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A Need for Consumer Regulated Medicine

I can’t think of any other industry that isn’t subjected to the mercy of its quality.

If a product doesn’t do it’s job. If a product is deemed unsafe by the consumer. If a product is found to be of inferior quality. Consumers would rate it poorly. People would read these reviews upon deciding on a brand and product, and if it was rated poorly, they would not buy it. That product would not be in business long.

I can’t think of any other industry that isn’t subjected to liability. If the product doesn’t do It’s job. If a product is deemed unsafe by the consumer. If a product is found to be of inferior quality. The consumer can sue the company. They would lose market share to their competitor. This bad press would cause a PR nightmare for the company. And depending on how they responded to it. That product might not be in business long.

Yet here we have products and an industry that are not subjected to either the mercy of the consumer in a review. Or the liability. Both are the incentives to keep companies producing the best products, possible. The safest products possible. The most effective products possible.

And it’s worse than that. Some have a lockhold on the market and don’t have competitors for certain vaccines. Like Merck’s MMR. Which is in court for fraud and we are using it in this outbreak. They have an exclusive patent.

In what other market would we stand for the way the medical and pharmaceutical industry are currently conducting themselves?

We go to buy a car. The first dealership did not sell us on their product. We read the reviews. We trust the consumer reports. They are telling us this is a sub par product and we drive to the next dealership. However, when we get there, there is a police officer waiting for us. Sent by the first dealership. This scenario happened to two parents recently. They left a hospital to seek a second opinion and were met at the next hospital by the police. And then later CPS came to their house.

How has this industry gone so desperately wrong?

Can you imagine if any other industry were allowed to get away with the behavior we are seeing out of the medical industry.

You go to a doctor and they want to prescribe you a prescription for an issue you are having. You ask a lot of questions. They appear annoyed. They appear not to like questions. They after all are the ultimate authorities on health and therefore you should not waste their time with questions. You ask to read the ingredients. They label you as a difficult patient. Why do you need to be concerned with such things? It’s not like it has to do with your health and you are your own health advocate.

There is no other industry that makes you feel guilty for asking questions. Are you a mechanic? Are you a car manufacturer? Does a car salesman make you feel guilty for asking questions about the car he is trying to sell you? No. Because he understands the relationship. You are the consumer. He is trying to sell you a product. If he is nice to you. Answers questions. Can show you the safety studies. Can prove to you that this is in fact a safe car. The best car you can get for your money. Can come off as a trustworthy person. He will acquire a customer.

Medicine is not like that.

This is one of my experiences. And I can’t even tell you how many of these similar situations I’ve heard of. And I’ve encountered several myself.

After having my third child I was having some incontinence issues. I went to a urologist. Which in hindsight shouldn’t have been my first stop. But it was. I waited for two hours and I was running short on time. I was going to need to leave soon to pick my kids up from school. I was visibly annoyed when the doctor walked in the room. I’m not sure if he took this as a personal affront, or what.

But very quickly he decided that my urinary issues were in my head. That it was anxiety. But he didn’t stop there. He started to belittle me and make assumptions about my life. Asked what was the highest level of education I had received. Asked how many times I had been married? What I did for a job. Implying that my anxiety must be wreaking havoc on my life in other ways. I was shocked. Appalled. Disgusted. At this man’s behavior. There was a resident in there following him. And the look on her face told me she felt horrible for me, and was also appalled.

I left there scathing. But also questioning myself. I sat in my car and cried. Was I peeing my self when I lifted my child because I am a worthless human being?

No. I went on to find that what I really needed was a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor issues. And that my issue was actually quite common.

There was an article on Today about this very thing. Women having real issues and doctors dismissing it as anxiety. These women when they trusted themselves, trusted they knew their bodies better than these doctors, persisted to find an answer. And found they had cancer, MS, RA, PCOS. Real issues.

There is a campaign right now called believemothers. I can’t believe in the year 2019 we need to campaign for people to believe us. I can tell you why though.

If there is a consumer product on the market that claims to give you luscious locks and you find it gives you a dry scalp and you write a bad review. No one is yelling at you saying you are a liar. An anti-shampooer. They consider your review. We need consumer reviews of medicine. And vaccines are ABSOLUTELY no exception.

Another large issue is there is no effective system in place to capture side effects. And doctors typically deny associations. I was on a bladder medicine in my late 20s. And then developed vocal spasms. I had to go to Vanderbilt for injections in my vocal chords. When I became pregnant I couldn’t take the bladder medication anymore and my vocal spasms went away. Because I like to get to the bottom of things and had acknowledged that association. I looked into it. On the listed side effects for the bladder medicine I was taking, said vocal spasms.

Doctors deny these things are related daily. They aren’t reading the fine print. And when you suggest these things are associated they treat you like a crazy person.

And the industry wonders why we don’t trust them or the side effect information they are pointing to.

There is no one capturing this data. These side effects that are supposedly so rare. I would argue are vastly under reported. My mother-in-law has a similar story with her medicine that resulted in a spontaneous retina tear and surgery. A Harvard study DID find that vaccine side-effects are vastly underreported. Only 1-10% are captured by VAERS the vaccine adverse effect reporting system. So that 1 in a million, safe and effective they are touting. Is not one in a million at all. That means that the 400 + deaths from the MMR is more like 4,000-40,000.

The consumer voice must be apart of medicine.

We must be allowed to be participants in this process and not treated as having the IQ of a turnip if we ask questions.

We need liability returned to the manufacturer. The pharmaceutical industry. Reagan removed it in 1986 when they were going bankrupt shelling out injury claims. Reagan saw them as important but he acknowledged the danger it could present. An industry without liability is an industry above consumer regulation. If they are not at the mercy of the consumer to make a better product? Why would they?

They grew to a trillion dollar industry since then as the recommended vaccine schedule exploded. Without testing against a double-blind placebo, without testing for mutagenic or cancer causing effects, without testing the schedule in its entirety for immunology.

And nobody asked why.

Why did we add a Hep B vaccine to the schedule and give it to an infant on their first day of life? It is a sexually transmitted disease. If their parents don’t have it, why is it necessary? I would argue strongly that it is not.

Are 72 doses of vaccines really necessary or safe for our children? There haven’t been any tests showing that they are. No one has tested them altogether.

It is a culture of medicine that makes us feel guilty for asking questions that has put us here.

Recently we’ve had Pakistan parents shooting vaccinators after finding it caused their children’s HIV. Dirty needles they say.

We have the Gates Foundation kicked out of India for doing more harm than good with his vaccine program.

We have China saying they are going to return liability to the industry after having several large-scale contamination scandals. You know where our vaccines are made? China.

We had a Dengue Fever vaccine recently kill 130 children in the Philippines.

We had a scientist just go to jail for falsifying an HIV vaccines results.

We have Merck in court for fraudulently overstating the efficacy of the MMR. The scientists said it had a 40% failure rate and they beat Merck to the punch and took them to court before they were made the fall guys. This is the vaccine we are using in this outbreak. And Australia is wondering why they have measles despite near 100% vaccination compliance.

However instead of acknowledging this we are stripping children of exemptions! That will do nothing but more harm.

Japan stopped mandating the MMR back in 1993 after finding it caused aseptic meningitis. How many cases of aseptic meningitis were not correlated to a vaccine injury in the United States in the 26 years we have been continuing to use this very vaccine?

Japan stopped mandating vaccines before age 2 and their infant mortality rate went from middle of the pack to BEST in the WORLD. We are WORST out of all industrialized nations. With thirty plus above us.

This industry is a nightmare. A real life study in why companies should never be relieved of their liability. That the consumer must have a voice in the products they use. They must be proven by the consumer to be trustworthy. Rated a 1? No thanks.

I may not be a doctor. But I understand this issue more than I’ve understood anything in my life. I can tell you the biology. The legislation. The big players. The whys. And where this is headed if it isn’t stopped by us. All of US. The US.

The pharmaceutical industry spent $200,000,000 lobbying last year. They have more lobbying power than gas and oil combined. And it shows.

They don’t need their product to be safe. Or even effective. Because they are using their pet politicians to lobby our rights away and force us to use their product.

We need to stand up for our rights. Right now.

It wasn’t bad enough that we have an industry that has no liability

It wasn’t bad enough that we have an industry that isn’t regulated by consumer quality checks.

It wasn’t bad enough that our doctors are denying we have real health issues and make us feel guilty for asking questions, even though we are their clients.

Now we have states deciding we have no right to decline their products and there’s a federal bill proposed to take our rights away to decline their products.

No liability.

No testing.

No regulation.

No consumer voice.

No choice.

Where there is risk. There must be choice.

I mentioned why I believe this is happening now.

In 1983 there were 1400 cases of measles and by 1990 there were 27,000 in the US. However they were not removing our rights back then. Despite there being 27X more measles.

I believe this fully to be in response to a consumer push for medicine to evolve. For the philosophy of medicine to evolve. Since the early 1900s it’s been the same. Lab diagnostics and engineered medicine. People like me are unsatisfied with that system. It is not healing us. Yet keeping us bound to it. We don’t want expensive treatments that keep us coming back and create polypharmacy. We want out philosophy of medicine to evolve. We want what’s next. And if the consumer voice were to show you, it would tell you we have chosen alternative approaches.

Just as we pushed for organic food, aluminum free deodorant, dye free foods and medicines, and are currently pushing for pesticides that aren’t cancer causing. We are pushing for a healthier, more natural approach to medicine.

Anything that wasn’t allopathic was believed to be ineffective for a century because that was the intent of the new philosophy. It pushed out the competition because it had the money to do so. It funded medical schools only teaching the allopathic philosophy.

The ineffectiveness and limit to healing that we found in allopathic forced us to look elsewhere. And we found natural and alternative aren’t as ineffective as we’ve been told. We are also finding some other things aren’t as safe and effective as we’ve been told. And we are bringing back these other healing philosophies and it is cutting into Pharma projections. And therefore into the low hanging fruit it affords politicians. So rather than answer our consumer push. We are having our rights to decline it taken away.

How far are they going to take this force? How many rights will they remove in their path for ultimate control of our health?

I think its time we fight back. There is a march coming up for medical freedom if anyone is interested. There are people on both sides of the vaccine issue in it. Because they realize it’s gone beyond that.

Make sure you realize the enemy is not the people pushing for change, but the government forcing compliance.

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their consciences.

-- C. S. Lewis

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