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Compliant Haves and Defiant Have Nots

The leading shot contender is Moderna. Rife with conflicts of interest. As it is backed by Fauci, the patent is owned by NAID, and the lead on the “warp speed” task force is a former executive at Moderna. Insert eye roll.

I wrote a post last July, where I referenced a Princeton Molecular Biologist, Lee Silver, that predicts a future where there are two different classes of people.

Currently, the stage is being set for Silvers prediction. A future of two types of people. Natural and genetically altered.

He coins the genetically altered humans the GenRich. He says, “The GenRich American population – will carry synthetic genes. All aspects of the economy are controlled by the GenRich class.”

“Naturals (unaltered humans) work as low-paid service providers or laborers. The GenRich class and the Natural class will become entirely separate species with no ability to crossbreed.”

Right now we have policy makers discussing how we can’t get back to normal until we have a shot. A shot using DNA modification. Holding work and our lives hostage for compliance. You can see how this could create a class division of compliant haves and defiant have nots.

And recently we have Elon Musk saying his brain implant merging brain to tech could be ready for human implantation this year. It’s not bad enough our phones track us, our Alexas listen to us, now we can have implants that merge us. Talk about an opportunity for total bodily control.

“When those in the distant future look back on this period of history, they will likely see it not as the era when the natural environment was impoverished but as the age when a plethora of new forms – some biological, some technological, some a combination of the two – burst onto the scene,” says Silver.

There are public policies and technology emerging that could make this future possible.

A future of genetically altered, humans merged with technology. And a group of humans that refuse to be genetically and technologically modified. The group that refuse will not be able to buy or sell. They will have their work held hostage for compliance just as our children’s education has been for an ever expanding list of profitable mandates. It’s always under the guise of a good. But is genetic modification good?

Silver’s prediction makes several assumptions. Firstly, he believes the GenRich will be superior. That the genetically modified humans will be better. Silver’s predictions are outdated and he didn’t have as much data to look at as we have now.

What have we learned about genetically modified food? Is it better?

No. Animals refuse to eat it when encountering it in the wild. It doesn’t taste as sweet. And the reason for genetically modified seeds is so they can withstand pesticides. Which we have found to cause toxicity, cancer and long-term harm.

What do we know about genetically modified humans? Did you know we are already being genetically modified?

I call what shots are doing sub par genetic modification. Because just like we are finding with our food. Organic is superior. Natural is superior to modified.

Our shots use human DNA as a growth medium. In some shots animal DNA is used and in others human DNA is used.

The human DNA contained in our shots has been found by molecular and cellular biologists to be merging with and altering our DNA irreparably. Entire genome sequences were discovered. And the genomes look like cancer cells. They have mutated.

The merging DNA is similar to the process of stem cell therapy yet it was unintended and is not being monitored for rejection. Molecular biologists have gone on to conclude these gene mutations can explain the increases in immune disease, cancer, neurological deficits, and even gender dysmorphia. Girl DNA injected into boys and boy DNA injected into girls.

And don’t read what the media or Snopes says. Read the studies.

The DNA altering that is happening is corrupting the gene pool not strengthening it. We have made bad trades. Self-limiting benign illness our grandparents survived, for life-long chronic illness, and if we stay on this trajectory, our race may not.

I believe this to be Gods message to us. He does not want us injecting ourselves with animal DNA, and human DNA unethically sourced.

What is immune disease? An overproduction of antibodies. Why are 54% of our children overproducing antibodies now? Up from 12% in the 80s? We are now giving 4x as many doses of antibody producing medicine.

This genetic modification is leading us to generations that are not projected to outlive their parents, an infant mortality that is a national embarrassment, and deplorable health statistics.

Although the article doesn’t mention this, how did they stumble across the ability of a v to be able to alter DNA?

Because as I pointed out above our current schedule is already doing this. They deny it, yet turn around and patent it and present it as new because the process is different. But the reality is the same. It is genetically modifying us.

If our current schedule is altering our DNA negatively what should we expect from Gates new line of shots?

John Rappoport, referenced Lee Silvers predictions, he takes it further into the details of the future of genetic modification.

He predicts that the current mandatory v laws, and predicted micro-chipping mandates are a premeditated pathway to genetic modification experiments. Where there will be sub-groups and class divisions.

In Rappoports prediction, Group A would be injected with genes 1-6. Group B would be injected with Genes 7-12. Maybe one group would be genetically modified to be stronger. Maybe the other would be weaker.

All of this assumes man has that type of control. And so far he hasn’t been able to control the unintended side effects, instead they deny them, why would we expect they can now? Gates made sure they wouldn’t be liable for harm on these. As they rush them to market. Go see what happened to Fords rushed to market market H1n1 or the Dengue Fever disaster.

We still don’t even have an effective flu shot. Boasting a mere 10% efficacy most years. All other attempts to make a coronavirus shot have failed. Yet we are supposed to wait on a promise now. Cripple the economy. Close small family businesses for ever. Allow heart attacks, suicides, domestic violence to spike as we unhealthily shelter at home. Stop living. Stop seeing loved ones. Stop doing what we love. Put our lives on hold. And in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry.

History has shown anytime man tries to play God he falls short. There is always a bad trade made.

This is Gods way of telling us only he can make us fearfully and wonderfully made. That he didn’t make a mistake and leave us flawed. That if we were to leave our DNA unaltered our advancements in sanitation, clean water, nutrition would have done the same for measles and mumps as what naturally occurred with Scarlet fever and Typhoid. They would have declined without a widespread anything. SARS went away without one. I’d argue we keep these circulating through strain mutations caused by our greed-stricken interventions.

So perhaps these genetic modifications and brain implants Elon Musk is coming out with, and the mind reading device Zuckerberg is working on, and the quantum dot tattoo Gates is working on and this transhumanism they think we can be led into will backfire big time.

Because people won’t want them, and they will only wreak havoc on Gods creation.

Gates wants all of us. All 7 billion of us to become his lab rats. With his DNA altering medicine that is causing chronic illness. He wants Lee Silvers prediction to be true. He wants to look like China. With the 1% controlling the 99%.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be a genetically modified lab rat. We know that man’s meddling in genetically modifying food didn’t make us healthier. We now know via cellular biologists, although their work is denied as it goes against the profitable narrative, that genetically modified humans aren’t healthier either.

We know that there won’t be a man made GenRich on God’s watch as man can’t deliver genetic perfection. Under mans genetic modifications we are becoming genetically poorer.

I don't think any of us should allow this future of compliant haves and defiant have nots. We should all be defiant so they don't get this future they are leading us towards. It is time to take our legacy back. Our future back. And say No to this humanless future.

Under their rule, with their technology we have not grown healthier. We reached a tipping point. Where their greed grew and our health started declining. Too many mandates. Too much medicine. Too many chemicals. Sub par genetic modification. Say no to this two tiered class system Silver projects and Gates and others are trying to create. No profitable, less-free "new normal."

"Two tiers for th'e future"

"Warp Speed' head Slaoui, challenged for 'huge conflict of interest,' sells off $12.4M in Moderna stocke future" www.fiercepharma.come

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