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Big Pharma's Last Stand

Earlier this week New Jersey showed up for their medical freedom. 6000 people chanted outside of the state building “Kill, the Bill.” “My Body, My Choice.” Their voices were so powerful those on the inside said they could hear them loud and clear and it rattled the building.

It also rattled the legislators inside working on behalf of Big Pharma, trying to lobby our rights away and hand them to an unliable and unregulated industry.

And they were heard. The bill was tabled.

Yet, today another bad bill was entered in New Jersey.

This bill aims to attack Health Coaches, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, and even social workers. The bill aims to take away the right to speak about food, supplements, weight loss and even eating organic. Holistic practitioners, (which I’m studying to be) naturopaths, health coaches, nutritionists will be forbidden and criminalized if they talk about non-drug options to preventing illness or promoting health.

Who stands to benefit from such a policy?

This is consumer 101. Make a quality product that delivers what it promises or go out of business.

The consumer push for aluminum out of our deodorant gave us a surplus of aluminum-free deodorant options.

Yet we want aluminum out of our medicine and that’s a nonnegotiable.

The consumer push for toxins out of our beauty products gave us a slew of toxin free beauty products.

Yet we want neurotoxins out of our medicine and that’s a nonnegotiable.

The consumer push for organic food options free of chemicals, gave us organic free options free of chemicals.

Yet we want chemicals out of our medicine and that’s a nonnegotiable.

They don’t even have to deliver the very commodity they deal in, health.

They are called the healthcare industry, yet they rarely deliver it.

In fact, all of our health statistics are on a steady or rapid decline.

We are worst in the world out of most industrialized nations for most of them.

Worst for infant mortality. 6 out of every 1000 babies born die in their first year of life. And that gap widens as they approach one. Healthy baby born, something goes drastically wrong in the first year of life.

Worst for mother mortality.

Our chronic illness went from 12% in the 80s to 54% today. Asthma, diabetes, allergies, lupus, MS, RA exploding.

Our cancer is exploding. Neurological disabilities are exploding. Autism is exploding.

It is set to afflict half of every 4 million babies born in this country within the next decade. How will a generation where a growing majority are unable to care for themselves survive?

You know what else has exploded? Healthcare profits.

An industry where CEOs have stated their loyalty is to the stakeholder, not to the patient.

An industry that produced Zantac, which is causing cancers. I gave my children that as babies.

An industry that produced Vioxx, which killed thousands. An industry saying that statins that are now dangerous. The list goes on. And those drugs went through a rigorous approval process, which our children’s shots do not.

A growing body of people see the conflict. The industry is rife with them. From the education system, through the industry, through the governing agency, through the legislators being used to mandate our medicine. Conflicts of interest at every level. The industry is entirely compromised.

We the consumer has a voice in every industry except this one.

We use liability. A product harms us. We sue. Enough people sue. They come up with a better product or they go out of business.

We use consumer ratings. We view people’s experiences with a product; No one is calling that person a liar. They are heeding their experience in their buying decision. If enough people have rated it poorly they have to come up with a better product or they go out of business.

These two pieces are entirely missing from our children’s shots. They are liability free and they call all negative experiences ‘anti.”

Add to that the CDC is being funded by the industries they govern and you have a completely unregulated industry.

Add to that now they are using lobbyists to lobby our rights away.

Why would they need to lobby our rights away?

Because who would want to buy a product that doesn’t deliver what it promises?

The MMR is in court for fraudulently overstating its efficacy yet we are still being forced to have it. They aren’t even addressing known issues. The polio shot is causing more polio than natural strain and they knew this was happening a decade ago yet let the problem spiral out of control.

Not just shots. It all. The whole philosophy has failed. Our health is declining.

My generation’s health is peaking at 27. And we are the first projected not to outlive our parents.

Medicine leading to more medicine. Surgery leading to more surgery. Yet no one is capturing the adverse effects. Back surgery causing more harm than good. Medicine that causes extreme side effects. I have several stories of this just with my family.

A Harvard study found that shot adverse effects are reported 1% of the time. They came up with an automated system yet it was never implemented. Every healthcare adverse effect is similar. They aren’t being captured. Your doctor says, “that’s probably not what caused it.”

People like me that found declining health in the health care industry did what every consumer does when they encounter a product that doesn’t deliver what it promises.

We looked elsewhere. And we found it.

Health doesn’t mean never getting sick. In fact there is a use to having benign infections. It is like a work out for your immune system. You wouldn’t expect to never lift weights your whole life then at 50 go to the gym and lift 200 lbs. That’s like not letting your immune system experience childhood illness then thinking it has the ability to take on disease.

I mean the entire modern medicine philosophy is suppressive. It doesn’t get to the root of the issue.

So we found all the other approaches that the New Jersey bill is targeting. And we found real healing. We may encounter childhood illnesses, but we are healing our chronic illness. Which is caused by the philosophy of medicine that suppresses instead of heals.

We don’t want their chemicals, their toxins, their heavy metals, and their suppressive medicine. And there is a ton of science showing why. Because they cause cancer. Cause immune issues. Are responsible for our declining health.

And they know it.

They see the big profit cavern that the aging out Boomers is going to create when they are gone. We are not going to fill that profit vacuum. They see the consumer push isn’t for what they are selling. They see a generation walking away from their philosophy.

And they are doing exactly what they did at the turn of the century.

In 1910, the Flexner report came out, sponsored by Carnegie. Saying that the new medicine philosophy was diagnostics and engineered medicine. Which became the pharmaceutical industry.

So they waged war with alternative methods. Which really should be called healing methods. As they were around for centuries before mainstream or allopathic medicine.

Carnegie and Rockefeller got behind BP. They donated to colleges with the stipulation they no longer teach these other philosophies. They only taught diagnostics and engineered medicine.

So for 100 years the other methods took a back seat while BP ruled medicine.

But the other methods have been slowly bubbling under the surface until the last decade where they have seen enormous growth. Not through lobbyists. Not through billions in advertising. Through the only true method. Word of mouth.

They delivered what BP couldn’t. Healing.

And now in a desperate final stand, BP, is using the only play they have left.


How do you get a generation to take your products they don’t willingly want?

You remove them of all other options, and you remove them of their choice to decline them.

That is where we are. And that is plainly why all of these bills are being entered so quickly.

I could also get in to how this plays into them entering bills in VA to outlaw martial arts and take away their guns.

Hitler made all the same moves. He took away medical freedom. Experimented on people unwillingly. The good doctors left. What remained were weak subservient doctors willing to do terrible things.

Look to what has happened in CA under SB 276 turned SB 714. It’s the same play. They gave the state authority over peoples medical decisions.

He had everyone register their guns. Then he knew who had them and he had everyone turn them in.

Here is another piece of history for you. IG Farben, which is now Bayer, was the company that produced the gas used in gas chambers and experimented on concentration camp inmates. That is who is coming after our rights to decline their products.

Anyone who says this sounds like CT, look up the bills. They are real. They are coming for your medical freedom, they already came for freedom of speech as they are censoring, and they are coming for your ability to protect yourself. What more proof do you need that our country is in big trouble, if we don’t stand together and beat back the Pharma Cartel and their government henchmen; there won’t be an America to run to. We are it. It may be Pharma’s last stand, but it needs to be ours as well.

We need to show them we aren’t going to rollover while they trample our constitution, take our freedom, take our rights, and use us as a faceless commodity.

We pay taxes; we will not pay with our health or the health of our children. Period.

If you can get on board with this. You need to start showing up. You need to start getting active. Meet with your representatives. Make sure they are for freedom. Or get them out of office. And be ready to show up like New Jersey did. Because it isn’t going to be the voice of one or even a few that beats them back. It is going to have to be a UNITED voice. And it is going to have to be so loud, that not just the building shakes. But the entire institution.

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