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A Freedom Death Spiral

A bill entered in California proposes physical possession and control of individuals, forced vaccination and seizure of property if they do not comply to the strict and aggressive vaccination policies.

If you do not comply to the health agenda or vaccination schedules you would be subjected to force vaccination and the government can seize your assets and property and seize you and your children.

What in the world is going on this country?

California and New York have gone off the deep end.

California just removed a doctor’s ability to grant medical exemptions and placed it in the hands of the state. They stripped children of pre-existing medical exemptions and now unless you have gone into anaphylactic shock you have to receive them again or you cannot go to school.

If you have Hep B you can go to school. Your rights are protected under discrimination laws. If you have not been vaccinated against Hep B you cannot attend school and you are not protected by discrimination laws? How in the world does that make a lick of sense? And why are we giving newborns on the first day of life a Hep B vaccine anyway? It is a disease contracted by needles and intercourse mostly seen in prostitutes. We are one of the only countries that give this vaccine on the first day of life.

A similar piece of legislation was entered in New York. Where they use language like health offender and health officer. A health officer is able to detain a health offender. What makes you a health offender?

If you sneeze in public will you be detained? If you forget to get a flu shot will a health officer show up at your work and detain you? If you decide you don’t want your daughter to have the scandal-filled Gardasil shot will a health officer show up and take her away?

Are we communists? Make no mistake the legislation that is being passed is not for your health. But for the health of the pharmaceutical industry’s bottom line and the health of lobbying money and campaign money the industry affords the government.

This is insanity.

In New York a similar law to SB 276 in California was passed in one day with no public hearings. Unprecedented. Maybe because they felt why waste the time being civil and just and skip that since California had 1000s show up to testify against SB 276 and it passed anyways. This is criminal. They aren’t even abiding by the laws. They are changing them. And the changes they are making are turning us into a communist country.

If I don’t get vaccinated you can come detain me and seize my property?

What if I developed Guillian-Barre after the flu shot last time and decided I don’t want it again? No longer your choice to decline it. Guillian-barre, stroke, aseptic meningitis, transverse myelitis, seizures etc. following vaccination no longer applies you for exemption in CA.

None of this is going to have any effect on disease control AT ALL.

Not unless we close borders or force global compliance. Because the measles outbreak was found to be imported.

This doesn’t address the efficacy fraud. The MMR is in court for fraudulently overstating the efficacy. The scientists tested it found it had a 40% failure rate. Merck falsified the data and the scientists didn’t want to go along with the fraud so they sued Merck. This case has been hung up in court for close to a decade. And this is the shot we are using in this outbreak.

A vaccine with a 40% failure rate should not be taken out back and shot. Not used in an outbreak. If they were so concerned with this outbreak they would’ve split it back up into separate Measles Mumps and Rubella. Because combo shots lose efficacy towards individual viruses. They would’ve let Merck face the fraud charges and remove their exclusive patent so someone else could come up with a more effective shot or make them go back and come up with one.

This is outrageous.

This has nothing to do with our health and everything to do with a shifting philosophy of medicine away from pharmaceuticals and towards alternative therapies, dietary, exercise, and natural remedies and towards healing.

It is cutting into their bottom lines and they are exerting extreme force and taking draconian measures. Measures that are effecting our freedom, our rights, our morals, that are abandoning every principle our country was built on and throwing the hopes for a great America into the trash.

How can we be great if we aren’t even free?

Ron Paul posted a video discussing the medical ids being proposed. Medical ids? He explains the dangerous implications these will have for medical privacy and for freedom and how the government can use this to control dissenters. Anyone opposing the status quo.

Medical ids will be Hitler’s papers.

Ma’am let me scan your medical id. She’s a health offender. Detain her.

They have hundreds of vaccines in the works. The government has patents for vaccines. This is a system of profit. And they are throwing away our country for it.

If you still think this has to do with your health let’s talk about California.

California is already at supposed herd immunity. With 90-95% compliance. But they are still having outbreaks. They are having the nations largest pertussis outbreak and it is the vaccinated children getting it. Because vaccine immunity wanes.

And some people never develop antibodies from vaccination and therefore are never immune. The only way to incur lifelong immunity to measles is to have had the measles.

Herd immunity doesn’t apply to vaccine immunity because it wanes, doesn’t always work and it is not lifelong. Plus it can’t be passed from mother to child like natural immunity. There are studies I’ve posted where scientists acknowledged that when the people with natural lifelong immunity are gone these diseases become a disease of the immunized due to primary and secondary vaccine failure.

But they don’t like logic in California so they just stripped medical exemptions from .7% of medically fragile children. How will that have any impact? It won’t? Then why did it pass? Because these politicians are bought. Corrupt. Criminals.

The only conceivable next step when this doesn’t do anything. Because it won’t.

Because these diseases can be imported and we have open borders and are free to travel, will be mandated adult vaccines. You can’t work. You can’t travel unless you comply. Then it will be either closed borders or forced world compliance?

Japan has laxer vaccine policies, more measles, but half the cancer and their infant mortality is three times better than ours. They used to be middle of the pack for infant mortality but when they stopped mandating vaccination prior to age two they shot up to best in the world. 3x better than US. We are the worst out of all industrialized nations. Why on earth would they want to adopt the United States of Pharmas health policies when they don’t improve mortality?

Japan has a history of acknowledging flawed vaccines long before the US. They abandoned the whole cell pertussis vaccine in favor of the acellular one a decade before us after finding it caused lasting brain damage. The acellular vaccine has found to be less effective. See California and the studies. How many children developed brain damage following the whole cell pertussis vaccine in the decade it took us to follow Japan and stop it?

They stopped mandating the MMR in 1993 after finding it caused aseptic meningitis.

That is the vaccine we are still using! Using in this outbreak. Why are we using a vaccine for two other viruses in a measles outbreak? One that is in court for fraud? One that Japan stopped in 1993? How may cases of aseptic meningitis have happened here since 1993 that haven’t been connected?

They keep saying anti-vaxxers point to junk science as our proof which is actually quite funny. Because we are pointing to their science being junk as our proof.

CDC whistleblower admitting he found vaccines DID cause autism. He also identified that it happened more often in black boys than any other group.

Or Dr. Andrew Zimmerman the former pharmaceutical pediatric neurologist that used to testify on their behalf saying vaccines don’t cause autism. But then when his colleagues daughter Hannah Poling regressed into autism they found when paired with an underlying mitochondrial disorder it can “result in autism.’ That’s why they can still say it doesn’t cause, because the official finding was it resulted. Those are their studies they used to point to. Those are the studies we ARE pointing to. So at least they are right about something. It is junk science. It is fraud.

These are the top scientists and pediatric neurologist in their fields and only when they spout the Pharma narrative are they correct? But when they find the narrative is false, they are not?

There are other genetic susceptibilities being identified. However they aren’t investing any money into learning more about them or whether or not when paired with vaccination they can also cause autism. Why would they? They can force us to have them using the government to do their dirty work.

We want food free of toxins, make up free of toxins, our environment free of toxins. Why not our vaccines? Our consumer push for those other things has created markets and therefore products for them. Our consumer push for toxin free vaccines has produced nothing. Force you to have them just the way they are. Safe and effective. Their forever mantra.

Vaccine science is tobacco science. Thankfully even though our doctors and scientists used to say its ok for pregnant women to smoke they didn’t force them to do so like they are forcing pregnant women to have vaccines never tested and have caused spontaneous miscarriages. Fortunately the truth finally came out about cigarettes and people chose not to smoke them any more. We don’t have that choice with vaccines anymore.

They are losing their effectiveness. They aren’t keeping up with evolving strains. They aren’t trying to make them cleaner. Or organic. They have glyphosate in them. That’s cool. It’s not like vaccines bypass your cell mediated response and go straight into your humoral antibody response and are intended to provoke an immune response and create antibodies and we are wondering why we have immune disease which is an over production of antibodies. It’s not like we are using aluminum as an adjuvant and our body has no excretion pathways for aluminum so it stores in our tissue, or organs and sometimes our brain. It’s not like their science is filled with fraud. It’s not like these have been found to cause autism. It’s not like they have been found to cause cancer like the SV-40 scandal where thousands developed cancer and later sued and won.

Japan and Sweden stopped mandating the pertussis vaccine and nearly eradicated SIDS. SIDS rates dropped to near nothing. 6/1000 infants in our country die in their first year of life. And that increases as they near one. Healthy baby born something goes drastically wrong in their first year of life. That’s 25,000 infant deaths a year in the US.

Yet we are worried about measles which if we were a third world country that would be a concern. But we aren’t. We have clean water, sanitation, which is really what we should be doing for other countries if we wanted to eliminate disease. A vaccine isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t have running water and a toilet.

Scarlet Fever, TB and Typhoid all declined in the same ways and timeframe polio and measles did despite no widespread vaccines. Why? We aren’t a third world country. Better nutrition. Clean water. Sorry Flint. Sanitation.

The body of evidence is overwhelming, and the body of children is piling up. Look at the two Samoa babies that died following vaccination and the Samoa government halted vaccinations. Look at the China scandals. Look at the dengue fever vaccine disaster killing children. Look at India kicking the Gates Foundation out after finding his vaccine program was doing more harm than good. Look at Pakistan that was killing vaccinators after learning they were giving their children HIV with dirty needles.

How easy do you think it is going to be to sway the rest of the world? And if they don’t comply do we force them too? War? For Pharma?

If we don’t acknowledge that we must accept some cases of measles in our country then forced global compliance will be the last move.

I think we need to shift our thinking and acknowledge all vaccines are like the Flu shot. They are proving less and less effective. They are not keeping up with evolving strains. They can be dangerous for some people. And they should be a choice.

5,000 people die from the Flu in our country every year. But that is a choice that some people have opted to tackle by building immune systems naturally as opposed to injecting their children with vaccines that contain fetal cells that have been found to be able to merge with and alter our DNA.

Vaccines have shown they can cause autism, which will afflict half our children in 2025, 6 years from now. That’s an epidemic. Half our country’s children having neurological deficits that in most cases leave them unable to care for themselves. How can a country survive let alone thrive with half of our future unable to care for themselves? They won’t be able to freely.

Measles, which is killing no one and is treated with vitamin A is not the epidemic we need to fear the most. It is an epidemic of corruption that is plaguing our country and stripping our rights.

In 1990, when I was 8, there were 27,000 cases of measles in the US. No one was losing their minds. Losing their rights. Having a health officer come to their door to force vaccinate them. Seizing their property.

They added a booster.

So why are we doing all this now? When it will have zero effect on disease being brought to our country. When it won’t address waning immunity. Or the 5-10% of people that don’t develop antibodies to vaccination?

We’ve been asking for genetic testing prior to vaccines so parents don’t have to find out the hard way.

We’ve been asking for testing for mutagenesis and cancer causing potential.

We’ve been asking for liability to be returned to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Reagan removed in in 1986 when they were going bankrupt shelling out money for vaccine injury claims and we, the taxpayer have been paying it since. $4 billion so far.

We’ve been asking for politicians not to be able to accept money from the industry they govern for it has caused a conflict of interest.

None of these are being done. Crickets.

Banning. Forcing. Villifying. Stripping Rights. Removing informed consent. Removing parental consent. Removing medical freedom and privacy. Removing doctor patient privilege. Removing medical exemptions from fragile children. Stripping doctors of their ability to protect their patients. Stripping doctors of their licenses if they speak out. Entering bills that will allow the government to seize your property. New York even mentions sending CPS if you do not comply. Seize your children.

And all the media is reporting is measles mania. Antivaxxers are dangerous. They’ve had nothing more to add in months.

This is dire.

What’s next? Segregated schools? Concentration camps? Class systems? Government seizes all of the property from the dissenters. Then global compliance and war? That’s what it is looking like.

I pray not. But something needs to stop this out of control spiral our country is in before it gets there.

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