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Today's Philosophical Shift in Medicine

We are amidst a philosophical shift in medicine.

For 100 years we’ve been doing the same approach. Diagnostics and engineered medicine.

There is a push for change. For it to evolve.

And unfortunately the current way is pushing back.

I spoke with two nurses on my vacation that identified themselves as “glorified pill pushers.” And were leaving the field to pursue careers elsewhere.

I spoke with a doctor who left his group practice to open his own practice which wasn’t just writing prescriptions but looked to holistic approaches and alternative therapies as well.

I’ve recently applied to a holistic practitioner program and when I inquired about the demographics of the students found that pharmacists and allopathic doctors were enrolling to supplement their allopathic medical knowledge with more approaches.

There have been documentaries following surgeons that were tired of cutting out disease only to have it grow back. They left to find a way to cure their patients. And found dietary and nutritional cures.

My younger brother had cancer and chronic Lyme and went to Arizona to learn kundalini breathing techniques to control his pain and switched to a vegan diet to control inflammation.

When I had my older two I didn’t know anything about anything. Then I learned that there were some serious concerns with the current medical philosophy and that if I were going to do what was best for my children I was going to have to take ownership of their medical decisions because doctors have not been trained in healing.

I started reading. Everything I could get my hands on. And I haven’t stopped since. Medical history. History of allopathic. Medical journals. I look for answers I’m not finding in the current medical system.

One thing I found when I was pregnant with my third was delayed chord clamping. As it turns out there is a benefit to delaying chord clamping. Stem cells pump from the mothers body into the baby through the chord and help in the post birth healing process.

I presented this to my doctor. I expected to get the typical dismissive leave the doctoring to me not Google. But instead found out they were doing that now. A practice that midwives have been doing for centuries and modern medicine dismissed for decades had returned. My youngest got the healing stem cells my oldest two hadn’t.

When people in the medical community are acknowledging the limitations to the current medical philosophy and system, at what point will it change?

When will medical schools go back to teaching a more well rounded approach to healing and medicine? Diet, holistic, alternative, allopathic?

The current system is pushing back because to acknowledge alternative, holistic and natural approaches to healing is to allow profits from the current industry to be divided. Their forecasts would go down. Pharmaceutical sales would go down. They control treatments through insurance. Covered. Not covered.

The current system is pushing back so hard they are taking medical freedom. Removing parental consent. Removing informed consent. Removing a doctors ability to grant exemptions. Using paid politicians to legislate our rights away. Allowing the state to come in between parent and child and doctor and patient. Denying our current system has medical interventions that are doing irreparable harm and are in need of a major facelift.

And the doctors that aren’t evolving with the consumer push for change are bullying. Denying. Calling the police. CPS. Medical kidnapping. Saying it’s in our heads. That we are hypochondriacs. Google doctors. Antivaxxers. Dangerous.

The only thing we are dangerous to is a system on the verge of collapse. If it continues to deny what others are acknowledging. The only choice the system will have is the continued use of force. Because as these truths of Pharma fraud, congress paid for legislation, a system of care that keeps us coming back for expensive treatments and surgery, profits off of us being sick, wants repeat customers and polypharmacy, andnever gets to the root of the problem. No one will continue to willingly consent to their recommendations.

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