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Health and Safety, or Freedom? – Is that really the choice?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Right now in the United States we are in a precarious place for democracy. We currently have rights being taken away and freedoms removed. When I was growing up we looked upon freedom fighters like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks as heroes.

Beata Gajdyzik commented on my blog that “democracy always collapses and is followed by a dictatorship. That the average of the world’s great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. And that our time is up. These nations have progressed in the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith,

From spiritual faith to great courage,

From courage to liberty,

From liberty to abundance,

From abundance to selfishness,

From selfishness to complacency,

From complacency to apathy,

From apathy to dependency,

From dependency back again to bondage.”

Wow. Think about that for a minute. Where would you say we are in that sequence?

Two weeks ago a story ran on Buffalo WKBW news that East Aurora Schools would be ending transportation for unvaccinated students. That they would be segregating the unvaccinated children.

Where are we as a society if we have circled back to allowing segregation?

Currently, ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Washington Post’, ‘USA Today’, ‘Newsweek’ headlines are all reading more like ‘The National Enquirer’ than mainstream news.

Just in the last few weeks we’ve had:

-Mother Teresa’s charity sex trafficking children

-The Pentagon Weaponizing Ticks with Lyme Disease

-Jeffrey Epstein not only accused of running a pedophilia ring but also eugenics

Things that we have been told our whole lives are conspiracy theories are actually coming to light as truth.

We are told that conspiracy theorists are basement dwelling, tinfoil hat wearing, Timothy McVeigh types. However, when I look around to see who the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are today. It doesn’t look like that at all.

It’s me. The “A” student from high-school, blonde and pretty, dated the quarter back, got into a top private university, two sport captain. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, I’m trying to show that perhaps mainstream isn’t mainstream anymore. Or that conspiracy theory isn’t theory at all, it’s truth.

I look around at my friends that share in my beliefs and they are also not who you think. Not all of them are out of the closet because it’s an uncomfortable and dangerous place to be. But we aren’t tinfoil hat wearing basement dwellers. We are average Americans.

It’s the pharmaceutical sales rep that developed MS.

It’s the Nurse Practitioner that recently had a baby.

It’s the social worker, married to a lawyer whose son regressed into autism.

It’s the health blogger, type A, Pinterest perfect momma.

It’s the Emmy Award-winning former producer from the talk show The Doctors.

It’s the kindergarten and bible schoolteacher.

It’s me, former marketing maven turned stay-at-home mom.

It’s Jessica Biel, RFK Jr. and Rob Schneider.

I’m not saying they all subscribe to every belief that used to only belong to the outliers. But there is definitely an overlap.

Why is it that now, the stories that used to be conspiracy are mainstream news? And the beliefs that used to be held only by conspiracy theorists are now held by the prototypical American?

A lot of us knew about the things that are hitting mainstream news before they hit mainstream news.

I was writing about the dangers of glyphosate before there were ever any court cases. Why?

It’s not that I have a crystal ball. Or can predict the future. It is solely that I saw a piece of the puzzle and I looked for the rest. I caught a glimpse behind the curtain and I have an inquisitive mind that needed answers. It’s that we saw one thing that was contradictory to what we have always been told, and it led us to question everything.

My piece of the puzzle was one from the health industry. Our kids were constantly sick and I knew that wasn’t normal like I was being told nor was I just going to accept it. I want them to be healthy. And if their doctor wasn’t going to help find, I needed to find it for myself. All of the shortcomings of the current allopathic focused medical industry led me to seek out alternative answers.

Which encompassed learning why the medical industry doesn’t readily deliver health. I learned the history. I learned that because it is bound to the pharmaceutical industry, a company that profits most when we are sick, it had slowly eroded trust and health outcomes. It led me to the antivax world. I hate the term. It is a derogatory, slang term with intentional negative connotations used to fuel hate, in order to control the message and vilify and discredit the associated person and information.

The vast majority of antivaxxers are really just ex vaxxers that did what they were told and paid the consequences with their child’s health. The majority of mainstream folks that haven’t had to deal with this issue directly, would like to think that the sacrificial lambs are less than 1%. But that is not the truth.

The truth is that vaccinations are neither as safe nor as effective as we’ve been told. And that injecting our babies with 72 doses of known neurotoxins by the time they are 18 is the biggest scam known to man. That injecting toxins cannot ultimately deliver health. That it ultimately erodes it. And it isn’t a matter of if. It’s a matter of when. Some have a higher threshold. But the damage is being done, whether you see it or not.

When asked for the studies that prove they are safe and effective they appeal to authority instead. Because your doctor says so, because the CDC says so. Because the studies that did say so, ended up with whistleblowers like Dr. William Thompson and Dr. Andrew Zimmerman and the scientists that took their employer, Merck to court for falsifying data.

It was found by a Harvard Pilgrim study that only 1% of vaccine adverse reactions are reported. Why? Because it’s a voluntary system and doctors are taught to deny the association.

This isn’t what sent most of us looking for answers from this industry.

Most ex-vaxxers have injured children. And most people unless it’s an immediate reaction don’t know that their child’s illness is actually vaccine damage.

The parents of children with autism know. Because most had a neurotypical, normally developing child and then poof, gone. These parents know more than most doctors on this subject because they are in the trenches trying to recover what vaccines stole from them. Their normal child.

I find it so horrific that we do not believe these parents. That the media and our government have told us not to. And we complied.

My friend’s son regressed into autism following his 17-month shots. My son is two weeks younger than hers. They had all the same issues as babies. They were on Zantac for gastrointestinal issues, excessive spitting up, but I was luckier than her. Because at 17-months my son did not regress into autism.

Instead my son had his first asthma attack and was hospitalized for it and was put on a nebulizer daily for a few years. But that pales in comparison. He also developed sensory issues, where wearing socks and shoes became an issue, food couldn’t touch on his plate, and food dyes all of a sudden put him into violent tantrums. Most people wouldn’t connect that to a vaccine injury. But because my friend’s son regressed into autism and I believe her it was the vaccines, I looked further into it. I didn’t immediately become an ex-vaxxer. It took years. Years of research. And then having my daughter develop even worse issues. Including a bacterial lung infection from the pneumonoccocal vaccine, motor tics and an immune disorder.

But this article isn’t intended to be just about vaccines. It is intended to show how mainstream people have become what would’ve been considered conspiracy theorists and outliers.

The level of corruption in our country is so high that it is no longer behind the curtain. It is spilling out into the open, for everyone to see. It is filling in the puzzle pieces we have known have existed as soon as we started looking for answers.

An industry that claims to be about health, yet profits most when you are sick, and is guilty of nefarious things including a Doctor Hit list are just one part of the corruption problems in our country. One of the biggest things, since they are the ones currently removing rights and segregating buses.

But not the only. The EPA still saying glyphosate is safe. The DEA looking the other way on the opioid crisis. They are all one in the same. An epidemic of corruption.

There needs to be change from the top.

Currently they are deflecting blame. Shifting responsibility.

In the opioid crisis they blame the addict yet take no responsibility for continually putting the pill in his hand.

They blame the antivaxxer yet take no responsibility for delivering the shot that took their child.

They blame the immigrant yet take no responsibility for the reprehensible treatment they are doling out.

Don’t feel sorry for these outliers, they are the problem.

Take away their rights.

In California they are removing the ability of a doctor to protect their patient from the very thing that hurt them in the first place. They are removing medical exemptions.

In New York they removed religious exemptions.

And this is resulting in an exodus from those states.

The country wants change and they think the change is red to blue and blue to red, but no change comes from such a seesaw because the underlying issues remain the same. The United States is no longer for the people by the people, but has become for corporations by politicians. That fact does not change in a duopoly. The same players are at the top pulling the strings, reaping the benefits.

Outwardly it appears it has changed. But what has happened is a flip-flop. Back and forth back and forth. We’ve gone back and forth so long we forgot what forward looks like. We forgot that maybe there is a forward. We think we only have two choices because we haven’t demanded more.

What changes in a flip flop from red to blue is the enemy. The enemy is never the capitol. Are never the ones at the top pulling the strings. Is never the institution that holds your freedom just out of reach?

When a Democrat is in, the enemy is Russia. The enemy is the Republican.

When a Republican is in, the enemy is the immigrant. The enemy is the Democrat.

Both can make the antivaxxer the enemy because it is a very profitable position. Yahoo Finance ran an article called “Big Pharma has bought Congress” and listed mostly democrats, but there were republicans on there too. Showing that it isn’t entirely a bipartisan issue, both affiliations can be bought.

What we are given is a limited choice. Which freedom do you want? Which safety do you want? You can’t have both they tell us.

You can’t be safe and free.

You must give up some of your freedom.

In this upcoming election we have some choices to make. Who are we going to sacrifice?

Do we vote Republican and sacrifice the immigrant. Have ICE raids, border camps. Segregate immigrants from the rest of us.

Do we vote Democrat and sacrifice the antivaxxer? Have health officers showing up at your door, CPS showing up to claim your children if you don’t comply as New York has threatened. Go back to segregation on buses. Put the antivaxxers in the camps instead.

How can those be our choices?

Choose removal of rights from immigrants or removal of rights from people with vaccine-injured children?

I know these are only a few of the issues. But they are big ones. Human rights issues.

I will choose Republican. Not because I identify as one. But because I have more to lose if I don’t.

I want the system to change. I want ranked voting. Ranked issues. Remove the obstacles in place that only allow for a seesaw and not an independent.

I don’t want to vote based off of which scenario will I lose more rights.

I don’t want a duopoly that trades one human right for another. I want human rights. I want the country that was built on freedom to deliver freedom. I want the country that was built on immigrants fleeing a tyrannical government to allow immigrants. I do believe they should be documented.

But I don’t believe they should be in camps. I don’t believe they are as much of a threat as they are perceived to be. They are stealing our jobs. Oh really? Cape Cod has a shortage of summer workers because no one wants the jobs they were occupying.

I don’t believe the anitvaxxer is the threat they are perceived to be. Every year the infections are found to be imported. Address the issues that created the antivaxxer in the first place and you wouldn’t be making so many of them. Make a shot that is more effective and safer, split them back up, remove toxic ingredients, make them organic, test for genetic susceptibilities.

Wrangle in the out of control industry that has created such a world-wide borderless chasm of trust that you have Pakistan shooting vaccinators because they gave their children HIV with dirty vaccines. Dengue fever vaccine killing hundreds of children in the Philippines. Samoa nurses going to jail for killing two babies with vaccines. Pentavax estimated to have killed thousands. Ireland setting up clinics for all the girls injured by Gardasil. Mothers refusing Ebola vaccines because they believe it will kill their children. India kicking the Gates Foundation out for causing more harm than good.

That is not the fault of the antivaxxer. That is what created the antivaxxer. That is the fault of an industry that has created so much worldwide distrust, through death and lies that they are in a position that they have no choice but force. Or they could go back and try and build trust honestly? But that would cut into profits. Nah. Use politicians to strip freedoms

We need to return liability. Remove conflicts of interests. Put our government and their corporate interests under the microscope. Give them a very short leash. Reign them back in. Make them earn our trust back. Make them realize if they don’t we will force our own change.

We need to demand better choices. We need to demand our freedom be left in tact.

If our democracy has outlived its duration we must demand better from the next sequence. I don’t want to accept the options they are giving us.

I don’t want a government that thinks they can blatantly disregard our health out in the open and get away with it. That they can remove our rights. And get away with it. That they can censor us and dismiss the first amendment. That they can dismiss the Nuremburg Code and bodily autonomy and medical freedom and mandate us to inject our children with DNA altering substances. That they can revoke the second amendment and take away our ability to defend ourselves.

They have not proven to us that they are worthy of such trust. In fact they have proven just the opposite.

In a time where the news reads like the Enquirer and former conspiracy theories are becoming true and mainstream people like me are the truth tellers they would like to write off as outliers, we need to do some serious question asking.

As soon as the measles outbreak stopped we have a multi-state Hep A outbreak with Florida declaring a State of Emergency. Uh huh. It was forecasted in February’s ACIP meeting. Here comes our latest campaign. Go from measles will kill you to Hep A will kill you. Run out and get your vaccine.

They have hundreds in the pipeline including a cold vaccine. It will become just as measles was. A benign childhood infection turned deadly disease. Just as chicken pox is becoming. A right of passage turned instant claimer of death that isn’t actually killing anyone. It is the government making money off of you through the Pharmaceutical industry. And now they are removing your rights to decline them.

All of a sudden we are having shootings again. What a nice hiatus that was. Just like wars have been theorized to be started over oil under the guise of a dispute. Just like wars have been theorized to create a conflict for an incumbent President to solve. These shootings have been theorized to create a platform for a party to run on. A way to revoke yet another one of our constitutional rights.

Maybe this one is harder for people to grasp. But look at all they have shown us so far. Is it, really?

Look at the current headlines. Conspiracy theories turned real life might as well be the tagline for 2019. Fiction turned fact.

I think they got too greedy. They got too desperate. They let us see behind the curtain too many times. Now when they try to tell us what we saw with our own eyes isn’t true, we no longer believe them.

Do not fall for the tools of persuasion. The appeals to authority. The law of frequency. If you are told something enough times by a governing authority you hold it as truth and then repeat it as truth. Look to see if it is actually true before you are used as a propaganda mouthpiece perpetuating their narrative.

Why now are they coming for all of our rights head on and full force? Is it because time is up on our democracy? They are losing their control and now they are forcing it?

Medical freedom, bodily autonomy, Nuremburg Code, parental consent, freedom of speech, censorship, removal of our rights to decline an unregulated and unliable product, our right to protection.

Michael Sussman the lawyer fighting for religious rights in New York recently posted his views on gun regulation and saying its time to amend that right.

I replied, “Both forcing a child to be immunized and removing the right to own a gun are one in the same. They are both a removal of freedom. One is a removal of medical freedom. Dismissing bodily autonomy and the Nuremburg Code and the latter is the protection one has for their family if the first one comes to force. Both are over reaches our constitution was put in place to protect against.

Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

And I’m not saying Reagan was the ultimate freedom fighter. Really he set us up for this removal of rights by removing a big player of their liability.

We are in a precarious state of freedom and rights removal in this country. And if necessary we may need to fight to retain them if attorneys in court are unable to do so on our behalf.

This might sound dramatic. But what is happening in our country right now, is dramatic. If the next stage in our democracy is bondage, I don’t want any part of it.

I will evoke my second amendment right if it comes down to it. And the more forced compliance, segregation, censorship, and displacement that continues. The more likely that outcome is looking.

If the political seesaw, the duopoly pendulum is currently taking freedom and rights our country was built on, what next?

I say reformation. It’s time for a big change. It’s time for us to drain the swamp. How did we ever think it would do so itself. This is no longer a blue or red issue. This is a human issue. It’s not even an American issue any more. It’s a world issue. When America goes from the world hero to the world bully, and is a place we are looking for an escape plan from, not too. We have a big problem. One the puppeteers at the top don’t want us to fix because it involves pulling the curtain so far back we see all the players. Then making those players face the music.

So is it that the girl next door, the all A student, the soccer mom, the lawyer, the social worker, the bible school teacher, the stay at home mom, the nurse practitioner, the radiologist, the pharmaceutical sales rep are all just outliers in disguise as mainstreamers? Or is it that the corruption has gotten so deep that it’s spilling over for the entire world to see?

And if we are the truth tellers. What will you do to help?

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