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Cancel God, Cancel Freedom

Antonio Gramsci a Marxist famously said “Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity.”

And we are seeing Christianity be overwhelmed. By those who promote socialism. As those who speak out and are being canceled, are predominantly Christians.

What have we seen historically of Censorship? Is it the good guys that censor? What step is censorship in a totalitarian takeover? There is no denying that it is a part of the strategy.

Hitler had a Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment. They were like Big Tech, today. Used to control the narrative.

‘Where they burn books they will eventually burn people. Because silencing the message is only a half measure to silencing the messenger.’

What is the purpose of overwhelming Christianity? What was the purpose that Gramsci a Marxist intended?

When you remove the highest authority, God. Government steps in and fills the void. It is a power play. A dangerous one.

Gramsci pointed to the need for a cultural revolution followed by a political one to accomplish rolling in a new form of government. And we are amidst a cultural revolution being used. “Wokeism.”

It is amazing that those who consider themselves woke, are actually the most asleep to the historical significance of the reinvented trap they find themselves falling unquestionably into.

Marxist ideology promises a utopia. But what is most often delivered as it fails, is communism.

This is a successful strategy which has been used before, throughout history. And we are seeing it being used in our country right now. But many don’t understand the history. Therefore they don’t recognize the signs of it happening.

And when people do recognize the signs and speak publicly they are canceled. And society accepts it because they believe in the cultural revolution which is being used.

All throughout history there has been division used to takeover populations. Divisions based off of political, religious, cultural, ethnic differences. Which often times lead to genocide. Who perpetuates genocide? The same institutions who are supposed to prevent it. Government.

The current cultural revolution being used is Critical Race Theory. Is “wokeism.” But it isn’t a new theory. It is a reinvented one. We first saw Critical Theory in the 1930s. It was a theory put forth by Marxists. How has Critical Theory from the 1930s evolved into Critical Race Theory?

What is the foundational basis of this ideology? How does it relate to Marxism? To Socialism?

How has critical theory already entered our schools now followed by critical race theory?

How do these relate to communism and a loss of freedom?

Cultural revolutions happen when the ideology infiltrates religion, education, culture. And that is what is happening.

How does Gramsci’s teachings relate to Chinas communist takeover? Russia’s?

In China there was a cultural and political revolution that left them vulnerable to communism. And they have never since regained freedom.

How is this being played out in our society right now?

You must cancel Christianity. Or whichever religion is predominant in the country. In order to replace it with a new religion. A religion of government.

My friend who worked on the Hilary campaign said that he believes government is an overwhelming force for good.

That statement blew my hair back.

I said which government? Stalins? Hitlers?

He said, “No, our government.”

I said which part of our government? The ones writing rules for thee but not for me as they label a hairdresser non-essential then get their haircut, as they write their nonessential businesses waivers, as they go out to eat at posh restaurants yet tell you, you can’t celebrate holidays with family?

Every government wants to be considered what my friend has been led to believe. But it is never, nor will it ever be true.

Government is run by man. And man is flawed. And when government is the highest authority in the land it is an overwhelming force. But not always for good. As history has plainly shown us time and time again.

This is easier to accomplish amidst a secular humanist or atheist society. Which our country has increasingly become.

I grew up in New England. I grew up Catholic. I would guess that the conversion rate of Catholics to atheism is quite high.

Growing up was when priests were being accused of molestation which came with a loss of faith in religion. I personally know people who have been a victim of this. That type of exposure to evil at a young age isn’t a strong building block for faith.

I grew up thinking that Grace was something that was only said on Thanksgiving.

I grew up with Catholic guilt. There is an eye for an eye mentality that comes out of this. That if you sin it will be paid back. I thought because I had premarital sex that I would as a punishment be infertile.

I wasn’t raised to know scripture. I hid prayer. Thought faith was something private. To be hidden.

I walked away from God and went to some dark places as a result. I had a lot of self hate. Lived as if there was no heaven. Lived like this was it and I better get in as many experiences as I could. But there was an emptiness that comes with that style of living.

I had no purpose. I was envious of people with purpose.

But I was blessed. To move down South and learn from those who grew up in the Bible belt that there was a better way. I’m not saying that all teachings in the South lead to a healthy relationship with the Lord.

But as I started to regain my faith I became more and more surrounded by those with stronger faith. And it helped grow mine.

I learned that Grace wasn’t just something said on Thanksgiving. It was forgiveness. It was life changing. To know that my sins had been forgiven and that I could move on from sin without thinking there would be an eye for an eye. That I could move forward. That I could make promises to God and keep them and that it would make my life better. That it could make me a better person. When you live as if this is a test for after life. You live more fully. Not full of experience. But full of purpose. And it is all of this that fills the empty place that experiences never can.

I got to a point where I could pray with people in public. Where I didn’t feel like it needed to be hidden.

Even though in the times I had walked away I still considered myself a believer. But I would’ve made fun of the person I am today. Why? Why if I believed would I have thought it silly to believe in public?

I have been blessed beyond measure. I cry often about it because of how Grateful I am. To have these amazing people in my life now. Who strengthen my faith.

I tell my testimony as here is the insight.

Culture has been chipping away faith for a long time. And in certain places around the country it has been taught in a way that makes it easier to chip away. When it is hidden. Private. Connected to a belief that makes you think you will be eternally judged for the wrongs you did when you were young.

And people who are not strong in their faith are easy targets. They are easy targets for fear. They are easy targets for believing that Government is the highest authority. That Government is a force for good. Instead of what we know to be true from history.

When you write God out, you write freedom out.

When you write God out, you write in chains.

Governments that think they are God, that think they have power over who lives and dies, over who suffers and thrives are dangerous.

And that is what our government has become.

Christianity must be canceled for it to fully be brought to fruition. History must be canceled. Truth must be canceled. And that is what is happening.

For 250 years we have had freedom and protection of our unalienable rights. And those who didn’t always, do now. But as we were gaining freedoms, other liberties were being taken away.

Most don’t even know what unalienable rights are. So how would they know when they had been taken away?

Pat Miller’s book “Willfully Ignorant” has a quote about this. When rights are taken away over time imperceptibly people won’t notice until beyond the point it is too late.

It has been a slow process.

Our nation’s charter, is our inflexible document of freedom.

But schools don’t teach its intent. Elected who take an oath to uphold it don’t understand its intent.

Our duopoly party system, both accepting hand outs from corporate interests are tasked with upholding it. Yet they are trading our liberties for campaign backing and lobbying. Whether that is due to a lack of knowledge or a total indifference, per our state Constitution it is slavish and absurd for us to allow.

There is a play book to taking over a country. That has been used time and time again through out history. And we are in the midst of it.

Why is our great country so lost? Why are Americans so willing to give up their unalienable rights and their freedom?

Benjamin Franklin said, “those who trade liberty for a little bit of safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Yet many have easily and readily given up their liberty. Likely because most of us have never truly been taught the purpose of the Constitution. Or what our unalienable rights actually are?

Do you know how many times the Constitution is mentioned in your party platform? 80 in one. 4 in another. What does that disparity tell you? Almost like it is being written out in one party.

But most on both sides are not doing their job upholding it right now.

Why would some want to get rid of the Constitution?

You don’t even need to get rid of it, if you stop teaching it. If you don’t require the elected who take an oath to it, to understand it.

You can get rid of it by eliminating knowledge of it. Then you will have people in office who won’t uphold their oath. And you will have The People, who’s job is to ensure government upholds it, not doing their job either. Just like we currently have happening.

Then pretty soon the Constitution would become obsolete.

What would happen if the Constitution became obsolete. What is its purpose?

To ensure freedom for generations to come.

How does it do this? By tasking the government to uphold our inalienable rights. That is their sole purpose as stated in our nations charter, our Constitution.

If the Constitution becomes obsolete so does our nations freedom.

We are seen the world over as a beacon for freedom. Many escape socialism and communism to come here. Yet we have some who are trying to usher in socialism. And we are steps into the typical communist play book.

Why wouldn’t those who want socialism here go to a country that already offers it? There are plenty. That way when the decided they don’t like it they had a place to come back to. Because once you install that kind of system you never get rid of it.

Socialism didn’t work out for Venezuela. Why are so many convinced it would here? With how corrupt both sides of our government is, don’t we think it is possible we would have similar results?

What do you lose when you turn to socialism?

You get a sort of equality. But who are you equal to? Are you equal to the King and Queen? To the Tzar? To the Prime Minister? You have equity. To every other working man. As equity in this case is really a glass ceiling. And those mentioned before, walk on it as their floor.

America is the land of opportunity because equality is defined by you can become anything you want to be if you work hard enough. Working hard is the ultimate equalizer. When you take that away. And start assigning opportunity based off of differences, you very quickly lose equal opportunity. And you quickly have socialism.

Because you now have rulers deciding who gets opportunity and why. This group today. That group tomorrow. As long as it is being used to keep everyone equal under that glass ceiling, with the ruling class above it. And that is really what the push for local equity boards is. What the push for the national equality act is.

How do you get a country that is built on freedom to decide they want socialism? The very thing most of the world has, yet still choose to escape to here?

Secular humanism.

It is a belief that man is capable of self-fulfillment without God. It is atheism. It leads to communism. Government which is the highest authority, absent of God.

Look to history. What happened in the USSRs anti-religious campaigns? They went after the educated religious. Asked others to denounce God and hail communism. Hilter, denounce God and hail him.

There is freedom with God as the highest authority. There is compliance without freedom when the government is the highest authority.

And those handing over their freedom are allowing government to be sovereign in ways they are not supposed to be.

Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

Because our founding fathers were Christians. So yeah Christians need to be canceled. And so does the Constitution and anyone standing in the way.

And the Charter they built for this country was to preserve freedom by appointing the highest authority there can be. An authority who granted us God-given rights. An authority who stated in the bible that our responsibility is to have dominion over the Earth. An authority that states, that is the intent of government. To ensure ALL men have dominion over the Earth. Not a few.

Yes Romans 13 says that we must be obedient to government. But are there exceptions?

Yes. When God forbids what man commands. When man commands what God forbids. And Government commands what isn’t theirs to command. And the Canadian Pastor who articulated this was arrested. What does history tell us when free country’s start arresting Pastors? Why would they arrest him for pointing this out?

Government can now command things that they should not command. And if they are the only authority, then you must do it and they have no one to answer to. That is what communist and totalitarian governments want. That is what they are.

And watching what has happened through COVID was alarming how easily people threw away their God-given rights and looked to government as their savior.

With the government sending people checks making them dependent. Crushing businesses they had no authority to close. Man has an unalienable right to work. He must work to provide for his family. Therefore they had no authority to do what they did. It’s an unalienable right they are supposed to uphold.

And now we have young people at home waiting for their government checks while businesses can’t find employees because people would rather stay home than work. Ushering in socialism on the back of a virus.

It is always ushered in a simiar way. Drive up poverty levels so people look to the government to provide, give people just enough to survive so they become dependent, take control of healthcare, take control of education so people think socialism is what they want. Forgetting their birthright was freedom. Then take away their guns so they have no way to ever reclaim their freedom back again.

I said there would be adult mandates coming before COVID started. I said there would be shootings once Biden got in, and the media would stoke public outcry and there have since Biden, two so far, and there will be more. I don’t have a crystal ball. I know history and the playbook is always the same. It is obvious once you realize where we are at.

There were shootings during the city riots but we didn’t hear about them in the media. Because it didn’t serve this agenda then. They needed those riots to take away people’s economic freedom.

Yes you have to work hard if you want to get somewhere in our country. That is the beauty of it. Rags to riches. Socialism only gives you just enough. But will never allow you a seat at the table of the King.

What has happened in our country is we have become an oligarchy. We have different kings. A country ruled by corporate interests.

We should cap lobby spending, cap campaign backing, create true transparency, make it illegal for industry’s to fund the agencies that govern them. And get back to the Constitution. By teaching it. By understanding it. By upholding it.

And then we can get back to living freely. You’d be surprised how much we have gotten use to, that isn’t constitutional. Chipping away at our rights through changing our mind sets to what we will and will not allow. Even some of our laws are unconstitutional. Should there be seat belt laws? Not by the Constitution there shouldn’t be.

Part of the problem is first a lack of understanding of what your unalienable rights are, a lack of understanding of what your God-given rights are, a lack of understanding of what governments sole purpose is, and when to recognize when they have stepped out of their lane and into the lane of your unalienable rights.

The second part of the problem is the push for secular humanism has been at work for years in our country.

John Dewey the creator of the Dewey Decimal system and contributor to modern public education was an atheist. Dewey made the teaching of humanism exclusive by initiating the expulsion of Godly teaching and values from public schools.

The separation of church and state means that the state is not sovereign over the church. Churches have their own laws. Our government should not tell them to close their doors. As the right to worship is an unalienable right. A God-given right upheld in the Constitution.

Yet government did close the church and they were wrong to do it. And they did arrest Pastors. Completely unconstitutional. A step made by totalitarian governments. Not free ones. The Constitution tells us it is “slavish and absurd.” To allow such things. Yet we have.

We have rolled over on our backs like submissive dogs and our forefathers are likely rolling over in their graves. Even some who claim liberty yet walk around muzzled by smile blockers. “And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness...” Unveil your face. You are called to.

Separation of church and state does not mean that God was to be taken out of schools. Or that prayer is to be taken out of government meetings. That has been increasingly accomplished through a secular humanist agenda.

The other reason we are so divided right now is that there is a party that used to stand for true equality. That is now standing for socialism and secular humanism. And people are blindly obedient to the party not realizing the change. There is a party that believes that they should be the highest authority. Above the Constitution. Above God. And that has dangerous consequences. And the other party for the most part is acting no better. As they are saying the same socialist lines. And apparently also don’t understand the Constitution and the oath they took to it.

That has led to them all playing God.

Is it our governments right to decide who lives and who dies? Who suffers and who thrives?


Government doesn’t have the ability to stop death from a virus. They never have before. And when they attempted they failed. In fact. They increased deaths. They added more suffering.

Cuomo placing infected people in senior homes with the most vulnerable population and upped the deaths by an estimated 40%!

We have healthcare monopolies denying right to try with harrowing consequences. We had the government denounce early treatments then change their stance to neutral. Leaving us to question. How many people could have been saved? If government hadn’t attempted to play God?

Suicide of even 10 year olds skyrocketing, people delaying diagnosis and treatment. Addiction, murder, heart attacks, all the deaths of despair spiraling upwards.

Children with smile blockers on their face creating depressing environments for a virus that has a statistically zero chance of fatality. And all other causes of death are more likely in all age groups except 70+.

Children need reassurance from their teachers. Now they are met with question marks and half of their reassurance covered up with a piece of cloth that has blocked nothing except the spread of happiness. That is the science of smiles.

And since when are schools hospitals? Isn’t the oath they take not only to the Constitution but to provide the best education? Has any student received the best education possible this past year. Two oaths unrealized.

Anytime through out history when Government plays God it comes with horrific consequences. Consequences our founding fathers were trying to prevent. And no, health and emergency are not mentioned in the Constitution.

Governor’s were acting completely unconstitutional in closing their states, passing down mandates they had no authority to grant in the first place.

There are people that think they just purchased themselves freedom by having a rushed to market, experimental, liability free vaccine. Never realizing that they were already free under their nations charter. All it took was understanding it.

Now they are a captive commodity. And their enslavement has been sold to them as their salvation. As they will have to stamp that passport as many times as the rulers profitably decide. Gotta send the kids to Ivy league schools. I feel a measles outbreak coming on. Better make all the adults who haven’t had boosters in decades get them again. Pay the media. Pay the lobbyists. Pay the politicians. A profitable system.

A health tax. That will be raised as many times as they see fit. Just like the amount required to attend school has been raised continually since the industry was removed of liability in ’86.

They have just opened up a new growth market. Adults!

So why were so many willing to throw their rights away?

Because they don’t understand them and because they’ve allowed themselves to be governed by fear.

How do we fix this problem? How do we save our country? How do we preserve freedom for generations to come?

First by understanding our errors. Understanding our unalienable rights. Understanding that the true purpose of government is to protect our unalienable rights. Not trample them.

And to stop persecuting, firing, canceling people because they see the warning signs just like the persecuted did in the other totalitarian attempts.

We must put an end to cancel culture.

Find representatives who will uphold the Constitution.

Pass laws that all elected have to take a class on the Constitution. Add it as a class requirement to graduate high school. We remove secular humanist curriculum. We bring back God.

And we move forward in freedom, vowing never to let this happen in our free country again, vowing never to be absurd and slavish again.

Because if we don’t, we are a straw short from breaking America’s back.

And like Reagan said. “Freedom is a fragile thing. It isn’t passed down in the bloodstream it is fought for, protected and handed down for us to do the same. For it only comes once to a people and when it is gone it is gone forever.”

And as a mom of three I am not willing to let this great country go. I want to pass down a free country to my children to do the same.

Here is how you can help take a stand today.

Take a Constitution classes being offered

Get your Elected local and state Representatives to our Constitution Class for Reps

Get active with Tennessee Stands

Get to know your Representatives

Join us Wednesday at the rally in Nashville


If we lose this country on our watch and hand down communism to our kids. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

And as Kitty Werthman Holocaust survivor says. If they knew what was coming they never would have given up your guns. She says keep your guns and buy more ammo. A totalitarian dictatorship did not happen over night.

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