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Censorship: Where they Burn Books, They will Eventually Burn People

Is it the truth that a government has told to give the public permission to hate, vilify, segregate, or murder a group of people?

Should we ever accept the permission to hate and vilify anyone? Then why are so many Americans falling for the narrative perpetuated by Big Tech and MSM?

Right now we have Kirk Cameron being vilified for having a prayer service. We have freedom fighters being vilified for standing against tyrannical and never ending government dictates.

Stay home.

Wear a piece of fabric on your face.

It works against the flu because everyone is wearing them that’s why the flu numbers are better.

It doesn’t work against COVID because no one is wearing them and that’s why the COVID numbers are worsening.

You can unmask while sitting in a restaurant full of unmasked people, but do not stand. That is not safe. That is selfish. And if you are a child in school, you can’t unmask at all.

Selfish! Hate! Blame!

The same tactics always used by a government to incite hatred and then violence against a group of people.

How is it that we are falling for this again?

Were blacks unintelligent and undeserving of freedom?

Were women lesser beings and undeserving of equality?

Were the protestors trying to bring soldiers home from Vietnam the problem?

Were Jews, Unionists, Mentally handicapped a danger to society and deserved to be exterminated?

Were educated religious the problem in the USSR anti religious campaigns? You can renounce God and pledge allegiance to communism and you can live.

You can renounce God and pledge allegiance to Hitler and you can live.

You can renounce God and pledge allegiance to your government and you are praised. Obedient.

THAT group is the problem THEY are taxing the fragile economy! World goverments and their controlled media cry!

There are 8 stages of Genocide

Classification - People are divided into “us” vs “them”

Symbolization - People are forced to Identify themselves

Discrimination- People begin to face discrimination

Dehumanization- People are equated to vermin, animals, disease

Organization - the government creates certain police or groups to control and enforce

Polarization - the government broadcasts propaganda to turn the populace against the group

Preparation - official action to relocate the group

Persecution - beginning of trials, murders, theft of property

Extermination - whole cell elimination of the group. It is not considered murder because they aren’t considered human.

Denial - government denies they have committed a crime.

There is a very clear Us. Vs. Them. And the hate is being stoked by MSM, by Big Tech. There is dehumanization as we are being equated to disease.

Now we are at polarization where the government is broadcasting propaganda against us.

Restrictions on the sick is quarantine

Restrictions on the healthy is tyranny

Yet here we all are. For a virus most survive. That isn’t the plague or we wouldn’t have Governors breaking their own rules. And everyone is giving up liberty for a bit of safety and shaming those who see it for what it is.

Freedom fighters, Christians, and Conservatives that are screaming from the roof tops, “The Government is not the answer, they are the problem!” are being targeted.

I have received hate mail.

My friend's business was attacked.

Groups are operating like the gestapo taking pictures of people in public and ratting on coworkers and neighbors. Fear is a dangerous tool.

In China, they use a social credit system to keep their citizens compliant.

Using other compliant citizens to shame others. Rate them poorly if they do not comply to communist dictates. It is for your own good cries the elitists at the top, as they treat their profitable underlings like servants.

Breaking the rules they set out, but they are above the social credit system.

Sound familiar?

Newsom, Pelosi, Lightfoot, Cuomo, DeBlasio, Birx, Fauci, Wolf, even our own school board.

Rules for Thee not for Me.

Above the social credit system.

If I lived in China I would carry a poor social credit score. Because I do not conform to the unconstitutional dictates being set out by a government that cares not to help you, but cares that you help them.

As they sit in their ivory towers and set up a slave system. Where you are a captive commodity lining their pockets.

And that is exactly what is being set up here.

The angry mob took out my friends business rating over night.

We sent Patriots to counter it.

The government and other world government are using the same tactics that always happen in a communist takeover.

And it is working.

So many people are ignoring history and now believe all of a sudden for the first time in history it is the media and the government telling the truth.

I wrote a post about this before COVID because I saw the warning signs.

When Democrat Adam Schiff asked Big Tech to aid in public censorship in March 2019 they complied. And the censorship has grown.

Where they burn books they eventually burn people because it is only a half measure to silencing the message when you must silence the messenger.

It has now grown to include Doctors, scientists, medicine, COVID, election, The President.

Anything that goes against the one sided narrative.

But this time censorship is for our good the compliant cry. It’s been rebranded misinformation. It’s a good thing this time! No it is not. See history.

With basement dwelling funded Factcheckers popping up everywhere.

Claiming fact, partially false. Well partially false is mostly true. And what they are claiming is anything but fact.

As the communists say it’s Anti-science!!! See USSR anti religious campaigns. They used the same slogans.

Except the science they point to isn’t science. Science is never settled. It is constantly evolving. What they point to is a belief system. You can’t challenge it. Anyone who does is censored.

The good doctors are keeping people out of the healthcare monopolies who are run by Pharma. A Pharma bound system. Delivering prescriptions subscriptions and expensive surgeries. That don’t deliver health. But dependency and profit.

Healthcare monopolies are influencing local governments. While they are paid by Pharma. Which funds politicians through lobbyists. And funds the CDC and the FDA as a FOIA request found last year.

The good doctors are the ones like the documentary "Knives and Forks" followed which showed surgeons tired of cutting out cancers only to have it grow back so they went in search of real health.

And found that cutting out disease isn’t the answer. Preventing it from every growing is the answer. Through lifestyle changes and commitment. Not one sized-fits all profitable mandates.

But Doctors like that helping with early preventative treatments are being targeted. Bullied into compliance by the healthcare monopolies. They want them in hospitals. As Groucho Marx said, " a hospital bed is like a parked taxi with the meter running."

As more and more awoke to the downfalls of the quick fixes and long term harms, more like myself, walked away from this profitable sick care system.

And what that meant is a generation of declining profit.

The ever-profitable sick care captive commodity system that feeds healthcare monopolies, Pharma, government and the media couldn’t have us walking away from their parasitic beast system.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

COVID is the crisis. And they are using it to usher our tax dollars into their investments, while their CEOs cash out stocks making billions on our hard earned dollars, while they pay politicians to help mandate a rushed to market medicine on us, that is causing anaphylaxis and harms they deny association, then if we get injured we end up back in their system lining their pockets again in their hospital beds, and on their medicine.

This time they don’t want to allow us a way out of this system. So they are creating extensions. They are now able to enforce your health through businesses outside of healthcare.

Airlines, restaurants, concerts, employers. Setting up the same system we have for children for adults.

This COVID shot will be free from liability due to the PREP Act where our children schedule is free from liability through the 1984 NCVIA.

This harm us and put us in the hospital they aren’t paying. They deny association and make it hard to prove in the separate court systems they set up. And then it is paid with an excise tax the manufacturer doesn’t feel in the way liability is supposed to be felt. To ensure safety or you get sued and go out of business.

The people and businesses standing up against this don’t think they should be checking health passports and denying people entry based off of their health status. Health discrimination. Non compliant. No entry.

They drew the line in the sand earlier. Some won't wear masks. That's not ok. Some won't wear goggles. That's ok. Why? Fauci said they work. But what if you could save just one life! Flaws in the logic. Lots of them. Because it isn't about health. It's about setting up an infrastructure for others to limit your health choice.

In 9/11 surveillance was increased. For your own good. Privacy was infringed upon. Permanently as it was never rolled back.

In this health privacy is being infringed upon. Now it is ok to be discriminated against based off of your health choice. What industry and system does that benefit? See above. Pharma now controls you through every facet of society.

And the Pharma-media-political cycle will make you get your health passport, I mean your compliance passport stamped as many times as they decide. COVID today. Anything they decide tomorrow.

You will not be able to buy, trade or sell unless you comply.

Biblical, but not theory. Policy in the open.

And they are using the fearful compliant to help enforce theses dictates.

Now your neighbor is making health policies for you.

My neighbor recently excluded us from an outdoor event because we wouldn’t wear masks. She could’ve stood 20 feet away from me. But instead she said you can choose not to come. I said I wish you had told me a week ago before I told my children about it. Instead of the day of. And it isn’t my choice. You made that choice for me. If anyone wants to come here you are welcome to and we won’t ask anything of you as we believe health decisions belong in the hands of families and their chosen practitioner. Not a neighbor, or our government. More history.

Then she left cookies on our door step with a note saying. I’m sorry you decided not to come.

What next? Will she want to see my child’s health passport or he can’t go to their child’s birthday parties. And then they will leave us a slice of cake on our door?

This is dangerous. We wonder how Germany happened. I have no disillusions of how this happened.

Because as I look around it is happening here.

We have a local group taking photos of people out and about outside without masks and posting them to their group to bully and shame people.

And they think they are justified. Just as the Nazis did.

What comes next in the stages of genocide? Well after dehumanization where they make the group akin to vermin and therefore not human, making it ok to exterminate them.

Wake up America.

This virus is real but what is being done in its name is a history we do not want here.

I can see so much hatred. There will be violence soon.

According to 19th century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

Each generation the lies we are told dilute, until the truth is distilled.

I wish we could have a generation that we didn’t lie to. Or if they were lied to they could see the truth as clear as day so that that the truth wouldn’t have to pass through decades of dilutions and three stages before it became self-evident. How terrible that truth must go through violence to be seen. What is it that stands in the way? What is this veil that so many allow themselves? Fear?

I wish we were that generation. That didn’t allow hate and fear and a controlled narrative akin to Germany’s Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment to blind the people.

Most of Germany didn’t even know there were concentration camps until after the war.

With the level of censorship I can see this happening again. And it will be denied by those who believed the government and the censored narrative just as it always has been.

But this time there are no Patriots coming.

We are it.

My hope is that this time, we won’t need a decade to dilute the lies. My hope is that this time, people take a look around and see that it is a choice to hate and vilify that they can deny.

My hope is that this time people can see that Big Tech, censorship and the government is not on their side. Are not the good guys. They seek power and control. See the agenda for what it is and where it is leading. They will promise you inclusivity and equality as you lose ownership and individual rights just as those in government saying "Build Back Better." Plan to do. But build back better is communism. And that is why this plan and its tactics look so familiar. As the end goal is the same.

My hope is that this time, we don’t have to pass through violence for this truth to be self-evident. My hope is that we are the generation that no longer falls for this same deception. My hope is that this time we as a people stand together because this is The United States of America and freedom is our foundation. Without that we have nothing.

My hope is, the truth isn’t a generation away.

Please stand for truth and freedom. It’s now or never.–1928)

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