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Heal your Genes, Heal the Future

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Healing Your Genes Today, Heals the Next Generation tomorrow

A lot of what we are doing today is damaging our DNA. And when we have children we are passing down that damaged DNA.

Everyone has certain genetic predispositions.

Why does a grandfather’s susceptibility to bronchitis, turn into a son’s allergies, and a grandson’s asthma? Why are genetic predispositions strengthening generation to generation.

Why did our grandparent’s develop cancer in their 80s, turn into their children developing cancer and chronic disease like Crohn’s, Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, MS, Parkinsons and more in their 50s, to my generation developing in our 30s and our children developing it now?

Immune disease has gone from effecting 11% in the 80s to 54%, today.

Why are we getting sicker, younger?

What can activate genetic predispositions? What factors can turn on disease? Trauma, grief, toxins, medication, injections, poor lifestyle habits and infections just to name a few. Anything that disturbs the balance of the organism.

In homeopathy, we call it homeostasis. A state of being balanced. When that state is thrown off balance, disease can result. Dis-ease. You are not at ease. You are in a state of dis-ease. What happens if you drink too much alcohol daily? You create a state of dis-ease. Anything that can throw off your balance, your homeostasis. Can turn on disease.

So how do you pass down healed genes? How do you heal genetic predispositions? Heal disease?

By bringing yourself back to a state of balance.

Allopathic medicine doesn’t do this. They operate on germ theory. Kill the germ, block the germ, isolate from the germ. Yay! You are healthy. This theory does not lead to long term health. It leads to repeat customers. Prescription subscriptions. Cutting out disease only to have it grow back. It is one-sized fits all, and it is profitable.

Long-term health will only be found by terrain theory. Creating a healthy organism so when they encounter a pathogen they will do so with little ill effect.

Lifestyle, eating well, exercise, getting out of patterns of dis-ease, and working on healing genetic predispositions through natural, holistic healing.

That is what will heal your genes. Allow you to hand down fewer genetic predispositions. It will dilute genetic susceptibility rather than enhance it. Enhanced genetic susceptibility is what we have seen happen from our abuse of prescription subscriptions, quick fixes with long-term consequences, and poor lifestyle habits.

Homeopathy helps lessen these genetic susceptibilities by getting your organism back into balance.

My son has asthma. Last year was awful. We had to get on all sorts of prescriptions. Then he worked with a homeopath. And I have seen him go through a direction of cure.

His disease that we made worse through suppressive therapies like immunizations, asthma medication, steroids, steroid cream drove it deeper. He became irritable, unhappy.

As it started to heal, his disease went from on his inside to the periphery. He got a huge rash on his torso. The conditioned response would be to put a steroid cream on it. By waiting and being patient and letting the homeopathy do its job, the rash got smaller, and moved further to the periphery. Now it is a tiny rash on his leg.

Jake put a steroid cream on it recently and I was very upset. Because that had the potential to push it back. Suppresses it. And I explained would he rather have him, have a rash he doesn’t complain about or his asthma back?

In homeopathy that is how it works. A child has eczema. The parents continually suppress it through creams. The eczema goes away and allergies happen. Allergy shots. The allergies go away and vertigo happens. Then as you cure through homeopathy you will go backwards through your old issues until the disease is gone. Healed.

Fevers. By suppressing a fever continually we are not allowing the body to do its job to fight the infection. Using antipyretics comes with harm. It depletes glutathione needed to detox. And in our toxin filled world that is very critical. PANDAS is an immune disease Lyla was diagnosed with. But through working with a homeopath no longer has. PANDAS children get to a point when they no longer surmount the appropriate response to infection. They no longer develop fever. This is not a good sign for these children.

In homeopathy we ask the patient when was the last time you had a fever. As it is an indicator of your level of health.

Level one is very healthy and rarely gets sick. But if they do, they are able to raise a high fever.

Level two gets acutes often, gets fever often, is sick often. These people typically are constantly on antibiotics until they fall into level three.

Level three, no longer gets fever, they now have a more serious, chronic condition.

Level four, has serious chronic disease, if they get fever in this level it often is the last fever they have. If they have dementia for instance, and they get a fever, they will regain mental clarity. But will pass away. Doctors call fever a friend to the elderly but they don’t understand how it works.

A lot of people think that when they reach a point they don’t get fever anymore that is because they are healthy. A lot of times it is because they have developed a more chronic condition and their body isn’t surmounting the appropriate response anymore.

In holistic medicine it is very understood that your mental, emotional and physical health are all interconnected. Holistic. Whole. Taking into consideration your whole body and mind.

In allopathic, or modern medicine, they segment the body. Send you to a different doctor for your heart, your brain, your lungs, and a different one for your emotions, your mental health, not taking into consideration they are all interconnected.

It is thought that Western cultures have more mental illness because we have less purpose. We have time to focus on trivial things, rather than just where our next meal is coming from. And that causes depression. That isn’t the only factor.

We have more suppressive medicine. Antibiotic use, even short term can lead to depression. Gut imbalance can lead to depression. Medicine can lead to depression. Why? Because it is taking the disease inward, from the physical to the emotional to the mental. Zantac can cause dementia. By blocking the histamine production in the gut it also blocks the histamine in the brain. Which can lead to dementia which they don’t fully understand.

Man says science is settled. Which is an absurd anti-science statement. Science is constant questioning and always evolving There may be nothing less understood than God’s creation. Khan Academy when listening to his immunology courses. He will flat out tell you, it is a very under, understood field.

We discovered a new body part a few years ago, the mesentery.

We learned the appendix actually has purpose. It is your body’s gut bacteria reservoir. If it is off balance it can help restore it.

We were doing lobotomies less than 100 years ago. We were leeching and bloodletting 200 years ago. We still don’t know exactly how anesthesia works. We are scratching the surface of what we know of the human body.

Modern medicine (which needs a name change ) treats it as if we are a simple complex system. But we are not. We are a complex dynamic one. With millions of parts and interactions between parts.

And what we are learning is that our meddling in God’s creation is coming with consequences that much like a lobotomy are outweighing the benefit.

Genetic modification of food is not better. Genetic modification of humans isn’t either. Organic. Natural. Toxin free. As God made us.

Our advancements in infrastructures for sanitation, nutrition and clean water are the real heroes of the 20th and 21st century.

And a healthy lifestyle, combined with homeopathy, can help you regain homeostasis, counter dis-ease, heal genetic predispositions. And pass down healed genes. I wish I had learned of it sooner.

This is why medical freedom is paramount. Naturopathy is illegal in Tennessee. You can’t heal yourself through natural means. That has purpose. Slowly taking away your right to choose any health philosophy but theirs. Which will never give you long term health. Only dependency.

This system doesn’t want you healed. You are more profitable sick. You are more obedient sick. You are easier to control sick. They want you chronically ill and on your prescription subscriptions. They want you handing down weak genes.

And that is only one part of the freedoms that are being dismissed right now. Along with health choice, health privacy, so now even your neighbor has a say in which philosophy you subscribe to. Terrain or Germ. None of their business. Health privacy and health choice. All freedoms must be preserved and handed down for our children to do the same. Medical, Religious, Free Speech, Right to Peaceably Assemble, Right to move about freely, second amendment, right to an education and more.

Join your state freedom groups today. And get busy.

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