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Faith and Freedom

Faith and Freedom

What does Faith have to do with Freedom?

In the state our country is in, with COVID bringing a number of freedom infringements:

Right to move about freely

Right to peaceably assemble

Right to work

Religious freedom

Medical freedom

Bodily sovereignty

Freedom of speech

Freedom has been at the forefront of a lot of our minds. As never in my lifetime has it been in jeopardy in the United States like it is today. Enemies have always been foreign. But now there is a domestic threat. Yet still not everyone understands the attack as it doesn’t look familiar to them. As they don’t know the history of other similar movements.

Our forefathers, past Presidents, and thought leaders warned that freedom was fragile. That it must be fought for and protected and passed down for our children to do the same. But we didn’t heed their warnings. We got distracted. We got lazy. Complacent.

We were told topics were taboo.




Basically anything but Gossip and Weather.

And therefore we spoke of nothing of importance. We let ourselves be politically corrected into inaction. And as a result our freedom has been slowly chipped away with out us knowing.

God used to be in schools. And the Constitution used to be taught in schools. Now it is being replaced with teachings that our nation is racist. And it all has purpose.

God and freedom are connected. Faith and freedom are connected.


Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins. He freed us of our sins.

Grace is the ticket to freedom. Realizing that your sins were forgiven is a way to move forward in forgiveness. It breaks the chains that sin creates.

Grace isn’t only important for a person. It is important for a people. For a community. For a country. For a world.

And what is being taught to our children is a graceless movement.

You are white. You are privileged. You are a racist.

That is like looking at a Japanese baby and blaming her for Pearl Harbor.

It is graceless. It is a movement rooted in holding onto guilt and shame and not moving forward in forgiveness.

It is a movement of chains. And it is a movement with chains as the goal.

CRT (Critical Race theory) is not new. It is 1930s Critical Theory adapted. It is Marxism. It is a philosophy that promises a utopia of equity yet delivers communism. Because the few sustaining the many, is unsustainable. It doesn’t work.

We must redistribute wealth based on class the Marxists cry! No class should have more than another class!

Has now been replaced with race.

Differences are what are used by governments all through out history to divide people.






Divisions are useful. It keeps people fighting each other so they aren’t focused on those in power, wanting to grow their power, who are the real enemy.

Freedom isn’t just from sins. Freedom is from all chains.

And God offers freedom from them all.

Having you denounce God is the first step of every Communist regime.

Because you must believe there is no higher authority than government.

Writing out God. Writes in chains.

Where God is freedom. Government is control.

USSR Anti-religious campaigns Denounce God and Hail the USSR

Nazi (National Socialism) Denounce God and Hail Hitler

China Denounce God and Hail the CCP

When God is replaced with Government.

Hope is replaced with fear.

And the fearful are easy to control.

That is why “the only thing we should fear is fear itself.”

And so many allowed fear to rule them. They let fear control them. They locked themselves in their homes and put their lives on hold for as long as they were told. The fear they lived in, heightened by the propaganda peddling media. You would’ve thought people were dropping dead on the streets like the early videos out of China. Which was not the reality.

Every day there is risk. But it is worth taking the risk. To live your life to the fullest. Because you aren’t guaranteed time. God is sovereign. And if it’s your time. It’s your time. Thinking government or you can cheat death is thinking you can, they can, play God.

We allowed government to play God. The result of a government thinking they could was a government that put our God-given rights on hold.

We became the dog whose chain got shortened link by link everyday until there was no chain left.

As we let two weeks turn into a year.

One mask, turn into two, and then goggles.

As those who masked yelled at those who would not, even though they wouldn’t wear goggles. Not realizing those they were told to yell at, just drew the line in the sand earlier than them.

One shot, turned into two, a passport, perpetuity.

Censorship of one topic. Censorship of many. Censorship of one person. Censorship of many. Censorship of anyone who challenges the narrative.

Churches closed, casinos open.

Seated at restaurants unmask, kids at school, sorry.

The goal posts kept moving, the chain kept getting shorter.

Why did the goalposts keep moving?

What are the steps of communism?

1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

Our healthcare has completely taken over control of our lives. Our local monopoly and ones like it across the country have been dictating our lives for over a year. Can our kids play sports or not? Can we celebrate Independence Day or not? Can we work or not? How many of us? Who? When?

And like Representative Massie says “Anyone waiting on the Chief Executive to give them permission to celebrate Independence Day with their family doesn’t understand Independence.”

Representative Hulsey says “what happens when Healthcare and Government are the Highest Law in the Land?”

And that is what they became.

Health effects every part of our life, therefore using it as the inroad, government can invade every part of our life. Which they have. Work. School. Play. Home.

But government isn’t tasked with keeping us healthy. Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution is what they are tasked with. And nowhere does it say health.

Taxes. Military. Post office. Infrastructure. But not health. They aren’t supposed to provide for us either. Our forefathers vision of the government wasn’t for us to be ruled over. That is what they escaped. It was for them to live life freely. They escaped the rule of kings to start anew. With religious freedom.

Their intent was for small non intrusive government. Whose sole responsibility was to uphold our unalienable rights. And protect our freedom. Not infringe upon it.

They birthed the American dream. Not where a King gave you bread. And if he rationed it, you starved. Where you had the freedom to work as hard as you could. And became anything you dreamt of. Where hard work was the ultimate equalizer. And power was inherent in the people. That the power government had was given to them by the people through the Constitution. And could be, and should be, taken away, if ever they started to rule over them like kings.

Where freedoms were fought for and attained for over 200 years. Until all men were free. All men were equal. All men had the right to the American dream.

But now we have government that stripped us of our rights for a virus the vast majority survive. We have a government that through their policies drove up death rates. Like Cuomo putting infected people in nursing homes. And now demanding we have an invasive medical procedure that has caused over 5k deaths.

Dismissing the Nuremberg Code which states medical procedures must be willingly and voluntarily consented to without coercion or force.

Yet they are saying we don’t have a choice in this medical experiment. It’s like serving our country and going off to war. Some may die. But it is your civic duty. Yes even you 12-year-old, not getting this infection. With more young people having cardiac issues following the shot than the infection. A far cry from fewer than 100 deaths to pull Fords Swine flu shot. I guess we can afford more casualties nowadays. Less than 100 in the 70s was acceptable. Over 5k and growing is ok now.

And forget about natural infection. You know, science. Science which even the CDC has online that natural immunity is lasting. And reinfection isn’t happening. But forget about that. Just have this liability free medicine.

Oh you don’t want it? What about if we throw in a lottery ticket, a joint, a doughnut, or hold your job hostage?

Nuremberg Code.

The government doesn’t care about making you healthy. Or they would mandate healthy eating and exercise. They care about making you obedient. And if you are unhealthy not only are you more likely to be obedient. But you are profitable to the Bigs that are profitable to government.

The government has no ability to stop humans from dying from a virus. But you do. If you are healthy you are more likely not to die from a virus. If you have fewer risk factors. Can the government control that? No, nor are they supposed to. Do you want your government to have that kind of power over your life? Telling you what to eat, drink, do?

“Those who trade liberty for safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Ben Franklin

They took our tax dollars ushered into their investments. Pharma execs cashed out when stocks were high. They lobby politicians to take our rights away to decline. They remove themselves of liability. They force us to have it. You pay them as many times as they want you to have it. First times on them. People get hospitalized. You pay them again. And if it’s a chronic condition you pay them for life. I call it a health tax. That funds government, BP, BT and MSM!

2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

And that is exactly what has happened with COVID. COVID didn’t drive our poverty levels up. The government did. As they took away an unalienable right. Your right to work and provide for your family. They stepped out of their lane and they infringed upon our freedom. They labeled people nonessential. Which happened in WWII with harrowing consequences.

They took away a God-given right. Man is tasked with holding dominion over the earth. And if you can’t work you can’t feed your family. You can’t hold dominion over the earth.

3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

Well our National Debt is increasing as the California Governor uses a lottery to coerce vaccination and uses your tax dollars to pay for it.

As teenagers are paid to stay home. They don’t want to work since they can make more to hang out with their friends.

As the government prints money they don’t have. Who do you think is going to be tasked with paying this debt back? Us!

4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

Before Hitler went after the Jews and more. He came after guns. He said there were too many accidents. So he had everyone register them. Then he said. Oh there are still too many accidents. Turn them in. And the people did. What happened after that? It is why history is important. And they’d rather teach you you are racist because the color of your skin.. That you are an oppressor even though oppressors and the oppressed have come in all colors through out history. Than to teach you how to retain your freedom.

And now Biden is coming for your guns. Register you’re ammo. Well, then what? Ban assault weapons. Well, then what?

“Keep your guns, and stock up on your ammo, a dictatorship did not happen over night.” Warned Kitty Werthman a Holocaust Survivor.

5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income). See my comment in debt about the teenagers being paid to hang out with their friends. Creating a generation of willful dependents. Willful socialists. And the only difference between socialism and communism is one is slavery by vote whereas the other is slavery by force.

6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

Let’s not teach you about Constitutional rights. Most people can’t even name what a right is. One of our Representatives tried to argue it is a right to be free from fear. Um no. That is a choice

Now our children are being taught CRT. Critical Race Theory. Marxist Philosophy. Everyone must have equity. Code for redistribution of wealth and socialism. A steep slide into communism.

7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

This has already happened. And with COVID, churches were closed. Removing God not only from schools but from the country. Also with harrowing consequences.

With Pastors being arrested.

Separation of Church and State did not mean that the Church was supposed to be out of government. All of the original State Declarations mention God. The Constitution was written in the image of the bible. It means that the government is supposed to stay out of the church. The church is sovereign with its own governing body. And it answers to a higher authority. The highest authority. Yet in COVID Government was acting as if it were the highest authority and closed the churches and even arrested pastors.

A Pastor in Canada gave an amazing sermon. Where some Pastors preach that Romans 13 means you must obey the government with no exception. This Pastor and others spelled it out clearly.

There are three exceptions

1. When government commands what God forbids

2. When God forbids what government commands

3. When government commands what isn’t theirs to command

And for his insightful interpretation. He was arrested. And his church was barricaded.

Where in history do Pastors get arrested? What does it lead to? Look.

8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

Yet now it is divide into Race Warfare. Divide people into white and black. This will cause more discontent.

We have an equity board being proposed by the local BLM group which is led by a white guy.

At the last meeting we heard three individuals from the group propose this idea. Stating that having few black leaders in our area made us racist.

What are the goals of this board?

They pointed to only 3 of our 40 supervisors being black and that according to them that somehow proves to us under achieving. What percent is satisfactory?

As it is currently disproportionate in the favor of black community members.

There are 5,340 black people in Washington County. Out of a total population of 129,375.

Therefore .04% of our population is black.

Yet 3/40 of our supervisors are black. .075%. That means we are actually over performing the proportionate statistic.

And 1/5 of our commissioners is black. .2%. I’d say we have an overachieving population. And that’s great. So why the Debbie downers calling for an equity board?

A board of people who will assign opportunities based off of race? That sounds racist.

And why does he only speak of one minority group? There are 2,137 Asians and none on the Commissioner board. Why no outrage there?

Because it doesn’t have a darn thing to do with diversity. Or Johnson city. This is a nation wide push from Marxist organizations disguised as diversity. And a rogue committee was just set up in our state capital to do this very thing.

Having opportunities assigned by a board of elites removes what? The ultimate equalizer. Hard work. It doesn’t matter what color you are. In this country you can work your way to the top.

You have a board doing that, then you have a ruling class and a working class. Sure you’ll be equal to the other socialist workers bees, but you’ll never have a seat at the table of the king. The glass ceiling the ruling class had created for you, keeping you all equal under it, they walk on as their floor. And you will have allowed what our country was built to protect against.

Every communist step has happened this past year.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

In 9/11 they said it was necessary to give up our privacy. To ward off terrorism.

Now it is necessary to give up our health privacy to ward off a virus. Along with every other unalienable right.

Because this isn’t about COVID. This was planned. And as we are seeing the connections to the lab. You should be able to see who are the players.

The Build Back Better Gang.

Anyone who has discussed building back better in the last year.





Borris Johnson

To name a few.

Except the better isn’t better for you or I. It is better for those at the top looking to institute world wide communism. And this time without a way out. And without a place to run to.

Modeled after China. With a social credit system. Where the public holds the rest of the public accountable to the states dictates by rating people on social norms. And those ratings determine a persons ability to achieve, to sustain, to survive.

Where you can’t buy, trade or sell unless you comply. To being a captive commodity paying into the pockets of the state and the Bigs.

The only question now. Is are there enough of us that see this plainly. That will see past our differences. That will unite and stand against it.

Will you?

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