200 pounds. That is like never experiencing benign childhood illness and then thinking your body has the ability to tackle disease.

Luis P. Villarreal in 1997 published “The Viruses that Make Us” virus and virus like symptoms may be contributing in a most profound way to evolution of their hosts health.

Metagenomics is the study of a collection of genetic material (genomes) from a mixed community of organisms. Metagenomics usually refers to the study of microbial communities.

You are actually only 10% human. As you are made up of a virome and microbiome. Millions of bacteria and viruses. A complex ecosystem of living organisms. Or another way to look at it is. Viruses and bacteria are human as they are apart of your organism, your complex dynamic system.

A war on bacteria and viruses is essentially a war on the living.

Another misconception is that we get rid of bacteria and viruses with our methods. Picture a pie chart. We use a shot or a medicine to demote a strain. What happens? Another variant or strain fills the void. Same in our microbiome. We don't get rid of gut bacteria. We change it with medicine. Sometimes with ill-effects. Imbalance. Sometimes the gut bacteria we traded is for a more harmful resistant strain. Hence antibiotic resistance. We have trained the bacteria. To our detriment.

It is why a lot of us believe that terrain theory is the superior health philosophy.

Germ theory is the opposite, but it is what public health subscribes to. Killing, blocking, masking, injecting, ridding your environment of viruses and bacteria is unrealistic. As you are a living breathing germ. If you are not healthy. If you do not focus on lifestyle, diet, exercise, limiting your risk factors you can fall ill to any pathogen that comes along. What is it that allows a pathogen to effect some? But not others? Is that not where the real focus should be? Is it really the fault of the pathogen? Or is it that the host was weak?

One-sized fits all medicine is failing medicine. It is short-sighted. It is an inferior philosophy as it leaves out much of the health conversation.

Terrain theory is lifestyle, diet, exercise and limiting your risk factors. It is creating a balance in your complex dynamic ecosystem. Not destroying, killing, calling out, differentiating good or bad, but balance.

Balance takes work. It takes daily commitments. It takes good decisions.

In 2006, Retrovirolgy was in the spotlight. 8-9% of the humane genome are viral origin. Retroviral legacies amount to half of our DNA. Viral genes that become our own genes.

In 2009, it was purported that we don’t just pass on genes but expressions of genes. Gut bacteria and genetic expression.

It was discovered after WWII starvation that the next generation and the generation after that was effected. Humans were trained to conserve energy. And therefore when food became abundant again the next generation was more prone to diabetes and obesity.

The NIH believed to be involved with the funding of gain of function research although they are having trouble admitting by definition what they were complicit in funding was gain of function research. Has known since 2007 when they started the Human Genome Project about everything I discussed above.

They know that viruses can beneficially evolve the human genome. They know that injections and other environmental factors can negatively evolve the human genome. They know that genetic material isn’t just passed vertically but horizontally. They know about epigenetics and that trauma can be passed down generation to generation. They know about terrain theory and germ theory.

Now ask yourself this question. Why then would they have made the decisions they have surrounding public health?

And I would take it a step further.

I can’t help but learn about these sciences and reflect on how our complex dynamic microbiomes and viromes which make up who we are. Which if in balance can contribute to a healthy person. Are just like the people on the planet that when living in harmony contribute to a healthy society.

Then why do they label some good and some bad? Why do they divide instead of foster balance?

It makes sense that those who use this health philosophy use this philosophy with people. With everything. They are not who should be leading health. Or public philosophy. As they know what they are doing. And they are doing it with intent. Because it isn’t about health. Or the person. Or the society.

Guns are the same issue. Is it the gun? No. Just like it wasn't the pathogen. Race divisions. Class divisions. The same. No matter the issue. Pointing out the differences. Blocking. Masking. Labeling. Dividing. Will never work. Working hard. Teaching personal responsibility. Creating a healthy society. Addressing imbalances.

And those in control know this.

But they don't want a healthy society. In any regard. Division is useful. Imbalance is useful. Sickness is useful. It is about money and control.

And a sick, divided population is profitable and compliant.

Are you ready to have that conversation? Are you ready to change it?

Ask me how you can get involved.

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