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Don't Deliver what you Sell? That's ok! Mandate it.

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Dear Representatives,

I am currently studying to be a Practitioner. And I have some real concerns about what is happening in health care right now.

The government is intruding on family health care decisions.

I hope as Republicans, you guard against intrusive government while also defending freedom, from these egregious overreaches.

Our country is failing at healthcare, under the leadership of our primary philosophy; mainstream medicine, modern medicine, allopathic medicine.

Our health statistics are some of the worst out of all industrialized nations.

And yet, there are bills being entered left and right to take our choice and hand it to the system responsible for the following declining health statistics. While simultaneously limiting our choices outside of their purview.

How are they qualified to do so, when health isn’t an outcome they are delivering?

The current failing philosophy is driving people away. They became too bound to the pharmaceutical industry and as they couldn’t deliver health, people started looking elsewhere to find it.

Why now would we take the public’s choice away to defend their family against a failing system? If these health statistics were best in the world. If they had proven they could deliver health. There wouldn’t need to be a removal of other competing options or mandates to receive them. As people would willingly be doing it.

At the root of the problem is Consumer 101. Deliver what you promise or go out of business. Yet their profits are booming as our health is declining.

Our infant mortality is 6.1/1000 babies die in their first year of life. Japan which is best in the world is 2/1000. 3x better than us. There are 30 other industrialized nations besting us in infant mortality. And this gap widens as they approach one. Healthy baby born. Something goes drastically wrong in the first year of life.

Our birthing mother mortality is increasing.

In 2020, 1,806,590 new cancer cases and 606,520 cancer deaths are projected to occur in the United States. 

Immune disease was 12.8% in the 1980s and is now 54%.

Half of the 4 million children born annually in this country, are projected to develop autism within the next decade, if we continue on the same trajectory. That is an epidemic that will cost us our future. Yet it isn’t being addressed.

The millennial generation is the first projected not to outlive their parents with statistics showing their health starts to decline at age 27.

Health isn’t just physical. It is also mental and emotional.

These statistics are horrendous as well. With young teen suicide on a steady increase.

But rather than investigate how we are failing miserably at health we want to mandate medicine and remove medical choice?

They want to mandate vaccination across the board including the controversial HPV for an std for 9-year-olds to attend school and the ineffective flu shot, boasting a 70-90% failure rate year-to-year. Not only that, we currently have a resurgence of polio caused by the shot as admitted in an Associated Press article that even The NY Times picked up. By removing them of liability we removed them of the incentive to improve, and they haven’t even addressed fraud or evolved strains.

Leading World Health Officials just convened for a vaccine safety conference and admitted on video that the concerns are valid.

They need new studies, they can’t keep pointing to old studies.

Adjuvants are dangerous and should only be used when absolutely necessary, yet they are in most.

That the front line of Doctors is getting “wobbly” as they are not equipped with the science to confront the valid concerns.

That no one should be called “anti” anything as what is brought up is valid and there needs to be open dialogue.

That safety is the number one reason for hesitancy.

I’m not sure why then, Congressman Roe, you cosigned a Federal Bill looking to research this when it appears the WHO already has researched it extensively.

But this letter isn’t just about vaccination.

It is also about homeopathy.

Which is another health choice under attack.

Let us reference this study.

This is a gold mine of statistics on homeopathy.

Let me highlight the ones that should be of interest to you.

First, we are highly educated. The majority of people using homeopathy have Bachelor degrees, followed by Masters and Doctorates. We do not need the government making decisions for us. Especially not taking away our options outside of a system that can’t and is not delivering health.

Second, the majority of people found homeopathy, by family or friend recommendations. What does that tell us? First it says, it works. That it is word of mouth. The advertising everyone wants, yet no one can buy. The only advertising you truly trust, as it is not paid for and is given to you by people that care about you.

Third, the majority of people are using homeopathy under the guidance of a trained homeopath. Unlike other OTC medicines like Robitussin which is abused in the absence of opioids. Or the number of studies that point to the OTC medicines causing a host of side effects. So why are they coming for homeopathy?

All of the studies that come up when you look up homeopathy risks on Pubmed, are studies showing they can be safely used to compliment allopathy. So the concern that they are dangerous is also unfound and unproven.

Fourth, and probably most telling from this study is this. People sought out homeopathy when modern medicine failed. Which as our statistics point to, happens a lot. Not only did they seek it out because other methods failed. But they found they worked better for them!

This survey showed that where modern medicine extremely improved their condition 1% of the time, homeopathy bested it 13x that, with reports of extreme improvement 13.5%.

What points to efficacy if not that?

The conditions listed were:

-General Health



-Infections Disease











and more

Considering allopathic medicine is failing at these things, as seen by statistics, people are reporting they are seeing health improvements under homeopathy, who would benefit by removing this as a choice?

Who would benefit by having it regulated by the FDA or CDC as they’ve done such a swell job on: Opioids, Statins, Vioxx, Thalodimide, and now even Zantac which I was told to give my children as babies, has been found to cause cancer. Thank you FDA.

Please leave our choices alone. Please defend our health by defending our health freedom. Please do not hand these decisions to a system that is failing at delivering any of these things.

If this has anything at all to do with health and not a system throwing a tantrum because they can’t win consumers honestly, then they deserve to learn that lesson.

Make products that work. Or go out of business.

Return liability. Remove conflicts of interest. More rigorous testing as the WHO is calling for. No anti, only open dialogue. Preservation of choice as we are a free country.

This is the only way our country is going to improve our health and these statistics. We can not beat other industrialized nations at anything if we aren’t healthy.

Thank you.



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