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COVID the Battle of Health Philosophy: Terrain or Germ

Germ theory vs Terrain Theory

Sometimes the best philosophy isn’t the philosophy that becomes widely adopted into mainstream society.

Sometimes the philosophy that is adopted is the one with the better advertising. The philosophy that is the most profitable.

Take for instance the "Battle of the Currents" between Tesla's Alternating Current and Edison's Direct Current. Although AC was better and more efficient, Edison was more adept at marketing his inventions. To do this he would do anything possible. Edison wanted to prove that Tesla's Alternating Current was dangerous. Edison’s philosophy was the one that was widely adopted.

We have this same issue in modern medicine. The philosophy that was widely adopted wasn’t the philosophy that delivers the best health results. It was the philosophy that delivers the most patients, the most repeat customers, the most profit.

In 1910, some of the big tycoons in a group known as the The Hopkins Circle, comprised of Abraham Flexner, William Welch, William Osler, Simon Flexner, Johns Hopkins, William Gates, William Pritchett, Carnegie Foundation, John D. Rockefeller, Theodor Billroth funded a report known as The Flexner Report.

The report changed the course of medicine. Adopting a germ theory philosophy of diagnostics and engineered medicine. Which grew into the Pharmaceutical industry and healthcare system we subscribe to today.

A system that tries to say that health comes from killing germs. What it fails to consider is we are made of a microbiome and a virome consisting of trillions of bacteria and viruses. We are a living, breathing, walking germ.

A war on germs. Is a war on life. A war on humanity. A philosophy that looks to kill indiscriminately, does not deliver health. It leads to gut imbalance. It leads to antibiotic resistant strains and super bugs. It leads to polypharmacy and prescription subscriptions. It leads to chemical dependency and immune disease. It leads to cutting out disease only to have it grow back.

It leads to susceptibility to whatever germ comes along. A defensive philosophy rather than an offensive one. A philosophy that doesn’t deliver lasting health.

But makes shareholders and investors rich as they sell their medicine and mandate their one size fits all solutions on the masses.

Picture this. A pie chart. What does this philosophy actually achieve? Antibiotics and shots address several strains of bacteria or viruses. Scientists will show that these interventions help to eliminate these strains claiming success. But what they fail to show you is the full pie chart. As they decrease the prevalence of certain strains, the prevalence of other, often more aggressive strains increase to fill in the gaps. Effectively achieving nothing in the war on germs.

As Jeff Goldblum in “Jurassic Park” says, “life will find a way.” And it does.

Showing germ theory is flawed. It is not a pathway to health, but to profit.

Well what is another option?

Enter the superior, yet not highly-funded and advertised theory, terrain theory.

Terrain theory postulates that if a person is healthy their body will encounter germs with little effect as they are strong organisms and germs are a natural part of life. That the better goal is health through exercise, organic food, balance instead of the indiscriminate killing of germs.

“Germs seek their natural habitat – diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.” - Antoine Béchamp, founder of terrain theory

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” - Hippocrates

What we are seeing in COVID is a war of theories.

Agencies, institutes, stakeholders like Fauci, Gates, the CDC which subscribe to the highly lucrative germ theory, that have solutions they want to sell you. Mandate on you. Use propaganda, message frequency, saying science while pointing to fraudulent retracted studies, to inundate you with their message. Isolation and germ theory is the way to health is what they claim.

While other health experts, molecular and cellular biologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, naturopaths, dietitians, mental health experts, parents and individuals that have found dead ends in germ theory realize its flaws. And have adopted terrain theory.

The same owners that have made trillions off of germ theory, grew their wealth as they grew our sickness.

We now have 54% of our children with immune disease, 1 in 5 with mental health issues, and if you dive into the biological and cellular way chemical medicines work you learn the connection. That these interventions can cause these health issues.

The same industry that profit from the cause, then turn around and profit by selling the solution. Billions on the front end, trillions on the back end.

These industries have been accused of fraud, are constantly in court, have medicines found to cause Cancer that were approved by the agencies that were established to protect the people. But have instead become profiting extensions of the industries they are supposed to govern.

This is why we have the

EPA still saying glyphosate is safe

DEA looking the other way in the opioid crisis

FDA allowing poisonous foods other countries ban

CDC allowing harmful shots a decade after countries like Japan stopped them

Our government through lobbyists and corporate backing, all have the same owners. And those owners all have the same goal. To keep us as profitable pets.

During this awakening people began to see this. The chess moves made over the course of 100 years are now obvious.

Each step increasing their control over the masses, as more and more became privy to the profitable system they are being kept in. Captive commodities. Held hostage to a growing number of profitable freedom infringements.

This is why there are so many freedom groups popping up. This is why there are world wide protests.

The media, Big Tech all have the same owners and they control the message. Control the narrative. Yet the obviousness of the illogic has opened a lot of eyes to the wide scale deception.

Their moves have been planned out for awhile.

Masks and isolation today. Immunity passports tomorrow. You can’t work, go to school, travel, live your life unless you comply with their profitable system. One they established by taking our tax dollars and ushering them into their investments of control. One they control through owning our debt, through owning the private not nationalized Federal Reserve, through owning World Banks, through owning every facet of our lives. Now coming for our future. Our freedom. Our children.

What you are being told is theory. Is history. Are inventions that exist. Is an infrastructure being built under the guise of a virus with a 99.97% survival rate. All of this is easily verifiable if you choose to find it. Choose. Choice. It’s yours now. Let’s keep it that way.

Educate. Awareness. Have your voice heard. Be brave.

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