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Censorship and Too Much Taboo

I had an eye opening experience around censorship yesterday.

I was censored.

We are having a crisis of conscience in our country. And I would argue that it has a lot to do with too many taboos. Being unable to discuss things openly because it is uncomfortable has allowed these uncomfortable things to spread like wildfire.

Congressman Schiff a Democrat from California wrote to Bezos and Zuckerburg and Google and told them they were allowing misinformation. And asked them to remove vaccination and autism documentaries, books, posts, groups, demote searches, and start using an algorithm designed to give their information an upper hand. How do searches work? Organic searches identify what is the most credible source by how often it is referenced and that is what appears up at the top.

Now our government narrative is always at the top. Not because it deserves to be. But because it has been designed to be.

They are calling the opposing narrative “misinformation”. Although they have been guilty of misinformation. The media was blasting that measles was eradicated in the year 2000 until they were called out and they changed it to nearly eradicated.

What does telling people measles was eradicated and it has been brought back by antivaxxers do? Vilifies them. They are the enemy. It’s their fault. That creates a lot of misplaced anger.

Who are antivaxxers? Most are parents of injured children. Their children had seizures, Guillian Barre a paralytic side effect listed on the inserts, aseptic meningitis, Bells palsy, and the list is a page long. And autism.

They are not the enemy. They are parents with sick kids. Trying to heal them. And would do anything to keep them away from what hurt them in the first place. The more children are injured, the more of them we make.

The year they said measles was eradicated there were 830,000 cases worldwide with 86 cases here. Mostly in NY and CA. How can it have been eradicated if we have open borders and there were just under 1 million cases worldwide? It couldn’t have been. It wasn’t. That was misinformation.

To be a misinformer is to be a terrorist. You are treacherous. You must be censored. Are we living in Orwell’s ‘1984” right now?

And that is what I was called recently.

My post “A Freedom Death Spiral” spoke about the communist like bills being passed in New York and California. If you had told me a couple of years ago that these bills would be passed in our country, I never would’ve believed you. If you had told me that in the year 2019 there would be censorship, I wouldn’t have believed you. Yet here we are. If you had told me religious rights and medical freedom would be stripped. I would’ve thought you were nuts.

The bills I was speaking about use language that says “gives a Public Health Officer (PHO) broad authority” “take measures as necessary” “if it is considered proper to take possession of or control the body of any living person or property’ ‘removal and detention of cases, contacts and carriers that may be a danger to public health’’ ‘being detained in a medical facility or any appropriate facility.’ Parents in NY are getting letters saying if they do not comply they will send CPS to their homes. They can take away their kids. This is scary stuff.

I spoke openly in my article about the dangers of such bills. That if abused could lead us back to a not so recent past we should try at all costs to avoid.

I shared this blog post with the natural groups that I’m in. As I’ve mentioned in my blog “Today’s Philosophical Shift in Medicine” I acknowledge that there is a shift right now away from Pharmaceuticals and back to more natural approaches. Away from treatments and towards healing. We’ve been doing diagnostics and engineered medicine as our primary medicine teaching philosophy for over 100 years now with little change by the system.

Yet there is a consumer push for change. People don’t want polypharmacy anymore. They want to tackle their ailments with acupuncture and chiropractic and homeopathic. And this changing philosophy is a threat to Pharmas bottom lines and to our government’s top lobbyists. So they are pushing back so hard that they are removing our ability to decline their products.

These natural groups are like-minded people looking to steer clear of pharmaceuticals as much as possible. And not all are antivaxx. Some are but some are pushing for more organic, toxin free options. The types of posts I make are typically more accepted there than on my profile because my profile is more diverse. With people on all ends of the Pharma spectrum.

However, in the case of my “A Freedom Death Spiral’ post, to suggest such bills being proposed, that would allow a health officer to seize and detain you and your property and your children, I was instantly attacked.

Demanded to prove my sources. And when I couldn’t quickly supply my source for the CA bill as I was for the NY bill I was called a misinformer. That my blog was promoting misinformation. Dangerous. Treacherous. Lies. The post was held until admin could review it. I was able to track down my source while my post was held and forwarded them to admin. It was acknowledged that my post was not misinformation by one admin and she said they would reinstate it in the morning.

I woke up to find it still hadn’t been reinstated. One of the other admins had come to the conclusion that even though my misinformation trial had found it to be truth that it would not be reinstated. Because of the tone of my article. That it was creating fear. And this was a group of hope. And I get that. Who wants to be brought down by the crazy in the world? However, this sentiment is more dangerous. Because to not be able to have an open discourse on these things, allows us to deny them, and if we deny them, we aren’t changing them. She suggested that fear has the ability to paralyze.

I responded that to have someone call you a misinformer is slander if it’s not true. It can ruin your character. If we are now to be a judge of tone, something that is open to interpretation, that will continue the slippery slope of censorship. Everything that is happening needs to be out in the open. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

So that we know what we are up against. I was on trial for misinformation and if the ruling was that it wasn’t misinformation, shouldn’t I be found not guilty and it be reinstated? What you are judging is something different altogether. And I understand it is your group. But I think you are setting yourself up for a lot of controversy. For truth is black and white. And tone can be interpreted.

She said she had been doing this for 11 years and chooses to avoid drama.

There are lots of these kinds of posts on there but the language of the bill triggered some people. It's a real bill. We need to acknowledge it.

I wish the drama playing out in the world right now were avoidable. Unfortunately if we avoid it, it means we aren’t fixing it. Or even trying to.

It is in my opinion that we need to spread this truth. It is not in the media at all. The only thing in the media is “measles mania” “antivaxxers are dangerous.” That these bills are passing to protect people.

If people like me aren’t sharing these unconstitutional bills that are being passed, because I follow this legislation closely, then the majority of people aren’t even going to know it is happening until it spreads to their state.

So many people had no idea that they were banning orthodox Jews from public in New York. That they had health officers going door-to-door force vaccinating or fining them. That they passed a law to dismiss their religious rights in an unprecedented one day meeting, without public hearings.

That in California they removed vaccine injured children of their medical exemptions and are forcing them to have them again or forcing them out of school. Thousands of mothers protested this, yet it passed anyways. There are protests, rallies, thousands of people pouring into the capital and none of it is being covered. Every time I post them, they are taken down. When SB 276 was passed people were crying, shouting. The moans were the moans of people that just lost their right to protect their children and they were heart wrenching. I cried. I’m crying now as I just wrote that.

The government wants you to think vaccine injuries are 1 in a million. They are not. A Harvard study found the VAERs reporting system highly ineffective and only reports 1-10% of cases since they are under-associated, denied and its voluntary. We have a system set up to protect Pharma at all costs. Even to the point that they have zero liability. Their vaccines hurt our babies. We pay for it. The taxpayer pays. They haven’t had liability since 1986 and they have grown into the trillion dollar power monster they are today because of it. They need liability back so they can learn the lesson they should’ve in 1986. Make a safer product or pay the price. We need a system that protects our children not corporations.

They don’t even have to make a cleaner, organic product like food companies, and make-up companies and deodorant companies and soon to be lawn care and pesticide companies are being pushed to by consumer demand. Because the government is forcing us to have them just the way they are.

Dr. Theresa Deisher, Stanford Molecular scientist, found the DNA fragments in our vaccines have the ability to merge with and mutate our DNA. We don’t want genetically modified food yet we are ok genetically modifying ourselves.

It became taboo to discuss religion. And now God is out of our schools. It became taboo to discuss politics. Now the politicians are so corrupt, they are allowing corporations to write their own legislation. It’s the wild Wild West in CA and NY with them rewriting the rules and the laws. It’s Germany circa 1920. It became taboo to talk about autism. Even I didn’t touch that one right away. And now autism is predicted to afflict half of our children by 2025. In 6 years. 6 years!!!!

What better way to control people then to make them feel guilty for discussing topics to the point the only topics we feel safe to discuss are gossip, weather and appearances? I’m tired of empty conversations that change nothing. We have tabooed ourselves into an epidemic. I would argue all of those taboos that we allowed ourselves to not openly discuss are exactly why we are, where we are, in this country right now.

I never even considered the possibility of being censored for tone. Because it’s open to interpretation. Someone might have read my post and that was the straw that broke the camels back for them. They were tired of being silent. They started taking action. Started calling politicians. Showing up at protests. Just as once Schiff handed down mandates for censorship was the last straw for me. Censorship was the start of a horrific snowball, a death spiral of freedom, with rights being stripped on the daily.

How we respond to fear is a choice. We can choose to become paralyzed as suggested. We can choose to pray. We can choose to act. It is a choice. The reason my post provoked fear. Is because I used the actual language from the bill. We can’t fear being told something exists, if it does. We shouldn’t deny people of sharing truth because of the potential it might cause fear. We must stare what is creating fear in its face and do something about it. Denying and hiding from it will do nothing. Censoring it is only helping the people calling for censorship. The only people benefitting from censorship are those advancing terrible agendas under our noses.

I’ve had one lady from Ireland and one from England comment on my recent posts. What is happening in our country is playing out on the world’s stage. And some in our country don’t even know it’s happening. The rest of the world is watching as our politicians make communist moves. And they are praying for us. Advising us. Because much like me watching CA and NY from afar, I know that if this nonsense doesn’t stop soon, then it will only spread.

California is in complete denial that vaccines can’t stop all their diseases. Well unless they close their borders they need to stop this draconian crazy that isn’t helping. They are at 90-95% supposed herd immunity. Yet they are still having outbreaks.

Herd immunity was a theory that applied to natural immunity when the majority of the population has lifelong immunity. That doesn’t work for waning vaccine immunity. Removing medical exemptions from vaccine-injured kids just makes them look like they are going for eugenics. Having the state now in between doctor and patient and parent and child is dangerous.

They are making some awfully misguided steps in the name of public health. They are making some awfully misguided steps in the name of education. They are nearly worst in the nation for education. Ranked at the bottom and with 1/8 children requiring special needs. And now they passed a bill that will force .7 of those that had medical exemptions but were stripped of them, out unless they comply.

They are best in vaccination compliance though. But it hasn’t helped their pertussis outbreak affecting only the vaccinated kids. And they still have measles. If the point of vaccination is to not get the disease and it’s only the vaccinated kids getting them? Driving families out of the school system is only going to make the education system there worse. Fewer kids, fewer funds.

Unless we start talking openly about these things. We will not be able to fix them. Unless we can acknowledge these things as true. We will not be able to fix them.

It is true that children are injured by vaccines. That is why we’ve paid $4billion in taxpayer money. And why they almost went bankrupt shelling out injury claims before liability was removed.

It is true that vaccines can cause autism as found in the Hannah Poling case.

It is true that herd immunity doesn’t apply to waning vaccine immunity.

It is true that vaccines use aborted fetuses to grow their cell lines. Trump is trying to do away with this for Federal testing. I’m not sure what it will do for its use in vaccines.

It is true that vaccines can cause cancer as found with the SV 40 court cases.

It is true that when Japan stopped mandating vaccines before age 2 they shot from middle of the pack for infant mortality to best in the world.

It is true that Japan stopped mandating the MMR after finding it caused aseptic meningitis. That’s the shot we are using in this outbreak.

It is true that the MMR is in court for fraudulently overstating its efficacy and it was found to have a 40% failure rate. Yup. Again. The one we are using in this outbreak.

It is true that Congress is accepting money for legislation and politicians have been identified accepting money from Pharma.

It is true that CDC Whistleblower Dr William Thompson said they falsified data and their study did find vaccines cause autism.

It is true that some children are genetically more susceptible to vaccine injury. And that we can test for this.

It is true that Japan and Sweden stopped the pertussis vaccine and their SIDS rates fell to almost nothing. It is true that the pertussis vaccine is losing its efficacy due to evolving strains.

It is true that we are worst out of all industrialized nations for infant mortality.

It is true that Japan is best. Has more measles. Half the cancer and their infant mortality is 3x better.

It is true that if autism holds current trajectory it will affect half of our kids by 2025. How will a generation with half, and then years later, all autistic children survive let alone thrive?

We need to stop censoring. We need to stop being silent. We need to start talking and taking action. Call your politicians. Write them. Speak out. Be brave.

It is not lost on me how some which don’t understand the direness of the situation might think this sounds silly. What else could the removal of rights and freedoms be in a country that is free, if not dire? What else could a generation that can’t care for themselves be, if not dire. It is dire. Let’s talk about it, so we can fix it.

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