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2020 The Year, The Vision, The Hindsight

What if 2020 is our opportunity to change the world?

There’s a brilliant video circulating where a dad is putting his son to bed and the son wants to hear the story about the year 2020, the year of the virus. And the dad goes through a story leading back to hindsight being 2020, as it was the year that offset the trajectory.

What if 2020 is our opportunity to change the world? But not in the way we are being told.

I’ve been watching television with a different lens this past year.

In 2019, a lot of corruption and darkness came to light. With people in power positions being exposed for criminal and demonic acts.

We were on a chess board where we were not the ones making the moves.

I now watch television and I see programs that are actually programming us. Pointing us in directions. Promising us a future that makes sense off of the current trajectory of technology and culture. But maybe this trajectory is not for our best. It’s putting us on a train of thought to a future we’ve had little hand in helping to paint.

What if we no longer want this future we’ve been promised? We’ve been shown it so long we think it’s inevitable. But what if it doesn’t have to be?

I was recently watching the show “Upload” which is a future where people that pass can upload their conscious to a digital heaven.

Where people that are still alive, yet unsatisfied in their own lives can upload to a digital life. Free of real world problems.

It reminds me of the book and movie “The Giver.”

A dystopian future disguised as a utopian future where inhabitants are shielded from real world pain, but also real world joy. Where at the end, the main character realizes that the old world, with real feelings where the individual had freedom to choose was superior, as it was real.

The “Upload” show, made the parents that wanted to go to heaven and rejected the digital afterlife, seem outdated, and unrealistic. As if the promise of heaven, an unknown, could not live up to a guaranteed where you choose where you spend the afterlife and where you can still visit living loved ones as a projection, and they can visit you using VR.

I was reading an article from 2017 about Transhumanism and the Future written in “Forbes” titled “Transhumanism And The Future Of Humanity: 7 Ways The World Will Change By 2030”

The author discusses the technology and investments, that will enable our evolution from man to machine. I would call it a devolving, not evolving.

The author Lauren Taylor says, “This transformation will be messy, complex, and sometimes scary, but signals already point to a future of humanity that will blur our identities into “transhumanism.”

She discusses the different technologies that will lead us to transhumanism. First wearable technologies. Then body augmentations. And even implanted technology.

Taylor writes, “In the future, we can expect the arrival of contact lenses that can take pictures or video, universal language translator earbuds that allow us to communicate anywhere in the world, and exosuits that increase physical strength. We will also see increased use of implants ranging from brain microchips and neural lace to mind-controlled prosthesis and subdermal RFID chips that allow users to unlock doors or computer passwords with the wave of a hand. However, the most powerful body augmentation will come from biological augmentation as a result of increased insight into our genomes, advances in IVF technology that may allow us to select the most intelligent embryos, and powerful CRISPR gene-editing technology which may one day give us the ability to eliminate all heritable diseases.”

Wow it sounds like man thinks they can replace God by 2030? But technology has not made us healthier. It has delivered empty promises and deplorable health statistics.

Since this article came out in 2017 we’ve had several articles come out of billionaires investing in this tech ruled future.

Just yesterday, Elon Musk announced “ the brain implant his company Neuralink is working on could potentially be ready to be put inside a patient within a year. ​“Neuralink's chip would be implanted directly into the skull so that it could interface with parts of the human brain.”

And we have Zuckerberg “building tech to read your mind — literally. Mark Zuckerberg's company is funding research on brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) that can pick up thoughts directly from your neurons and translate them into words.”

We have Microsoft with a cryptocurrency patent 060606 that allows the user to communicate to a server.

We have Gates invested in a quantum dot tattoo that can combine your shot status with your shot “..researchers from MIT might have a solution: they've created an ink that can be safely embedded in the skin alongside the vaccine itself, and it's only visible using a special smartphone camera app and filter.”

All of the tech giants, are currently involved in every aspect of our lives, education, health policy, social media, are coming out with technology to make us “transhuman.”

Reading our minds, merging our minds with their technology, merging our health records with their technology. Technology, they can track, monitor, and control.

They are already controlling our lives in various ways. Censorship of certain topics. Controlling our data. Using phones to listen to our conversations. Track our whereabouts. Alexa listening in our homes. It’s Orwell’s “1984” in the robotic flesh.

Gates is now on tv telling the world to keep us safe we will need what he is selling. His mandates, his microchips, surveillance.

Tyranny is always under the guise of a good. This technocracy they are ushering in is a far cry from a Republic.

The response on Gate’s Instagram with hundreds of thousands commenting against him and a petition to investigate are showing, perhaps people aren’t on board with Bill’s version of our future after all.

Those in power positions, bought, elected or appointed are using Coronavirus as an excuse to step us into this future they’ve created.

It’s not just the few mentioned that are invested in this future. A future they control. A future where we have less freedom. And have become profitable, captive commodities. Prisoners to their tech, their mandates, their healthcare that never delivers health, their trans humanism.

From a spiritual standpoint, what do you think God would think of this future?

A future where as we add more implants, more tech, we become less human. A future where they even control the afterlife. A future they are showing us so we are programmed through our programming to expect it, and maybe even accept it.

A future where if you’ve read some of my other posts you’d know those invested in this future have been working on it for awhile.

Do you want the Godless, humanless, future we are being led into like a herd of cattle ready for the slaughter of our souls?

A future where we become meat suits, avatars, for their control.

That is where this is going. Let’s not let 2020 be hindsight. They’ve shown us their cards a million ways. Let’s let 2020 be our vision. That we now see clearly and can counter accordingly.

The future I want is one with more trees, more hugs, more human, more sunshine, less fear of germs, where we realize germs aren’t the enemy as they are a critical part of life and building immunity, more natural, more organic.

As I was watching “Rise of Skywalker” I realized the battle of the resistance and the Imperial Force, the Galactic Empire, The New World Order, I mean the First Order. Is the battle we are in right now. Where the Galactic Empire is a sterile world of trans humans, masks, seeking ultimate control. And the resistance are those of us fighting against those seeking control. The naturals. That don’t want to be forced into the soulless dark side. A battle of good vs. evil.

In the movie Zori tells Poe “They win by making you think you are alone, you are not alone. There are more of us than there are of them.”

Let’s not let hindsight be 20/20 let’s let our vision be. OUR vision of the future. Not theirs. And let us choose the future we want. Instead of being steered into a Godless future we’ve been promised.

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