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A Dog in this Fight, because God is in this Fight

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Even my dog has issues with vaccines. God obviously has a sense of humor.

He needed to make sure I understood his message and my task, loud and clear. So in addition to children with a gene variant that makes them more susceptible, he gave me a dog that had seizures following vaccinations.

God put me on this path a few years ago after my friend’s son regressed into autism following vaccination. I started reading all the research I could get my hands on. Everything. Both sides. And the more I read. The more it became increasingly clear that the science was anything but settled.

It really is a ridiculous statement. “The science is settled.” Because anyone who knows anything of science, knows that science is never settled. That it is limited to the thinking and technology of the time.

In the not too distant past, lobotomies were a legitimate treatment for schizophrenia and depression. The idea that mental health could be improved by psychosurgery originated from a Swiss neurologist Gottlieb Burckhardt.

We look back on this medical procedure as primitive, and doing more harm than good. But how many lobotomies were performed before we came to that realization? Walter Freeman a U.S. psychiatrist performed the first US lobotomy on a Kansas housewife in 1936. And went on to perform 2,500 more.

Science is never settled. But sometimes it wrongly endures for decades.

We got our puppy, Teddy, on Christmas Eve. We wrapped her in an open top box and let our kids unravel the most joyous Christmas Eve gift I have ever witnessed. It is a dream of a lot of kids. Myself included when I was their age. To get a puppy or kitten for Christmas. And we were fortunate enough to be able to deliver that dream to our kids. They unwrapped Teddy and were so shocked, and surprised, and happy that there inside that box was a tiny pug puppy.

Teddy is a bundle of energy and love. Our last pug we never had as a puppy. So this was a whole new ball game.

I put off getting Teddy’s shots because I knew of the dangers .

I took her into her vet appointment and I let the vet coax me into them, promising they are ‘safe and effective’ the forever CDC tagline for anything they approve, despite the number of times they release drugs to the market only to find the exact opposite.

When we got home that night Teddy started to have seizures. We didn’t know that’s what they were at the time. But we knew she was shaking uncontrollably. I called the emergency after hours vet. And told them it was the vaccines. They said that was unlikely. Typical medical protocol. Don’t blame the vaccines. I asked if I should give her a baby Benadryl. They said to try that and see how it went. It seemed to help and Teddy fell asleep.

The next morning we woke to find that she was still convulsing. So we took her back to the vet. I explained to the vet it was the vaccines. She called the vaccine manufacturer and asked if that was possible. They of course said no it wasn’t. And she relayed the information back to me. After a very expensive vet bill, and an overnight stay that included iv fluids, we got Teddy back the next day with no explanation as to what happened.

But, I knew exactly what happened. I knew that statistically seizure reactions to vaccinations are becoming so common that pediatricians tell parents that it is an acceptable reaction.

There is a Pubmed study that found 1 in 640 children experience a seizure reaction following the MMR. The study followed a total of 439,251 children that received the MMR vaccine and 17,986 developed febrile seizures at least once.

Sarah NP a nurse practioner and medical freedom advocate on Facebook says if your doctor wants to give your child another vaccine after they experience a seizure reaction, you have them come speak to me.

How can we allow them to normalize serious reactions?

I felt awful after Teddy’s reaction, knowing I could’ve prevented it. Knowing, I knew the truth about vaccines.

Around the same time my friend’s son regressed into autism, my son, who is the same age, had his first asthma attack that landed us in the ER. Shortly after he developed violent tantrums and sensory issues. But I continued to vaccinate. I had read some on the issue, but at the time I was too indoctrinated into thinking it was ‘safe and effective.’ The doctor says its fine. It must be fine. Continue on business as usual.

Then I had my daughter. At age one after her shots she started throwing up in her crib at night. Developed a hard, distended stomach, her poops became light, clay-colored and airy. I continued to vaccinate but changed her diet. Eliminated gluten. Which helped return her stools to normal.

Then by age 2.5 she started to get shooting head and eye pain. Constant infections. Including a bacterial lung infection we later found was caused by the pneumonoccocal vaccine. At this point I had enough. We weren’t getting any answers from our pediatrician.

She developed motor tics where she would blink constantly and clear her throat. She would have night terrors. And accidents.

We went to a specialist and they determined she had developed an immune disorder. And she had a gene variant that makes her susceptible to vaccine injury.

God had showed me in a number of ways, that this was not what he wanted for my children. And around that same time he imprinted on my heart that if I were ever to have another son and I vaccinated him, he would become autistic.

I wasn’t planning on having any more children. But shortly after this realization, I became pregnant. With a son. And I made it my mission to never vaccinate any of my children again.

I read, and I read, and I researched, and I joined groups. They like to discredit us and call us Google doctors. But what we found was that our current medical philosophy is failing.

Diagnostics and Engineered medicine became the only mainstream philosophy in the United States from 1911 on, they drove out other healing philosophies which had been around for thousands of years.

We were finding that mainstream medicine wasn’t delivering answers. It wasn’t delivering healing. It was leaving us mommas hung out to dry. We realized we had to rely on ourselves and become our children’s health advocates. We needed to find answers and long-term solutions. We wouldn’t have had to become Google Doctors if doctors were delivering answers and healing. Just like we wouldn’t have become ex-vaxxers if they had really made them safe and effective.

Before I realized all of this my daughter was constantly on antibiotics. We used fever reducers.

And the more I read. The more I found that nearly everything the mainstream medical philosophy had taught us. Was wrong.

That we shouldn’t be fighting fevers. They have a purpose. They are apart of the first arm of the immune system. The cell-mediated response. That the cell-mediated response targets and removes infected cells. That it is a purifying process that trains your immune system to function properly.

Fighting fevers with fever reducers, antipyretics, interrupts the immune systems response. Disables it.

Vaccines bypass the cell-mediated response and go straight into the humoral antibody response. Your body doesn’t know only to code antibodies to the virus contained in vaccines. It can produce antibodies to any of the ingredients. And it doesn’t provide lifelong immunity. Vaccine immunity wanes.

I think God is telling us loud and clear that this was not what he wants for us.

The Catholic Church issued a statement on the use of aborted fetal cells to make the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Hepatitis A, Shingles, Chickenpox, and Polio vaccine.

Their stance is that the person that harvested the organs and tissues will go to hell, not those that use them.

And that you should find some comfort in the fact it was done a long time ago.

When Stanley Plotkin was questioned about this, he acknowledged that he would be the one going to hell. He also said he’s an atheist. They claim there were only two babies that were used WI-38, and MRC-5. A girl and a boy.

Plotkin acknowledges there were actually 76 babies used before they found a good match.

They lead you to believe these cell lines can be used in perpetuity. That no other babies will be harvested. But that’s not true. They deplete over time. They are already harvesting more. See Walvax-2.

How sad for a baby to become a series of numbers and letters that aren’t really a name.

The sacrificing doesn’t stop there.

They are hiding the other sacrifices in plain sight just as they hid the truth on the aborted fetal cells. Only now is that becoming public knowledge.

They go through great lengths to hide the other sacrifices. The children they say are 1 and a million. The vaccine injured.

However, we are proof they are not 1 in a million. I know thousands of such sacrifices. And the Harvard Pilgrim study found only 1% are reported because it’s a voluntary system and doctors deny association. That means the 445 that died after the MMR is more like 40,000.

Look to the laws being passed. New York removing religious rights in an unprecedented one day without public trials. New York parents are fighting back. And suing the state. Thousands of parents showed up at the trial.

In the vaccines, where aborted babies are not used, animal cells are being used.

There are religions that hold animals sacred and are not to ingest them. Do you think it’s ok we remove their rights to inject them?

Do you think that the Catholic Church absolving your sin on injecting aborted fetal cells into your child is enough?

Religion is dictated by man.

What do you think God would say to us injecting our children with human and animal DNA? WWJD?

“It’s OK Nancy, it is your right to health, the public’s duty to sacrifice children for the greater good.”

Is that really the greater good? Or good at all?

I don’t think so.

And I like I said above, I think God is showing us.

Loud AND Clear.

We are finding vaccines with human DNA can merge with and alter our DNA. Explaining immune issues, autism, gender confusion and cancer.

We are finding vaccines with animal DNA like SV-40 are causing cancer.

Autism is predicted to be 1/2 by 2025. 2 million autistic children added to our population per year. How can a generation of neurologically impaired children survive let alone thrive?

Chronic illness is 54%. Up from 12% in 1980.

1/5 children have a learning disability.

6/1000 babies die in the US. Our infant mortality is the worst out of all

industrialized nations. With 30 some above us.

Japan is the best in the world and doesn’t mandate vaccines prior to age 2. And has a history of doing away with harmful vaccines decades before the US. They stopped the MMR 26 years ago after finding it caused aseptic meningitis.

Typhoid, TB, Scarlet Fever all declined in the same rate and timeframe as measles and polio without widespread vaccinations. We are now having resurgences of these things we vaccinate for but not for ones we don’t. I’d argue that the widespread use of live virus vaccines is keeping these around and mutating the strains. Just like over use of antibiotics has caused resistant strains.

One of the arguments the church made was that rubella is dangerous to pregnant women. Vaccines don’t change that. They found in 1990 that vaccine immunity is not lifelong. It wanes. Now women are more susceptible when it wanes during their fertile years. And babies are more susceptible when they are too young to receive vaccines and no longer receive passive immunity from their mothers.

Is it worth it?

Injecting your child with DNA altering DNA from aborted fetal cells to stave off chicken pox?

Injecting your child with DNA altering DNA from aborted fetal cells to stave off measles?

Injecting your child with the flu vaccine that was only 27% effective this year?

I don’t believe it is. Not morally. Not ethically. Not spiritually. Not physically. Not logically.

It doesn’t stop here. Because this medical philosophy is not stopping here. It refuses to be denied. It is a huge money maker for the system. For the government. For the media.

It doesn’t want to change to the demand of the consumer.

We don’t want polypharmacy, opiod addiction, surgeries that lead to more surgeries, we want healing. But healing doesn’t make money. Sickness does.

We have found that alternative healing philosophies deserve an equal seat at the table.

That mainstream or allopathic should not be our only option.

But just like they drove it out of the public’s view in the early 1900s by driving it out of our colleges.

They are using Google, Ted, Facebook, Amazon to censor the truth.

They are censoring GMOs being harmful, alternative healing philosophies, nutrition healing, glyphosate, vaccines, autism.

But here is the thing. The cat is already out of the bag.

We have seen with our own eyes these things aren’t better for us. They are causing a host of issues.

We want toxins out of our make-up, out of our food, out of our water, out of our environment, and not injected into our children.

The consumer push for toxin free make up is giving us just that.

The consumer push for more oraganic food is giving us just that.

The consumer push for a changing philosophy of medicine. Is giving us a removal of medical freedom. A removal of religious rights. A removal of parental and informed consent.

That is a big problem.

And on the heels of this issue we have DNA altering, digital medicine, Elon Musk’s brain impant, mandatory microchipping, Facebook’s mind reading devices coming quickly.

I think we’ve been promised this digital and DNA engineered future for so long that we never really considered if we actually wanted it.

We never considered what it would do to our freedom, our privacy, our health, our humanity or our spirituality.

We are being shown that the technology that was supposed to advance us is actually eroding all of the aforementioned.

Eroding our freedom. How can we think freely or be free when we are being tracked And our brains are synced with tech?

Eroding our privacy. How can we have privacy if they can read our thoughts?

Eroding our health. We are finding 5G and DNA altering is not good for us.

Eroding our humanity. How can we be human if we are part machine?

Eroding our spirituality. How can we praise God if we are no longer human?

These are all things we haven’t thoroughly thought through as we spiral towards them at lightning speed.

We are finding organic, not human engineered is better for us. We have meddled too much in things we have limited understanding and it shows.

Maybe being told what our future should be, shouldn’t overwrite what we want our future to be.

And we are at a critical juncture to turn the tide.

Mike Adams, from “Natural News” wrote a really compelling article about the stages of awakening.

The first stage, does not realize there is any mal-intent in the world. Everything is great.

The second stage realizes that we aren’t fully being told the truth. They start to have doubts.

The third stage starts to put names to the companies and people that are doing harm to us.

The fourth stage realizes the harm is intentional.

The fifth stage realizes that it isn’t just a person, or a company, that it is a spiritual battle. Good vs. Evil.

Someone commented on one of my posts recently that got political towards the end. I said in America it isn’t just Red or Blue. That the puppeteers at the top use the divide, the duopoly for different things.

You can have this right but you must give up your neighbor’s right. They make us choose which freedom we can have. They keep us fighting and divided. Forever the pendulum swinging back and forth but never swinging forward.

I see beyond that.

That it is a spiritual battle.

Right now we have people fleeing California and New York as they remove medical freedom and religious rights.

Hitler evolved the definition of enemy of the state to become anyone with views that didn’t align with his.

And we are in a precarious place for freedom in our country, we are losing freedom, instead of gaining it. The fight isn’t overseas this time. The fight is here. And now.

A spiritual battle. A battle of good and evil.

We need to get the corruption out of our capitol.

“Natural News” also mentioned that Mexico recently had a nationwide exorcism. That may sound crazy to some.

But right now our mainstream media is reading crazy, is reading more like the National Enquirer. We have the world’s elite being accused of a pedophilia ring. And a witness and participant murdered in our system, by our system to save their skin. Their evil is out in the open.

We have Mother Teresa’s Charity sex trafficking children.

The government being accused of releasing lyme weaponized ticks along the East Coast.

The EPA still saying glyphosate is safe and allowing companies laxer policies to pollute our land, air and water.

We have the CDC still saying vaccines are safe other countries stopped after finding they caused irreparable harm decades ago.

We have children being medically kidnapped because their cancer scans were clear and their parents wanted to stop doing cancer treatment.

We have Pakistinian Parents shooting vacciantors for giving their children HIV with contaminated vaccines.

We have a worldwide crisis of conscience. Of faith. Of morals. Of ethics.

Perhaps the US needs an exorcism. Perhaps the whole world does.

In the meantime Mike from “Natural News” says do what you can and help heal. Help spread truth.

I’m trying. But being met with evil I’ve never encountered before.

A tag group on Facebook called “CPS has been notified” recently tagged me and told me good luck with my visit from CPS. I don’t know if anything will actually come of this. But it scared me. I was paralyzed by fear in a fear brain fog for a day.

But I know that it was a fear tactic to keep me from spreading truth. I had to change my Facebook name and picture. And I’m praying they don’t show up at my door.

We need prayer. We need healing. We need to come together.

And as for our sweet pup. She is ok. We found an honest vet that admitted what happened. He said it was right there in her medical records. Seizures from vaccines. And acknowledged that Teddy is an individual, that it is not one size fits all. It was refreshing.

I thank God for opening my eyes. And I pray he does the same for others. And I pray he gives us the strength to win this battle we are waging.…

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