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Envision the Future – the hopeful account.

In June 2019, I wrote a post entitled “Envision the Future.”

It was a dim vision of the future I painted. It was a warning to where we could be headed based on current trajectories. But I’ve since acknowledged we can’t fight fear with fear. We must fight fear with hope.

At the end of this post I am going to rewrite the envisioned future into a hopeful one. But first let’s review the facts.

My initial post came out of the snowball of events starting in April of 2019, when Congressman Adam Schiff asked Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to aid in censorship of medical choice, specifically surrounding our children’s immunizations.

They complied and removed books, documentaries, and demoted searches. Google did as well. These large social and technology platforms helped start a modern day book burning.

I was in disbelief. I couldn’t believe that the America I grew up in was taking such a strong stance on silencing the people. I couldn’t believe that it was legal for an American politician to ask for censorship. It looked like tyranny. It looked like fascism. It looked like communism. It didn’t look like America, land of the free. And it definitely didn’t look constitutional.

This was what burst me out of the closet on this issue. The doors swung wide open and out I jumped. It was scary at first. But I knew that if they were going to start censoring this information, then I could no longer censor myself.

The issue snowballed after that. It picked up momentum with a number of other unconstitutional events. Segregation in Rockland County. No unv4ccinated allowed. Even on buses! Isn’t it typically the sick we quarantine in outbreaks? What good is it to quarantine the uninfected?

Why are children allowed in school that have Hep B and are protected by privacy laws but now children that don’t have it, yet haven’t had a shot for it, aren’t?

Children that were un our under immunized weren’t allowed on the bus. If we were to go by these standards then the majority of today’s adults wouldn’t be allowed on that bus or in school as their schedule was a fraction of today’s and didn’t include a menagerie of boosters.

Censorship was just the start and I could not believe how quickly we devolved into a history I thought we as a nation had vowed not to repeat.

I thought we had learned our lesson, and segregation on buses would never happen again. That segregation in schools would never happen again. But I was wrong.

All we had to do was change the target group. And everyone was blinded to the reality that it was segregation again.

And state by state there are bills being entered across the country. Removing religious freedom. Removing medical freedom. Removing parental rights and letting children make these decisions for themselves. Even mandating shots for an STD to attend school. Kicking 26,000 healthy children out of school in New York and 4,000 medically fragile out in California, on the sole principal that they had the potential to become sick, while overlooking that is the potential we all have, as shot failure is real and increasing.

As fraud and mutating strains are not being addressed. That’s what happens when you are liability free, as they are for this product. You have no incentive to innovate and improve. Not only that but some are causing the very thing they purport to defend against as seen in the Polio resurgence in third world countries. The prevention is causing Polio. Whoops!

People thought the holocaust comparisons were over the top. I on the other hand had reviewed the history and knew that Hitler was voted in. It was a slow, imperceptible removal of rights that paved the way for the historic tragedy. A lot of the same rights removals we are seeing now. He used the same strategy against his enemies, too. He painted them to be diseased, vermin, not human, so that by the time he resorted to violence most looked the other way. I’m sure he would’ve loved the “v4ccin4te your crotch goblin bumper stickers.”

He claimed there were too many accidents with guns, and had everyone register them. Then he said that didn’t stop it and he came for everyone’s guns, as he knew who had them from the registry.

You see it is always under the guise of a good. No government is going to say we are taking your guns so we can continue to take your freedom. They say, “it’s for your own good.”

We see ourselves as beyond this. Morally incapable of letting it happen again. But that isn’t true. We are already halfway there. And people have been looking the other way through most of it. In utter denial that the same steps could lead to the same result.

This was the stage that paved the way for my first version of “Envision the Future”.

When I wrote the post I had recently read "The Handmaids Tale" on vacation. In the introduction, author Margaret Atwood explains that she wrote this book while she was living in West Berlin in 1984. Before the wall came down. Where she acknowledged that life, as we know it has the ability to change inexplicably overnight, that societies can change directions on a dime.

When interviewed about her ability to predict social issues that would later arise, Atwood responded that it was not her intent to predict. But that she hoped that if she wrote of a future that was so undesirable and of the compromised decisions and inaccurate assumptions that led to it, that it would not happen in real life. Her intent was to paint a future so foul that we would do everything in our nature to avoid it. It isn’t lost on me that her book was written in 1984 and it is as if Orwell passed the torch to her and she picks up where he left off.

From today’s society that mirrors Orwell’s fiction. A world of screens in every house that listen, a world controlled through fear propaganda, a constant narrative of enemies abroad, where the government pretends to protect you from the foreign enemy when the real enemy is domestic, is them, while they have eliminated freedom under the guise of safety but truly in the name of profit and ultimate control. Which transitions to Atwood’s world, where infertility and infant mortality have effected all but a few, the medical community becomes hostile and reports all who are out of line until it devolves into a dystopian future rapidly spiraling into to society of slavery, thought by those at the top, to be for the greater good.

So I wrote a blog post, based on current health projections and the trajectories they are pointing to. What the world would look like in a decade from now if we continued to see infertility increase, infant mortality increase, chronic illness increase, mother mortality, cancer, skyrocketing learning disabilities, autism increase to the projected half of the 4 million children born annually.

What the world of mandates and rights revocations would look like. What our country would look like under Pharma rule, with no ability to decline their fraudulent and under tested products. What our Republic would look like. What the future of our children would look like under the rule of corporations, as we became human commodities paying for whatever they decide to mandate.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t a future we would want for our children. And it wasn’t that hopeful. It was fearful.

I’ve since acknowledged we can’t fight fear with fear. We must fight fear with hope.

Since I wrote the last post, hopeful things have transpired around these issues.

I attended the first ever V.I.E. rally in D.C. Thousands of people from all over the world assembled in our nation’s capitol to bring awareness to this issue. Priests, Doctor’s, Scientists, Rabbi’s, Minister’s, Politicians, Parent’s were keynote speakers that spoke giving validity to this issue. It was amazing. To see that awareness was spreading. That maybe the real issues would come to light. Liability free, conflicts of interest, immoral ingredients, human DNA merging with our own, causing immune issues, under-tested, invalid risk assessments, under-reported and more.

Then recently, it came out that there was leaked video footage from the World Health Organizations V4ccine Summit. Where they admitted everything we have been saying on video. They can’t keep pointing to old studies, they need more rigorous risk assessments; the front line of doctors is getting wobbly because they aren’t equipped to answer the growing questions of rightfully concerned parents. That adjuvants are dangerous yet being used in all of them. That our concerns were valid. That we shouldn’t be called “anti” anything. That there needs to be open dialogue surrounding this issue and censorship is only causing the skepticism to grow.

It was amazing. Validation. Out of the mouths of the leading world scientists themselves. Can this conversation be over now, and they do what we are asking for? And the politicians acknowledge what we are saying?

When pointed to the footage one politician said, “I need to see it from a credible source.” As she didn’t like the Natural News website it was linked to. But the video itself was from the summit and is posted in multiple places. How much longer can she deny it, as she tries to strip parental rights?

Next, thousands of people descended on the New Jersey Capitol, not once, but TWICE! Taking time off work to put their first amendment rights to assemble to the use they were intended. To protest.

To protest the removal of religious exemptions.

And they were heard, twice! Politicians came out and spoke and vowed to protect their rights. Their voices shook the building. You could hear the chants from inside. “My child, my choice.” “God Bless Lagana!” Sweeney went around trying to coax, persuade, lobby, pressure the votes he needed, but he couldn’t get it done. He later punished the young rookie Democrat who stood his ground against insurmountable pressure. Sweeney removed him of his financing and kicked him off the health committee. That should be illegal. As should a number of tactics used throughout these rights revocations. Swapping out assemblymen last minute. Pressuring to change votes after votes had been cast. Usurping typical protocols and canceling public hearings. And then receiving heavy contributions from Pharma subsidiaries.

I feel for Lagana. He was brave yet punished for doing his job. Representing the people. Sweeney then declared war on the people. He apparently forgot that’s whom he works for. And vowed to re-enter the bill and get it done the next time.

But we won that day. And the hope I had been reminded to have, compounded with the hope I also gained when we were victorious.

Then a few weeks later thousands assembled in D.C. to protest the Governor’s attack on the second amendment. They were peaceful, they picked up their own trash, and they were armed. “An armed crowd is a polite crowd,” many said. They held signs pointing to all the historical reasons, tyrants that used the same tactics to infringe on rights and take guns from the people, which always resulted in tyrannical rule and ends with devastating results.

And instead of only bad bills being entered, a number of freedom protecting bills were entered, to protect parental rights, choice, informed consent. It is shocking that in 2020 we would need to enter bills to protect our rights. Yet here we are. Our forefathers warned of this day. The day the government would grow too big and come for our rights.

But the people are seeing the warning signs. And there are some politicians that are doing their jobs and guarding the constitution against intrusive government, preserving our freedoms against those who look to strip them.

More hope came out of the Second Amendment Rally. Brilliant young Americans were interviewed about being some of the only black people in attendance. Their responses were amazing. That this issue has nothing to do with race. That blacks make up a smaller percent of the population so it made sense that there were fewer in attendance. That the media uses the race issue for headlines and to perpetuate an agenda. They spoke at length about why there were there. To stand up for freedom. They gave me hope for our future. They spoke about everything I too had learned. That the media is a controlled narrative benefitting the oligarchy. That you have to look past what the media is saying and do your own research.

Actually read these bills being entered. Look to the actual agenda. Like Healthy People 2020 and Healthy People 2030. Read the White House strategy on global policies for outbreak control. See the bigger picture. Understand history. I was pleasantly surprised to see that even the nations youth understand the dangers.

They advised to start seeing with your eyes instead of believing what you are told. To believe peers and not the propaganda.

The removal of freedom in a Republic is never good. And must be beaten back. That it doesn’t matter how pretty of a bow they wrap these rights removals in, the gift will never be a good one. Freedom is worth no trade.

"When government takes away citizens’ right to bear arms it becomes citizens’ duty to take away government’s right to govern."

So this is my redo of “Envision the Future.” This is the hopeful account of the future, what I want to see happen. What I pray happens. What I hope if we can all envision together, will make it a reality just as we did for New Jersey.

The start of 2020 was a memorable one for those of us in the Medical Freedom fight. With a big win in New Jersey we saw what was possible.

That maybe, we the people can win the war after all. With hope, unity, love and God.

~USA 2025 - When we look back to 2020, state by state a number of freedom revoking bills were entered. A few got though. But the people refused to give up. Each time the corrupt politicians tried, they were met with bigger, louder crowds.

The Sweeney’s, Newsom’s, Cuomo’s, Day’s, Schiff’s, Northam’s of the world, the puppets of the puppeteers, the paid propaganda peddlers, the pharma lobbyists, the cashing in CEOs, the globalist that were really depopulationists, the one-sided news monopolies controlled by the elitist oligarchy, they tried, but they were beaten back by the people. They were few, the people were many.

They entered mandate after mandate. Children’s mandates, healthcare worker mandates, teacher mandates, adult mandates. They required shots for your license. Shots for your benefits. Shots to travel. They tried adding the HPV shot, the Flu shot, the new HIV shot, the new Ebola shot, the new cold shot, the new strep shot. They came for guns. Red flag laws. Ban after ban. Restriction after restriction. They came for other healing philosophies. Banning remedies. Restricting their ability to practice. They tried moving people to cities so they could control the population easier. They said it was better for the environment.

They failed. The American people had, had enough. The world had, had enough.

They saw they were becoming a faceless commodity. With their rights being bought and sold from under their feet. The very ground claimed by their forefathers to be free, was being stolen and given to the highest bidder.

They saw the planes claiming to be blocking out the sun with chemicals to curb global warming, but they knew no good could come from the chemicals raining down on them.

They saw that all of their health statistics were declining under modern medicine’s philosophy. More mandates, more medicine. More medicine, less health. The only thing that was improving was system profits.

They recognized that toxins in the environment, in their food, in their medicine needed to stop. They needed to eat toxin free, live toxin free, be toxin free.

They saw that the government was being run by corporations and a number of conflicts of interest would need to be removed to address the growing corruption.

They realized that genetically modifying didn’t work for food and it didn’t work for people either. They removed human DNA and animal DNA from their injections. They acknowledged it was mutating their DNA and causing chronic illness and disease.

They accepted that God had it right. That humanity hadn’t persisted for thousands of years only to genetically modify themselves into de-evolution and ultimately obsoletion.

They finally realized man had no ability to play God. That man had been made perfect in God’s image. But it was God that made man. Not man that made God. And that men of power meddling in God’s work only created a mess.

They preserved their religious freedom, their medical freedom, their parental rights, their bodily autonomy, their constitutional and fundamental freedoms. The very freedoms their nation was built on.

They took their land back, their food back, their health back. ~

That is the more hopeful vision of the future. The future I want us all to envision into reality.

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