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A War on Germs, Is a War on Living: Is there a better approach to health?

As "The National Geographic" article from last month says “there are more viruses than stars in the universe.”

In fact we are made up of viruses and bacteria. Our microbiome is comprised of 40 trillion bacteria. And our virome is 10x that many. Basically we are one giant living, breathing germ.

So does it make sense that we wage a war on germs? To wage a war on germs is to wage a war on humans. On life.

To try and create an environment devoid of germs is to create an environment devoid of humans.

It is an unwinnable, illogical battle.

Modern medicine, created after the Flexner Report in 1911 established a new philosophy around diagnostics and engineered medicine. Which grew into the pharmaceutical industry.

Under this philosophy scientists take germs and think that if they show they’ve been eliminated under a microscope, that means you are now healthy. You can prove you’ve eradicated the disease.

But is killing germs health? What happens when that germ is killed and another one comes along? You become sick again. Forever held hostage to the next germ that comes along.

What happens when you demote the growth of one bacteria? You allow for the overgrowth of another one. Bacteria annihilation is not the answer. Balance is. Balancing good bacteria and bad bacteria.

We have antibiotics and injections. But do these create health?

The overuse of both can be harmful. Mutating strains, resistant strains, creating superbugs.

What do we know of antibiotics and shots? Some people under respond and never develop immunity. Others over respond and develop immune disease. The ones it does work for are subject to waning immunity with everyone falling out at different times. It’s why there are outbreaks in up to date populations. Some are allergic and can’t use them. Others have used them too often and they no longer work.

And as stated above there are millions of bacteria and viruses. With new ones evolving all the time. How can you shoot a moving target?

Seeing as it’s an unwinnable battle. Is it the best strategy for maintaining health?

Is it the best model for public health policy?

It creates lucrative public policy. Funneling billions to Pharma to create more medicine to kill germs, block germs. Then Pharma funneling billions back through lobbyists and political backing to ensure the cycle continues in perpetuity.

What if there were a cheaper way to attain health? I’ll get to that in a minute.

What else happens under this germ annihilation strategy? What are we finding out from COVID?

In this outbreak we implemented unprecedented measures. Quarantining the healthy. Well it happened in Rockland County last year. But otherwise the first time.

In Rockland County children that weren’t up to date were banned from public and then kicked out of school. Now we all are.

Everyone used to fear unvaccinated. Now everyone is unvaccinated. Everyone fears everyone.

In this scenario people are being familiarized with new terms. Asymptomatic carriers. Asymptomatic carriers of what? We are living breathing walking germs after all. We are constant asymptomatic carriers. What does that mean for public policy? Constant fear? Constant distancing?

People that have researched the CDC schedule our children receive were already familiar with the term asymptotic carriers. As those recently vaccinated with live viral vaccines are asymptomatic carriers. Having the ability to spread the disease. It is why those recently vaccinated are not allowed to visit immune compromised.

Now in this next level war on germs they want to keep us locked inside for our own good, create schools that look like prisons, block human interaction, force compliance, hold our work hostage, more mandated medicine. Because we are living walking germs. Asymptomatic carriers. Disease spreaders. Because it’s profitable public policy that perpetuates the Pharma political cycle.

What if a better public policy is similar to the recipe for better gut health. Balance. Not annihilation. Not blocking the spread of germs. Because circulating antibodies and germs is actually good for us. Sheltering healthy people demotes health. It prevents the constant circulation so that when we do re-emerge we will become sick easier.

But getting sick every so often can be good for us. It’s like a workout for your immune system. You can’t expect to never use your immune system and then be able to combat disease. Fevers have a purification process. Where they cleanse your body of unhealthy cells. There are studies and real life examples where measles kills cancer cells. But not the synthetic strain. The natural strain. Hippocrates said “give me the power to create Fever and I can cure any illness.” Yet under this suppressive germ annihilation medical philosophy we wage war on fevers too. Although they are your body’s natural response to sickness. With purpose, and purification.

This asylum like public strategy we are being led into will not deliver health. The entire philosophy is wrong. Blocking human interaction cannot deliver health. Besides the mental health implications the physical ones aren’t justified either. Sterile isn’t healthy. After all you are a living breathing germ.

This public policy they’ve made where they’ve made us all reliant on one another to be compliant is a fallacy. A one size fits all strategy to health that cannot and does not deliver health.

My immunity doesn’t affect yours. Yours doesn’t affect mine. That’s a lie in synthetic immunity. It’s only attainable naturally.

Additionally, Health is three parts that are intimately interconnected. Mental. Emotional and physical.

Quarantining the people that aren’t at risk for this virus makes them at risk for other things. And it doesn’t make sense. It’s illogical. It’s not healthy to be alone and not socialize. It’s not healthy to be banned from church. Seeing ones you love. Doing what you love.

Viruses become weaker overtime by circulating amongst the healthy. Asymptomatic a word they are trying to demonize in this, can be a good thing. It means you have a healthy immune system. It means you are healthy. And can circulate the virus until it goes away.

SARS went away after two years. The typical cycle of this virus if we had let it take its natural course.

The narrative went from making it manageable for hospitals to stopping death. An impossible goal. Leading to prolonged lock downs. And now talks of health privacy violations through contact tracing. And a horrible, sterile, new normal. Of mandates, fear and force.

So what’s a better strategy than the profitable but unwinnable fight against germs?

Promoting health. The healthier the population. The less affected they will be by germs.

Why is it that those that guide public policy never talk about boosting health? They only want to talk about medicine, treatments? Because health isn’t profitable. Sickness is. Promoting health doesn’t feed the cycle. More products to mandate does.

But promoting health is the policy that makes more sense.

Quarantine the sick. Take precautions with the at risk. Promote healthy living.

The way to health is healthy eating. Exercise. Overcoming genetic predispositions through homeopathy. Boosting the immune system. Sunshine. Socialization. Laughter. Meditation. Cutting down on chemicals.

It takes work. There aren’t quick fixes. But the natural way is the only way.

Health will never come from injecting toxins. Health will never come from an approach that doesn’t take into account mental, emotional, physical equally. Health will never come from compartmentalized philosophy. Holistic is superior. Health will never come from engineered medicine that leads to more engineered medicine. It will never come from being banned from the ones you love and doing what you love. Health will never be one sized fits all. And it’s what our statistics are showing.

Health comes from precision medicine. Individualized. Customized to you. And your different needs. Your different genetic susceptibility. Ultimately your health is up to you. Not your neighbor. Not your government. Not even your doctor. You.

If you choose an unhealthy lifestyle that leaves you more susceptible to germs it shouldn’t be the healthy that sacrifices their life, liberty and happiness for you. They aren’t selfish in doing so. Like you are being told.

It’s the only free approach.

We must stand up to this illogical philosophy and policy that cannot and will not ever be able to deliver what it promises. And strive for and work towards what can.

Meet the trillions of viruses that make up your virome | Human World | EarthSky

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